“Honor and Loyalty”

So the Warriors are back to the small lineup on Wednesday to start, and there are mismatches all over the court.
Stephen Jackson will start tonight’s game guarding Zach Randolph, a point-hungry, 6-foot-9, 260-pound PF. Monta Ellis is guarding O.J. Mayo, who has at least an inch and some 30 pounds on Ellis. Andris Biedrins will match-up with Marc Gasol, who at 7-1, 265, gives the Warriors fits because of his size. What’s more, Biedrins has been in foul trouble the first couple of games. If he gets in early foul trouble Wednesday, guess who’s coming in off the bench? Anthony Randolph? (Nelson said he would be the back-up center, but he didn’t want to play him against the starting center)
Is Randolph playing so bad that Nellie would rather create defensive mismatches than start a guy who has a fighting chance to defend the PF spot? It seems the lineups are much more even if Nelson starts Randolph at PF, especially considering the Warriors offense is not that good right now. TK has a pretty solid theory about why Randolph isn’t playing, which Nelson all but said himself.

NELLIE: “We just need either an extender or a guy that can pass. So with Buike in the lineup, that extends the defense even more. I think there’ll be more openings offensively. I thought that was important for us.”


Stephen jackson has two new tattoos on his neck. Two Chinese characters right in the front. What do they mean?
Jax: “Honor and loyalty. Two things I’m big (on).”


SF Chronicle’s Bruce Jenkins brought up an interest point that I hadn’t thought about. Why don’t the Warriors retire anyone’s jersey? The last one was Rick Barry, so perhaps their standard for retiring jerseys is winning a championship. That would be gangsta if that is the reason.
They can’t start now, though. The obvious jersey to be retired is No. 17. That won’t be happening until a new owner comes town. Even if they offered, I’m not sure Mullin would show up.

Marcus Thompson