Game #1: Houston 108, Warriors 107

You are all so cliche. Not all of you. Just those who booed Stephen Jackson.
You didn’t even analyze the situation. You took the easy route. You heard a player express his desire to leave and you automatically blamed him. Because he gets to play basketball for a living and makes millions at it, and anyone who has such a set-up should never be found complaining or unhappy.
You didn’t consider that Jackson may have a point. You aren’t acknowledging his right to go for self since the organization clearly takes the same approach. You just condemned him for taking a three-year extension for some $28 million, like signing that extension negated his right to an opinion or to be critical of an organization. You act like the Warriors gave him charity, and beggars can’t be choosers.
So you booed him. How original.

JACKSON: “Fans are so predictable about that. Any time you say you want to leave, that’s going to happen. I was prepared for it. They can do it all they want. I’m going to go out there and play hard for the fans that do support me.”

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Booing someone who just wants to win.

Let me stop. That was me reading between the lines, saying what I bet Jackson really wanted to say. That was my opening statement in the case of GSW Fans v. Stephen Jackson.

(For the record, I say boo all you want. You are paying the money. You make this entire thing click. Boo to your heart’s desire. Jackson is making millions. He will be all right. And if it turns out he isn’t all right because you booed him, then that’s on him. Boo whoever you like.)

Nellie said he hoped it didn’t happen. He said that is behind them, so he hopes its behind you. But fans don’t owe anything to not a single person in the organization.

The Warriors are coming off a 29-win season. They have changed course and went into rebuilding mode two years after building a playoff team. The only major acquisition, which was the plan heading in the offseason, was a rookie point guard in the draft. Yet, the opener was a sell-out.

Boo as much as you like.


So Morrow played 22 minutes and 28 seconds, and he took 7 shots.
Ellis took 29 20 shots (making 10). Jackson took 16 shots (making 7). Maggette took 14 shots (making 3). Even Curry took 12 shots (making 7).
Why is it the best shooter on the team gets only seven shots?

NELLIE: “And we have some work to do to get Morrow more involved. … But if you don’t get him the ball when he’s open, it doesn’t do him that much good to be in the game. We have to do a better job of understanding he’s our best shooter and you’ve got to know where he is at all times.”

This is quandary Nelson has. Ellis and Jackson mostly pass to each other or Biedrins (that’s not all the way fair to Jax, I admit). Maggette and Azubuike don’t pass to anybody unless something opens up while they are trying to score. Biedrins, Turiaf and Randolph don’t touch the ball enough to make a difference.
Curry is the only guy who promotes passing with his style of play. He’s the only guy who is reading angles, and temperatures of his opponents. He’s the only guy driving to set up a pass, with his shot being a secondary option. So Nelson has to start him.

But, that leaves no one to get the ball to his offensive weapon in Morrow. Remember, he wanted to bring Curry off the bench so he and Morrow can play together. Curry and Morrow have chemistry. Curry makes sure Morrow gets his shots.
The two got their first action together when Curry checked in with 4:49 left in the second quarter. At the 4:42 mark, Morrow’s 3-pointer was splashing the net on an assist from Curry. The next time down, Curry turned the ball over trying to sneak a cross-court pass to Curry, a pass Shane Battier snuffed out. They played the rest of the second quarter together. Morrow took two shots. Curry assisted on both.

But because Curry is starting, and Morrow is not, the rotation doesn’t allow for them to spend that much time on the court together. Wednesday, they got 10 minutes, seven seconds together. All in the second and fourth quarters.

Why is it important that someone finds Morrow? Because the dude can get 30 easier than anyone on the team if he gets a rhythm going. But when he’s taking one shot every three-plus minutes, he can’t be so dangerous. He started the fourth quarter and played 5:11. He got two shots and was pulled at the 6:49 mark because he missed them and wasn’t really doing much.

So, with 6.6 seconds left and you need a 3-pointer, it makes sense to go to Morrow. But he has no rhythm. Teams know about Morrow now, so it will be harder for him to get looks. He needs his teammates to help.


Anthony Randolph sat the first 20 minutes, 52 seconds of the game Wednesday. He had 4 points, two rebounds, a block and an assist over the final 3:08 of the half. He played well enough for Nelson to start Randolph the second half, over Biedrins, who with Turiaf had 3 fouls in the first half.
Randolph played the first 6:50 of the third quarter, posting 4 points and 2 rebounds in that span. He was taking out and never returned.
So, in 10 minutes, Randolph had 8 points, 4 rebounds, a block, an assist and a turnover.

NELSON: “I thought he did pretty well when I put him. Started him the third quarter… he happened to be in there when we didn’t do very well.”

Sounds like somebody is in the dog house. Again.


On the Jax trade front, I am hearing nothing has really changed. The Warriors still don’t want to take bad contracts in exchange and they don’t want to give up too much with Jax to sweeten the deal (I’m told Ronny Turiaf is off the table).
Here is another thing. The Warriors would love to just let their expiring contracts (Speedy/Law/George), which equal $10M, to just come off the books at the end of the year and give the Warriors some cap space to work with. So there is naturally some reluctance to include a Speedy in a deal with Jax. They would prefer to use those expiring contracts in a trade if it means getting the difference-maker they want.
What does that mean?
Say the Warriors trade Jax and Claxton for Peja. Peja is making $15.3 for next season. Jax $8.45. So, as of July 1, when this coveted free agent season start, they will have added some $7M in salary.
(Sure, Jax has two more years for $19.3 after Peja’s deal would expire, but what is most important is the impact it would have this coming offseason). That’s not good. Everyone is trying to dump salary, which is why Jax is hard to trade.
If you throw Speedy in the deal, that $7M jumps to $12M added to the cap because Speedy’s $5M would not be coming off the cap. So even though the Warriors would be shedding more money in the long run, it would hurt their chances to land an impact player next offseason. Why add $12M to cap and not land a difference maker? They are better off holding serve, keeping their options open for next offseason, and try to trade Jax at a later date.
The Warriors would, I think, be willing to take back a salary close to Jax’s salary. That way, it wouldn’t hurt the plan they’ve currently got in place to be a player on the market. Other than that, they are looking to cut salary like everyone else.
The most likely scenario, I am convinced, is the Jax to Cleveland. (Denver has nothing the Warriors want; the Warriors probably want New Orleans to take Maggette, too;) But it won’t be until Cleveland gets desperate and become willing to give up Ilgauskas to get the piece they need to win now. If LeBron starts making noise about needing help, the pressure would really be on the Cavs to get Jax.
The Warriors might even be willing to throw in Speedy because they’d be getting back an $11M expiring contract and free themselves of Jackson.
The Warriors don’t have to move Jackson, which is their best chip. Something else could pop up (Portland? Washington? To Phoenix for J-Rich? Just brainstorming). But they know Jackson doesn’t want to lose money, and with Jackson playing hard they can be decent.


Marcus Thompson

  • Earl Monroe

    Great read Marcus, very much on point.

    Jackson deserves to be booed not because he asked for a trade, or because he got a huge contract, he deserves to be booed because he
    took inopportune shots, continued with his wild forays to the basket and as you so well put it “Ellis and Jackson mostly pass to each other or Biedrins (that’s not all the way fair to Jax, I admit).” And you are being more than fair when you write the truth. They need to break up
    Jackson and Ellis the attitude on the court is too much, I felt like I was back at Potrero Hill playing in a half court game where 2 buddies on the same team only passed to each other and took all the shots, and celebrated with each other after loosing.

    Cap room is inconsequential to the Warriors, none of the big free agents is coming here, unless they deem Curry special enough to team up with. So for the sake of the future of this team get rid of both Jackson and Ellis.

    Curry is proving to be reason we should watch the Warriors even after one game.

  • Earl Monroe

    Also had a chance to watch Jonny Flynn play last night, and by first night comparisons Curry is a much better player, I think Minnesota made a mistake passing on Curry

  • bhardync

    Read Earl’s comments on Kawakami’s entry, which were right on. How come we, as fans, see so clearly that the team’s struggles are almost always related to the extended periods of one-on-one BS from Ellis and Jackson yet Nelson continues to leave them in the game without repercussions? I usually burn the midnight oil to watch Ws games since I live on the East Coast but once I saw that sequence, I turned it off and went to bed. I refuse to sit and watch that crap, despite how much I love watching my team.

  • commish

    Now that the season has started I’d rather focus on what is in front of our eyes: a team without any real chemistry, without a culture of winning, without any pride in shutting another team down when that is necessary, and a few ME-FIRST vets (Jax, Maggette, and Monta to a lesser extent) who take us out of games with their terribly bad habits. We are without a coach who can inspire the team to do what is necessary to win close games and keep the vets from their self destructive way.

    Marcus, wouldn’t you think that after a few years of seeing the same flaws from the “go to guys” and the same bad results in the third and fourth quarters Nelson would consider a different approach. Man, this will be a long season with Nelson coaching in his tried, tired, and losing ways. You gotta put the blame on him for losing another game in the same ways we lost so many last year. I mean Fitz was saying how hot Houston was from the outside and all of that. Well, without any lockdown defending, yes, NBA players can light it up. Duh.

  • JudBuchler

    “Why add $12M to cap and not land a difference maker?”

  • Hollywood Charles

    I could not disagree with you more on Jackson. People need more from their athletes than just being as selfish and greedy as the corporations they play for… I think times have changed Marcus and sadly… the modern Post-Jordan athlete has no rudder to navigate these times. Sports have always been deeply interwoven in our popular culture and social fabric… Jackie Robinson, Ali, Jesse Owens were all carrying the weight of expectations on their shoulders whether they liked it or not. And those expectations has nothing to do with money (well almost nothing). When Michael Jordan fused the athlete with the corporation and became one himself, and the cult of “me” was ushered in, it was a sad day for sports. People are really hurting financially. They need more from our athletes than we did in the 90’s and early 00’s… we need them to be bigger than the suits, to rise above i some way. Jackson has already won a championship. We embraced him after he came to us as severely damaged goods. We forgave him after he cost us the playoffs by being suspended for 8 games for firing a gun in the air in a parking lot (in self-defense). He’s being paid millions to play a game in front of adoring fans. Yes the franchise sucks right now, but that could change and fine… quietly ask for the trade, but to announce at a charity event in NYC that you want to get traded to a contender and then throw in “or NYC” just makes you seem pretty ugly. Then you throw a tantrum on the court, you go about systematically driving down your trade value and you “do your time” waiting for that moment you a walk away laughing at us? And you don’t want us to boo? huh?

  • John Starks

    I was at the game last night. Though it was sold out, the relative silence was a little bit odd. It’s really sad; we love this team and want them so desperately to win that we continue to show up in huge numbers. Still, the energy wasn’t really there in the crowd last night. I think people are tired of investing too much emotionally in this team; it’s enough just to show up on game night. Personally, I gotta say, they should drop the pre-game light show and over-the-top roster announcement…it’s just anti-climactic. It’s kind of ridiculous when two of the best players on the team are publicly critical of the direction the team is taking, and then the arena having a big homecoming party for them. It’s like having a party for your girlfriend’s return from out-of-town when you know she hates your guts and wants to move out. Not that he wasn’t right when he demanded a trade, but Jack could’ve made his point in a way that didn’t hurt the people who had nothing but love for him; the GSW fans. It’s just uncomfortable to watch and be part of the experience.

  • derezee

    it is indeed hilarious how baffled the tv anouncer wants us all to be that the Warriors’ opponent has once again shot an unworldly percentage from the 3pt line.

    “(insert team name here) can’t shoot that well EVERY night.”

    it just so happens that they all have their very best, most luckiest gosh darn nights every time they play the Warriors, chuckle, chuckle, guffaw, smirk at Jim…

  • Scotty

    Monta took 20 shots, not 29

  • robo

    The W’s should start Ellis, Jackson, Maggette, Turiaf, and Biedrins, and play a frenetic defense that ignites some offense. Ellis, Jack, and Maggette can gamble more on D with Turiaf and Biedrins backing them up. On the break, Ellis and Maggette can both attack the basket, with Jackson directing traffic and spotting up.

    The W’s should start and play the entire 2nd half with Curry, Morrow, Kelenna, Randolph, and Moore. With Curry’s vision and going up against weaker opponents, the W’s can run a Phoenix Suns type, spread the floor, run and gun offense. No fouls, just run the floor and score.

    By playing set units in the 1st and 2nd halves, the W’s players from game to game will know their roles, have consistent chemistry, and fewer mistakes – especially for the 2nd unit. Curry’s vision and ability to pass should be contagious among the 2nd unit and will then spread to the entire team.

    This current Warriors team right now has an ego problem between its veterans and younger players. By playing the vets with the vets and the younger guys with the younger guys, the team can create a little internal competition that should evolve into a greater overall team chemistry as the vets learn from the younger unit and vice versa. This should also allow the W’s to keep the game played at their pace throughout the entire game, as opposing teams try to keep up with the Warriors tempo and not the other way around.

  • Your post is destroyed by leading with the idiotic Kawakami angle. Jackson is a lot like Rodman and Artest, and listening to you sportswriters encouraging him to shoot himself in the foot is like watching a group of bullies tormenting a third grader. Its entertainment like bear-baiting and dog-fighting are entertainment.

    And why in the world would you actively encourage people to boo? Why not encourage your readers to be better people, and seek the higher pleasures in watching sports?

    Because that doesn’t sell newspapers, that’s why.


  • Beau


    You are right on one level-Jackson is merely a product of context. Pro sports teams will ditch players without a second though once they deem they unproductive, and he is just trying to get his while he can. But doesn’t he deserve some derision for his complete lack of self-awareness? This “I don’t regret anything I’ve ever done” statement from the beginning of training camp illustrates the petulance, stubbornness, and perspective of a 13 yr old boy. He’s 31 years old. He can at least be expected to have some wisdom of adulthood, to recognize that perhaps maintaining a macho ego at this point in his life is foolish and childish, that he has made some very, very poor decisions in his life (strip club with a gun, brawl etc) and that he certainly needs to still do some growing up. I think you need to recognize that Jack is not just being booed because he wants to leave, but also because his perspective strikes one as being completely oblivious (Dick Cheney anyone?).

  • Marcus Thompson


    Your premise is off. This is a blog. It doesn’t make the company enough money to sneeze at.
    Secondly, I’m not a life coach for readers. It is not my job to make them better people. When I do engage in the service of doing my part to help make others better people, this isn’t the forum. Nor is an article in the newspaper. It is through relationships, I believe, not fortune-cookie wisdom on a sports blog.
    Secondly, I never encouraged Jackson to do anything. It was after midnight and I was laughing at Jackson’s quote, remember his facial expression when he said it. Just tried to convey that, is all. I thought it was funny. If you didn’t, sorry.
    I don’t care if fans boo or not. I will only report the reaction. My personal opinion is fans should be able to do what they want. If I paid the kind of money they pay, I wish someone would tell me not to boo!

  • Bebop

    It may be pointless and predictable to boo Jackson, but he deserves it. Here’s this gem from his post-game remarks:

    I took good shots. I mean, I think I should’ve had more assists than I had—a lot of guys dropped the passes.

    Again and again, he’s shown that “its not my fault” attitude. Jackson is a good basketball player… but he’s not great. The greats are always pushing themselves. Jackson is satisfied with himself and his game, and he doesn’t see the flaws that are obvious to all. and most importantly, he repeatedly blames his team. he needs to go.

  • I’m not urging you to become a life-coach, Marcus. That would be boring reading indeed!

    But if you kept your focus on the higher plane of imparting your knowledge of NBA basketball, I believe your readers would still avidly follow you and be both entertained and edified.

    I know I would.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    A few points:

    The Warriors have screwed up big time again. They have put everything they have into Ellis being the team captain, leader and franchise player and I don’t think it will pan out. To me, your leader needs to be a player on your team with great basketball IQ, and frankly that is one of Monta’s weakest areas. Think about all the playoff teams last year and who their leaders are: Boston – Garnett, Philly – Andre Miller, Cleveland – LeBron, Chicago – Rose, Detroit – Prince/Rip/Sheed, Orlando – Howard, Atlanta – Joe Johnson, Miami – Wade, Denver – Billups, Portland – Roy, Utah – D.Will, LA – Kobe, San Antonio – Duncan, Houston – Yao, Dallas – Kidd/Dirk, New Orleans – CP3.

    Every player on that list with possibly the exception of Rose has extremely high BB IQ. The Warriors have done the equivalent of making Ben Gordon your franchise player. I don’t mean to hate on Ellis so much, but his attitude just hasn’t felt the same since Baron left, and I’m afraid that deep down he is like a shy version of Jackson.

    I honestly think that this team would be better off in the long run by blowing up the veteran core now. Jackson and Ellis play for each other, Maggs plays for himself… The problem is exactly as it seems, the best distributor (Curry) and the best shooter (Morrow) can’t play very many minutes together because the veterans demand theirs. I really like Nellie, but even after Maggette’s clunker of a game, he said there’s no way he will ever tell Maggs not to shoot, and that just isn’t ok with me.

    On a completely other note: why couldn’t the Warriors find someone like David Andersen during the off season? They are in desperate need of anything that resembles a post game, and there are clearly international guys that can do just that.

    //end rant

  • WarriorsSuck

    the unoriginal one here is the uncritical local media member Marcus.
    Jackson played the Warrior morons in the front office by getting a big extension when he had no intention of staying here and honoring it. He knew there are morons in the front office, and he also knew no one else would give him that kind of money. Now that he has the big bucks he wants to force a trade.
    He’s a loser and so are the warriors. The people who go to the games are pathetic for paying to watch a crappy product.

  • And to clarify: I’m not at all a fan of what Jackson has done. But I find all the Jackson-baiting that’s going on depressing and ultimately boring.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Also, now that I just read some of the other comments, I really like Robo’s idea… it’s so unique which makes it extremely Nellie-like. If we just treated the team like they act, as two separate teams, then we may actually be able to win some games! Can you imagine how crazy the media would be going if Nellie actually split the team up and played different squads for an entire half?

  • RN

    I was at the game last night. I didn’t boo Jackson. I don’t think it is productive as a Warrior fan. But Marcus, I think you’re missing the main point. It isn’t such a big deal that Jackson wanted to be traded. That happens. It is the way he went about it that is the issue. He acted out in a very non-professional manner, that was actually very contrary to trying to achieve his goal. If he would have just shut up and played, and quietly told management of his desire and goals, like a responsible person and professional, he wouldn’t have created the media mess, the boos, etc. He continues to take no responsibility for his non-professional outbursts. At least he finally has understood that he has to shut up and play hard if he has a prayer of getting traded.

  • DW

    Yeah I believe Jackson may have a valid point or two but I still booed him. Sometimes you just get tired of looking at people and Cohan and Rowell don’t have to be seen as much. So Jackson gets the brunt of it.

  • deano

    At the game last night, there were a lot of empty seats. All of the tickets may have been sold, but only about 80% were used.

    There were cheers for Jackson when he made shots or passed for assists. After the inro, the boos were for his misses. That’s fair, for a player with his uneven playing habits.

    I thought Curry played better at point guard last night than anyone on the team at that position last season. Faint praise, I know, but he is an improvement; and his potenial for further improvement is vast.

    Nellie seems to know that Morrow is his best shooter, as shown by the final play of the game. Houston knew it too, and blanketed Morrow. But Nellie does not have the guts (figure of speech, only) to play Morrow over Ellis. Can you imagine how toxic the locker room would be if both Ellis and Jack were pissed?

  • Burke

    I for one liked the blog piece. Pretty funny, the calisthenics that Jackson and to a lesser extent Ellis will go not to admit they regret any previous action they’ve done whatsoever. It’s the principle of the thing I guess; never admit you were wrong to a reporter. Makes fun reading.

    Feltbot, I think you’re way off base. This is nothing to do with Kawa-style baiting. This is communicating in a novel way the warped sensibility of a professional athlete. Even a homer such as me can appreciate the absurdity of it all.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    I agree the Warriors should just be patient. If Cleveland loses a couple more games they will be blowing up Riley’s phone. I like the Ilgauskas/ Jax trade. Speedy/Law/George and Ilgauskas thats $17m in expiring contracts. That would be huge!

    I just dont see a lot of big name free agents changing teams. Not with their existing teams having their Bird rights and being able to offer that additional year.

  • jsl

    Geez, Marcus. Quit being the apologist for Jack. He’s a cancer on this team. He hasn’t changed a whit — see, e.g. his play in Q3, no passing, just constantly driving into double teams, and then bitching when he doesn’t get the foul call (as the Rockets get another bucket).

    Plus, he’s about as easy to like as John Wilkes Booth — tho both were honest about their feelings, I guess.

  • Perry

    “Be patient”…….”We have talent”…….”Give it time”……….”When we trade Jackson”……….

    Yeah, yeah, yeah……………

    Fact is, ………we lost a very winnable game last night against a very mediocre team without their 2 best players (T-Mac, Yao) on our home court……..

    Hard to imagine us winning in the desert against a fully loaded Suns squad on Friday night……..

    Individual and team performances aside for the moment, what I’m most concerned about are the trends from game 1:

    1. Giving up the big lead instead of capitalizing on it

    2. Shooting poorly in the 3rd quarter

    2 trends that send cold shivers down my spine and keep me up at night……..

    This is a classic Warrior losing combination.

    Have a bad shooting quarter and combine that with the opponent having a great shooting quarter.

    Big cause for concern….major area of problem…no question about it.

    Monta took 20 shots and shot 50% from the field in a good offensive performance where he created mid-range off his dribble, stayed within his range and aggressively went to the basket.

    Curry filled the stat sheet as usual….

    Defensively, is where we hurt in the back-court. Ariza was wide open all night and he and Brooks had good games to offset Curry and Ellis. The only positive thing about our guards, defensively, is Curry’s active hands and his ability to create steals…..

    3 point shooting discrepancy a big issue, cold shooting and continuous hoisting of shots by Corey Maggette an issue as well and Houston 4/5 combo outscoring our 4/5 combo 41 to 20, with Scola (as I knew would happen)leading the way there.

    Lots of questions about the rotations and line-ups at this point. What works for one game may not work for another and as we know with Don Nelson,…..what works for one half, may not work for another……

    Interesting situation with Anthony Randolph and Don Nelson….is that relationship destined to run down the path of the Al Harrington, Tyrone Hill, Chris Webber sagas?…..

    I think you really see the difference in a player like Curry and a player like Randolph…….Summer League is great……but game 1 of an 82 game season is where you make yourself as a player in this league…..

    Anthony Randolph looks like a nervous deer caught in the headlights when he’s between the lines still………he still is overly-anxious and turnover prone…..

    We’ll see what happens…….0-2 after Friday night, I don’t think we can beat Phoenix.

  • Warriors 4 Life


  • JustPuked

    …with Jackson playing hard they can be decent.

    If, IF Jackson plays hard.

  • JB

    Stop sticking up for Jackson, he’s a big boy, after all he could negotiate a contract extension when one wasn’t needed with a “business guy” after all.

    To claim this guy wants to win is almost as funny as Rowell inking him to an extension. Him citing his ring with SA is laughable, SA would have won the title without him. I don’t care how TK reports the lockerroom is as good as it’s been since 2007, just wait. If the Warriors don’t win and he’s not traded, can he keep his mouth shut? Recent events cause me to beleive otherwise.

    MT, did you ever care to think that if we somehow were lucky enough to see Bobby or have Bobby announced at the game he wouldn’t have been booed off the court ala Cohan circa the All Star Game? Don’t take us for fools. Ever think that Jackson’s method of demanding a trade via a 2nd rate magazine doesn’t sit well with the fans who widely accepted him upon his trade here? I thought one of the greatest things he did was grab the mic the first home game (against CLE, I think?) and thank the fans for support and welcoming him, Harrington and the cheerleader Sarunas. Those same fans he basically gave a big F U to because he’s disgruntled.

    He’s mad at the same management who gave him $. It didn’t take a palm reading to be able to predict what would happen. Didn’t he see how Baron, JRich, Belli to an extent, and Barnes were all handled? Even his BFF Harrington? Did he all of sudden think that management had a clue?

    Furthermore, he wants to win? If he wanted to win I’d expect certain sacrifices to be made. Wanting to win and having the ability to win is the vast difference between actual winners and losers. Jackson is NOT a winner. A winner’s game will change to benefit a team. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player. He’s certainly clutch. However, he’s also TOer prone, has never seen a shot he didn’t like, a black hole, and uncontrollable emotionally.

    Not that I completely blame Jackson for the state of the Warriors, but certainly his unwanted/un-needed extension do not help matters AT ALL. He wanted a big man, well, with what money? After the events that have transpired, what big man wants to come to this organization?

  • Warrior faithful

    Jackson is a bum… terrible shots … terrible passes… just bench him and we’d be better off

    anyone see him complaining maggette didn’t pass him the ball even though maggette made the layup. jackson wanted to shoot a fast break 3 he probably would’ve missed

  • mark

    I think the irony is we lost to a team “without it’s best players”. I suspect the warriors might be a better “team” without it’s “best players”. Maybe, just maybe, the “best” players in this league forget it is a team game.

    Remember that houston won like 20 games in a row last year – most without their best players…..

  • Warriorsuck

    How to make the warriors a winning team.

    1. Get rid of Nelson (at any cost)

    2. Boycott the games, as I have now done. (an inferior product does not deserve my money)

    3. Keep Jackson (he is not the problem and have something left for the new owners to build on)

    4. Force the owners to sell.

    5. After infinity years of rebuilding with young talent it’s time to change the formula. (it’s not working).

    6. We need a winning mentality. (we need more people like Jackson not put a band aid over the problem by getting rid of people that complain of management stupidity).

    7. As soon as they get that winning mentality, I will back the team up even in bad decitions.


  • Harp’s Dubs

    Three-way deal that could and should happen:

    Jackson and Turiaf to Cleveland.
    Big Z to Utah.
    Boozer to the Warriors.

    Warriors would have Boozer for a year to mentor Randolph on how to play the power forward position and we’d be free of Jackson and his contract, though I hate losing Turiaf.

    It was so difficult to see Monta address the crowd as the team leader before the game. He does not embody leadership and does not have a position in the NBA.

    Trade Monta to Memphis for their 2010 first rounder, Jaric and Hunter.

    Warriors new line-up:
    PG – Curry/Watson/Claxton
    SG – Morrow/Law/Jaric
    SF – Azubuike/Maggette/George
    PF – Boozer/Randolph/Wright (when healthy)
    C – Biedrins/Hunter/Moore

  • the fans boo for several reasons…it’s their right as paying customers but also because they’re like jilted lovers…they forgave Jackson his past, welcomed him, cheered for him, but he wants out, which is his right…this is, after all, only a business, and the players are glorified millionaires and want to go get a big ring they can flash like Kobe….so they will always gravitate toward the ideal situation after they make sure their bank account is good….fans cling to the outmoded old-fashioned notion of a player being on “their” team, when really they are all nothing more than hired guns and mercenaries….as for the play against Houston, very disappointing….what did Biedrins do all summer—party? he looks no stronger, his moves have regressed, his free throws are a disgrace….Turiaf looked rusty, Randolph is being dog-housed again, Morrow’s not getting enough shots is something Nelson must address, even if he runs consecutive plays, picks and everything else to force the ball to Morrow…..Nelson waited too long to pull a cold shooting Maggette…Jackson played well, but he still doesn’t hustle back on D if there’s something he wants to complain about….Curry looked good, the lob to Andris was just unwise but as Nelson said in his press conference, that stuff will happen….Monta can not expect to get all the way to the hole every time he drives…kick it out, Moped…..we’ve got some shooters on the perimeter who can help us win a few games….all in all falling to a Houston team without its best players and which still has its vanilla stupid Coach Adelman, is disgusting…..when we go into Staples the Lakers size will devour this team like cannibals on Captain Cook….if this is rebuilding who’s the architect? Nelson is going back to Maui, Riley hasn’t a clue (he could turn into the next Garry St. Jean) and Rowell is a pathetic fool, a book-keeper who knows less basketball than the children at the park trying to dunk in the sixth grade….Please…can we right the ship and do something smart for a change? longtime Warriors fans like myself are suffering….

  • earl monroe

    Why all this talk about Ilgauskas? Why would Utah want him? Have you seen him play the last two games? Sure he is an expiring contract but can he help anyone at this stage of his career? Of course in the who the hell cares category just dump Jack

  • Ron

    Amazing how Warrior fans jump all over the lame trades…really a buncha dumb farm boys who can’t see a con game after getting ripped off so many times.

    The main trick is trade Jackson WITHOUT getting conned into adding a keeper. jackson for some no future temp…is weak enough. Lets not get pitiful.

    With talk of the D getting simplified, the W’s went back to their classic don’t guard anyone zone. High school teams can D a guy at the arc. It ain’t that tricky.

  • Jscrilla

    Dear Marcus,
    I would like to be a higher level sports fan. Please design your blog to cater to my needs of finding insightful NBA knowledge of the kind that like of Bob Fitzgerald, can do.

    P.S. Please do not bait Jackson…you see, if you bait him it will be much harder to release him into the wild.

  • lefty1

    Nelson and the W’s wanna get Morrow more shots? You better put a hault Jax and especially Mag’s from shooting so damn much.

    Marcus you mentioned Randolph MAY be in Nellie’s dog house again? Just let the kid play! He made one errand pass which was not totally his fault.
    If anything yank Mag’s out!
    He puts up the worst shots!

  • oaktownlar

    I don’t think anybody has yet commented on Jax’s entrance last night:

    During the (overblown) player intros, everyone runs out onto the court–except Jax who takes his own sweet time walking. OK, it was a political statement, but also a major a-hole move.

    Of course, since standing around has increasingly become his playing style, I guess walking in makes sense.

  • Thanks Marcus!!!
    Sorry Feltbot, I reserve the right to boo SJax. Booooooo!!!

    I’m so disappointed in not being able to Boo Cohan or Rowell – in presenting the 3 point shooting award to A. Morrow. They had Riley present the award! Booooooo!!!

    #32 Mark – True dat. Houston plays better without their “best” players. I truly enjoyed the end of last season when all the W’s “best” players threw in the towel for the season. I wish Nellie would have our “best” players come off the bench. I’d enjoy the games more even if we lose.

    I’d like Curry and Morrow to play in the backcourt with Monta coming off the bench (Barbosa style). Won’t happen, but I can dream. Azibuke start at SF, Randolph start at PF, and anyone at C (hopefully the Big Z for one year!). Ellis, Jackson, Maggette come off the bench.

    One reason Morrow got shut down? Defensive stopper Battier was tugging at his jersey and in his grill at the three point line. Morrow can’t yet drive past my momma when he has the ball. We shoulda done the same against Budinger!!!

  • Tdubb

    I told all of you more than once this summer, this team can’t move forward with Jax and Monta on the floor. See my post in August “Watson Takes A Gamble”. I’ve seen these guys up close and I’ve got a feel for there personalities. It’s selfish, it’s childish and it’s cancer!

    Curry has to play with Morrow, Randolph, Turiaf and probably Buike. “Robo”#14 got it right, two squads in one locker room. They are young and they will make mistakes but in the long run the chemistry is there.

    CJ Watson can start at point with Jax, Monta, Andris and Moore or Maggette. They kept Watson and Law for a reason, use them. Plus Nellie can’t play his starters the entire 1st Quarter. This group has to go 10 deep.

    Lastly, as I also said this summer a JYD type was needed on the inside Scola, Landry, Ariza and Hayes killed them inside. A trade is necessary but don’t look for it before the February deadline. Monta and Jax gotta go and Maggette if someone will take him.

    It will be a long season if Nellie doesn’t get the rotation right. Champions need chemistry, let the young dogs out!

  • deano

    MARCUS: Thanks for this article, and for all of your work on the Warriors. You are the best source for GSW info and analysis.

    My take on Jack is that he was over-the-top rebellious in the pre-season, in order to make sure that the Warriors committed themselves to trading him. He now knows that the commitment has been made. So, he can go back to playing hard, without anyone thinking that he has softened on his trade demand. Smart guy.

    Jack’s play on Opening Night was as good/bad as last year, nothing to indicate that he is still rebelling. His box score shows that he had a decent game. So far so good. As long as Jack knows that GSW continues to shop him, they can all be patient and look for a good deal.

    It’s only the fans, particularly the bloggers (by definition, fanatics — me, too) who have a problem with patience.

  • Bobwashburn

    This is rudepelican’s fantastic trade idea from the Warriors Forum. This solves all problems, including cap and better chemistry for the Ws, backup for Shaq and more O for Utah.


    1. Curry / West / Watson / Speedy

    2. Morrow / Brewer / Law

    3. Kirilenko / Azubuike / George

    4. Randolph / Wright / D.Jackson

    5. Ilgauskas / Turiaf / Fesenko


    1. Williams / Maynor / Price

    2. Ellis / Korver / Matthews

    3. Harpring / Maggette / Miles

    4. Boozer / Millsap

    5. Okur / Koufos


    1. Gibson / Williams

    2. S.Jackson / Parker / Green / Karl

    3. Le bronJ / Moon / Williams

    4. Varejao / Powe / Hickson

    5. Shaq / Biedrins

  • E_Culb

    “Ellis and Jackson mostly pass to each other or Biedrins (that’s not all the way fair to Jax, I admit). Maggette and Azubuike don’t pass to anybody unless something opens up while they are trying to score.”

    Classic observation and a product of Nellie’s system having people think they are better than they really are. Monte has had the Baron/Jackson syndrome rub off on him and now he feels like he’s a superstar! He’s Not! Good player but come on now, your not that good pass the ball!!!!

  • E_Culb

    I just heard the clown Warrior TV guy say Nash was the best pg in the league, over CP3. Is he drunk?

  • Ellis is one of the few guys playing defense right now.

  • Justafan



    @ #47 – what you’ve got here are 2 separate deals:
    Biedrins and Jackson for Ilgauskas, West, and Darnell Jackson.
    And, Ellis and Maggette for Kirilenko, Brewer, and Fesenko.

    I don’t like the idea of giving up Jackson for Ilgauskas, but Jackson can give Cleveland a better shot at the championship and Ilgauskas’ expiring contract can help the W’s land an all-star caliber free agent in 2010. However, Andris Biedrins is an awesome center for the W’s; especially for the price, and I wouldn’t want to trade him for Delonte West and Darnell Jackson, who have no use to the W’s until their contracts expire 1 year later. Delonte West in particular has a mood disorder and personal matters to attend to before he can be of use to any team in the NBA. Is he even playing? Sorry, no deal.

    Ellis and Maggette – two 20+ point scorers, with Ellis having the potential to become an all-star and Maggette guaranteeing to drive to the hoop, score and/or get to the free throw line. The W’s already have a better player in Anthony Randolph than Kirilenko, who makes $16.5M a year; that’s almost double Biedrins salary and he’s got another year after this to go. No wonder Utah’s got financial problems and at best AK47 can only give you 15 PPG. And although Brewer and Fesenko have expiring contracts, when the time comes to trade Ellis or Maggette, the W’s should be able to get a lot more than this. This deal is too lopsided for the W’s to even consider.

  • drew

    hey marcus, i do feel you on that one tho. fans should respect players regardless even if their desire is to be traded or what not. and booing certainly does not help the situation at all. its kind of like the crabtree situation..its different as a player..much different i bet.

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