Anthony Randolph will be out 7-14 days

Forward Anthony Randolph has been diagnosed with a left ankle sprain and will be out of the lineup for between 7-14 days, the Warriors announced before Tuesday’s game at Denver.

Randolph rolled his left ankle midway through the third quarter of Monday’s home game against Indiana. He did not make the trip to Denver with the Warriors early Tuesday morning.

Warriors assistant coach Keith Smart said Randolph, who had played in every game this season, was just starting to find a rhythm against the Pacers when the injury occurred. He had 12 points and was 5 of 6 from the floor. Randolph’s been averaging 11.5 points per game.

The Warriors play Houston and Orlando Thursday and Saturday, respectively, before going on a five-game road trip. It’s possible Randolph would join the team on that trip or just wait for the Dec. 16 home game against San Antonio.

“He was on the verge of having a good game,” Smart said of Randolph’s performance Monday night. “He was in a good place in practice the day after the Lakers game. He started the game off really well and had a nice rhythm. He had done some things that the coaches had worked with him on about being aggressive and assertive.”

The team also announced that guard Raja Bell will have his wrist surgery on Thursday in Charlotte, N.C. by Dr. Paul Perlik. It remains to be seen whether Bell will be out for the season or just a few weeks.

Smart said Ronny Turiaf will be a game-time decision after the forward also limped off the Oracle Arena court Monday night. Turiaf said he’s fine and that he’s always available, although he was in street clothes an hour before tipoff. … Swingman Devean George did not make the trip.

— Curtis Pashelka

Jon Becker

  • Dave

    Thanks Curtis. For a team that is always a lower echelon ranked team, it is amazing how every year they have a ton of injuries, or else the incompetent management finds ways to acquire damaged goods like Maggette, Bell, George, Claxton etc. Why even trade for these types of players when they can never play together? I understand they want to dump salary, but at least get someone who isn’t in street clothes for 80 games a year. Another reason why this team is always woeful and going nowhere.

  • commish

    Can’t we catch a break! I mean the sooner we are healthy, the sooner Nelson can get his meaningless record and be booted upstairs. That is ALL I want for Christmas. I like the new coach Roth. He and Smart are off the bench all the time, working with the guys; as opposed to the fat, old man who mostly sits and scowls.

  • Jeremy

    This is insane… what is in the water in Oakland that this happens to the A’s and Warriors every year?

  • Leonardo

    This is just and purely bad luck. I actually don’t understand why they keep him on the bench as he is our biggest man avaiable. Now he’s got hurt and probably will return among the others then it will be another of so many excuses to not play him.
    I wonder when they’re gonna stop fooling themselves and let this kid break out. Give him as many minutes as you can and you’ll see he is able to handle the workload.
    PS: I’m brazilian and i love this team. I read this website everyday. Nice work guys!

  • deano

    The string of injuries to GSW’s frontline is farcical. Even fully healthy, our talls are usually overmatched. It’s hard to assess the damage to be caused by Randolph’s injury, because he is the Warriors’ least consistent player. I would much rather have Biedrins, Turiaf and Moore healthy. Oh well, just another nail in the old coffin.

  • Perry

    Wish Anthony the best.

    But it’s not like we lost Kevin Garnett or anything.

    Anthony hardly has any kind of positive impact on a game anyway…….he can score and rebound in limited minutes, but he is not a difference maker and he’s a push over on defense.

    Anthony is over-rated and his loss won’t make any difference whatsoever.

    He is not a future star, he is an average, role player with athleticism and poor decision making.

    Look at his draft class, guys from that class have already made significant impacts on the league and are consistent rotation players while Anthony is still struggling with turnovers, minutes and confidence.

    I agree with “Deano”…………in my opinion, I would rather have a health Andris Biedrins and Brandan Wright over Anthony Randolph…….

  • Perry

    “Deano”…….you’re right….even when fully healthy, this front line is the one of the worst in the league defensively, offensively and rebounding wise.

    If you feel like it, read my post from the Game # 14 thread……I posted about our inferior front line.

    Losing Anthony Randolph has about as much impact on our team as does the Lakers losing Luke Walton……..no impact whatsoever….Lakers keep winning, Warriors keep losing.

  • petaluman

    IMO, the jury is definitely still out on AR, but it seems decidedly premature to be giving up on him in his 2nd year. Maybe if he were a 4-year collegian and not a big, but he’s neither.

    As a reminder, here is his draft class. The top few guys are looking pretty good, but most are pretty much in Randolph’s boat. I believe the #8 pick issued a trade demand when his option for next year wasn’t even picked up.

    1 Derrick Rose, Guard, Memphis
    2 Michael Beasley, Forward, Kansas State
    3 O.J. Mayo, Guard, USC (To Memphis)
    4 Russell Westbrook, Guard, UCLA
    5 Kevin Love, Forward, UCLA (To Minnesota)
    6 Danilo Gallinari, Forward, Italy
    7 Eric Gordon, Guard, Indiana
    8 Joe Alexander, Forward, West Virginia
    9 D.J. Augustin, Guard, Texas
    10 Brook Lopez, Center, Stanford
    11 Jerryd Bayless, Guard, Arizona
    12 Jason Thompson, Forward, Rider
    13 Brandon Rush, Forward, Kansas
    14 Anthony Randolph, Forward, LSU
    15 Robin Lopez, Forward, Stanford
    16 Marreese Speights, Forward, Florida
    17 Roy Hibbert, Center, Georgetown
    18 JaVale McGee, Center, Nevada
    19 J.J. Hickson, Forward, N.C. State
    20 Alexis Ajinca, Center, France
    21 Ryan Anderson, Forward, California
    22 Courtney Lee, Guard, Western Kentucky
    23 Kosta Koufos, Center, Ohio State
    24 Serge Ibaka, Forward, Spain
    25 Nicolas Batum, Forward, France
    26 George Hill, Guard, IUPUI
    27 Darrell Arthur, Forward, Kansas
    28 Donte Greene, Forward, Syracuse
    29 D.J. White, Forward, Indiana
    30 J.R. Giddens, Guard, New Mexico

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    When you look at the draft picks, there aren’t really any PF/C that were available at our pick that I would have rather had based on what they have done so far in the NBA, with the exceptions of MAYBE Marreese Speights or Ryan Anderson. Speights because he is a legit big body rebounder, and Anderson because he is a Nellie-ball player and he went to Cal!

  • kookaburra

    hey Deano and Perry, you guys have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and I’m glad you’ll both never make a significant basketball decision in your life. Randolph is 20 years old, averaging 12 points/6.5 boards in about 22 minutes a night and you are saying at best he is a role player. Wow.

  • Jeremy

    This may be a good time to remember that he was the youngest player in the NBA only last year. No he is not going to be special like LeBron was at the same age but can he be an All-Star? Yes he at least has the physical ability to do it. Jury is still out on between the ears, but if he spends this 1-2 weeks watching film he could show significant improvement quickly when he comes back. He has at the very least shown the commitment to put in the work to get better.

  • Rod

    Who’s tapping these guy’s ankles any how…Looks like they need to do a better job of it.

  • Joe

    AR is 20, he will be good, maybe great, it is called patience, every W’s fan should plenty of it by now…

  • Perry

    With the Wizards being off to another terrible start…..it might be time to clean house…..

    How’s this:

    Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf, Corey Maggette and Speedy Claxton to Washington


    Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison and Andre Blatche

    We go with:

    1. Curry
    2. Ellis
    3. Butler
    4. Jamison
    5. Biedrins

    Pros: We acquire 2 legitimate scorers who combined together could help us in the 4th quarter when we go through our scoring droughts…….we acquire a tough front court role player in Blatche to fill the role that Turiaf hasn’t really filled since he’s been here.

    Cons: Too many scorers on the floor, not enough touches, possible dissention

    They go with:

    1. Arenas
    2. Miller/Stevenson
    3. Maggette
    4. Randolph
    5. Haywood

    Pros: Fresh start with a young player in Randolph with a lot to prove, a proven scorer in Maggette

    Cons: Probably won’t improve their win total, they’d be doing the move out of desperation, to start fresh and clean house…..

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Perry, hard for me to admit (because we’re usually on the same page), but I disagree with you on this one. With that trade, I see no chance to develop a championship-caliber squad, nor any financial flexibility in the near future. I like dumping Maggette’s contract, but I feel like we can potentially get more for Randolph/Speedy/Turiaf.
    With Toronto looking bad right now and Bosh assuredly counting the days until his departure, how about:
    Biedrins, Randolph, Azubuike and a first rounder for Bosh?
    Toronto doesn’t get any better this year, but next year has:
    PG – Calderon/Jack
    SG – DeRozan/Bellinelli
    SF – Turkoglu/Azubuike
    PF – Bargnani/Randolph/Evans
    C – Biedrins/Bargnani
    PLUS their lottery pick AND our pick (possible lottery as well)!!!

    Warriors after the Bosh trade:
    PG – Curry/Watson
    SG – Ellis/Morrow
    SF – Maggette/George
    PF – Bosh/Radmanovic
    C – Turiaf/Hunter/Moore

    If we could somehow convince New Orleans to part with CP3 (taking on James Posey’s ugly contract) by giving up anyone – yes ANYONE – but Bosh, then we have perhaps the two most dominant players at their position in the league. That (and the notion that other teams can’t pay as much as we can this summer) may be enough to convince Bosh to stay. With those two pillars (Bosh is 26 in March and Paul is 25 in May) and money we’ll have to spend, we can quickly build a championship caliber team.