When Will Nellie Break the Record?

Sure, you have the added insight of the first six games. Still, let’s see who has real predictability chops.
Nellie is 22 wins shy of breaking Lenny Wilkens’ record for the most wins in NBA coaching history.
So, the challenge: pick the game Nelson will break the record.
I’m going with March 17 vs. New Orleans. The Warriors will be 24-43 after pulling off the upset, and Nellie will have the record.
That’s my date.
Which game do you think will be the record-breaking win? When he breaks the record, I will go back and see who the champion prognosticator is and shower him or her or them with relentless praise.


Game #6 (2-4): Warriors 146, T’Wolves 105

So, are you encouraged by the Warriors’ blowout victory?
Despite the fact the Warriors spanked the T’wolves by historic proportions, all the talk was about Jackson. And not just because he played well.

NELLIE: “I hope his lawyer says something negative about me tomorrow. Must’ve turned him on. I could take that if he plays like that. I thought he set the tone for the game. Moved the ball and everybody else did as well. It was good.”

Jackson laughed when told of Nelson’s response.

JACKSON: “That was all on my agent. I can’t take any blame for that. He was upset with some things and he spoke his mind. We work good together because we both speak our minds. But I would never bash coach in the paper like that. I never have. I’ve got a lot of respect for coach.”

I know the popular thing is to want Jax out as fast as possible, and for good reason. But the reality is, when he’s gone, whose going to be able to facilitate the offense? He hogs the ball. He slows the offense. He takes bad shots. But when he’s at his best, he’s a playmaker who can help you by spotting up, but taking advantage of a mismatch or by simply setting other guys up.
Who will fill that role when he’s gone?
The only other guy who can pass well is Curry, and he’s not enough of a threat on offense yet to be able to adjust his game based on the weakness of the defense.
If you take Jax out of the lineup, who do you put in that makes this thing work like it once did?

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Game #5: Kings 120, Warriors 107

On top of the fact that the Warriors are getting ran outta the gym, it looks like center Andris Biedrins’ back injury is more serious than he thought. Him playing on Sunday might have even made it worse.

NELLIE: “He’s not doing very well. I probably shouldn’t have even played him, but we wanted to have another big guy if we possibly could. He couldn’t do very much when he was out there and he has re-injured himself. So that was a bad decision on my part.”

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Game #4: Clippers 118, Warriors 90

UPDATE: I’m hearing too that Charlotte has shown interest in trading for Jackson, but there is nothing serious, not yet anyway. The Bobcats haven’t presented an offer that the Warriors really like. The Bobcats have not offered Boris Diaw, which is probably the player the Warriors would be most interested in. I know from Jackson’s camp that Charlotte is not a place Jackson wants to go. If those talks persist, don’t be surprised if Jackson tries to scare the Bobcats away from a deal before they sign on for a trade.

Monta Ellis — hunched over in his seat, trying to contain his frustration — summed up Friday night’s game in a way that gives this debacle complete justice.

ELLIS: “We all should be embarrassed. This is a terrible game, terrible performance. We looked like we didn’t know what we were doing out there. We looked like a high school team. We didn’t do anything. … I couldn’t tell you what it was. I just know that’s not how I want to play basketball.”

It was so bad, Ellis called it the worst game he’s played in during his four-plus seasons as with the Warriors. It was so bad, Nellie admitted he was embarrassed after the game. It was so bad, guard C.J. Watson questioned the direction of his life.

quietstorm_32: “Just realized my life has taken a 360 spiral downward. LOL. Don’t know what I did but, man, not looking so good. LOL. Back to the drawing board.”

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Game #3: Warriors 113, Grizzlies 105

The Warriors are going with the youth movement, remember? They are focusing on their young, building for the future, right?
It seems Twitterer @Apollo1Man got that impression, too. His recent Tweet: “Can I ask Warriors 4 money back 4 false advertising. Kept telling me to come see AR.”
But somehow, Anthony Randolph played 7 minutes last night. One of the cornerstone pieces is now a bit player who can only play under certain circumstances – against back-up centers. Randolph went from rising rookie to starting power forward to getting Rob Kurz minutes.
Some will say that is a negative way of looking at it. Some will say its early and there is plenty time for Randolph to reclaim his importance. But I can’t help but think it’s a big issue that Randolph is currently 10th on the team in minutes per game.

RANDOLPH: “It’s kind of like déjà vu. But it’s different from last year because people know what I can do. I’ve just got to keep my head up. It’s a long season. I’ve got a long career ahead of me. These are the type of experiences that will make me a better player and person.”

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“Honor and Loyalty”

So the Warriors are back to the small lineup on Wednesday to start, and there are mismatches all over the court.
Stephen Jackson will start tonight’s game guarding Zach Randolph, a point-hungry, 6-foot-9, 260-pound PF. Monta Ellis is guarding O.J. Mayo, who has at least an inch and some 30 pounds on Ellis. Andris Biedrins will match-up with Marc Gasol, who at 7-1, 265, gives the Warriors fits because of his size. What’s more, Biedrins has been in foul trouble the first couple of games. If he gets in early foul trouble Wednesday, guess who’s coming in off the bench? Anthony Randolph? (Nelson said he would be the back-up center, but he didn’t want to play him against the starting center)
Is Randolph playing so bad that Nellie would rather create defensive mismatches than start a guy who has a fighting chance to defend the PF spot? It seems the lineups are much more even if Nelson starts Randolph at PF, especially considering the Warriors offense is not that good right now. TK has a pretty solid theory about why Randolph isn’t playing, which Nelson all but said himself.

NELLIE: “We just need either an extender or a guy that can pass. So with Buike in the lineup, that extends the defense even more. I think there’ll be more openings offensively. I thought that was important for us.”


Stephen jackson has two new tattoos on his neck. Two Chinese characters right in the front. What do they mean?
Jax: “Honor and loyalty. Two things I’m big (on).”


SF Chronicle’s Bruce Jenkins brought up an interest point that I hadn’t thought about. Why don’t the Warriors retire anyone’s jersey? The last one was Rick Barry, so perhaps their standard for retiring jerseys is winning a championship. That would be gangsta if that is the reason.
They can’t start now, though. The obvious jersey to be retired is No. 17. That won’t be happening until a new owner comes town. Even if they offered, I’m not sure Mullin would show up.