Jax v. Teammates, Jax v. Kobe, Baron v. Randolph, and other Warriors stuff

Starting this post off on a light note …

This photo produced a funny moment in practice. I asked Randolph about this photo, which if he’d seen it. I phrased the question as did he see the picture in which he is Liston and Baron Davis is Ali.

RANDOLPH: “Why I gotta be Sonny Liston? Why I can’t be Ali?”

Clearly, Randolph hadn’t seen the picture. So I explained it was of him on the ground and Baron over him, looking down at him, grimacing.

RANDOLPH: “Oh, I was on the ground? (pause) I was selling the call.”

So, I pulled up the picture on my iPhone off WarriorsWorld.net so Randolph could see it. He walked to the side so he could look at it privately. He laughed. Especially while he was reading the thread.


So, Jackson expresses his disappointment in his teammates for not having his back. Imagine he was expecting at least them to publicly say how Kobe was playing dirty, if not voice their disapproval in the coaching staff’s handling of him, if not break Kobe off a hard foul or sharp words.

JACKSON: “Nobody reacted but me so the team didn’t have a reaction. It was only me standing up for myself. I don’t think anybody else stood up for me. But if the shoe was on the other foot, I would have stood up for somebody on my team. And they didn’t do the same for me.”


Jackson took his beef with Kobe to a public level. I don’t think he’s ever been a fan of Kobe. Especially to an official street dude like Jax, Bryant isn’t going to get the benefit of the doubt. So if he really called Jax young fella (though they’re the same age), better believe Jax really didn’t like that. In essence, Jax got dissed by a suburbanite. On top of what he thought was some dirty play.

JACKSON: “I’m not going to bow down. I’m not a fan of Kobe. I’m not somebody who looks up to him. I’m a grown man myself. So when I go out there and play the game, I play the game. I feel like I’m just as good as him. I might not get the publicity or notoriety he gets, but I feel like I can play with anybody in the NBA any given night.”

Yes, you read that right. Jax said he’s as good as Kobe. See, that is machismo taking over. But he did qualify it. By the end of the quote, he was clearly saying that he feel like he can match-up with Kobe and even give him the business.

JACKSON: “I think everybody should feel like that. Everybody should be a competitor and I don’t back down from anybody. I’ve never been like that and I’m not going to start today. … It ain’t envy. I ain’t jealous of anybody. At the end of the day I’m still blessed to be in this game, taking care of my family. I think it’s just the fact that what’s fair is fair and I want to be treated fair as a man. Just like anybody else would.”

Certainly, Tuesday’s match-up with Kobe in Ontario should be pretty intense.


C.J. Watson said he expects to play on Saturday at Sacramento. As does Randolph, who said his sore back — which he sustained in that play with Baron Davis — is improving and he feels pretty good after a couple of days rest.


Nellie said something interesting Wednesday. He was asked about where Monta’s game was at this point, prompting a confusing exchange.

NELLIE: “I don’t know if he’s ready to open, but we don’t have to. We’ve got another couple of weeks. But he’s pretty close. I thought he’s improved. We’ve been playing quite a bit. … We probably overplayed him last game a little. I know he was fatigued. But he’s going to have to play a lot of minutes this year. I would say he’s on schedule.”

The confusion was over what Nellie meant by Monta’s readiness to open. It sounded like Nellie was saying Monta wasn’t ready to play at the start of the season. At first I thought he meant his ankle wasn’t ready and he may have to start the season on the bench. I quickly dismissed that because Ellis’ ankle hadn’t been a problem. So I thought maybe he was talking about Ellis’ readiness to be the starting point guard when the season begins.

NELLIE: “He may not be ready to open today. But we still ahve two weeks. So I would imagine he will be ready in two weeks. He’s got to continue to push his conditioning.”

I think this ties into a different issue. Nellie has commented about Monta’s lack of conditioning. He said earlier that Ellis didn’t come into camp in the best shape. Wednesday, he added the line about how Ellis had to push his conditioning to be reayd in two weeks. It sounds to me like Nelson has an idea of where Monta should be physically, conditioning wise, in order to be most effective when the season begins. And he was saying, I think, Ellis isn’t at that point yet, but he expects him to be there when the season begins on October 28.

Either way, pretty interesting take from the coach.

Marcus Thompson

  • No Fillin

    why is the left side of the post cut off? can’t read it…

  • No Fillin

    hmm. now it works. must have been me. thanks for the updates, marcus!

  • A’s in 2010

    that’s probably why Monta wears the long sleave shirt thing in practice, trying to sweat off the pounds.

  • Fierce South

    Looking at the replay, Baron’s block on Anthony Randolph actually looked clean.

    Would have been very interesting to have seen Baron and Randolph playing together on the same team. We definitely would have seen sensational lob passes for dunks.

  • The Nature Boy

    Marcus, great insights as always. Nice to hear a POV from somebody who understands the “game” at a different level than just the X’s and O’s. I think Jackson semi-throwing his teammates under the bus, lends credence to the musings from Steinmetz that there isn’t much loyalty to Jackson on this team. He will truly be viewed as a guy they’ll be better without. A classic case of addition by subtraction at this point.

    Oh and to Fierce South – I don’t know if we would have seen “sensational lob passes for dunks”. AR doesn’t necessarily play “above the rim”. At least he hasn’t really shown that type of game so far. Part of it may be that he hasn’t had a competent PG to get him the ball in those positions, but I think Steph Curry has the mentality to be that type of distributing PG.

  • jm95054

    the stupidest thing I witnessed was how the fans didnt want BD back. He is a gamer and he can thrill the fans. We had a fun team and now we got a very boring boring boring team. The Clips are going to kick our a$$ this year now that they got talent around BD.

  • commish

    Where would we be without all this drama! This team and franchise is more about drama than basketball. It is more like a soap opera than a NBA team. I am sure this type of drama goes on with other perennial loser franchises. But now we are over the top with Jackson. I mean, dude, as good as Kobe. You can’t buy that kind of material. This guy is priceless to those who work in media. He is always going to give you something! First he complains about the coaches, now his teammates. Who next? Would anyone, maybe other than Tim, simply ask him if he himself might have aomething, anything, to do with what goes on around him. What a self absorbed over the hill jock!

  • SufferedThroughJBCarroll

    Hey Marcus, can you do me a favor and ask Jack if the warriors asked him to check into rehab?

    I’m assuming they did from Jack’s comments about being his own man off the court.

  • deano

    Jack’s comments about Kobe and his GSW teamates are very reassuring. I believe him — the tantrum that led to his suspension was all about his hyper-competitive nature on the court, and not a ploy to force a trade. THIS IS A GOOD THING. I cannot wait until the Laker game Tuesday. I expect that Jack will have the team pumped to be aggressive. Jack does need to be traded. He still wants to be a new, winning geam. But in the short-term meanwhile, I think that he will be the Jack we used to love. As a result, GSW may actually be able to get value back in a trade. The sun is out again.

  • johnfree

    the left side of the post is still cut off for me on Mac Firefox, but anyway…

    Interesting info on Monta’s conditioning, because the drop-off in play between first half Monta and second half Monta has been very dramatic so far. I had assumed he was in physical shape, so it was mental fatigue from the responsibility of running the point.

    What’s you’re saying makes it all click into place.

    I really like SufferedThroughJBCarroll’s theory in post 6. – maybe just anger management or counselling rather than rehab, but the idea that he was asked to something extra-basketball to get himself under control is real plausible.

  • Petaluman

    Thanks for mentioning Randolph’s sore back. I figured there was a reason he only played 10 minutes in the last game. It’s also good to hear that CJ is ready to go, although we have no shortage of backup PGs. What order do you see them as being on our depth chart?

    We needed Matt Barnes to “express” his support for Jackson to Kobe. Seriously, though, in your “print” story the Curry/Randolph quotes were very supportive of Jackson’s role on the team. Hopefully, SJ will calm down and see that there are many ways that people can have your back.


  • bates

    I don’t care what anybody says, and you can read into his comments as you wish, but Jackson is a flat out (for lack of a better word) WARRIOR. He gives his all to the game of basketball and his heart matches his game. He should not back down to Kobe like many do, and if he feels Kobe is better than him, that’s like spotting Kobe 10 points before they even step on the court. This team will be hard to watch once he leaves. I hope he gets to play for a contender and reap the reward of his all out style of play.

  • Humanomaly

    Warriors, and fans…

    If you havn’t heard or read anything about Phil Jackson’s approach and care of preseason approaches….he doesn’t care, if they win or lose….he uses them to try lineups, reward camp players who won’t make the squad, this year is mainly about about getting Artest back into the mental mode of the offense, and getting Lamar Odom back in to basketball mentally after the summer of contract and marriage. So if “Jax” and the warriors are looking for some beef in Ontario in Tuesday, will that make their season. So short sighted. Kobe can hold his own against player in physical play, he’s leaner now than the days he lifted and his weight was around the 230 lb range, but he still is as strong, and by the way, if anybody does try anything, I’d keep my eye on Artest. With this guy, you never know…
    I like Matt Barnes, don’t understand why he’s always on the move, I would have like the Lakers to have picked him up or gone after him over the last 2 years.

  • Humanomaly

    typing while cutting and pasting, so “approach” and “approaches” were obviously not my intended final post, replace “preaseason approaches” with “preseason games”…..and anybody who picks at my error is ANAL.

  • sfhand

    The guys perspective seems rather distorted. He has said he had no regrets about what happened in Detroit – he thinks going into the stands and attacking fans is having his teammate’s back. In my opinion, the way to have your teammate’s back in the Detroit situation would be to go into the stands and drag your friend out of there – protect him from himself. This same lack of clarity is exhibited in the Kobe situation. Would he even be open to one of his teammates trying to protect him from himself? He wanted the coaching staff to pull him out of the game – to protect him from himself – while he’s being paid to mentor the young guys; to provide veteran leadership.

    The guy really is his own worst enemy.

  • ECJ

    Did you guys hear about the 18 year old kid who designed a website to collect money in Buffalo from fans who were tired of losing? The kid raised $1,500 in 4 days, and rented a billboard in Buffalo demanding that the organization fire the head coach and other front office bums.

    Monte Poole wrote that Warrior and Raider fans have grown tired of the circus shows they’ve been forced to watch these past few years…

    Warriors fans should pitch in and buy billboard space in Oakland, right by the Airport demanding that Chris Cohen sell the team. I hear Larry Ellison and another group in SF have made bids..

  • tan

    jackson is a piece of shit and a pussy boy

  • robo

    Anthony ‘The Blanket’ Randolph


    I am sick of Jackson and his ill advised shooting. He has good stats but so would anyone who is as much a ball hog as him. I don’t care what we get for him. Get rid of Jackson and his 2″ verticle. Can we get Rowell and Jackson at a press conference to see what kind of spooning these two were up too, when Jacksons contract was signed. I’m thinking there was some serious alcohol and some vaseline, because someone got screwed. Problem is that it was not just the Warriors getting screwed, it was us the fans too. I love Baron, but I doubt he lasts the season, sorta like last year, and that is why it is ok we did not sign him to the extension.
    Out with Jackson, In with youth, enthusiasim, competitiveness, positivity and winning!

  • joesez

    Nellie wants his players 10% lighter than what they weight on day one of preseason camp.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if ellis came in less than ideal to Nellie but I would NOT expect Nellie to say that Morrow or Randolph had to condition and cut weight.

  • rico

    nelson dead….cohen sells team…rowell fired…warriors back to one happy family…

  • Aaron

    Fierce South Says:
    October 14th, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    Looking at the replay, Baron’s block on Anthony Randolph actually looked clean.

    A knee to the midsection is only clean in MMA. You can’t come flying across the court into somebody and have it not be a foul, regardless of you much ball you get.

    Baron seems to be fairly proud of himself for committing that hard foul. I have to admit I believe it was a big part of the Clippers winning that preseason game. The Warriors could have used Randolph a whole lot more in that second half had they not been being cautious about any possible injury. Something tells me Baron didn’t make any new friends on the Warriors that play. I hope that preseason game was worth it to him.

  • Yulupan

    We are so lucky Jax decided to self-destruct now. Sure it’ll be a little messy until he eventually leaves. But can you imagine how difficult it would have been to deal with this egomaniac in the last 2 years of the contract after his skills had diminished? This spares us a lot of headaches and disruption in the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Plus, the humiliation factor for Rowell is hilarious. I think we’ll look back on this whole debacle as dodging a major bullet. Am I the only one enjoying the many layered irony of Rowell having to beg other teams to take this nutball player with his ridiculous extension. Seriously folks, doesn’t it feel great to see Rowell get his face rubbed in it after what he did to Mully? I am thoroughly enjoying this. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a hard core fan. But this is the only way I can stomach the whole mess and get me through this until we can get back to Warriors basketball.

  • JJ

    #7: “the stupidest thing I witnessed was how the fans didnt want BD back. He is a gamer and he can thrill the fans. We had a fun team and now we got a very boring boring boring team. The Clips are going to kick our a$$ this year now that they got talent around BD.”


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