Jackson’s Parting Shot

Stephen Jackson didn’t give me the exclusive exit interview he promised. But he did talk to the Charlotte Observer  before tonight’s game against Orlando:

Happy about the trade?

JACKSON: “I’m happy because it gives me a chance to compete, it gives me a chance to be where I want to be and that’s the playoffs where I belong. I don’t belong being at home at the end of April, watching the playoffs. I belong in the playoffs and I have a good chance here with a great team, a team that competes, and the type of coach I like — who has your back. If a coach has my back, I don’t mind giving 110 percent for him.”

How badly did you want to be out of Golden State?

“I wanted to be out pretty bad. Things were going bad and I was getting blamed for everything. I wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye with the team. I got fined in preseason for one-hundred-and-some thousand. It was a lot of things that I didn’t agree with going on from when I got there. We made history by beating Dallas in the first round. Then things started getting worse and winning stopped being a priority. Once winning stopped being a priority, I didn’t want to be a part of it.”

Describe the decline of the Warriors

“It started when we got rid of Jason Richardson and then the next thing you know, it was Baron (Davis) And then it was Al Harrington and Matt Barnes. The team that we had when we made that run, that beat Dallas in the first round, went South. Once it started doing that, I didn’t want to be a part of it.

“As great as we played — the Warriors hadn’t been in the playoffs in 13 years — if you want to break that team up, obviously winning is not your priority.”

The Bobcats have never been to the playoffs. Can you handle them not making the playoffs this season?

“Yeah, because I know the effort and attitude is there. Any time you have a guy running the team like Rod Higgins — who I know well, that’s the reason I went to Golden State — those guys are competitors and they want to win. Those are the type of people I want running a team that I play for.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Mike

    Hate to say it,..but Jack is speaking the truth. With that said, I’m glad he’s gone. It was toxic,

  • SorryMissJackson

    How long do you think jackson will last in Charlotte? I’m thinking he’ll be gone by next season.

    *Missing Mark Jackson**

  • DNR

    the best parting shot was the choice of charlotte over cleveland. nothing he says can beat that one. karma sucks jack and you got your just rewards.

  • Ewok

    Jackson slighting Nelson? Of course. And he has a point.

    “The kind of coach I want that has your back,” Jackson told the AP. “That’s something that’s big to me. If a coach has my back, then I don’t mind playing 110 percent for him.”

    Isnt this the same case with Chris Webber, Vincent Askew, Mario Ellie, Latrell Sprewell, Tim Hardaway, and lately Chris Mullin?

    Don Nelson is Don Nelson. How can one deny a Tiger from it stripes, and leopard for its spots?

  • mwlx

    It’s always everyone else’s fault, isn’t it Stephen? As responder #1 says, it won’t be long before Jackson shows his real stripes in Charlotte. Right Ewok?

  • Bill

    Dateline 2012

    Coach Don Nelson, enjoying another two year contract extension for countless millions, today clashed with veteran point guard and star Stephen Curry and remarked that he, like disgruntled Warriors before him (Anthony Randolph, Anthony MOrrow, Stephen Jackson, Marco Belinelli, Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis, and on and on) can not seem to get along with the legendary coach and will be traded for a can of almonds and season tickets to the opera and the Warriors will henceforth field a team with Nelson himself at the center position (sweats not shorts), Bobby Rowell at the point guard (no passing allowed) Larry Riley at one of the forwards and Franklin Mieuli at the other. The trade of Curry will bring somebody cheap to be th eshooting guard, maybe they will bring back Gus Williams….

  • Bill

    can we please put Stephen Jackson on the logo on this page instead of Al Harrington?

  • Jarred Powell

    He’s right about the dismantling of the team that happened after the playoffs but he is not right when it comes to the the Bobcats being a playoff contender. Let’s see what happens

  • jm95054

    why do some of you guys continue to defend Nelson. Like it or not, Jackson was dead on.

    1. We had run DMC and an entertaining team….we traded Mitch Richmond.

    2. We made the playoffs in 13 years….we broke the team up.

    Nelson has the same track record every where he has been. When will some of you wake up and realize this man has serious issues.

  • Pile On

    Nellie has his share of problems but Jackson didn’t turn on him until he “took my money.” Jackson went out of his way to sing Nellie’s praises. He told the Dime in NY that he wanted out because he wanted to win. Nellie didn’t have Jackson’s back the night he lost his mind playing Kobe. He wanted Nellie to join his circus. That’s when Jackson went ballistic because in his self-absorbed simpleton’s mind he thought that the coach should have taken him out of the game to protect him. Instead Nellie let him carry on like the deranged player that he is. I agree that Nellie has made some of the most incredibly bad trades in Warriors history but each time he wanted to make the team better. He just failed miserably.

    The problem isn’t Nellie – although I think we need to be searching for his replacement – the problem is no basketball people running the team. The players don’t have anyone to talk to them from an ex-player’s (preferrably a legendary ex-player) perspective. Those are the only people that players respect and the Warriors don’t have any. Keith Smart never made it in the NBA.

  • Marues8

    Baron walked away from $17K to go LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and he hasn’t done much sense. The rest of the We Believe core were tough cases without him and weren’t going to take the Warriors anywhere. They didn’t get enough for Richardson (Mullin) or Harrington (Nelson), and I wish we still had Barnes, but the economics are that a guy like Barnes is always going to make a few dollars more at the next stop down the road. Bell, for what it’s worth, has more character than any of this bunch. Ellis is the next Ben Gordon but the realization is going to come hard to him and I’d just as soon it came to him somewhere else. A real shame they couldn’t get Diaw. He would have been perfect for this team. I would trade Ellis and Randolph for an inside man capable of building around. I know Randolph is good for the long haul but it’s going to take longer than anyone thinks. The right player in the middle of what they have would make them a competitive team.

  • the wise one

    everything jack said was true. once the team traded j rich for b wright the team went down hill, and you don’t get rid of your best players and expect to become a better team. And he’s right in the sence that says don is too blame look how he did mully. Even though he’s right jack had to go because of his actions and his mindset. With jacks mindset this team would have never gotten better.

  • the wise one

    Hopefully since the warriors lost some fire power on offense they think about bringing in allen iverson and starting allen along with montae and have curry coming off the bench.

  • DocM

    Baron wanted to be in LA and a 5 year deal, so that one’s not on the W’s. The J-rich decision was terrible though IMO. Still bitter every time I hear the words Brandan or Wright. Anyhow, they reduced the venom and bile level by 50% today and saved money and years in the process, so it’s a good day.

  • DocM

    Oh, and given the results so far w/the Clips it’s looking like the right decision to let Baron go btw. Damn it, I said “(w)right”…I hate that word.

  • Alamedatechie

    JRich trade was not all that bad considering they needed room for Ellis to grow. Remember they are both SG at the time. They did win 48 games without him and it was Davis laziness at the end that kept them from the playoffs!

  • Dr. Gonzo

    LOL at Jax being nostalgic for a team that got manhandled in the second round of the playoffs.

    If he was really interested in the playoffs, he would have re-signed with the Spurs after winning the championship there. He left a perennial Western Conference powerhouse for the Hawks, a team that was horrible.

    This doesn’t change the fact that Nellie is a bad coach.

  • Rick

    You would think making millions of dollars a year to play a game would be enough to give 110%. I am so tired of professional sports, there are fewer and fewer guys that get it. The college game is so much better because most of them do not get paid, they play because they love it AND they get educated at the same time!

  • Elwood Blues

    Hmm. Jack, Nov. 17, 2008, after Baron and JRich were already gone and it was obvious Harrington was on his way out, said upon being handed a whole bunch of undeserved years and salary:

    “I’m extremely happy,” said Jackson. “The Bay Area has become my second home since I arrived here in 2007 and I can’t accurately describe how good it feels to be wanted and appreciated by an organization. The Warriors — from Chris Cohan, Robert Rowell, Chris Mullin and Coach Nelson to the last person working in the front office — have embraced me since Day One. This organization has put me in a position to succeed and, for that, I will be forever grateful. I am really looking forward to the next several years, helping this young team win and providing my veteran leadership.”

    Dude is full of crap.

  • Stack Jack ‘spit’ on a team and coach that resurrected his career and committed to $32 million dollars.

    All you Nelson haters put yourself in that spot and describe the character it takes to do that. Especially in today’s difficult economic times.

    As someone who appreciated SJ’s playing ability I felt instant relief the Warriors got rid of him.

    All you negative nebobs, why don’t you move to Charlotte, or at least by a stop clock to see how long it takes for the Bobcats to destruct.

  • kobe24

    One down, three or four to go…

    I say fire Nellie, Rowell, Riley, and yourself – Cohan.
    Why do guys even bother with the fans telling them you want to win.
    Win what, a record for Nellie, Rowell buying for the best NBA prez, Riley thinking he is a GM but needs to get Nellie’s approval first on any major decision.

    Cohan sell the team now while you still have some buyers interested.

    Mullie needs to get some of his rich buddies and buy this franchise so can get the opportunity to fire at least 3 of the above.

    That will be a great time out!!!!

  • Dan

    the reason jack went to GS wasnt because he wanted to, it was because they were the only fools to take him and the pacers were tired of a 6’8″ idiot that needs to carry a gun then shoot it into the air when hes a supposedly family “MAN” at a strip club…..bet his family loves his “MAN” decisions…

  • Pile On

    Anyone catch Jackson’s first game as a Bobcat?
    4-14, 1-4 on 3’s, 4-8 FT and 4 turnovers. I wish I could have seen Brown’s face for all 17 of the missed shots. The Bobcat players didn’t sound too thrilled with their new teammate. Here’s a sweet dilemma. If Jackson plays well and helps put the Bobcats in the playoff hunt, they won’t trade him to a contender. Of course he’ll play hard but he’ll be twisted up inside. Don’t worry Jack – Larry’s got your back.

    Sad story this Monta saga. He screwed up on the moped and destroyed last year. One stupid decision pooched the whole year. But Rowell played hardball with the wrong guy. He didn’t understand that by asserting the team’s contractural rights he would forever alienate him. Hey Rowell. Congratulations, you were right. You won. And we all lost Monta.

    They didn’t expect Curry to be available at #7 so they had to make a quick decision. And in classic Warrior fashion they booted it. From that moment forward it became inevitable that either Monta or Curry had to go. Sure Monta is flawed and a tweener but he is unstoppable when he’s on. What a crying shame to see him go. I also blame Nellie for trying to turn MOnta into a leader. He’s not, but he could have grown into a quiet leadership role. But not after you set him up to fail like Nellie did.

    I don’t know what to make of Nellie because I don’t know whether to believe all of these supposedly insider tips about Nellie telling Monta to shut up after he made an attempt to be a team leader. If that is true, they ought to zip his ass. Also, Nellie’s role in the Mullin travesty is unclear. Mullin was classy to the finish by keeping mum. Bottom line it makes no sense to rebuild the team with a coach who won’t be here so better start looking for a long term replacement. I shudder to remember the loser brigade of futility that preceeded his return to Oaktown. But what’s the point? Rowell will still be here making everyone nauseous.

  • HannibalX

    Why do you some of you guys blame Jackson, Nelson, Ellis or even Rowell?
    Isn’t it the owner thats made the final decisions of this franchise over the past 15 years?

  • Pile On

    They’re all guilty of mass incompetence including Cohan but I don’t think he’s very involved. Cohan’s main contribution has been to allow Rowell to make decisions and to let Mully go. A good owner would know that you need to hire strong basketball people to run an NBA franchise – not an office geek. Cohan isn’t pulling strings in the background, but even worse, he doesn’t understand how destructive it is to keep Rowell in a position of authority over the players.

  • brent

    Getting rid of J-Rich had to happen in order for Monta to flourish. As athletic as J-Rich is he is not a fluid one foot jumper who can fill the lane on a fast break and finish. He needs space and time to gather himself off two feet where as Monta can just explode off one foot and be at the rim which suits Warrior ball.

    The team fell apart at the seams when B-Davis left. He made that playoff team what it was. He was the only guy on that team who could control the game on both ends for crucial stretches.

    Capt Smack shut your mouth. The Warriors resurrected your career and then gave you a large extension. Trying playing for pride you chump not a coach who has or hasn’t got your back. Enjoy Larry Brown taking the air out of the ball and sucking the life out of basketball in NASCAR country you clown.