Game #6 (2-4): Warriors 146, T’Wolves 105

So, are you encouraged by the Warriors’ blowout victory?
Despite the fact the Warriors spanked the T’wolves by historic proportions, all the talk was about Jackson. And not just because he played well.

NELLIE: “I hope his lawyer says something negative about me tomorrow. Must’ve turned him on. I could take that if he plays like that. I thought he set the tone for the game. Moved the ball and everybody else did as well. It was good.”

Jackson laughed when told of Nelson’s response.

JACKSON: “That was all on my agent. I can’t take any blame for that. He was upset with some things and he spoke his mind. We work good together because we both speak our minds. But I would never bash coach in the paper like that. I never have. I’ve got a lot of respect for coach.”

I know the popular thing is to want Jax out as fast as possible, and for good reason. But the reality is, when he’s gone, whose going to be able to facilitate the offense? He hogs the ball. He slows the offense. He takes bad shots. But when he’s at his best, he’s a playmaker who can help you by spotting up, but taking advantage of a mismatch or by simply setting other guys up.
Who will fill that role when he’s gone?
The only other guy who can pass well is Curry, and he’s not enough of a threat on offense yet to be able to adjust his game based on the weakness of the defense.
If you take Jax out of the lineup, who do you put in that makes this thing work like it once did?

Some of you make think this is the media being negative (or is that label only plastered on local writers who reveal this stuff), but some players told my dude Marc Spears that they can’t wait for Jackson to be traded so their chemistry can start to heal.
Spears also wrote that the team is thinking it can trade Jackson in a few weeks, based on his sources. That would be a definite surprise. It sounds like they are lowering the bar on what they want in return. Maybe they are holding out for a sweetner somewhere that they expect to get in a few weeks (after Dec. 15, when recently signed free agents are able to be traded?).
Everything I’ve heard says that the Warriors are still being patient, waiting for a good offer. But, then again, I am not a member of mighty Yahoo!Sports. Those dudes are on it.



36 assists (that is now 65 in the two wins)
22 steals (5 by Acie Law in the fourth quarter)
57.1 FG% (and that is with a 10-for-24 effort in third quarter)
77 The number of bench points the Warriors had, led by 23 from Randolph and 20 from Morrow
15 Jackson’s assist total, which set a career high
19 The number of shots it took for Azubuike to get 31 points
12 Warriors turnovers. That’s it. Just 12
10 Number of rebounds Ellis pulled, which was the most by any Warrior
8 Number shots Jonny Flynn made and number of shots Stephen Curry took
47 Points the Warriors scored off 28 Minnesota turnovers
19:55 The amount of playing time Al Jefferson got, only five-plus after halftime


Attendance below 16,000 last night (15,468). The Warriors averaged more than 18,000 last season.


The Flynn-Curry showdown was won handily by Flynn. Curry is 0-for-2 against fellow heralded rookie point guards (if you count Tyreke Evans).
Of course, Flynn was much more aggressive offensively, taking a team-high 17 shots. Curry, as has been the case, sporadically looks for his shot, focusing on running the offense and passing. Flynn did have 6 TOs, compared to 2 by Curry.
Next up: Brandon Jennings on Saturday.
I still think Curry needs to look for his own offense more, though he doesn’t look confident when he shoots. A few times he’s driven to the basket and not even looked at the rim and wound up forcing passes. He’s much more of a weapon to the Warriors when teams have to stop him from scoring.


Biedrins has Osteitis Pubis, which is inflammation of the muscles that attach Biedrins right groin to his abdominal muscles. In two weeks, on Nov. 23, just before the Warriors head to Dallas, he will be re-evaluated to see where he is.
That means for the near future, Mikki Moore is the starting center.

NELLIE: “Unless you know of somebody else I don’t know about.”

The Warriors won’t face any dominant big man on this road trip, except for Shaq in Cleveland. Roy Hibbert is sizable, but not dominant. David Lee could be a problem, but he’s a small center so the Warriors should be able to match-up well. Especially Randolph. Andrew Bogut is pretty good, but not scary. Kendrick Perkins is physical but he won’t take over a game (though Moore might have to guard KG and let Jackson defend Perkins. KG will hit that turnaround over Jax with his eyes closed).
It seems the big man tandem of Moore/Randolph should be able to at least compete on this road trip. If not, this could get disastrous.


C.J. Watson got 13 points in 11 minutes. That dude can stroke it. You could tell he was going for his. I’m surprised he managed one assist.


Marcus Thompson