Ellis vs. Nellie

So here is what went down.
Practice ended and players were winding down. Some were shooting. Some were talking. Ellis, Jackson and guard Acie Law were sitting on a bench taking off their hoop shoes, etc. Then Nelson, who had left practice and came back, casually walked by the bench. Monta had a question:

ELLIS: “Coach. Why do I get blamed for everything?”

NELSON: “What have I ever blamed you for?”

ELLIS: “For everything. For everything. For people not knowing the plays. I didn’t do this. I didn’t that.”

Nelson waved both hands at Ellis, as if to brush him off, and walked off shaking his head.

Ellis: “See. That’s why I won’t do it. I just won’t do it.”

Ellis declined to comment after practice, so I have no idea what he won’t do.

Marcus Thompson

  • earl monroe

    Hi Chris, been a while since you’ve been removed from the Warriors, any thoughts?
    CM: Its difficult over there

    When you where the GM, would you have tolerated all this?
    CM: VP, I was the VP of basketball operations

    What about the situation at Golden State?
    CM: You mean the basketball team or the state of California, both seem rudderless

    When you brought in Jackson did you have fears that it would eventually go south?
    CM: Look I brought Jackson in to team up with Baron, Baron was the real leader, Jackson followed. Baron left and Jackson thought he was a leader, you can see by the way the situation has turned out that he isn’t a leader.

    Looking back, was the Monta Ellis situation handled properly?
    CM: Monta came out high school straight into the NBA, he grew up at the side of Stephen Jackson, the moped incident was just plain dumb,enough said.

    Do you speak with Don Nelson?
    CM: I have no contact with anyone in the Warrior organization, if you want to call it that.

    Thanks Chris

  • Rowell

    fogetaboutit. I am bringing back Dampier and Sprewell.

  • earl monroe

    Lets not take this all so seriously. California is going bankrupt, there are wars going on, the swine flu is taking over, tidal waves, earthquakes, unemployment at an all time high……………………..

  • Yulupan

    Coaches and players jaw at each other all the time. Ever watch Auerbach or Popovich coach? Doesn’t sound like a big deal to me.

    The turning point for the Warriors was when Rowell thought he knew more about basketball than Mullen. Rowell doesn’t understand how players think which is why he got played so easily by Jackson. It was Mullen who went to Indianapolis with Jackson to attend his strip club shootout hearing. It was Mullen who Monta credited for keeping his head together after the moped fiasco. The players don’t have anyone in the organization to turn to. It can’t be the coach because the coach controls the minutes. That guarantees that at least half of the team resents the coach for not playing them more. The league is run by ex-players for the most part and Rowell’s not a member of that club. He actually thought that Jackson liked him. How funny is that? The Warriors need a basketball man in charge. Rowell is a twit. Players don’t respect twits. The players used to go to Mully after getting a dose of Nellie’s tough love. Baron closed the circle and the players played ball. Without any basketball credentialed leaders on the club the self-absorbed prima donnas are running wild. All we can do now is sit back and enjoy listening to Jackson reset the unintentional irony bar with his daily quotes and wait for it to all be over. Since we don’t know which players will get packaged or what new misfit toy we’ll get in return it’s a little difficult to get into it.

  • kikeyanez

    the only way it can get worst if they trade randolph along wit jackson for a role player!

  • yanks

    coaches must be above its players…

  • Jacksonsucks

    This is typical of Jackson. Wherever he goes, trouble follows. This is the modern day Rodman and Starburry. Do us all a favor – march on!

    Reiley get rid of this guy so we can go back to Basketball.

  • zoltan

    sounds more like ellis not having faith in his coach to teach him… players need to be taught how to play by a coach, its a coaches job to develop players as well as coaching them in game. its obvious ellis has a pass-second mentality, if nellie cared he would yank players in game who were not passing or playing the game right. what did doc rivers have the C’s buy into the year they won? they belived that they were a team and if they played as a team no one could stop them. its all based on the coach

  • Jtizzle

    ellis is a big mistake.. biedrens is a mistake.. nellie is a mistake, like all those previous mistakes.. this team has become garbage.. ever since BD and mully left.. we got stupid owners.. and dumber players.. it’s turn into a joke..
    just get rid of the team.. sell it to whoever that wants to buy and clean house … it’s fudge up beyond repair right now.

  • Stew

    The ones who suffer are those of us who every year dish out $ 6,000 + per seat as season tix holders rewarding the players and organization in playing and running a game that should be fun and entertaining. But, what Warrior ticket holders get is a dark and brooding team and management that has forgotten that their meal ticket and means to their million dollar lifestyles are made possible by fans who buy tickets and watch the sport. I love the sport and the Bay Area and as a lifelong supporter of Bay Area teams, will always love the W’s, but feel so dis-heartened by what’s going on in Oakland. Now, unfortunantely with the state of the team and my casual friends who usually share tix with me, it looks like it’s not going to happen next year, as the financial commitment does not match the professional basketball commitment that the Warriors are now demonstrating. It’s so frustrating and sad. Warrior fans of course wants a winner, but as demonstrated year after year they will support a hard working, energetic TEAM that plays competitively, even though they may not finish high in the standings. All we wnat or what I want is to be able to root and support a “TEAM”, not a melodrama.

  • sartre

    I agree that Nellie makes his contribution to the current under-performance but to be fair he didn’t build this team. How many other coaches would do any better with what he has been given, including the wacko Jacko situation? If the rabid fans of each fanchise had their way nearly every NBA coach (outside the elite teams) would be sacked in no time at all. Plenty of things factor into poor performance by professional sports team but unforgiving fans can always be relied upon to call for the coaches head.

    I agree that Cohan and Rowell have the most responsibility for the poorly constructed team (Rowell’s breathtakingly bad decisions and Cohan’s support of them). But after that everyone does the best with what they’ve got, including the coaches.

    Sadly Monta is a fragile young man. His shoulders simply aren’t broad enough to handle the responsibility, despite his swagger, of team star player (and associated salary), captain, being a better defender, and more of a facilitator. He can’t be faulted for not trying his hardest but his efficiency as a scorer suffers and his turnovers rise and as a result our misfiring volume shooter too often is the catalyst for the dubs sliding behind the opposition on the scoreboard. Let’s hope Monta regains his offensive mojo because the team’s performance depends more on him than anyone else. I think Nellie is on the money in this respect but a major area of weakness for him is the ability to tailor his messages to the personality of his players. His communication style is likely to aggravate someone like Monta.

  • Justafan

    sell Cohan sell………… Boycott fans Boycott

  • 8Easy8

    According to Jackson’s agent Nellie did have a hand in a lot of the decisions in building this team, e.g. Baron, JR, Harrington!

  • jm95054

    Anyone who doesnt think Nellie is responsible for all of this is THE BIGGEST IDIOT. Let’s see Nellie had 1 good season and HELD out for more money. Had any players do that, the bayarea mediots would have roasted that player.

    When you are 70 yrs old, you have this thing called TRACK RECORD OF PAST BEHAVIORS. Martin’s post #11 is absolutely spot on. We once traded Mitch Richmond for Billy Owens NO? Nellie’s greed and insecurity has costed every franchise he has ever been with.

  • colonel

    Is this surprising? Unhappy employees. Everyone involved comes out looking bad. Situation is the same as it ever was in the Cohan error. I mean “era”

  • disgutedWfan

    Nellie: Don’t give a shit. Just look at his face during the game.

    Monta: Don’t give a shit. Just passes to Jax.

    Rowell: Nellies grunt.

    Cohan: Don’t give a shit because he get decent attendance every home game.


  • disgutedWfan

    Cohan: Don’t give a shit because he GETS decent attendance very home game.

  • ASG

    wow it just gets worse and worse. never mind that monta isnt a point guard. he’s just point guard sized. he was awesome playing alongside baron because baron is a real point guard. nelson needs to go. if he doesnt we can expect him to screw things up real bad with at least 1 future star a la chris webber. then he’ll retire and fade off into the sunset while us Warrior fans are stuck down at the bottom of the league again. must be something about the oakland coliseum. with the exception of the A’s it seems like every team who plays there has incredibly poor management. like clippers level of futility. the bay are fans deserve better.

  • Mediamav

    The warriors need a big guard. Someone has to go. Goodbye Monta. Monta and Jack might bring something together…
    Pete Vescey, the TK of the East Coast, is handling this story through Al Harrington.

    Notice the good guys who played for Nelson: Nowitzi, Moncrief, Nash, Baron, Mullin and lots of others–the classy guys–never get involved in this soap opera.

  • lobo

    if fatboy is fired (like riley is about to do that!!)

    these misfits will come up with the equivalent of the “cable guy.” only some deadbeat desperado would sign up with these clowns to collect a check.

    Stop going….stop buying…stop watching…stop listening….and then maybe something big will happen….just root for the IRS to nail cohan.

  • Warrior Worrier

    Just a thought: Can the Warriors cash in Don Nelson’s “one free year” offer if they can him this season and only have to pay him off for the remainder of the year? That would be sweet.

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  • Bill

    oh for crying out loud…Harrington is back on the site in the picture at top…..can’t we ever get rid of him or are the w’s swapping Monta and Jackson to get him back? and has anyone ever seen a coach as ridiculous as Mike Brown who would not and will nt have a job without Lebron? Nelson is a great savvy coach but has people skills problems and haven’t we already lost or jettisoned a lot of talent because of friction between players and coaches, in particular Nellie, in particular a certain Webber? coaches no longer determined the wins and the successes of teams….the players do…the only drawback to dumping Nelson and keeping the disgruntled team under him is the message that would be sent that now the inmates run the asylum, but then they already do, so what academic point are we all trying to make? Dunleavey, Murphy, Richardson, Jamal Crawford, Harrington, now Jackson and Monta…and we’re supposed to believe that if we got for instance Ilgauskas and an expiring contract that is progress? what a zoo….

  • OhloneWarrior

    The song I have in my head when I watch the Warriors by prophetic Oakland hip hop lyricist Blackalicious is the song “Nowhere Fast” off of BLAZING ARROW. Warriors. C’mon. this record should be on repeat!

    What if Nelson asked Ellis:


    which is what happened in New York. Lots of ball movement. Lots of nice things happening. The luckless Dubs get lucky on Friday the 13th because “the ball don’t lie” and if that ball gets the energy from everybody’s hands as it’s traveling to the cosmic cup it will surely make it there.

    Everyone did that except for Stephen Jackson, who played the whole game. It’s an East Coast to tour to lure someone to snag the gag that is our former captain.

    The night though belonged to Carlos Joaquin Watson. C.J is always clear and on point when he’s in there.

    Randolph, as much as a beast as he may become, he needs to refine his fundaments. Does he even have a “go to move” or is he just an energy guy who can rebound? Anthony, slim, young man. Get it together. We don’t like seeing you have a hissy fit, but having to watch K. Smart give you a talk like Mr. Cooper did with the kids he had to watch was cool. Gotta love that Mr. Cooper taught at Oakland Tech, but c’mon man! You hit CJ on the head when you threw up that basketball! You have to be aware that all actions have consequences, and right now you need get it together and iron out your fundamentals. PLEASE. Talk to CJ he’s a quiet storm that C.J, and with a psych degree he might be able to play mediator to all the drama going on.

    If he becomes Dr. Watson, that would rule.

    Now on to the other Anthow. A good morrow to you sir. Are we going to see “to Morrow” today? That’s what I’m wondering.

    Nice win today “young fellas”

  • earl monroe

    Ellis vs. Nelson

    DN: Okay Monta you win, I am going to sit Curry down, is that was you want?
    ME: Look coach, I respect you, really do, but we cannot play two small guards, just cannot, won’t work, you do want your record right?
    DN: You got a point there, aw I think you’re right, maybe sitting Curry is a good idea.
    ME: No, not just sitting Curry, don’t play him at all, feel me?
    DN: Okay but you’re going to get me a win in NY right? I hate the Knicks organization
    ME: Hell yeah, we on the same page right?
    DN: Ahh what the hell, I lost my backbone long time ago, and it is a players league and you are a playa right?
    ME: As long as you sit Curry I am your playa, otherwise hell nahh. Clear?
    DN: We on the same page Monty, oh sorry Montayyyyyy, I was having visions of Montgomery getting fired.
    ME: I ain’t gonna let it happen, I am in tight with Jackson and he is in tight with Rowell.
    DN: Yeah right okay, new plan, how about Randolph? Can I play him now?
    ME: Me and Jack think that he should get no more than 16 minutes, he’s not ready, doesn’t pass the ball to us enough.
    DN: You’re right, ever think of a career in coaching? I made Avery a coach and look at him, we can call you the little dictator.
    ME: Nah, I make a lot more money than Avery, don’t you think he talk funny?
    DN: High pitch is all, Avery means well. We are all good right?
    ME: Let’s not have this conversation again all right?
    DN: Sit Curry, or don’t play him at all, and limit Randolph’s minutes right? Or what if I just trade Curry?
    ME: Trading him is the best thing yes, and I never want to see you or Riley in Mississippi again.
    DN: Yes of course, can you come to Maui next summer?
    ME: And sit around with fat white guys without tatoos? how crazy you think I am?

  • Dave R

    I have no idea why everyone seems to consider Ellis the Ws top player.
    1. He does not know how to pass the ball
    2. He is the only starting guard in the league that can not hit an outside shot
    3. He is not among the best defenders in the league at his position
    4. teams that do well and are playoff teams, play together as a team. He can’t do that

    There are so many better guards in the league, that if we consider him our best player and our future, we are in terrible shape.

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