What To Do With Jax?

“I’ve got no choice but to go out there. I’m just going to do my job. I don’t want to be fake. I’m just going to go and play basketball and handle my business.” – Stephen Jackson

Jackson broke his silence finally.
He sounds like he is ready to at least play the role. He was no doubt upset about being hit with two game checks. So he will likely keep under control to save his money.

But, clearly, he is still unhappy, perhaps more unhappy. The Warriors are determined to try to make it work. They don’t want to give him away, they don’t want the season to be too disastrous (in terms of wins and losses), but they certainly don’t want him causing drama all season.

Reasonably, what do you think they should do? Send him home with pay? Take the best offer they can get and ship him? Or hope against hope that he will come around?

In mind, the first two options are way too dangerous. But the third option is a fantasy. Will he compete? Sure. But I don’t think it is possible to give your everything when you really don’t want to be around. But winning in the league goes beyond competing on the court. It’s practice. Chemistry. Sacrifice. Team work. And every other cliche you’ve seen on a poster. Will Jack do that like he did the last couple years? I don’t think he can given ha feelings.

However, I think that is the lesser of the evils.

Marcus Thompson

  • sfhand

    He is a cancer and needs to be eliminated. Keeping him will do more damage than getting rid of him regardless of the consequences of getting rid of him. His whole argument about being a fool not to take that extension is being undercut by his current statement about having no choice but to go out there. He clearly placed his love of money above all else and is now learning the hard lesson that having a lot of money, while great, doesn’t lead to happiness. If he is serious about this just being a business he should have no problem behaving like a pro and putting his all into it. Anything less than being the consumate pro will be quite revealing.

  • DW

    How is sending him home with pay dangerous compared to leaving him out there infecting Randolph, Morrow, and Curry? He and Rowell are cancers. Period!

  • Dan

    He’s got Shaq, LeBron, Al Harrington, Baron Davis and others probably in his ear telling him to get out. Those voices are a lot louder and more meaningful to Jack than Nellie, Rowell, or mentoring the young Warriors is at this point. Cut ties, cause there is no way a player gives his all when he’s resigned to leave. Let the young team develop as much chemistry on their own, so at least they have a fighting chance. When a captain complains, it sends a message that everyone can complain. To appease Jack would send the Warriors back another step, in addition to the 35 steps they’ve take backwards since 2007.

  • Aaron

    If we is willing to shut his mouth and play then that is what the Warriors should do. If not, they need to send him home on a paid vacation. You can’t have him poisoning the locker room if he can’t get over it. Especially Monta, who Jack is good friends with, and already is discontent with the Warriors. They are better off sending Jack home and letting hims stew then take some crappy offer for garbage players because he wants to be moved.

  • jano

    Did Kobe really call Jax “Young Fella” causing him to explode in to a furious rage and earning the ticket to the locker room? If so, maybe Rowell should call him that. He might go Spreewell on him, the they can void his contract lol.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    It is a tricky situation. I’d prefer sending him home to allow the team to actually build chemistry, but that runs the risk of teams never wanting to trade for him, just like what happened with Tinsley.

  • The wise

    I sasy trade him for the best offer that’s presented. Shoot they gave a happy j-rich away why not give away a disgrunteled stephen jack?? His cancerous attitude is gonna do nothing but hurt the young players and team. If they can get big Z they should make it happen, or package both jack and montae for gilbert.

  • PhilB

    If Stephen considers his extension with Rowell nothing more than a business decision, then he should understand that the Warriors (prior silly moves notwithstanding) will move Jax only if it makes good business sense. If he can’t understand that, then he’s beyond reason send his butt home.

  • Aperazor

    As a fan, all I care about is a TEAM that competes and wins-now and in the future. I don’t think Jackson can help at this point, he’s become too emotional and selfish. Five fouls, a “T”, cuss out the coach all in 10 minutes of a presason game-if that doesn’t tell you he’s done, I don’t know what will.

  • TimTom

    Sending Jackson home won’t build chemistry. There is no chemistry. Everyone knows how bad the Warriors are. Everyone knows their FO is a joke. Everyone knows that this team is going to suck. So why would sending Jackson home change that? Is he going to go home along with Nelson, Rowell and Cohan? Is he going to sell the team to Larry Ellison? Is he going to get rid of the actual problem (Cohan, Nelson, Rowell). No matter how the Warriors slice it, they made their bed and they have to sleep in it. If baby Bobby didn’t sign Jackson to an extension, he’d be an expiring contract and he would have been gone by now. But baby Bobby sealed his own fate. Thus, futher destroying what he already has destroyed.

  • Anon

    Move him for anyone. Addition by subtraction, assuming young guys get the minutes.

  • AJ

    I know I’m in fantasy land, but this is what I would tell Jax: Promise him that they will trade him. However, they will only trade him when they get a good offer. He has to be in his best behavior. Once other teams see that – they will want think he’s an asset and want to give a fair deal. Let him know that they won’t go to the media with any rumors. If he’s a cancer in practice or in games – they will suspend him and he cannot play (like Tinsley). Draw the line! Let him know what’s up. Good behavior – will get you out of town. Bad behavior – won’t get to play!

  • sartre

    The past 2 1/2 seasons of quality on (shortcomings not withstanding) and off the court seems to have created unrealistic expectations on Jack’s part about his professional worth. Particularly in light of his age and a contract extension that is not appealing to potential suitors. It’s sad to see someone who gave so much to the team publicly coming apart at the seams at the cost of his dignity and fan respect. Then again, he does have generous compensation in the form of millions of dollars. I think the biggest challenge for Jack if he can get beyond his petulance over not being traded (not sure how he can blame anyone but himself for this personal crisis) is accepting that he is no longer the team leader and star, and that his minutes and general standing will likely decline.

    It’s a visious cycle for the guy – his dissatisfaction with the situation feeds into the anger management and motivational issues that produce poor performance which in turn will reduce his value to suitors and deepen his dissatisfaction.

  • sartre

    Oops – vicious not visious.

  • 8Easy8

    The irony in all this is if Rowell hadn’t extended him, Jackson would be a little boy scout on his best behaviour in a contract year!

    It’s only a matter of time before “It ain’t me” blows another gasket”. It’s not if, its when!

    As for a solution you got me, but then I never thought they could rid themselves of Crawfords contract.

  • Jack

    Jackson, if he wants to get traded, should cancel his contract extension. Then he’ll just have one year left on his existing contract and an attractive player to obtain. Then he’ll be on the free agent market and can get a new contract after this season.

  • White Hat

    The best possible scenario would be one in which Jackson’s agent and the Ws convince him to play and act like his future career depends on it. It does, of course, but that doesn’t guarantee Jackson will see it that way.

    In addition, even if Jackson wanted to act like a model citizen and thoroughly professional ballplayer, he may not have the self-discipline to do so. He has done things against his best interests many, many times on the spur of the moment, and doesn’t seem to understand how his lapses make him look to prospective employers. For example, his recent hoohoo at the Lakers game was inexcusable, yet he’s still defending it today in the most self-centered and childish terms possible.

    I think Jackson and the Ws will try the above, but within just a couple of months the team will be forced to either trade him for landfill or suspend him indefinitely. I hope I’m wrong for the team’s sake, but I just don’t think Cap’n Jackass has what it takes to simply do his job, keep his mouth shut, and wait patiently for the right trade to come along.

  • petaluman


    Your options are in the reverse order of desirability.

    1) Hope! Jackson needs to realize that his situation is not the same as Al’s. Harrington’s contract was much shorter, and his rep much better. Jackson’s only chance to play now is as a Warrior, and his only chance to play for someone else soon will depend on his looking and sounding good doing it.

    2) Take the best offer… – if hope fails, this is likely to be non-existent to ugly. I took a quick look around a couple days ago, and SJ may just have the least tradeable contract in the NBA right now. Most of the deals in the same dollar and duration range as his are for players with upside still. They may not prove to be better values than Jackson, but are still early in their new deals. We could be forced to trade him for a bigger contract, and have to give away some of our young talent to balance out the $.

    3) Captain Jack takes a paid vacation – this probably makes him untradeable. Better to find ways to suspend him without pay. If he catches on, we go back to (1) and hope he sees the light.

  • Dan Oliver

    Trade Jackson for a box of rocks and a half eaten glazed donut and be done with it! I’m so tired of this crap!! SJax should LOVE the Warriors for giving him the opportunity to resurrect his career. By allowing him the freedom to huck up bad shot after bad shot he has been able to put up good looking stats. However, EVERY SINGLE TIME he doesn’t get a call on one end you can bet he’ll pout all the way down the court whining to the officials through the next possession at least. You can be just as sure that he’ll force it the next time he touches the ball with a gauranteed turnover waiting to happen.
    Look, Jackson has played hard since he’s been here and is in great shape, so I don’t want to take that away from him, but he was not the main cog in the trade that got him shipped here to begin with. He was as good for the W’s as the W’s were for him, but it’s over now. He’s right in that we are young, and we NEED to allow our young guys to play together, mature together and they won’t do that with Jackson taking up 38 minutes a night playing out of position for most of those minutes.
    We WILL NOT get value for him, so give him away and turn the page. We’re used to giving away good players for nothing anyway. And while we’re at it, let’s talk Nellie into retiring. Enough with the clown show already Nellie. You’re the Billy Martin of Basketball….quick infusion of energy and results, followed by destruction.

  • commish

    Jackson is not going to change his stripes and ever be able to control his negative emotions for any lenght of time. It is only a matter of time before they have to move him; or, another option not put forward is let him blow up and let the league suspend him for a significant amount of time. We know Stern would do that in a hot minute.

    Jax will destroy the team and whatever little chemistry it has. Not only that, if they let him return to form, he will impede the offense which clearly so far looks a lot better with him OFF the floor. For most competitive teams he, like Maggette, would make a great sixth man who can defend and score. His days as a team leader and “star” level player left when Baron departed. He has value, but we should not expect to get much for him. Dump his ass off the Warriors. We sure don’t need him infecting the team, especially Monta who already seems to want to be “the man” regardless of how badly he is playing or impeding the team. Just read Adam’s blog from last night about the second half of the Clippers game.

  • Jellymore

    How about calling out the man who promised Jackson he would sign the free agents needed to make the team better, when he is not someone who is able to deliver on such a promise. Robert Rowell must go. He is a business man (a poor one) not a basketball man. Chris Mullin brought the Warriors back to respectability and Rowell has single-handedly destroyed everything Mullin built. Stephen Jackson’s fault was believing the lies Rowell continues to spew. I AM a little tired of athlete’s who want to be traded to a winner rather than doing their job and making the team they are on a winner, especially with the money they’ve accepted to do that.

  • petaluman

    For those who don’t understand the CBA, Jackson can’t be traded for rocks or refreshments, or even “anyone”. A below-cap team could, but those teams are only looking for bargains. SJ is not a bargain.

    For any other team to take him, they have to approximately match his annual salary (+/- 25% and change). That means roughly 6-9M/year for just him.

    Take a look at the rosters for his chosen 5, and play GM. Is there any combination of salaries you’d trade to have SJ on your team?

    For a team not on his list of 5, the question is “gamble 35M that he won’t blow up here?”. Right now, the answer seems likely to be “no” for all 24 of them.

  • petaluman


    Could you please remind Jackson, from us, that out here in the real world, people are losing their jobs and houses. In schools across the state, we’re taking 10-12% pay cuts, and are happy we weren’t laid off. That’s “manning up”, not shooting off your mouth and then complaining about being fined 2% of a salary most of us couldn’t even imagine.

    The young Stephen Jackson spent years knocking about in a variety of leagues before making it to the NBA. We all know there’s a better man in there than we’re seeing right now. I understand he feels betrayed by management. Please ask him to remember that he’s playing for his teammates and us, too. We want his support, and he’s dissing us.

  • Taydatay

    Send Jack home with a buyout offer of the remainder of this year’s salary. Like #16 said, it would cancel out his extension. If he wants to sit eat the money, treat it like an injured player and bite the bullet. If Jack wants out so bad, he’ll take it. Or maybe teams jockeying at the trading deadline throw us an expiring and a draft pick. And if nothing goes down, offer Jack the same deal next year.

    It’s high time someone called bluff on an player. As much as I despise the Warriors management, players cannot be allowed to pull this crap, both as a precedent and as a matter of honor.

    And we CANNOT have this wild cannon around the youngsters. He will ruin them.

  • oaktownlar

    #16 Jack suggests a 4th option: Dubs and Jax cancel the extension. Marcus: Is that even possible? I think maybe there is a restriction in the Player Agreement?

    If possible, that would be OK with me. #22 Petaluman is right–there is no way any other team makes a trade, let alone one with any value to the Dubs. Plus, if the crybaby is accomodated (as Harrington was), then ME would quite logically be next on the “I want to be traded” list.

  • mike j

    Jackson has shown his true colors again. And I am sick of these ignorant, classless, bum “jocks”! No, make him play and expect him to play whatever role you ask. That is what he is paid to do. Remember?

    And when he revolts like a 16 yo girl, suspend him without pay for conduct detrimental to the team. If he doesn’t like it, then he can simply leave and forfeit his salary if it’s so bad here. I mean there are countless other more worthwhile projects for him to undertake with all of his inherent intellect, work ethic, and ingenuity. Right? Oh, thought not.

  • MT,
    couldnt help but to comment on this one. Stak Jack has a plan. Its all about the buyout. He knows that if he acts a fool, they wont have a choice but to buy him out. We know there are no teams that want to take a 35m contract for a 31 year old party animal. I know he got married this summer, but he still has that Baron syndrone, potty all the time! In looking at the contracts around the league, who wants him?? he says teams are interested, but what teams? In the NBA, contracts are traded, not players. What contracts are out there that can be traded, that’s the question!