Azubuike Seriously Injures Left Knee

Warriors swingman Kelenna Azubuike suffered what the team called a “left patella tendon injury.”

Azubuike drove the lane with just over nine minutes left and wound up falling on his back hard. He tried to jump towards the basket but his knee gave out. He immediately reached for his knee and stared at it in shock. From the courtside media view, it looked like his knee cap was off to the side (which suggests a dislocated knee cap).

Azubuike had to be wheel-barreled off the court, his hand shielding his face. The somber of his teammates confirmed the severity of the injury. Azubuike did not go to the hospital. He had his knee imaged at the Bradley Center. It has not been determined how long how long he will be out.

Quick research online shows that a dislocated patella takes about 3 to 5 months to heal. If Azubuike ruptured his patellar tendon, which is the ligament that connects the quadriceps to the shin, he’ll need surgery to repair it. According to some related Web sites, his knee would be casted for six weeks followed by weeks of rehab.

Marcus Thompson

  • squall

    Finally a way to get Acie Law playing time!

    Too bad, sorry Kelenna, you’re a good guy who worked hard. See you next season.

  • SorryMissJackson

    just when he was actually getting some shots. now we get to see jackson and maggette launch another ten… hurrah!

    **Missing Carlos Rogers**

  • dubfan

    Figures…azibuke has probably been the dubs best player so far. And I remember lots of talk about the dubs taking Jennings with their pick…which they could have. I like Curry and think he’s going to be a helluva player, but can you ever see him dropping a double nickel anytime in his career?

  • yahh

    decimated by injuries.. this sucks. best of luck to buike on his recovery wishing him well.

    but given the injuries already
    the inactive list will be wright-out for season, buike-out indefinitely, speedy claxton-inactive list, devean george inactive list, biedrins-out indefinitely, turiaf-hopefully coming back soon..

    curry, ellis, watson, law at the point
    jackson, morrow at the 2 guard
    maggette, randolph the forwards
    moore the center?

  • yahh

    we also need to make a trade now as soon as fx ing possible. or sign somebody else or waive or do sumthin! with our expiring deals cuz we got a 9 man team and we aint deep using 8 men most nights?!?!?!?!

  • ALsMouthGuard

    I don’t like his game for this team, but this is horrible for him. He is a good player, and I just hope he can return next year strong. He seems like a genuine guy from reports, and I would hate to see all that work and for his career to end like this.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    while little will turn 2 gold 4 GSW
    ossobukey is a important playa & stand up guy

    worse gone 2 worse…. gettin shreded by brandan jennings 2 boot

    life as GSW fan

    ANY QUESTIONS ???????

  • a little frustration sensation

    this is terrible. buike was starting to become a nice bright spot within all the crap going on. he’s a hard worker and a good player. i feel bad for him.

  • Mike

    What sucks is we might have seen his last game as a Warrior after he opts out of his contract this summer.

  • Jack

    That is sad. I’m not a GSW fan, just a UK fan, and Buike was an awful good kid at UK. He was doing in the NBA what we thought he could have done at UK. I hope he recovers from this to help GS later, or someone else.

  • It’s really depressing for the fans to loss Azbuike possibly for the whole season. I hope he would soon recover from his Knee injury and for once more would be in play fields, scoring his team against against his rivals.