Game #3: Warriors 113, Grizzlies 105

The Warriors are going with the youth movement, remember? They are focusing on their young, building for the future, right?
It seems Twitterer @Apollo1Man got that impression, too. His recent Tweet: “Can I ask Warriors 4 money back 4 false advertising. Kept telling me to come see AR.”
But somehow, Anthony Randolph played 7 minutes last night. One of the cornerstone pieces is now a bit player who can only play under certain circumstances – against back-up centers. Randolph went from rising rookie to starting power forward to getting Rob Kurz minutes.
Some will say that is a negative way of looking at it. Some will say its early and there is plenty time for Randolph to reclaim his importance. But I can’t help but think it’s a big issue that Randolph is currently 10th on the team in minutes per game.

RANDOLPH: “It’s kind of like déjà vu. But it’s different from last year because people know what I can do. I’ve just got to keep my head up. It’s a long season. I’ve got a long career ahead of me. These are the type of experiences that will make me a better player and person.”


Monta Ellis played easily his most complete game of the young season. His shot was off early, but he still had his fingerprints all over the game. His stat line was impressive:

24 points (10-for-23 FGs), 12 assists, 7 rebounds, 5 steals, 1 TOs

But that was against the Memphis Grizzlies. Can Monta Ellis be that kind of productive presence every game? Will he look for others as much when his shot isn’t falling?
Wednesday, he was driving and dishing like you rarely see. He passed the ball up he court. It even looked as if he were operating with the intent to pass on some occasions, rather than passing as a last resort. Plus, he was after it on defense, in his manner anyway. Ellis certainly didn’t shut anyone down. But he was good on doubling down, decisive and disruptive.
Last week, Monta said Curry did not have to worry about being a leader despite being the point guard. “That’s not his role.” Sounds like Monta is bent on reminding the organization and the fans who the franchise player is. As long as he produces like he did on Wednesday, they’ll be fine with that.


Corey Maggette was 3-for-9 outside the key, which means he was 6-for-8 in the lane. I think he’s figuring out his success comes from going to the basket.


Curry quietly had a pretty good game. Nellie went with the lineup that was clicking, which didn’t include Curry. So he wound up sitting most of the fourth quarter. But 7 points, 9 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals in 29 minutes ain’t bad.

Marcus Thompson

  • Livermore Joe

    Anthony Randolph sounds like the most reasonable and mature member of the entire Warriors organization.

  • rony seikaly’s ‘fro

    Another impressive stat for Moped: 47 minutes…keep an eye on his minutes as The Don burns him up.

  • Lufty455

    They need to give AR a chance… Nellie is just trying to mess with the kid’s head.

    I can’t believe this senile coach would want to play him at center.

    I can tell that AR might be losing his mind over Nellie’s s–t.

    We really need to get rid of the lush and hire a real coach.

  • Randolph has played poorly so far this season, and had another stinker last night. 3 fouls, 2 TOs in 7 minutes. Took the ball to trouble and got it blocked by Gasol. Then committed a silly emotional foul 90 feet from the basket in retaliation.

    Is any of this worth mentioning?

    I love AR’s potential as much as anyone. I can’t wait for him to crack the rotation. But until he starts playing well, his lack of PT will not be a story.

    Except for TK and his acolytes.

  • Wander7

    From the firs 3 games, AR seems to be regressing to his rookie ways. He isn’t playing intelligently at all; always trying to out jump everyone else or just dribbling into trouble. I don’t know what the heck he worked on in the summer with the other Anthony…

  • Yulupan

    I’m having a hard time fully committing to my fanatical fandom knowing that this team is headed for a major shakeup. We need some size and of course no team wants to trade quality bigs. But you never know, the Warriors have a lot of coveted pieces and there are a lot of screwball GMs out there nearly as incompetent as Rowell. But history tells us that the Warriors usually end up with the short end of the stick and we should be prepared to watch another former Warrior become an all-star.

    Last night, late in the fourth quarter when they went scoreless for a few minutes, they looked about as discombobulated as it gets. Most other NBA teams would have blown by them at that point but the Grizzlies were especially inept in the 4th quarter. Thank God Gay got lost. He had a deranged look on his face that made Jack look sane. Hey, we won and there were some encouraging signs so let’s just see what happens. I want to embrace these lovable losers because they’re Warriors and that’s what true fans do. If by some fluke we put it all together – Ellis, Randolph and Curry in their prime – it will feel all the sweeter for having stuck it out. But I’m having trouble hanging in there – and I’ve watched every minute for over 2,000 straight games.

  • mtron

    I was psyched I got to see AR play Wednesday, but I agree with Feltbot, he seemed out of control on the floor and one of the fouls I saw him commit was a senseless push on Iverson. I’m looking forward to see him grow, but right now I’d rather win games than watch the mistakes he’s making.

  • rony seikaly’s ‘fro

    Another stat to add to Moped’s line:

    47 minutes!

    Keep an eye on that as the season progresses. It’s Arvid’s tendency to wear his “horses” out….

  • Jscrilla

    Look at New Jersey for trades…they’re 0-5 and they’re grippin’ big time. Of course they are one of 3 teams the warriors deal with consistently Atlanta/Indiana being the others…maybe they’ll get another trade exception they won’t use…

  • W’sorg.suck

    Cav’s lost again. Barkley and CWeb talked at half time about how Shaq and S.I cannot play together.

    Cavs do have interest in Jax.
    Maybe just maybe hmmmmmmmm.

  • Robo

    3 Team Trade I’d Like To See:

    Warriors trade S. Jackson, Law, and George to Cleveland; trade Maggette to Lakers. Warriors receive Ilgauskas and J. Williams from Cleveland; receive Morrison and Farmar from Lakers.

    Cavs trade Ilgauskas and J. Williams to Warriors. Cavs receive S. Jackson, Law, George from Warriors; receive Mbenga from Lakers.

    Lakers trade Morrison and Farmar to Warriors; trade Mbenga to Cleveland. Lakers receive Maggette from Warriors.

    Cavs get scorer /defender in S. Jackson to help LeBron and a backup for Shaq in Mbenga. Starters: M. Williams, S. Jackson, James, Verajao, O’Neal. Bench: Gibson, Parker, West, Moon, Hickson, D. Jackson, Mbenga.

    Lakers get another scorer in Maggette. Starters: Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Gasol, Bynum. Bench: Brown, Vujacic, Walton, Maggette, Odom, Powell.

    Warriors get $19.5M in expiring contracts to go with $6M in the expiring contracts of Claxton and Moore. This season, Warriors start: Curry, Ellis, Azubuike, Turiaf, Biedrins. Bench: Watson, Morrow, Randolph, Moore, Ilgauskas, Morrison, Claxton, J. Williams. Injured: Wright.

    In the off-season, the Warriors can offer Chris Bosh a max deal of $17M+ a year, or Dirk Nowitzki a max deal of $20M+ a year. With Bosh, the W’s can also afford to target a second free agent like Tyrus Thomas. 2010 Warriors start: Curry, Ellis, Azubuike, Bosh, Biedrins. Bench: Watson, Morrow, Randolph, Thomas, Wright, Turiaf.

  • Robo

    I agree with #6 – Jscrilla. The W’s should look at New Jersey for trades, but I don’t think the Nets care about this season. The Nets and Jay-Z are trying to win the LeBron Sweepstakes and though they have a key ingredient in point guard Devin Harris, they need to clear more cap space to compete against the Knicks and Heat. If the W’s execute a trade of Maggette to the Lakers for Morrison, Farmar, and Mbenga, they can shop some of their expiring contracts to the Nets i.e. Morrison for Yi Jianlian and Courtney Lee.

  • Monta had a nice game at the point. I want to see him finish with the amazing percentage that he had a year or two ago. He’s been getting to the rim, but he’s not there yet. He’s a little off but it’s early.

    Be nice if Randolph can hit his shot. Work on his game. Once he hits that mid-range, he’ll be tough to guard at 7 foot… Then maybe Nellie will play him… Ha ha!

  • Jscrilla

    I gotta say I’ve always been skeptical about Monta at the point, but i really did see him play with a kind of urgency and energy that I hadnt seen since 07. I saw im drive into traffic and 180 spin move outta it and then drive to the hoop. Those cuts and speed changes pretty much prove his ankle is A.O.K.

    As far as Randolph goes, I really don’t see him being a pick and roll type player, the way Nellie plays him…what good is he at the top of the key spin around like a top trying to bump a pt. guard….I think he needs to have the opportunity to create his first shot. Nellie you want a shooting big man…LET HIM SHOOT!

  • Lufty455

    Has Nellie left the building yet…

    Let Randolph play Nellie.
    What are you afraid of??
    That he will steal the lime light away from you!!!
    Curry has taking that away from you already.

    Get your record and retire you old lush…
    Take Rowell and Cohan with you as well.

  • Glad to see people are finally giving Monte props for his D. I also agree he looked like a PG for the first time against Memphis.

  • TimTom

    Against MEMPHIS. Can you realize that this is a team that makes everyone look good? Nellie is a joke. He is ruining this franchise for the second time. I am serious when I say this, but Warrior fans are the WORST in the NBA because they continuously support junk. They argue that this junk is really gold, and when the junk turns out to be junk, they blame it on the young players who actually have talent, not the three stooges who have ruined this franchise for the past 15 years, the present, and the future. Wake up Warrior fans, this is not a team, it is a MESS. Stop defending Nelson. Stop defending garbage. Get your team back.

  • deano

    If Biedrins joins Turiaf on the inactive list tonight, Nellie intends to start Mikki Moore. Nellie is at least somewhat justified in limiting Randophs’s minutes so far, given AR’s continued offensive cluelessness, but I hope Nellie pairs AR with MM for at least 15 minutes. Randolph played well with Turiaf at the end of last season, and I’d like to see how he plays at 4 with Mikki at 5.

  • Jason

    Here is AR’s comments with his thoughts included, “I’ve got a long career ahead of me (playing for another team). These are the type of experiences that will make me a better player and person (as soon as I can get myself on another franchise).”

    I have been a Warriors fan for life, but that game, THAT GAME is the first time since my birth that I was rooting for the Warriors to lose. I hate the owner, the coach, and everybody in that oranization so much that I am now actually hoping they get killed every game. The benching of AR for Nelson’s absurd offensive scheming is an embarassment to the NBA. How can I root for such a stupid organization to have ANY success? They have no concept of building for their fiture, and most of the key players – Jackson, Ellis, Curry, and now Randolph – don’t even want to be on the team or playing for the fans. They want out, out, OUT!

    So, I wont go in person and give them my money anymore (I stopped two years ago). However, I will watch them on TV sometimes, but until Cohan, Rowell, Nellie, Jackson and Ellis are gone, I will be rooting for them to lose. Looking at it that way, I think I’ll have the most successful season in YEARS!!

  • Earl monroe

    Ellis is just trying to maintain “his” , too many long drives, not sustainable to have the ball in his hands so much,

  • Sid the Squid (from RealGM) has a great blog going over at feltbot.com

  • Ken

    The minute you removed Harrington from the top of the Blog, he has lost his touch and is currently just 1 from 8 tonight… hmmm….

  • W’sorg.suck

    Halftime against the Clippers:

    Monta CANNOT play the point!

  • boycottW’s

    Warriors suuuuuck!!!!!!!
    Fire Nellie!!!!!!!!

  • boycottW’s

    This was one of the worst games I’ve ever saw.

    I have the NBA ticket because I no longer live in the Bay Area. Born and raised in the Bay Area and still a W fan. Clipper announcers actually felt sorry for the Warriors after tonights performance!

    I hope to God W fans will NEVER have to watch another game like tonights!

    I panick when I see Morrow or Monta bring the ball past half court. Seems liked Jax and Monta only look to pass to each other tonight. I’ve never seen such selfish baseketball.

    Clipper announcers along with myself and I’m sure many more W fans have to question that 3 pointer that Jax luckily made. He had KA and some other Warrior wide open near the basket and completely ignored them. I’m sure you would have heard a chorus of boos if Jax missed that shot.

    Clipper announcers immediately mentioned that selfish decision by Jax and relating it to him wanting to be traded to the Cav’s or Knicks.

    Nellie’s half court offense gotta be one of the WORST in the NBA. The most stagnant half court game. Trully embarassing. Monta admitted that this game was worst as well.

    I paid a couple of hundered of so for the NBA ticket. I can always change the channnel to a lot of better games to watch. I really gotta scratch my head to all you season ticket holders. You guys must be really die hard fans.

    I try to be positive but if this continues. I have to admit like other guys on the blog that you gotta boycott this team. If the games are near sell out each home game Cohan will remain the owner.

    Clean house! Cohan sell the team please!