Curry Will Start Opening Night

Nellie could not resist the temptation after all.
Two days ago, he announced CJ Watson as the starter for the dress rehearsal game, and saying he wanted rookie Steph Curry to play on the second unit with Morrow. But Saturday after practiced he announced that Curry has won the starting spot for the october 28 season opener v. Houston. He said Curry sees the floor too well and he wants another passer on the floor. He said he locked it up with that final preseason game.

Nellie said they are just going to have to deal with whatever defensive mismatches they come across a result (such as Ellis v. Battier or Curry v. Ariza). He said Ellis will play some point, but Nellie wants him at his strength, which is off the ball.

NELLIE: “Right now, anyone who plays with Curry looks good. I would think Monta should love it.

Marcus Thompson

  • feltbot

    I’ve put my money where my mouth is. http://feltbot.com/

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  • Dub Fan

    Well, Curry is a lot better than last year’s rookie pg starter, Demarcus Nelson, and this team did not have Ellis starting the year last year, knew very little about the level of ability of Anthony Morrow, did not think Randolph would progress so much…yes, this could be a tough year again, but there is some real talent on this team too…or would you rather be looking at Mike Dunleavy, Ike Diagu, and Troy Murphy still. At least this team has high level potential.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Marcus, a question I’ve wondered about you and any other writers that are around teams and management a lot. Did/do you ever get a thought in your head about a trade the Warriors should make and ask Mully, now Riley, “So, is there any truth to the rumor that Player A will be traded for Player B?” just to get that idea into the GM’s head, knowing that it’s not a rumor at all, just a good idea of yours or one of your readers?

  • Gizzm

    sounds good, but is Randolph hurting enough not to start, or is Maggette the PF solution long term?

  • Buffalo

    Yo Feltbot, it ain’t right to pimp your blog on other people’s website. besides, your blog look childish.

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  • Curry can play. It’s not Curry’s fault Ellis can’t see the court well, create for others, or defend the 2. A lot of nice pieces but Nellie/Riley need to pull off a trade or two. We might have to wait until February.

  • John Starks

    Don’t be a Stephen Jackson or Monta Ellis and write this season off before it even starts. Instead of waiting until late December to try and salvage a decent season, the W’s should go into the season thinking ‘we’re going to stay relevant’ from the start. Monta, instead of viewing defensive matchups as a problem for the Warriros, look at the same matchup as offensive advantages. It’s all about perspective. Ball in. Game on.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    Now Warriors don’t look so bad to Jackson

    It was three weeks ago that Golden State’s Stephen Jackson (left) cemented his trade demand, telling reporters at Warriors media day that he wanted out. Two weeks ago, he stood by his statements. Last week, he continued to insist he no longer wanted to be a Warrior.

    Jackson even created a stir by drawing five fouls in nine minutes in an Oct. 9 preseason game. He served a two-game suspension for his antics, and that seems to have led him to reconsider his stance.

    This is what he told the Globe this past week:

    “I’ll be the first to admit it. I said a lot of things this summer about not wanting to be here. But this team is a lot better than I thought we would be. I have always been a man and admitted when I was wrong. This team is a lot better than I thought we could be, and I hope we continue to grow and be ready for opening night.’’

    The Warriors indeed have talent in Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, Anthony Randolph, and Andris Biedrins. But they all seem to play two positions: point guard and swingman. In a division where Phoenix is picked to finish second behind the Lakers and the Suns are hardly formidable, the Warriors have an opportunity to surprise people – if they have a focused Jackson. That is not lost on him.

    “I think the biggest thing is to go out there and not be selfish,’’ said Jackson, who relinquished his captaincy after his suspension. “I think that’s the best way for me to keep my composure, not be selfish. Realize I am going out there and playing for these guys, not just myself. Playing for my coaches, you know, everybody in this locker room.’’

    Jackson emerged as an unlikely success story several years ago when he finally cracked an NBA roster four years after being drafted in 1997. He even won an NBA title with San Antonio in 2003. Then came the Brawl at the Palace in November 2004, for which he was suspended 30 games, and his reputation was forever tarnished. He then pleaded guilty to criminal recklessness for an incident outside an Indianapolis strip club in October 2006.

    He is determined to clean up his image, though resigned to that fact that it may never happen.

    “People have said the worst,’’ he said. “When I got in that fight in Detroit and when I got into it at that strip club, people have said the worst. They threw stones at Jesus, you know? People have their opinions.’’

  • Earl Monroe

    It did not take a brain surgeon to figure out Curry needed to be on the floor, now its going to interesting if some of the more selfish players on the floor realize they need to give the ball back to Curry so he can be the conduit.

  • sd

    did jackson just compare himself with jesus?

  • Arvid

    jackson “has always been a man”?
    way to man up to publicly say you want out
    way to man up not taking the captaincy seriously
    way to man up realizing now that he is playing for the team “not just myself” when before, it was what?
    “always been a man”?
    always been jack, always will be…