Game #7 (2-5): Pacers 108, Warriors 94

Warriors fell 52 points shy of their point total the previous game. That’s a pretty big drop off. Is Indiana at home that much tougher an opponent than the T’wolves at home? Certainly, the Warriors return to selfish ball had something to do with it.
Swingman Stephen Jackson came out gunning, taking five shots in five minutes, missing four. Monta was chucking, too. Azubuike, coming off a 31-point game, wasn’t moving the ball either. And you know Anthony Morrow, who started (more on that), was looking for his shot.

Jackson played 17:56 in the loss to Indiana, where he once played before putting them in the very same situation the Warriors are in now. Jax sat the entire second and fourth quarters. This is a weird situation all around. Here’s how it went down.

Nellie said before the game that Jackson’s hip was bothering him (he also said Corey Maggette’s hamstring was going to keep him out of the lineup. Maggette said after the game his hamstring almost did keep him out). So when Jackson plays just the first 5:56 of the game and sits the rest of the half, the reason was obvious. The hip.
So, I ran into Jackson in the tunnel during halftime.

You’re hip is bothering you?

No? (confused look on his face) Why would you say my hip is bothering me?

Nellie said before the game that your hip is bothering you. That’s not why you were sitting?

JACKSON: (the confused look turns to a smirk) “Ain’t nothing wrong with my hip.”

Jackson plays all of the third quarter. When the quarter ends, he plops on the bench. He looks at Rusty Simmons and I and says (I’m reading his lips because I can’t hear) “Do I look hurt?”
After the game, the question comes to Nellie.

Was Jackson not playing well? Is that why you didn’t play him much?

NELLIE: “He’s got a sore back or something. I didn’t think he was moving very well. I didn’t think he moved very well in practice this morning. So I didn’t expect that he was going to give me very much. But he gave me what he had.”

So, the next obvious question is directed towards Jackson.

Did you feel limited at all out there?

JACKSON: “Limited minutes, yeah.”

Is your back bothering you?

JACKSON: “I’m fine. I’ve got a scratch. That’s all it is. My back is not sore at all.”

Is it disappointing not to get to play much in a place where you used to play?

JACKSON: “Regardless of where I’m at, I want to play. I have no control over that, but I want to play, regardless of if I’m in Africa or wherever. I know I could have done more than I did tonight. … Everybody know what the situation is. I know a lot of people expected to see me blow up when he took me out the game earlier. For what? It is what it is. Like I said, I’m going to always respect coach. I’m just going to do my job until things change.”

Not sure Nellie’s motives. Maybe he just didn’t want to say Jax was playing poorly, so as not to set him off. Certainly, news of a back injury won’t help his trade value.


Curry has been demoted from the starting lineup.
Nellie said he wanted more size in the game. Curry said Nellie’s reason was that Morrow had been playing well and the team showed Monday it can move the ball without him in the lineup.

NELLIE: “If I’m small at center, then I’m small at (shooting) guard, there are too many holes. He’s been struggling for the last three or four games for whatever reason. So I thought maybe just let him relax, come off the bench and play. He was pretty good, especially in the fourth quarter.”

CURRY: “Anthony Morrow, coach told me, is playing very well and he wants him in the starting lineup, especially based on last game when they were moving the ball very well without me in there. So he thought that would be a better lineup to start. I’m guessing it’ll be for a couple of games, maybe, to see how it works. I don’t expect to start next game. Just put it that way.”

“It’s tough when you sit on the bench. Lot of thoughts run through your head. You’ve just got to stay focused. Stay in the game. Not really get down on yourself because you’re not in the game.”


Marcus Thompson

  • TimTom


    Warriors suck.

  • GSW Hoops

    This team absolutely sucks. Cohan needs to sell. Anyone that ever attacks a fan for being negative is a terrible person and should be in prison.

  • disgutedWfan



    Nuff said.

  • limpy

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • sigh. talk about dog days.

  • kshak

    Nellie being stubborn. He took what Jackon’s agent said to heart. I think all of what his agent said was pretty valid and true.

  • Damon

    Gonna be a long year I think

  • No free pass for Jackson anymore. If he dogs it in practice and looks flat early on in games, he gets yanked. Taking away playing time is the best way control a player who’s dying to get on the floor. But, if Jackson continues to dog it despite this message and Nelson keeps playing him 15 min per game, things are going to explode in a matter of days.

    They better get rid of Jackson ASAP. I don’t know if it can wait until December 15 if this continue on this same path.

  • earl monroe

    Rough game coach?

    DN: We reverted

    Where did the ball movement go?

    DN: Aw I don’t know we talk about it, I just cannot get them to do it

    What is your recourse?

    DN: Well you know I can’t bench my vets, no matter what they do, I love Jack and Monta you know he is my vet, they decide how to play their game, if they want to take quick shots and not move the ball its their call.

    Some people would say you have lost control of the team

    DN: Well that may be true, but I am a players coach, and I don’t have much to work with here just a couple of vets

    Any solutions to the problem?

    DN: I am too old for this, I deserve a veteran team not a team full of rookies.

    Don’t you think that’s just making excuses?

    DN: I am trying really, Keith is trying, these guys are just too hard headed, and if I start benching them they are going to turn on me I am going to get fired and will never get the wins record, okay I said it, is that what you wanted to hear?

    I appreciate the honesty coach

    DN: Its not my fault

    Then its the players fault?

    DN: No, no I didn’t say that, after all I am the one who has taught them to be aggressive offensively, I tell them to go get theirs otherwise I am going to pull them.
    Except for that Randolph kid, I don’t want him shooting or running around all crazy, he’s not a vet, only vets get to shoot anytime they want not a guy like
    Randolph, I don’t like him, I just pretend to like him, this kid is going to drive me out of the league.

    Sounds like you have a double standard?

    DN: Well yeah, no I don’t aw shucks what the hell yes I do.

    Coach, sound like this interview is going to be good for you as well as all the fans out there in blog land

    DN: I hope so, I just want to get that wins record, is that so bad? and my 6 million a year, there I said it.

    (Part II of the most honest interview with coach Nelson continues tomorrow)

  • mr mean

    Pearl, Nice interview — that was beautiful.

  • jim

    trade jax

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    Nelson has ruined too many good players, trade Nelson, before he ruins any more. Not Jackson

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    Don Nelson is a FOOL!
    Stephen Jackson is a TOOL!

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    FIRE NELSON… enough said!!!!!

  • earl monroe

    Jackson is just f@%*ng with Nelson, 15 assists one night then shooting his ass off at the beginning of the next, hah hah hah, that is funny. Getting some of your own medicine Nellie? He deserves it for playing mind games with the young guys and the fans.

    Jackson and Ellis know the way to win a game is by moving the ball and passing but they want no part of that, they are in cahoots, these two deserve each other. Keep passing to each other while the team loses. We all know you two are losers.
    Magette has played this way his whole career, these other two are just selfish little do they care about the fans that made them all that money, if they did at least they would play the right way. No self respect.

  • John Starks

    What have they done to my team? I propose a new NBA rule; if a franchise has managed to miss the playoffs for 5 consecutive years, then personnel decisions will be stripped from the GM and upper management, and put to a vote by the teams’ fans. As merely a fan, apparently I care more about what happens to this team than any of the players or coaches, let alone management. I’m going to become a hockey fan. When’s the next Sharks game?

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  • What a horrible mess. Ugh.

  • colonel

    Jennings played in Europe for a year to accelerate his development. Curry is playing on a D-league team for a few years, not sure if that will help his development.

  • lilchas

    “..looks at Rusty Simmons and I.”

    In standard English we say “looks Simmons and ME”.

  • lilchas

    “..looks at Rusty Simmons and I.”
    In standard English we say “looks like Simmons and ME”.

  • Damian

    Byron Scott needs a job. Couldn’t get much worse than what they’ve got now in Nellie and look what Scott did for the Hornets before this season. I think he could put a different spin on things.