“Honor and Loyalty”

So the Warriors are back to the small lineup on Wednesday to start, and there are mismatches all over the court.
Stephen Jackson will start tonight’s game guarding Zach Randolph, a point-hungry, 6-foot-9, 260-pound PF. Monta Ellis is guarding O.J. Mayo, who has at least an inch and some 30 pounds on Ellis. Andris Biedrins will match-up with Marc Gasol, who at 7-1, 265, gives the Warriors fits because of his size. What’s more, Biedrins has been in foul trouble the first couple of games. If he gets in early foul trouble Wednesday, guess who’s coming in off the bench? Anthony Randolph? (Nelson said he would be the back-up center, but he didn’t want to play him against the starting center)
Is Randolph playing so bad that Nellie would rather create defensive mismatches than start a guy who has a fighting chance to defend the PF spot? It seems the lineups are much more even if Nelson starts Randolph at PF, especially considering the Warriors offense is not that good right now. TK has a pretty solid theory about why Randolph isn’t playing, which Nelson all but said himself.

NELLIE: “We just need either an extender or a guy that can pass. So with Buike in the lineup, that extends the defense even more. I think there’ll be more openings offensively. I thought that was important for us.”


Stephen jackson has two new tattoos on his neck. Two Chinese characters right in the front. What do they mean?
Jax: “Honor and loyalty. Two things I’m big (on).”


SF Chronicle’s Bruce Jenkins brought up an interest point that I hadn’t thought about. Why don’t the Warriors retire anyone’s jersey? The last one was Rick Barry, so perhaps their standard for retiring jerseys is winning a championship. That would be gangsta if that is the reason.
They can’t start now, though. The obvious jersey to be retired is No. 17. That won’t be happening until a new owner comes town. Even if they offered, I’m not sure Mullin would show up.

Marcus Thompson

  • sonny p

    sjax should retire his tattoos. especially the cliched gangsta neck tatoos.

    i’ll be back when the warriors have a new ownership.
    mullins #17 will be retired properly once this happens.

  • earl monroe

    You are making some good points here Marcus.
    But as long as they don’t address the selfishness on offense and defense every game will be reliant on superhuman efforts by one player

  • Lufty455

    Fire Nellie and Rowell and hire a real coach and prez.

    Nellie will probably have one less drink tonight
    after realizing that his team don’t respect his senile ass again.
    This guy is a joke.
    Do you hear his interviews???
    A complete mess.

    I can’t stand this guy and whole Warriors ownership/management.

    Need all of them to join the WPGA tour not the NBA…

  • some guy

    Hm. Your complaints seem to indicate that Turiaf is playing. I thought he was out? It’d be crazy to have AR pick up fouls vs Zach while Andris picks up fouls vs Gasol. That would lead to the should have retired already Mikki Moore having to play.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    I never thought about why they don’t retire jerseys… Interesting.

    I know that Jackson has had some success guarding the likes of Dirk at PF, but Zach Randolph is a whole different beast. I expect him to put up at least 20 tonight with Jack and Maggs guarding him.

  • jsl

    Love the new ink on Jack’s neck: “honor and loyalty” — which Jack says he’s “big on.”

    As Daffy Duck would say it better: “I-RO-NY”

  • Beau

    You need to reverse it Marcus when questioning these matchups…Who is Z. Randolph going to guard? He’s a terrible defender against guys his own size, but against smaller, quicker players??? Nellie is counting that the gains of his mismatch will outweigh having A. Randolph and his size in the game. Have you noticed how lost Randolph has looked offensively? He’s not sure when to shoot or pass. Offensive inconsistently drives Nellie crazy and that will always be the first thing he looks to address. May not be right, but that’s who he is. And, it’s not as if the big lineup was working well. Who cares if you do cut down the rebound margin but still lose the game?

  • earl monroe

    They should retire all these numbers of all the players on the championship team, because who know if we are ever going to even get close again

    24 Rick Barry
    21 Butch Beard
    22 Steve Bracey
    32 Bill Bridges
    40 Derrek Dickey
    15 Charles Dudley
    10 Charles Johnson
    52 George Johnson
    34 Frank Kendrick
    23 Jeff Mullins
    44 Clifford Ray
    20 Phil Smith
    41 Jamaal Wilkes

  • Ken

    KA was our best player the past two matches, so starting him is clearly the correct move, whatever the rationalization.

    Note that we would have won the game against the Rockets easily if Maggette had gotten lost on the way to Oracle.

    While that does not excuse the terrible 3rd quarter against Phoenix, it does get lost that there were many positives from the first game.

  • 8Easy8

    No surprise to see that Jack practices self-deception, he’s big on “Honor & Loyalty” alright!!!!!!!!

    This guy never ceases to amaze. What next???

  • Del The Funky Warrior

    Say what you want about SJax. He’s a nutter and a hothead for sure, but I’ll take the fox hole with him in it and let you have with Dirty Nellie and Weasel Rowell. They’ll stab you in the back for sure. Ask Mullin…

  • Robo

    This small lineup is fine and may actually get the W’s to the playoffs, provided that they play less like the current W’s and more like the Suns (currently 4-0) or the ‘We Believe’ Warriors.

    Biedrins in foul trouble? Here’s a thought: Don’t Foul! Andris and the Warriors should save their fouls and play solid defense in the 4th quarter, when it matters – Biedrins is of no use to the team sitting on the bench. Bigger opposing teams know this and attack him all the time. Fouling also slows up the game and allows other teams to play at their tempo and not the Warriors.

    It blows me away that a team that’s geared to run and gun has lost its identity. This team has more 40% or better 3-Pt. shooters than any team in the league: Morrow, Azubuike, and Watson. And you can add Jackson and Curry to this list of snipers. They’ve got guys who can attack the basket and get there in a hurry in Monta, Corey, Kelenna, and AR. Plus, multiple guys who can lead the break. Save the defense wins championships garbage, for when you get to the playoffs. Until then, just run – it’s who the Warriors are.

  • Robo

    1st foul 9:19, 2nd foul 7:26, 3rd foul 6:33 – Biedrins sits and the 1st quarter is not even over.

  • SorryMissJackson

    Nice tat jack but more like “Ignorance and Betrayal”..

    **Missing Manute Bol**

  • Robo

    Alright, a win! Welcome back, Warriors! Other thoughts: Rudy Gay – 29 Pts. 8 Rebs. and after this season a restricted free agent. I wonder if Memphis would trade Rudy for Acie Law, Devean George and the W’s 2010 1st Round Pick.

  • kike yanez

    i love jackson! the guy is a idiot on another note good win warriors! an i see monta ellis steping up this year !

  • bruceam2

    Honor and Loyalty….. that’s funny. If Richard Nixon had been into tattoos, his would have said “I am not a crook”. Will someone PLEASE give Jackson a dictionary so he can look up those words?

    I had previously thought that someone who signed a rich contract extension on a mediocre team, and within a year demand to be traded was the height of hypocrisy.

    Jackson. Do you want the money or do you want to be on a winner. Pick one. If you want to be traded to a winner, void your contract with the team. If you don’t want to do that, just shut the heck up. And while you’re at it, why don’t you add the tattoos for greed and hypocrisy. At least then they’d ring true.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    I dont get what they are doing with Randolph. 7 mins??? Especially when you are so light on the front line. I just dont get it.

    I dont buy the TK two non shooting bigs theory because AR can shoot. Maybe not out to the 3 pt line but he has a solid 18 footer. Nellie has said so himself.

  • I like the way you handled the tattoo, Marcus. Let us find the humor.

    Speaking of ink, it looks like Monta had a bucket poured over his head. Is he going for the total body tattoo?

  • deano

    Marcus: Thanks for highlighting Bruce Jenkins’ observation that the Warriors have not retired a jersey since Rick Barry’s. This reminded me that the Heat recently retired Timmy Hardaway’s jersey. GSW should have retired Timmy’s jersey long ago. He is far and away the greatest leader in West Coast Warriors history. Barry was a better player, but the T in RunTMC was a better leader. What do you think?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Robo – you’re on crack. Jackson as a sniper? Only in the literal sense of the word, outside of a strip club!
    And do you honestly believe the Grizz would take Devean George, Acie Law and our first rounder for Rudy Gay? Dude, who is your dealer and can I get his number?
    I like Rudy Gay as a scorer and a future potential all-star and would be far more inclined toward a Monta for Gay, Darell Arthur and Marko Jaric trade.

  • Robo

    Yes, Harp’s Dubs – Jackson as a sniper. And yes, I do think the Grizzlies would take George, Law, and the W’s 2010 First Round Pick. What did the Grizzlies get for Pau Gasol last year? It’s obvious that Rudy Gay is no longer part of the future in Memphis, since they failed to offer him a contract extension. Rudy Gay will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season unless he is traded. And if he walks right out the door the Grizzlies get nothing.

  • Robo

    When Stephen Jackson says, “Honor and loyalty. Two things I’m big on” – I believe him. All the negative spin that the media currently puts on Stephen Jackson is done to create more hype in a pathetic attempt to raise the ire of fans, because it simply generates ad revenue. But I suspect; just like in other episodes in the Warriors recent past, honor and loyalty to the club continues to be met with degradation and disloyalty/unfaithfulness.

    Does anyone remember what happened to Chris Mullin? Al Harrington? Baron Davis? Matt Barnes? Mickael Pietrus? Jason Richardson? They rebuilt this franchise – period. And for their efforts, they were shown the door. Some left quietly, some not-so quietly, but they were still unceremoniously sent packing.

    I imagine the response from Warriors management would be a big, “So What?” After all, with the most loyal fans in the league and one of the largest markets, Warriors ownership makes money whether or not the W’s win or lose.

    To attempt to be traded through the media was probably not Stephen Jackson’s preferred way leave Golden State, but it is the only option a Warriors player has now to get to a better team, to win, to earn a championship ring. Or does anyone out there truly believe that current W’s management has the aptitude or desire to conduct business with other teams, much less build a contender? Chris Mullin brought Baron to the Bay Area and he executed the big trade with Indiana. Mullin created a culture where other NBA players wanted to come to Golden State, but he left a long, long time ago.

    Congratulations, Robert Rowell! You and Chris Cohan are the new pariahs of the league; I’m sure Isiah Thomas is quite relieved to be out of the spotlight. I hope one day soon, David Stern comes knocking on your door to force you to relinquish ownership of this team. For their loyalty and love of the game, Warriors fans deserve it.

  • wizard

    gangsta? haha…yeah, it is gangsta

  • Ewok

    The Warriors lost four of their first five games this season, including Sunday’s 120-107 loss to the Sacramento Kings. Stevens told ESPN he watched the game against Sacramento and is determined to get Jackson traded.

    “I just want him out of there now,” Stevens said. “It doesn’t matter where. At this stage, something has to be done. It can’t get any worse.

    “No one trusts Don Nelson. When Nelson was in Milwaukee, Wayne Embry trusted him and brought him in, and he betrayed Embry. In Dallas, Mark Cuban took damn good care of him and his son and he betrayed Cuban. In Golden State, Chris Mullin hired him and trusted him and Nelson backstabbed him by reaching out to president Robert Rowell and blaming Mullin for everything that was going wrong with the Warriors.”