Jackson Suspended Two Games

The Warriors have suspended Stephen Jackson for two games following his outburst on the bench in Friday’s win over the Lakers at the Forum.
Jackson picked up five fouls and tech in 9:20 seconds of action. His frustration spilled onto the bench, prompting Nellie to tell Jackson to cool off. Jackson wound up in the locker room (no word yet on if he was banished to the locker room or left on his own). Jackson did not play the second half. He was not with the team in Indian Wells.

Marcus Thompson

  • Deftoned40oz

    why isnt he with the team..? dont tell me he was suspended for two PRESEASON games. if thats the case, then way to put ur foot down nellie…sure showed him…

  • feltbot

    Pretty sure that will cost Jackson some cash. Marcus may be able to clarify.

    Discussing the Ellis/Curry backcourt on my blog. http://feltbot.com/

  • Ron

    Nothing like making a jackass out of yourself. Might be hard to sell him as “veteran leadership”.