Jax Gone to Charlotte

Warriors general manager Larry Riley sent disgruntled swingman Stephen Jackson to Charlotte, along with Acie Law, for Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovic.

The Warriors get three things they wanted in this deal: move Jackson, save money, players who can help.

Jackson heads to the Eastern Conference and doesn’t help keep the Warriors out of the playoffs. Plus, guard Monta Ellis gets to take over the leadership role without Jackson’s influence (something the organization was worried about).

The Warriors save about $5 million next year, more than $21 million overall. Raja Bell has one year left on his deal (this year) for $5.25 million, so the Warriors gain $3 million in expiring contracts (as Law has one year left for $2.2 million). Vladimir Radmanovic has this year for $6.5 million and a player option for next year at $6.88 million. So next year, when Jax was slated to make $8.45 million, the Warriors will be paying $1.6 million less than originally planned. Not to mention, the Warriors are completely free of the $19.32 million Jackson was set to earn in 2011-12, 2012-13. All totaled, that’s a savings of roughly $21 million, plus the $3 million extra in expiring contracts they got.

Plus, considering their lack of healthy bodies, the Warriors get two guys who can help. Raja Bell even plays defense. The Warriors will need them to play in Cleveland. They’re down to seven players, six if C.J. Watson can’t play.

Marcus Thompson

  • Oregonguy

    Geez, I’d hoped for more. Any chance Charlotte threw in a draft pick?

  • James


  • Steve

    Not a bad trade. Radmanovic is going to thrive in Nelson’s system. But it’ll be painful watching him shoot 40% from the field and play no defense.

  • Justafan

    Ok now Nellie must go, then RR, then Cohan sells and we all can get on with being fans of our Warriors until: BOYCOTT

  • Ryan

    “Jackson heads to the Eastern Conference and doesn’t help keep the Warriors out of the playoffs.”


  • JIm

    And, oh, please, Father Christmas…. Can the team now buy a one way ticket to Maui????

  • Josh

    Simply put addition by subtraction. It’s a shame Buike can’t shine with the opportunity. Just Maybe Randolph and Curry will play unless Nelson falls in love wiht Radmanovich (GOD help us if he does).

  • The salary relief alone makes this deal a winner!

  • Burke

    2.4M less than originally planned next year? How do you figure? Both Law and Bell are expiring, and 8.45M-6.83M = 1.57M. What am I missing?

    Overall I like this deal. I think Bell and Monta would complement each other well. I wonder what the starting lineup will be, and how this will effect Curry and Morrow’s minutes.

  • TimTom

    Not a bad deal. Raja is decent. Vlad is useless. But money relief. I guess Vlad’s three point shooting is enticing to Nelson. We’ll see. Either way, Jackson had to go.

  • Chris Webber

    Yay! for cap relief!

  • playoffbound

    Yes!!! I would have done it for a bag of peanuts–good thing I’m not GM… We get a guy that can guard big twos and can actually make their threes… The cancer is gone!!!

  • Marcus, don’t you get the feeling that Monta is next?

    I think Nellie can’t wait to put this team in Curry’s hands.

  • terrier

    Beidrins is next I hope. Trade him for an a Pf, He is the same lame one dimensional player he was 3 years ago..Gimme a break.

    Good trade Riley, we save money even though no one will want to come play here. so maybe we can get salary dumps like the clips(camby,butler ect).

  • frenemy

    good riddance

  • Dave

    I bet Rowell is relieved that one of his big mistakes is gone. Still can’t blame Jackson for being upset with management if he was told they would acquire a big player to help contend, and they wiffed. This team still is going nowhere with Nelson around, they should cut ties with him too since he refuses to play the youth on a team going no place, even if he plays the veterans.

  • manute bol’s front teeth

    Raja’s got a torn tendon in his wrist that will need surgery. I predict he’ll miss more than a few games. Radmana-who? Whatever. The deal works for me – it’s like cutting out a malignant tumor.

  • weppin

    Way to go, Larry Riley! Don’t stop now…

  • Burke: Monta and Bell start, with Curry and Morrow coming off the bench. Only question mark is who starts at the three since Buike is injured. Anyone but Maggette…maybe even Radmanovic.

  • OliverStone

    Marcus/anyone have anymore info on the extent of Bell’s wrist injury?

    Plus when you say Dubs down to 7 maybe 6 players (CJ flu?) what’s up with Claxton & George, will they ever play?

  • ALsMouthGuard

    I’m sure George and Claxton will suit up. Nelson would probably play 6.

  • petaluman

    Hasta la vista, ex-Cap Jack. Not sure the Bobs are really a step up for you, though.

    I’m not surprised we traded for Radmanovic. We desperately need any size we can get, and in spite of his faults, he’ll get minutes if his shot is falling. Of course, if it’s not, he doesn’t have much else to offer.

    I like Bell’s game, but wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up someplace else. He’s an older player (33) on an expiring deal. We could probably buy him out at a reasonable discount, allowing him to go to a contender looking for a solid vet to come off the bench. However, he’s probably our most valuable expiring contract right now. I’d prefer to see us keep him, give him some minutes, and see if we can trade him for more size.

    OS – he has a partially torn ligament in his left wrist. Since deciding to wait on surgery and play, he’s been averaging over 30 mpg. That’s only over 5 games though, so it is a concern. We may have had this deal in place for a little while, and just needed to see him perform.


  • David

    Doesnt matter if we get KOBE, we need to get rid of Nelson!!!!

  • earl monroe

    LB:Hi Steven, Larry Brown
    SJ: Jack call me Jack, I know you coach
    LB:Look, clean slate here okay?
    SJ: Okay, but coach I can only be myself you know?
    LB: Meaning what?
    SJ: I am Jack, I need the ball, I play defense you know I do
    LB: Clarify for me, what does being Jack mean?
    SJ: You know, I ain’t no punk, I say what I mean and mean what I say
    LB: I am confused
    SJ: Don’t worry about it coach, I came to play
    LB: Okay, you like NASCAR?

  • oliver mcall

    bigstrads from the warriors bored, When I catch this guy I am gonna beat him down. I read the boards from their site. when he comes to a warriors gm Iam gonna be there waiting for his feminine english azz.

  • Optimus

    The fact is Jax had to go. Hopefully it will help correct Monta’s attitude.

    The only positive to look at this season is that the Warriors will go into one of the biggest free agent markets with a ton of money. Hopefully Radmanovic will opt out at the end of the season

  • John Starks

    Some of you are unhappy with the players we got in the trade. I say only this: would you be unhappy about anything on earth the day your ex-wife got a plane and went to live with her new man in VA? No. You’d have a freakin’ party and you’d invite some chicks, ANY chicks, over for a good time. It doesn’t matter; anyone else will do.

  • sartre

    That’s hilarious Earl!

    What a relief to see the back of Stack ‘I ain’t no joke’ Jackson. But I thank him for the many good things he did for the team before this (pre-)season and the appealing aspects of his big personality.

    I like Raja – well past prime but remains a solid performer, smart, plays defense, and good temperament. Rad has size but I wish he could rebound a little better, his 10.5 RP40 this season is little better than Mikki Moore’s 8.6.

  • Marcus Thompson


    I butchered the math! Thanks. I fixed it above.

  • Ken

    Wow – best Warrior trade in a long time.

    18 months ago, Radmanovic started 21 out of 21 games for the LAKERS in the PLAYOFFS.

    With Ellis, Morrow and Curry, we don’t need a 6’8″ guy who takes shots, and goes 1 for 5, instead of passing the ball. Instead we need an experienced 6’10” PF, because we are really short in that area (pun intended).

    Radmanovic is highly experienced, yet two years younger than Jackson.

    The idea that we obtained someone who started 21 out of 21 playoff games for the LAKERS is amazing.

    But it gets better. We also received a very experienced SG/SF who can defend well (as shocking as that sounds), and is a good shooter, who can fill the hole made by the KA injury. And he also started every playoff game, for Phoenix over 3 years.

    And Ws save $20 million in the long term to pay for ridiculous salaries for future players.

    Two thumbs up.

  • OP

    ‘i make love to pressure’.. i’ll still miss his big shots and he brought life to this franchise w/ baron..

  • warriornab

    warriors need to try to get chris paul…the dude aint happy…i’d trade monta ellis, maggette and a 1st round pick asap!

  • kobe24

    Bye-Bye Jax enjoy your short term exile to Charlotte… see ya in Cleveland next month!

    As for the Warriors, hey they finally got that BIG they been wanting so much… lol!!!

    Rowell final broke his silence yesterday. What a joke!!!

    This team might surprise some people if healthy.

  • Bill

    One small point to Rowell

    you can’t put stacks of dollar bills on the court and say, okay here’s our lineup..

    it’s a players’ league….

    we’re gutted like a fish on the river beach….

    no one left to watch….just a dyspeptic millionaire ego-mad coach

    maybe Nelson, at his salary, should get a uni and try to guard somebody….be funny enough to buy tickets for…

    it’s sad, how far we’ve fallen and now people want to talk about trading Monta and Biedrins. what will we get back, another broken down one-dimenionsal Laker castoff from Europe and a smallish former Kobe-stopper?

    it’s a fire sale and only Jordan’s Bobcats are stupid enough (or smart enough) to trade with us…

    J-Rich for a kid named Wright?

    prepare for the slaughter in Cleveland and watch the refs call fouls if anyone even breathes on Lebron…..

    what a pathetic joke…

    Cohan, please sell

  • Drog


    How can you say Raja Bell is healthy? He’s playing through a bad wrist injury that will probably need surgery.

    As for Vlad, you seem to not think he plays any D. According to Hollinger’s geek squad number crunchers he’s an above average defender.

  • Mr. B

    This team has gone backward big time. They had decent quality pieces that they could have added to. Instead, this sorry team is back to rebuilding. I said two years ago and I will say again that they need a basic goal for this team. Not let quality pieces go causing chaos and player discontent.

    Fire the whole damn front office. This is pathetic Cohan.

  • commish

    Frankly we should rejoice for a small victory of getting rid of Jax. But the bigger questions remain of how (or if is more likely) will the cost savings be used. Probably pocketed by Cohan like the $9M TPE we got for J Rich. Nice move.

    Anyway, under Nelson as the hopeless over the hill coach he is and the money grubbing owner and his surroagate Rowell, most likely nothing good will come out of this opportunity. Having said that, I’m so glad that selfish and ball hogging egotist Jax is off the roster.

  • Pile On

    Time will tell if the Warriors are any better or worse after this debacle. I’d like to see this squad healthy and motivated after a few months together. At full strength they might be a 7-8 team. But without Turiaf, Biedrins, Wright and Azubuike they are doomed.

    In hindsight it was a huge mistake to trade J. Rich for Wright but the Warriors had a real logjam at the SG and we needed a power forward. He was dealt to make room for Monta. Remember? That was back when Baron ran the point. And now Wright appears too fragile to play. Maybe someday we’ll see Wright and Randolph flying down the court together. That was the hope anyway.

    But let’s not forget to take a moment to appreciate the real hilarity in the Jackson trade. Did you read his interview about how thrilled he was to be traded to the playoff bound Bobcats?! I can’t wait to watch that show unfold. Hey Jack, looks like Nellie had your back afterall. Hahahahaha!

    Just one point of clarification, Jack. You are wrong when you say that the Warriors proved that they didn’t want to win by trading J. Rich. thought that the trade would make them better. The only thing it proves is that they have a history of making boneheaded trades that don’t pan out.

  • Ewok

    This team is on a build up. That is why i hate it.

    If you have a team that clicked beating the number 1 seed back in 2007, and did not do bad in the second round of the playoffs, Why did we break it up FOR THIS?

    It really baffles me.

    As for Nelson, Jackson has this to say… “The kind of coach I want that has your back,” Jackson told the AP. “That’s something that’s big to me. If a coach has my back, then I don’t mind playing 110 percent for him.” Jackson’s parting shot to him proves a valid point.

    Doesnt this remind us of pattern?

    Chis Webber, Al Harrington, Baron Davis, Mario Ellie, Vincent Askew, Tim Hardaway, even his protege, Chris Mullin.. and now Stephen Jackson.

    I know Jackson is a malcontent but he sure knows what Honor and Loyalty means, even if he learned it from the streets.

    So, since this team is on a build up mode and gone are the “We Believe” movement, the next question is, Who is the next guy going to be traded?

    I think Monta is on his way out too.

    Why, because this team has a different agenda other than winning. The most legitimate reason is to divest money and again, to build it up.

    That is why i hate this team even though I love it out of honor and loyalty, unfortunately.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    GREAT day for the Dubs!!! Here’s the formula for fixing everything quickly:
    1. Trade Monta to Sacto for Kevin Martin – they get a backcourt of Monta and Tyreke Evans (nice duo) and we get a real SG (who, granted, plays no D) to pair with Curry.
    2. Trade Maggette and our first rounder to Memphis for Rudy Gay and Marko Jaric. Griz will lose Gay, most likely, so would probably make this happen due to the 1st rounder.
    3. Trade Biedrins, Randolph and Claxton to Toronto for Bosh. We know Bosh is leaving anyway, so the Raps get a solid starting center in Beans and a potential Bosh clone.

    Warriors this year:
    PG – Curry/Watson
    SG – Martin/Morrow/Bell
    SF – Gay/Jaric/George
    PF – Bosh/Radmanovic/Wright when healthy
    C – Turiaf/Moore

  • stoops

    hey Thompson thanks for reporting Raja Bell’s status as one of those ‘healthy’ players that will come on board fix this mess of a team.
    He’s having season ending surgery… as a follower of an NBA team, shouldn’t you have been on this?