Game #5: Kings 120, Warriors 107

On top of the fact that the Warriors are getting ran outta the gym, it looks like center Andris Biedrins’ back injury is more serious than he thought. Him playing on Sunday might have even made it worse.

NELLIE: “He’s not doing very well. I probably shouldn’t have even played him, but we wanted to have another big guy if we possibly could. He couldn’t do very much when he was out there and he has re-injured himself. So that was a bad decision on my part.”

Biedrins started and played 22 minutes. But he had to leave midway through the third quarter. He went to the locker room as his back was obviously hurting. He never returned.
After the game, he was grabbing his backpack off the shelf above his locker. Just doing that caused him obvious pain, as it was written on his face. I asked him how he was doing, he made a face as if to say “not good.” I asked him if he thinks he should’ve rested instead.
“Now?” he asked before answering his own question. “Yeah.”
He took a few, slow steps, slightly hunched favoring his ailing back, before setting the backpack on the ground and going back to the training room. Next thing I know, he was gone.
That means Mikki Moore will be starting against Al Jefferson on Monday. Since Moore simply is just not a 30-35 minute guy at this stage in his career, and Jefferson is, that means Randolph will probably get a crack at Jefferson, too.
With that said, the guy the Warriors need to be most-worried about is Ryan Gomes. He always plays well against the Warriors (career averages vs. GSW: 14.5 points on 50 percent shooting with 5.4 rebounds) and, as the T’wolves leading rebounder, could have a field day against the physically inferior Warriors.


UPDATE: I can’t believe I forgot this gem. (Thanks Earl Monroe)

MAGGETTE: “He’s a veteran player and he has to determine what is best for his game. The guy with the ball is the boss. We have to live with what he decides.”

Not sure I have ever heard such logic, but this is how Nellie feels about vets. He trusts them to a fault and he let’s them control the show. It works when he has trustworthy vets, like Nash. But when you have got Maggette, who inexplicably takes 22-footers with regularity.

This also would explain why Nellie is so hard on young players, if he indeed feels like he has no control over vets and are powerless to stop them.

One email I got brought up an interesting point: “Is this Nellie sticking it to management for giving him this roster?


For some reason, Jackson doesn’t like Kings rookie Omri Casspi. That got just gets under Jax’s skin. It started in the preseason match-up and it continued Sunday. Check out this exchange:

Q: What do you think of Casspi?

“Uhhhh. Who?”

Casspi? No. 18 off the bench, talking?

“Don’t ask me no questions about him. Ask me questions about somebody who’s going to be a factor in this league.”


I asked Nellie if he can afford to start Curry, who has struggled in consecutive games. Nellie said he’s going to keep the same lineup, specifically the four perimeter players (Jax, Ellis, Curry, Buike) and whichever big man is healthy.
Curry hasn’t been much of a factor on offense and hasn’t played as much as he did the first three games of the season. He’s been struggling mightily on defense, picking up fouls and overall getting schooled (despite his honest effort), so Nellie has had to sit him for long stretches. Jackson, for what its worth, doesn’t think the answer is to sit Curry.

JACKSON: “Curry’s a smart kid. So there’s not too much you need to teach him. He just needs to get a feel for the NBA game. He knows how to play offense. He knows how to play defense. The biggest thing for him is just to continue to get reps and he’ll be all right.”

Curry had hard time guarding Beno Udrih tonight, which should be a little unnerving because Udrih is defendable. He’s certainly more crafty on offense than Curry is on defense. But Udrih should’ve been a night for Curry to get well after getting bullied by the Clippers guards.
Tonight he gets Jonny Flynn, who is quick and strong, and likely Ramon Sessions, too. After that, he gets T.J. Ford. Then Chris Duhon. Then Brandon Jennings. Then Rodney Stuckey (and Will Bynum). Then Mo Williams. Then Rajon Rondo.
I think part of the problem is that Curry has been reduced to a floor general on offense. I think it helps his confidence when he is putting the ball in the hole. Plus, he’s much easier to guard when he’s in full-on pass mode. He needs to make his make work on defense like his man is making him work on defense.

CURRY: “Right now, I’m very disappointed in the performance but, for me, it’s my first year and I’m not really used to losing like this. I think for me it’s an opportunity to get just keep getting better every day.”


Jax’s agent, Mark Stevens, ramped up his efforts to get Jackson traded by ripping Nellie to Chris Broussard. (Some of you will assuredly say this is me focusing on negative things and drama; but I am sure even the Marcus-Is-Mean-To-Warriors crew will admit the negatives are impossible to ignore right now.) Not sure how this helps move Jax, but here are the most inflammatory comments:

STEVENS: “No one trusts Don Nelson. When Nelson was in Milwaukee, Wayne Embry trusted him and brought him in, and he betrayed Embry. In Dallas, Mark Cuban took damn good care of him and his son [Donnie Nelson Jr.], and he betrayed Cuban. In Golden State, Chris Mullin hired him and trusted him and Nelson backstabbed him by reaching out to president Robert Rowell and blaming Mullin for everything that was going wrong with the Warriors.”

“I just want (Jackson) out of there now. It doesn’t matter where. At this stage, something has to be done. It can’t get any worse.”

“I’m disgusted with the quality of Nelson’s coaching and with the lack of trust his players have in him. Nelson is the winningest coach in NBA history to never have coached in the NBA Finals, let alone won a championship. Yet he keeps getting jobs despite being 69 years old.”

The reality is that Jackson is hard to move. Teams are dumping salary. Teams are storing up cap space so they can be in position to make a play on a key free agent. Why in the world would a team take on Jackson’s contract at this point?
The likelihood is that nothing will happen until December anyway (though if I were a betting man, which I am not, I would say February). First off, the pool of players who would be available will increase on Dec. 15, when free agents who signed this offseason are available to be traded.
Secondly, teams are still trying to figure out what they have. It is way too early for any team to say, “OK, we need to make a move because this ain’t working.”
Thirdly, the Warriors don’t have to make a trade. They already knew this would be a tough year. They’ve been saying how they’re “rebuilding” and “going with the youngsters” since the offseason. It’s not like they were expecting to be good and now they are panicking. They knew this one would be a struggle. There is no extra pressure to move Jax than there was when he first demanded the trade.
All they are getting now is teams trying to fleece them, and Golden State already has in its mind what it wants in exchange for Jackson: 1) a player they would be happy to get in the offseason; 2) young talent without ridiculous money; 3) contacts that come off soon, if not expiring.
With Jackson in biting-his-tongue mode, knowing that a slip-up will cost him big money, the Warriors will weather the storm until an offer that fits what they want comes in. I am thinking that is in February, when good teams not looking to sign free agents (other than their own next offseason) like Cleveland or New Orleans or Toronto or even Orlando, start getting desperate for instant help.


Anyone else think it’s funny that Jackson and Ellis were at the R. Kelly concert at the Paramount on Saturday night?

Marcus Thompson

  • Sleepy Floyd

    Marcus is correct. Jackson will be very difficult to move. If you spend some time using the ESPN Trade Analyzer, you will see that the only way the Warriors can easily trade Jackson is to package him. The question is….who do you package him with?

    The Clippers and the Kings killed the Warriors by moving the ball and moving without the ball. Too often, the Warriors hold the ball on offense (which allows the D to make easy adjustments) and they stand around without the ball (which makes them easy to guard).

    Marcus – Keep up the good work. How any Warrior fan can look at this team and organization and think all is well is beyond me?

  • earl monroe

    “He’s a veteran player and he has to determine what is best for his game,” coach Don Nelson said. “The guy with the ball is the boss.

    “We have to live with what he decides.”

    (Nelson talking about Magette)

    Above is one of the big problems, we do not have to live with what he, Jackson or
    Ellis does as a player, if the decision making is poor the coach needs to address it not just say “We have to live with what he decides” If I was the owner and heard this and had any ball I would fire the coach.

  • earl monroe

    And realistically there may be another ass kicking at the hands of the timberwolves, a team whose coach has them playing hard and the right way

  • Justafan

    pitiful………..Boycott them no cash for trash…… sell Cohan sell

  • Jscrilla

    Attended Cal Bears game: LOSS
    Cut dinner out to watch end of Warriors game: PITIFUL LOSS
    Watched Niners inside of beautiful day: LOSS
    Hoped for AT LEAST a gutty effort in Sac: PITIFUL’ER LOSS

    *OH…and Timmy gets popped…


  • Lufty455

    Nelson can’t coach!!!!

    He will get fired soon.

    5 games, 5 different line-ups
    If I was player, I would be pissed as well…

  • Mano de Nada

    WhackJack hurts his own cause by unleashing his agent on the coach he once had nothing but praise for (but we all know how quickly Mr Honor & Loyalty turns).

    Everybody’s doing a piss poor job, and the way Jackson’s playing and acting right now, he isn’t worth much. If he were a real player he’d shut up and work on his game, earn the move. Instead he’s happy to be losing by 60 and he’s got his new pit bull barking at his old mentor.

    Just like so many he completely over values his skill set.

  • Mano de Nada

    Oh was the same Casspi who outplayed Jackson last night? More 3s , more boards and more assists, off the bench?

  • MMarques8

    I think they need to make some moves and not just for Jax. The guys really working the hardest, Buike, Morrow, and Curry look like they are playing with the Pismo Qualudians. And the roster is so out of whack, Nellie can’t even take them out. I am as down on Maggette as Jackson and undecided on Ellis. One thing for sure, he needs a big point guard to play off of even if he is going to make a play. I think it’s a sad state of affairs and most of the comments are ven sadder. What did they really expect this year? Well whatever it was, they will get a little more of it when the guys playing in slow motion. Oh there’s on thing. Let’s rip Nellie. That really helps. The truth is he’s probably doing his job better than anyone playing.

  • commish

    I read all the blogs. Honestly there is nothing left to be said that hasn’t been said. I now consider the blogs more of “death watch” than anything else. I expect to go to the games we have this season for a while, maybe leave at the half if these beatdowns continue. Meanwhile, my only real hope is Nelson won’t get his 23 wins. He certainly doesn’t deserve them and at this rate won’t hit 15. wouldn’t that be the best scenario; Cohan actually firing him before he ever gets his record. Even if he does everyone will know what a horrible coach he has become.

  • Deftoned40oz

    Marcus, you hear anything about Randolph and Monta gettin’ into it at a practice? What’s that about?

  • TimTom

    Can you sneak a bomb in to the warriors facility and leave it with Nelson, Riley, and Rowell?

  • John Starks

    Shoot me now. Every year it’s the same damn thing with this team; the season is usually over before the end of December. What exactly is the reward for being a fan?


    Hey Marcus, has anyone looked at the training staff to see why the IR list is getting started early this year? I mean look at Phoenix and their training staff and how they can keep both Nash and Hill on the floor. Or is the inability of the training staff to keep these guys healthly just another symptom of a bad franchise?

  • Mike

    I like the boycott idea. No money from us for no effort by ownership and management. Let’s make a statement. This will work. They can’t withstand the loss in revenue,..and we can’t withstand the loss in quality.

  • wizard

    when did jack sign with this agent? didn’t he negotiate his contract extension himself?

  • disgutedWfan

    Kings announcers on the NBA ticket said that the Warrior starters looked and played last nights game as if it were the last game of the season (With obviously no playoff hopes).
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the Kings to projected as worst than the W’s??? How sad!

    Theres no use complaining any more, things will not change unless Nellie some how can get our guys to play like a damn team.

    Sad to see that the only one trying to distribute the ball is Curry, and the kid is struggling.

    I’m just hoping tonight that were competitive against the Wolves.

  • Nuck

    Didn’t the Warriors acquire some expiring contracts to use if they needed to make a trade? Guess this season is already in the tank.

    Looks like Rowell and Riley are going to push the limit on their promise to the fans that they will have at least one playoff appearance in the next three seasons (or they’ll be gone).

    No plans to even be competitive for a playoff spot this year. In spite of proclaiming otherwise, and that is already setting the bar pretty low.

  • Gizzm

    22-60 SEASON.
    Nelson wont get the record

  • frenemy

    Q: “What exactly is the reward for being a fan?”
    A: You get to see all the other teams in the NBA at some point in the season.

  • Mano de Nada

    Sad but true.

  • deano

    It is amazing how far, how fast the Warriors have fallen since Baron left and Mullin was locked in the basement. We finally had a good team and management; and then Cohan, Rowell, Nelson, Jack somehow all conspired to throw us off a cliff. Even the so-called young talent on this team looks hopeless. Are there five teams in the NBA with a less talented roster? Or five less-effective head coaches? Or five worse GMs, owners? Baron Davis was a quick fix when Mullin got him from New Orleans. I do not think that there is any quick fix for the current team.

  • Petey

    Trade Monte and Maggette to Utah for Boozer and then trade Jack to charlotte for Peja. We have a starting 5 of Curry, Bulke/Morrow, Peja, Boozer and AB. Bulke or Morrow will be the 6th man and Watson can backup Curry, and Randolph backup Boozer and AB.

    Monte will be deadly @ Utah playing alongside Deron Williams…

  • colonel

    Peja is in N’Awlens. Nice Try. Shaw-lette can offer Diaw but wont part w him (yet).

  • AlamedaTechie

    SJax need to be sat. He is not helping the team and a team that would want him eventually will trade for him playing or not playing. This will provide more minutes to the younglings and will keep him from poisoning the locker room. Morrow and Curry will compensate for his scoring if they get more touches.

  • nabeil

    Boycott Boycott and Boycott…stop going to the games u idiots. We keep losing and you guys keep going to the games…this doesnt make any sense. If you go to games put up signs saying fire rowell and/or please sell the team cohan…come on guys be smart about this…remember that feeling in 2007 when we won games and the whole bay area were going nuts and everything was great..dont you want that feeling again? we deserve it guys because we are hands down the best fans in the game…so please if you care boycott until there is a change. Thank you.

  • LC

    “Don’t ask me no questions about him. Ask me questions about somebody who’s going to be a factor in this league”

    “Don’t write no stories about Stack Jack. Write stories about somebody who’s at least half as good as they think they are in this league”

    What a POS. That’s the Casspi that just got done helping whip your sorry *** all over the floor.

    Funny how he has nothing but praise for the other Kings rookie… hmmm. what’s the difference? looks like Cap’n Brick is not only obviously semi-literate, lazy, and a complete d-bag, but a racist as well.

    The contenders are gonna be beating down the door for this malcontent scumbag, who is great at all facets of the game except passing, limiting turnovers, shooting and rebounding. The NBA system of guaranteed contracts is absolutely insane – well, if you give one to a guy like this.

    Tell me there is a fan base anywhere that gets s*** on like the East Bay. W’s, Raiders and A’s. No prayer, no hope. Sad.

  • Gizzm

    take minny and the 7.5 pts tonight.

  • Robo

    Biedrins and Turiaf’s injuries are a symptom.
    Nellie’s decision making is a symptom.
    Corey Maggette’s in game decision making is a symptom.
    Media looking for problems with Warriors players are a symptom.
    Curry’s performance is a symptom.
    Curry’s comment is a symptom.
    Mark Steven’s comments on Nellie are a symptom.

    Problem? Nobody wants to play or coach for the current Warriors organization. And, showing up to play/coach just to collect your check doesn’t count.

    Why doesn’t anyone want to play/coach for the Warriors? 1. Robert Rowell, 2. Chris Cohan.

    You can trade the players all you want and you can replace the coach, but that doesn’t solve the actual problem. Robert Rowell is the President of the Warriors organization and he is ultimately responsible for the current culture that exists. Chris Cohan doesn’t care about winning, otherwise he would have replaced Rowell a long time ago, but then again I’m sure he makes money whether or not the Warriors win or lose.

  • Wander7

    ESPN should make the GSW into a drama. That would be a great time out.

  • Ws need help

    We should trade Jackson and cut our losses. Should take a guy with less skills but better attitude and expiring contract. Let’s look forward to next year’s batch of free agents.

    New ownership and a fresh coaching start will do this team a lotta good.

    Get rid of Jack before the poison spreads.

  • Dub Fan

    The worst part of what i see so far is that it is ugly, as well as horrible…there appears to be no viable game plan, no identity to the team. Are they a run and gun team? No. Can they slog it out in a half court? No. Can they do anything with any consistency? No. This is a lost, wayward team going down the tubes so fast it is making my head spin.