Monta Ellis Doesn’t Sound Happy

Here is Ellis’ take on the Stephen Jackson trade situation. Interesting to say the least.

What did you think when you found out?

“(laughs) It was amazing to me. I couldn’t believe it at first. It is what it is, man. I’m gonna miss him. We gonna miss him. I went to see him before he left. It seemed like he was happy. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy.”

How tough will it be to lose one of your best players?

“It was tough when we had him. (laughs) Losing him, it’s going to be tough.  But we’ve got to find a way to get through it, man. I wish him the best. Now, it’s on us. That’s what they wanted, so they got it.”

Will you have to do more to make up for the loss?

“I’m not (going to) put no more on my back. Somebody else gonna have to step up. I’m not gonna do more, somebody else gonna have to step up and take on the role that Jack had and be that player. But I’m not putting no more extra on my back.”

Do you feel a need to be more vocal?

“Nope. Uh, uh. Not at all”

What do you guys lose with Jack gone?

“No. 1, besides his scoring and the ability to make the extra pass. What we’ve been emphasizing the whole time is defense. That’s one of our best defenders on the team. And we’re trying to get better as a defensive team. And now, who we got now that’s going to play defense? We got me. And who else?”

Raja Bell is a good defender

“I don’t know too much about dude. I mean (pause) it’s crazy, man.”

Jack was your best friend on the team. Will you bond with another teammate?

“I’m close to all my teammates. I’m still gonna do what we do. We’re going to hang out the way we’ve been hanging out. It ain’t going to be no different. We lost one of our close friends. That’s it. But, hey, life goes on. I’mma talk to him every day. He’s going to talk to me every day. Still going to be like he’s here. So I’m not tripping. Like I said, as long as he’s happy, I’m happy.”

So you’re happy. OK. Cool.

“I’m happy that he’s happy, yeah.”

But you’re not happy?

Yeah. I just said I’m happy that he’s happy. (Laughs)

What’s going to be the key going forward?

“Our young guys gotta pay more attention and learn the game more. They probably need to watch more film and sit back and really evaluate the game more, and better.”

Marcus Thompson

  • jbc

    It is what it is, man.

  • fubar

    Who’s next to walk out the door? Maybe the W’s trade Monta, maybe they don’t. The same goes for Maggette. But, the W’s now have no way to keep Anthony Morrow; he’s a free agent. Raja Bell even if he plays or not this season will not stay in Golden State. C. J. Watson is also gone.

    That leaves a core of Curry, Ellis, Azubuike, Randolph, Biedrins, Wright, and Turiaf; with Maggette and Radmanovic for next year. And they’re only playing because they have to.

    Even with all the cap money available in the world, as long as Rowell is in charge and Nellie by association, who will want to play for the W’s?

    In response to the trade of Stephen Jackson, Robert Rowell said, “I don’t want anybody here who doesn’t want to be here.” Well guess what Rowell… I think you, Nellie, and Riley better dust off your shorts and sneakers because in 2 seasons you may be starting.

  • Livermore Joe

    Brian F nailed it.

    And Raja Bell is having surgery, according to ESPN. The W’s got nothing except cap relief from this deal. Imagine what they could have gotten if they still had Jackson and Harrington on expiring deals and then traded them!

  • sartre

    Monta welcomed his new teammate with the same warmth, thoughtfulness, and humility he showed the newly arrived Curry.

    Some people want to deny that players ultimately have responsibility for their bad attitudes and lack of professionalism. Particularly in the context of such a dysfunctional organization as the dubs. But Stack ‘I’ll take any mofos money if he giving it away’ Jack caused problems with teams before the dubs and will eventually do so again with the Bobcats. The best thing an organization can do is find ways to moderate the self-defeating and destructive personalities of the talented players who possess such traits. I’m not sure the dubs have that ability as an organization but this in no way makes Monta less responsible for his inability to accept valid criticism, his narcissistic attitudes, and his thoughtlessness towards teammates. Those things are about the man, not the organization – no matter how bad it is. Most of the dubs players present themselves as good professionals and would be wherever they were played.

  • Frank T

    Monta Ellis and defence should not be used in the same sentence unless there is a negative connotation about his defensive play.

  • Tony H

    ESPN reports Monta’s agent is meeting with Warrior brass Thursday. Great – can’t imagine what we’ll get for him, now that the league knows he wants out.
    Both sides are wrong here – Monta for the ol “I won’t do any more” routine (Jackson made the “extra pass???” I must have missed that possession)and the Warriors, for talking out of both sides of their mouth – especially before the draft. Why would they fly to Mississippi, make a promise, then break it? They knew a point guard would fall in their lap.
    Next up – Anthony Randolph …

  • warriornab

    im telling you…monta ellis, maggette, and 1st round pick for chris paul

  • Joe

    What is that sound in the near distance…The Golden State Warriors completely imploding…Wow, you couldn’t write a script with a better armageddon scenario for a franchise… Wow…

    Nelson has to go, he’s Godzilla loose in Tokyo right now, just destroying the franchise…

  • earl monroe

    #27 Yulupan- That is funny, you are so right, the next pass from Jack always went to Monta- ha ha ha

  • http://ESPN Serebe

    The more Monte speaks out, the more he reveals his inadequacy in the I.Q. department.Maybe he needs to take a lesson in interview with S Curry!

  • HotCarlSundae

    Fuck Monta we dont need him rebuild with curry randolph and beadrins he can go ride a mo ped off a cliff for all i care and take the retarded owner with him!

  • HotCarlSundae

    Screw Monta we dont need him rebuild with curry morrow randolph and beadrins he can go ride a mo ped off a cliff for all i care and take the retarded owner with him!

  • earl monroe

    Last chance for Big Bob to call him the Mississippi bullet- disgusting we used to listen to Bill King and now we have this fool- I love complaining


    Brian F & JM95054 got it right, all the people posting on here are a little too sheepish for me. Everyone is trying to kill Monta now even though less than 2 yrs ago he was the best 6th man in the game and was the X-factor that no other team had an answer for. A lot of you guys are just ridiciulous about him not playing defense b/c that is what got him time when montgomery was here playing defense & that is what initially got him time when Nelson came back.
    yes he has gone a way from it but that is because he has been asked to fufill a more offensive role in a new position that he has never really played. I just get sick of hearing everyone blame this situation on Monta and not on the people that it deserves to be placed on NELLIE and the FO. Ohh & dont give me that we already know the FO sucks cuz apparently you don’t since you think getting rid of Monta right now instead of a disinterested 70 yr old coach who doesn’t want to change & always lays waste to franchises within 3 yrs of being there is the right decision.
    Also to all of you who think any of this cap space is going to be used or that any respectable FA is going to want to come here next yr you are in for a rude awaking. The only way the dubs can get anyone of substance is through trade and overpaying. That’s it, end of story. We are not a storied franchise, we don’t have solid leadership at the top, the only thing we can sell a player is that we have good fans. Really that is all we have to sell someone to make them want to come here. Oh and that last part I am becoming very suspect of because to many of these “Good Fans” just make excuses for an old coach and a crappy FO and are fine with the moves they make.
    The real fans, who don’t drink the kool-aid and want a winning product out there, are the one’s really suffering because they see what’s going on & are trying to talk about it but get re-buffed at every opportunity by both dubs plants & homers alike b/c they are calling it how they see it through non-rose colored glasses & see the shadiness that is occurring.


    my bad about spacing, forgot to enter twice after my paragraphs..

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  • Joyc

    I don’t think any of the people who are criticizing Monta are praising Nellie or the FO. At least I’m not. I really don’t see why the two are mutually exclusive.

    Nellie has lost his mind and cares only about getting his record. The FO is full of incompetent bubble heads who don’t know anything about basketball. And Monta, well, Monta is a kid who thinks he’s the man but clearly doesn’t know the first thing about being a man.

    I’m sure there are things all of us don’t like about our jobs, but does that mean you go to the press and bitch and whine? Monta is supposed to be the leader of our team, a role he said he WANTED, is your supervisor supposed to go the press and talk about how incompetent you are? Let’s face it, anyone who behaved this way in the corporate world would be fired immediately.

    And don’t kid yourself, Monta saying he’s the only guy who plays defense is a bad joke. One of Monta’s main deficiencies is that he’s an undersized two guard, which pretty much guarantees that he will be a defensive liability. And he doesn’t know who Raja Bell is? Maybe he should get to know who he is so he can learn how to play some d.

    There is more than enough blame to go around here and there is absolutely no reason fans shouldn’t be able to assign Monta his fair share of it. I am hardly a Nellie apologist (in fact I’ll be the first to break out a bottle of champagne the day he quits) but that doesn’t mean I have to be a Monta apologist either.

  • JIm

    Had Whack Jack actually made an extra pass any time except agains the Wolves, I might buy into Monta’s comments. But 3-14 was really tiring on a regular basis. (Particularly when it means missing a pass so you can stay behing the “jack line”.)

    It’s unfortunate to say, but Monta’s clearly not interested in stepping up. Yeah, he has really worked to carry the team and I think his offensive presence the last week has really been great. He has stepped up on the floor and is doing the extra stuff. Rebounding, passing. It’s been really great to see him develop his game. Even if he’s struggling to see a friend go, if these are his true colors, how can you ever think you can build a team around him. Can’t. Just can’t.

  • kobe24

    The Warriors should just pack it in and throw away the keys for this season.

    They do not even have enough players against the Cavs tonight.

    Thanks Nellie, Rowell, and company!!!

    What a great time out!!!

  • jm95054

    why do any of you think and expect Monta to step up? Monta is at his best as a complement player on your team. Please stop all this talk about Monta being a leader and this is his team. he is not built to be THE GO TO GUY. They were stupid enough to think that he was to begin with. Everybody has their role. Monta IS NOT A GO TO GUY. Never been and never will be. That doesnt mean he can’t help your team a hell of a lot if you stop shipping key leaders on your team like….BD? HELLO?

  • Joyce

    Jm95054 I think you’re missing the point, I don’t believe Monta is capable of being a leader either but that is the role he claimed to want. And just because you aren’t a leader isn’t a reason to act like a complete baby. Like I said, would his behavior be tolerated in any company other than the NBA? Nope. He would have been fired with cause.

  • dubfan

    Monta, Randolph and Biedrins for Bosh and Bellinelli…let’s get a legitimate power forward, bring Marco back, and get rid of Monta. I hate to see Biedrins go, and Randolph…who knows? But with Brandon Wright coming back next year, and Bosh coming in, I’d do it…

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  • zeelurker

    Joyce – How do you expect Monte to act when Cohen’s cronies have and continue to run the team into the ground always giving away more talent then they get every time they make a trade. How much leadership would you be able to provide on a team run by the three stooges (Cohen, Rowell & Larry Riley) that managed ONE play-off appearance in FIFTEEN seasons. Even the Clippers have made more play-off appearances over that time period.

  • dan

    Poor baby, 66mils are not enough. He needs somebody to kiss his azz constantly. Btw, reporters are kissing his azz daily but is not enough. He nees some more kissing. Poor baby

  • jay

    Monte Ellis has never been a leader and has never wanted to be a leader. It is really scary how some of our African American athletes who come from humble beginnings, forget where they came from.

    Monte is a very young player. I’ve said to myself and others ever since he came into this league, that I hope he keeps his head on straight. His potential was and is limitless.

    His attitude is another story. Stephen Jackson is a cancer. He influences young players in the wrong way. That is the reason Larry Bird traded he and Harrington from the Pacers. Jackson poisoned Harrington and Bird feared that Danny Granger would be next. He has poisoned Monte.

    I knew Monte was in trouble when he went from no tattoos to a full body armor of it. Tattoos don’t make you a bad guy but I just knew his attitude would be different. The moped fiasco was clearly a sign of his immaturity.

    I will also say that the Dubs front office is to blame for a lot of this mess. We need a new owner, GM, coach, and team captain. Quality players will not come here until we get an entirely new front office and coach.

    The best fans in the league desere better than allthis crying from millionaires!

  • someone

    nice hearing about defense from someone who got burned by a rookie. how many points was that? 55?

  • manwell13


    i dont think he can ever forget where he came from, i mean, he’s got it tattooed on his left arm. And tattoos dont change your attitude they just change how your skin looks. i’m sure he’s wanted his tats before he was legally and financially able to aquire them. but i definitely agree about the need for a Front-Office change. check out tim kawakamis article online and the posts. we should boycott these dumb rich bastards.

    and Squall,

    his tats are pretty badass, actually. they were done by a very good artist and have a nice flow to them. you must not have any. attacking a player for his play and a leadership on the court is one thing, but to go after a player for his physical appearance is pretty retarded. i mean, if anybody gives two shits about what other people think of their tats, they probably shouldnt get them in the first place. with that said, no one cares what you think.

    -signed everybody who was ever named me.

  • manwell13

    one more thing,

    next year, Curry’s the leader whether he likes it or not and he’ll fill the role well. His teammates already recognize his skills and next year he wont be a rookie anymore so they wont deny him if and when he steps up. Biedrins is too soft to lead, Morrow has a lot of upside but i dont think he’s more of an all-around player than Curry, Randolph is too immature to lead and it seems it’ll stay that way for a while, Maggette is going to step up some but i dont know how much a guy who should be starting but isn’t can do to turn a team around, and CJ probably doesnt want to stick around after this year and who can blame him?

    shit i might only be 5’8″ and i can’t touch rim but give me a jersey and put me in! lol

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  • jm95054


    It’s you and the other minions on here missing the point. How much one makes is always relative. Say I make 50k per year right now. I gripe at my work. I bet you someone in Mexico is thinking I am an idiot for even griping at work while making 50k. You see how it is all relative?

    You guys all pile up on him when it is mgmt’s fault. They should have never promoted him to be team leader nor expected him to do so. Monte is a complement player. It has been well documented that the front office staff has screwed everyone over. They blew up the ONLY TEAM TO MAKE A PLAYOFF IN 15 YEARS. When I was making 150k back in dotcom days, I was unhappy too with mgmt when they were screwing up. Was I supposed to just shut my mouth and pretend everything is fantastic so long as I collect my paycheck?

    Case in point, how was that game tonite? NBA TV called out Nelson for basically throwing the game away at the end. Nelson didnt even bother to ask them to foul someone at the end. C WEbb and Mchale couldnt believe it themselves. But hey, i am sure it is all Monte’s fault too.

  • jm95054

    One more thing, I am sure a lot of us would agree that in our early 20′s we were not the wisest. If the camera was on us all the time, we’d say something stupid at some point. The point is mgmt should have known better than rely on this kid to be the savior. He is not made to be a savior. Even AI was not a savior to his franchise. Monte aint no AI.

  • http://cctimes ECJ

    This is not about Monta, or even Jackson. This really is about the Owner and his front office. The Warriors have literally become an NBA laughingstock. Columnists on ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS Sportsline, and other major news sites have harshly criticized and even poked fun at the ridiculous folly that goes on in Oakland.

    I always wonder how men with careers in professional basketball could make so many obviously horrible decisions. If I can sit in my underwear on the couch and figure out the right moves to make, why can’t they?

    How does a man who literally has 100′s of $millions$ invested in a franchise routinely make such inexplicably terrible choices?

    Why doesn’t he fire Rowell? Doesn’t he read the papers? Doesn’t he watch the news? Surely Cohen must know that literally EVERYONE who knows anything about basketball thinks that Rowell has done nothing but destroy the Warriors.

    Surely, Cohen sees that his once-promising, exciting and MARKETABLE team has been completely ripped apart, replaced by odd-and-end players who have expiring contracts. Since Rowell has been calling the shots, the team has:

    1. Dissed a Warrior legend in Chris Mullin, kicked him out of town

    2. Allowed Baron Davis, the franchise player to leave town because Rowell refused to give him a 4th year option on his contract extension

    3. Traded Jason Richardson for a bust in BWright, then fail to use the $10 mil trade exception to improve the team

    4. Make ridiculous contract/extension offers to undeserving players such as Elton Brand, Gilbert Arenas, Corey Magette and Stephen Jackson.

    5. Continuously extend a coach who is notorious for his impatience and inconsistant treatment of rookies; while simultaneously trading away ALL veteran players.

    Everyone who knows a thing about basketball can see that practically EVERY decision Rowell makes is the wrong one. Why cant Cohen see this? Why would Cohen allow Rowell to destroy his $400 million dollar investment?

    Perhaps Cohen has some sort of leverage over Cohen. Maybe he’s blackmailing him. Maybe he knows someting about Cohen that he can’t afford to get out. Otherwise, it makes absolutely no sense that Rowell could still have Cohen’s confidence.

    Please Warrior fans: BOYCOTT THIS TEAM. its the only way to force a sale. And a sale needs to happen soon, before Curry and Randolph’s careers are ruined.

  • Emily Rose McKee

    As a Laker fan, I don’t know how the hell you guys stomach rooting for your franchise.

    I agree with this sentiment from Warrior fan “Jay” (11/17 @ 7:09 pm):

    It is really scary how some of our African American athletes who come from humble beginnings, forget where they came from.

    I agree with him that these dumb fucking niggers are outta control.

  • dubfan

    jm95054…I think that you make some very valid points, but that does not excuse certain comments or behaviors or perspectives that Ellis has presented publicly, starting with his “I can’t play with Curry” stance (before he ever did) and all the way up to his comments yesterday of “I can’t do more…someone else has to step up”…sure, it’s not his fault that he’s being paid an ungodly sum of money, but there is, or should be some measure of responsibility, and maturity to live up to being paid that much, not to mention in the quality of his play…do you think he is measuring up? I don’t, and would just as soon see him gone for a real PROFESSIONAL. I love his game, or what his game was before the moped incident, but I don’t think he is back to that yet, and maybe never will be – and if he was bringing some intangibles to the team, like leadership, like maturity, then a slight drop off in his play could be better tolerated, but I don’t think he is doing any of these things. Let’s get something back for him, and move on.

  • jm95054


    Look I feel your pain. However, how many times have we seen unhappy Warriors go on and become stars on other teams? It’s maddening! I always go back to this. Hakeem Olajuwon wanted out of Houston. Swore he’d never play for them anymore. They stuck to their gun and guess what they ended up winning 2 championships with him. It is the responsibility of the owner to do what’s best for the team regardless of the player. Houston did it why coudlnt we. We are still paying the price for Mitch Richmond and C Webb after all these years. Imagine if we kept both of those guys. Dont even get me started for the 2007 roster that Nelson broke up.


    You are dead on. I cannot fathom how someone like Cohan who makes a ton of money can be so stupid in running the W’s. Nelson’s track record has always been he manipulates and play mind games with everyone. This guy traded Richmond, Webber, and EVEN LET NASH GO.

  • David

    Hey Monte your our new problem, you don’t know how to pass and your to small for the 2 guard. I think its time to trade Monte give the point to Curry and lets get a real 2 in this line up. Yes, he scores 23 but he needs 20 shots to do it, and the turn overs, wow, somebody please tell him to quit leaving his feet and trying to pass. Curry is the real deal, this is a true point and he’s ready now, if the organization wants to be a contender they need to get a 4 or a 2 for Monte and do it this year well he has some value.

  • Deftoned40oz

    Hey MT2 get Emily Rose McKee’s comment off of here. Racism can’t be tolerated. How did that even make it through and get published?

  • Deftoned40oz

    Post #84. Sad.

  • 808SPacific

    Monta and Mags’ for Chris Paul I agree!
    Straight up, Monta doesn’t wanna be here.

    #84 African Americans is the proper vocabulary.

  • The Sear


    I couldn’t have said it better myself..Rowell must have incriminating photo’s of Cohan doing something very bad..Otherwise there is zero reason to allow this weasel to systematically destroy his investment..When Monte leaves for more expiring contracts, maybe that 9-72 record
    is at hand..

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  • Iamnotasian

    that was a weird interview

  • the anti ellis fan

    ellis that dumbass he makes me wanna vomit i’m sick of looking at that mindless look on his face he thinks he’s so great so monta if your so great why do u make stupid play after stupid play and you lose games too if wanna talk bout great monta talk bout mj rick barry wilt chamberlain or kareem abdul jabar oh wait you probly don’t know much bout those *dudes* etheir