Game #31 (9-22): Lakers 124, Warriors 118

Nothing takes the attention from a relatively impressive showing by the Warriors like an Anthony Randolph watch.

Some will say it’s nitpicking, or going negative. But to each his own. I, personally, can’t help but notice that Randolph played 18 minutes (if you take away the final 40 seconds he played when the game was over). Only seven of those minutes came in the second half, none – save for those 40 seconds – came in the fourth quarter.

I especially couldn’t help but wonder “Where’s Randolph?” when Lamar Odom converts a crucial putback late. So why did Randolph only get 19 minutes, including garbage time work?

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Can the Warriors Pull Off Another?

Once again, the Warriors are playing a top-level team. This team is completing a back-to-back set against the Warriors and coming off a loss.
The Warriors beat the Celtics under this scenario. Tonight they get the Lakers under the same scenario.
Two major differences: they are on the road, they too are completing a back-to-back. Certainly, coach Don Nelson wasn’t ready to predict another.

NELSON: “We got two wins. I don’t know if you’d call it turning it around, but we’re getting some of our players back. We’ve actually played pretty well for quite a long time. Not good enough to win games, but we’ve been playing pretty well.”

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Morrow Passing Up a 3?

So, Anthony Morrow promises he wasn’t scared. He said he passed up that dagger shot, that 3 from the corner that would’ve sealed the win in style, because his “basketball instincts took over.”

Recap: Warriors had the ball up 101-98 inside of the 30 seconds. Ellis had dribbled the shot clock down to kill time. A few passes later, Morrow found himself with the ball in the corner. He had a look, but passed it up to let the defender fly by. He stepped back into the 3, but didn’t take it. Instead, he passed it to Corey Maggette, who flung it up just before the shot clock expired. The Celtics got the rebound and called the timeout with 6.9 seconds remaining.

Nellie was livid, screaming at Morrow as he walked to the bench. What was he saying?

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Game #28 (7-21): Hornets 108, Warriors 102

The second returns on All-Star voting came out today. It featured good news for Monta Ellis’ chances at being added on as a reserve.

Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are the top two vote-getters among guards. Before it was Kobe and Tracy McGrady, which was bad news for Ellis. If Nash, who is some 5,000 votes ahead of McGrady, gets to start, that’s a reserve spot open for Ellis. If McGrady — who just recently made his season debut — is voted in, then Nash is a lock to get on as a reserve and that is one less spot for Ellis.

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Back to Small Ball

Tuesday, Nellie said he was starting Chris Hunter to get the Warriors ready for the big lineup they will play when centers Andris Biedrins and Ronny Turiaf return.

Well, that plan is out the window for now.

Small ball is back tonight in New Orleans. Three guards on the perimeter, two small forwards in the front court. Here’s the lineup tonight (the player they are guarding in parenthesis).

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Nellie to Turn Randolph Loose

Warriors coach Don Nelson said he’s going to unleash Anthony Randolph.

Nelson has been waiting for Randolph to grow and get ready for what he has in store for Randolph. He said his stint at center has helped make him a better PF. And now that Biedrins and Turiaf are on their way back, he’s ready to open up a can of genius on Randolph – if Randolph can handle it.

NELLIE: “You ain’t seen nothing yet. He’s going to be a blessed guy if he can mentally prepare himself and handle what I’m going to give him. Because both he and Radmanovic has the ability as a big player to handle the ball and to make it difficult for the defense to match up with us.  As long as he grows and matures and understands what we’re doing — and it was a very good practice (Sunday) for him — the sky’s the limit on how I can use the guy and go to his strengths.”

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Game #26 (7-19): Wizards 118, Warriors 109

Two summers ago, the Warriors threw the farm at Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas after Baron Davis opted out of his contract. More than $100 million. But he turned it down, and Warriors fans breathed a sigh of relief as they realized they dodged a bullet.

Arenas played two games the following season. And since he’s been back this season, he’s hardly looked like Agent Zero the Warriors were hoping to land as the fall-back plan for Baron’s departure.

But Friday, Arenas reminded Warriors fans up close just how good he can be.

I was just happy that somebody else wanted me. It was so, like, they didn’t even think about the knee, so here you go. I was like, well, should I go back to Oakland.

[talked to your dad?] He was like, it’s flattering, but you and Abe Pollin, you guys are like a family.

Actually, it was about an hour, until I got the call from Mr. Pollin and then it was from when I finished packing and I got to airport and Mr. Pollin called me. I said, ‘Alright Mr. P. No problem.’