There was a time when I was certain they wouldn’t win more than 35. But Stephen Curry is better than I thought he would be. I much prefer starting Ronny Turiaf at power forward if it’s not Anthony Randolph. Plus, as Matt Steinmetz keeps saying, the West is down. The top is ridiculous. But Houston, Utah, Phoenix and the Clippers – even the Hornets – aren’t exactly scary.
Eventually, the holes in this team (defense, no top-notch closer, no low-post scoring, young in the wrong places) will catch up to them and they will fade. But it should be. Could be a good first half, though.

So there is my prediction. On the record. Official. Now where is yours?

Let’s see what guy think. Post your prediction. Gimmie the record you think they will finish with. Factor in whatever you like and come up with one record.

Marcus Thompson

  • mcwalter44

    When I ran through the schedule a month ago I thought 40-42 was the absolute best case scenario. But now after going over the schedule again I think 44-38 is possible… if every goes the Warriors way.

  • David

    34-48, including something like 5-20 down the stretch after Nellie has the record and starts mailing it in with his impulsive lineup decisions and emotional tomfoolery.

  • nabeil

    42-40 8th seed you watch!

  • EternalWarriorsOptimist

    40-42 8th seed
    * After a strong start, Cohan sells the team to Ellison
    * W’s go into the luxury tax to bring in a major FA before the trade deadline
    * Warriors defeat Lakers in 1st round of the playoffs, and go on to win NBA title
    * Steph Curry wins R.O.Y.

  • Son of Ahmed

    40-42. Optimistic, I know, but this an improved roster over last season so long as Turiaf and AR are healthy. A full year of Monta, a more seasoned Morrow with an increased role, and a real play maker in Curry add up to at least 10 more wins. If they trade Jack, that will help too. The team seems to have better chemistry without him on the court. And as you say, the West is down.

    Let the games begin.

  • Kevin

    I somehow have a feeling that they will make some kind of trade, so with that, I think 41-41. I really believe that other teams will go after Jackson, and maybe Monta, if Curry performs, I have a dream scenario, why not trade Monta, Jackson, Wright to Miami for Wade and cap filler? Would Miami do it. I think we need a top notch shooting guard more than power forward.

  • JT

    Injuries are going to kill us again…randolph is gonna break his own neck out there…buike’s knees will bother him all year, again…maggette will miss some time with a bruised ego at some point im sure…jack will shut it down and kill what little value he has left and that aint much…monta wont be as explosive and will miss time saying something hurts but really he just aint the same…wright will be wright on the injured list…

    but a line up of curry, morrow, turiaf, biedrins will be a GREAT TIME OUT nonetheless!!!

  • JT

    i like the though kevin but wade would be just another Warrior injury/shut-it-down/get-me-the-hell-out-of-here-ASAP scenarios…it will get uglier folks…the season starting is just a time out before the real fireworks destroy this team again!

  • sincewilt

    I feel wildly optimistic, so.. 41/41

  • Burke

    It really depends on what happens with Jax. That’s the big unkown. If he stays till the trade deadline, I’ll say 44-38.

  • kshak

    69 wins
    1st place in the West.
    Monta Ellis MVP
    Stephen Curry: Rookie of the Year
    Biedrins leads league in rebounds
    Turiaf leads league in blocks
    Randolph: Most Improved
    Kobe asks for a trade to the bay.
    Lebron wishes he could play with a player like Ellis

    Oh and I forgot…Don Nelson…Coach of the year!

  • robo

    30-54. The wheels start to fall off with the trade of Stephen Jackson and Nellie will be disappointed with the move, but the writing is on the wall as legitimate playoff teams start to add players to make a run at the Lakers. However, there are still plenty of bright spots during the season: 1. Monta is back, big time! 2. Kelenna, Randolph, Curry, and Morrow emerge and each has 30+ point games. 3. Morrow and Kelenna each get invited to the 3-Point shootout and the winner is: Kelenna, but Morrow again leads the league in 3-Pt. shooting. 4. Randolph adds a consistent jumper with 3- Pt. Range and is one of the most talked about players in the league. 5. And, Curry wins 2009 ROY. But, Ronny and Andris are hobbled by ankle and back injuries and the rest of the Western Conference is stacked. Then, Corey Maggette is traded as again legitimate playoff teams make a run at the championship, with the Lakers, Nuggets, Mavericks, Spurs, Trailblazers, Suns, Hornets, and Jazz making the playoffs. With a number of expiring contracts coming off the books, the W’s are now $20,000,000 below the salary cap. In the offseason, the W’s go after a number of free agents and land Dirk Nowitzki.

    Monta Ellis $11,000,000
    Kelenna Azubuike $3,100,000
    Anthony Randolph $1,837,560
    Ronny Turiaf $4,140,000
    Andris Biedrins $9,000,000
    Stephen Curry $2,710,560
    Anthony Morrow $736,420
    Brandan Wright $2,671,440

    Total: $35,195,980
    ($21,804,020 below the 09-10 salary cap of $57,700,000)

    W’s sign Dirk Nowitzki to a max deal of $20,195,000 and re-sign Morrow. They also offer contract extensions to Kelenna, Ronny, and Randolph.

    And Miami wins the LeBron Sweepstakes; Miami starts some point guard, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Shaquille O’Neal with Michael Beasley and Daequan Cook coming off the bench.

  • Robo

    Make that 30-52

  • frenemy

    Barring a favorable trade (unlikely) I cannot see this team doing better than 28-54. They’ll be highly entertaining at times but at crunch time they simply cannot be counted on to play shut-down defense or get good looks.

  • frenemy

    Marcus — given what has transpired in the last week I think I need to revise my estimate downward. I think this team will be lucky to win 20 games.