Open Practice at Oracle

Warriors forward Mikki Moore just arrived. He had a flat tire and was late as a result


Interesting lineup on the court right now. Ronny Turiaf is playing PF with the first team and not Corey Maggette. Of course, that leaves Maggette playing PF on the second unit and Anthony Randolph as the center. Acie Law is playing the shooting guard spot and guarding Monta Ellis. Anthony Morrow is playing SF and guarding Stephen Jackson.

The last few practices, Morrow has been matched up with Jackson (at least when we have been able to watch). Jackson has been dogging Morrow, too. Taking him off the dribble every time, getting whatever he wants. Definitely good training for Morrow.


Today’s Monta Ellis’ 24th birthday. Being the lone rookie on the team, Steph Curry had to lead the estimated crowd of 4,000 in a rendition of Happy Birthday. Some kids brought him cake and cards.

Marcus Thompson

  • petaluman


    Please give us any other observations you have from the open practice. Here’s a few questions:

    1) Did AR look good to go for Game 1? Is his back OK?

    2) What about KA? Did he play, how’s his ankle?

    3) What are your impressions of MM? If he or AR can be a decent backup at C, it frees RT to play more at PF.


  • Harp’s Dubs

    Any truth to the Stephen Jackson to Denver for JR Smith and Renaldo Balkman rumor?
    What about Monta and Watson to Memphis for Jaric, Hunter, Arthur and the Grizz’ 2010 first rounder?
    Come on, Marcus, you do such a great job covering the Warriors, just throw some rumors out there to the powers-that-be that might make them at least consider the possibilities.
    Go Dubs – less than 48 hours ’til Opening Night!!!

  • Dave

    Marcus, I thought that Riley was going to get more “beef” for the frontcourt? More b.s. from this front office. This team is still too light in the britches and is going to get killed again on the boards, and on defense. Cannot believe that Nelson is using Maggette as a “4” after last year. Even if Curry has a great year, this team as constructed right now is a 30 win team.

  • deano

    Marcus: That second unit does not look like a unit. Everybody is playing out of position. The second-teamers are really just an assortment of subs. So why does Nellie state that he needs to “preserve” Turiaff, or anyone, for the second unit? It doesn’t make sense. Nellie seems to acknowledge that if Randolph is out, Turiaff is the best option at power forward. So start him.

  • punchmonkey422

    Did Rowell get fired yet?

  • Petaluman

    Here’s MT’s latest “newspaper” story:


    I think the team is still dealing with losing BW for most/all season, and the possible unavailability of AR at the beginning of the season. That would leave them with only one Moore actual “big”. Starting AB and RT in that scenario pretty much guarantees that CM will have to play 2nd unit PF.

    When AR is healthy, we don’t want him only playing 18 mpg. He will either start at PF, or we’ll be jockeying the units around so that he can back up at both C and PF as much as possible.

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