Nellie “Sick as a Dog”

The way it sounds, he won’t be on the bench for the Los Angeles Lakers game, and the Monday game against the Indiana Pacers or Tuesday’s game at Denver isn’t a lock.

Pneumonia is nothing to play with on its own. But Nelson is 69 with a lifestyle closer to a rock star’s, which means the recovery time may be a little longer. He will certainly miss tonight and Wednesday’s game in Texas. Members of the organization said he looks really sick, including profuse sweating.

LARRY RILEY: “He’s sick as a dog. He wasn’t doing well when we were playing Portland. He is really sick. He wanted to make the trip, but they didn’t want to let him go. Of all the trips he would want to make, this would be one of them.”

So, for those keeping score: C.J. Watson has swine flu. Nellie has pneumonia (swine flu hasn’t been ruled out; team is waiting for results). Bob Fitzgerald is sick enough to not make the trip. Radio guru Tim Roye will work the TV gig in Fitzgerald’s place, and Dave Fleming will fill in for Roye on the radio. For both Texas games. There is at least one other employee (non player or coach, but around the team a lot) who has swine flu.

From what I’m told (by people who I trust aren’t spinning), Nellie is not happy about not being able to coach. That he probably shouldn’t have coached Friday’s game against Portland and had to make a trip to the hospital he was so sick. It took some work to convince him to stay back on the road trip. His wife is even staying with him to make sure he is taking his medicine and getting his rest.


Center Andris Biedrins is still at least a week away.

They re-evaluated him Monday, and the MRI showed a “moderate strain of an abdominal muscle.” Biedrins hasn’t played since Nov. 8 at Sacramento (7 games missed), and he probably shouldn’t have played then. He is missing this road trip, Saturday’s game against the Lakers, and – unless he passes the evaluation with flying colors – Monday’s game vs. Indiana.


Speaking of illness, Watson didn’t make the trip with the team to Dallas. He’s still at home in Las Vegas recovering from swine flu. But he’s shooting for a comeback in San Antonio. But the NBA is pretty concerned about H1N1 so he is sure to have to jump through plenty hoops to get cleared.

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    Peel back the layers of the onion and you can see that this is all Kawakami’s fault.

  • Kawakami was right again.
    Thanks MTII.

  • WorkingStiff

    At 69 year old, it’s hard to keep Nellie from working. What a difference between him and the younger generation?

  • earl monroe

    It sounds like its a big deal that Ms. Joy is staying take care of Don, is she usually in Hawaii? My wife takes care of me when I’m sick.

    Don to Keith-
    Keith, if you let those Mavs beat us, you are no longer defensive coordinator-got that?


    So let’s say, for arguments sake, that Nelson’s pneumonia ends up becoming a way bigger issue in the coming weeks to the point where he may have to retire due to doctor’s orders. Are the DUbs on the hook for the rest of his contract or is there a buy out price in case of retirement due to illness?

    Get better Nellie.

  • Warriors will probably be on the hook for the contract unless there is some sort of insurance involved. Coaches contract don’t count against the team salary cap, so no worries there.

  • John L

    Tim Roye announces like a professional broadcaster. What a nice change.

  • commish

    The longer the better. Let him take a long time off, maybe till Smart gets him his 20 wins, followed by a long greatly needed vacation.

  • Oregonguy

    Don: Keith Smart has learned well from you. The team just defeated the Mavs by going with a very short bench ala Don Nelson.

    Get better soon, big guy.

  • 808SPacific

    Your getting older now Nellie.
    Health is more important than the stress created by coaching.

    Perhaps you can talk to your GM and Cohan and take an office position, and let the younger Smart take over for now. I’m sure most of us Warrior fans would not mind.

    Until then get better and please remember AGAIN that your health comes first!

  • Get well Don we love you and miss you but take it easy and get well. The pieces are falling into place of your vision of youth with a mission. Trading richardson,barnes and pietrus looked bad for the short term but you were planning long -term. Getting rid of jackson has now opened and speed up the warriors attack. Keep this team together now for at least 2 more years to develop and grow . Wright will develop while richardson has retired or moved on . You said it takes at least 3 years for the big forwards to develop and he hasn’t played a full season yet. Too bad about Baron Davis , he was the heart and soul of the team.