Raja Out 3 Months At Least

The team  announced Raja Bell is out at least three months after successful surgery to repair ligament damage in his left wrist.

The next six weeks, Bell’s wrist will be immobilized. If everything is clear at that point, he will begin rehabilitation. The Warriors are thinking that based on Bell’s history and work ethic, he could be back in in March. That is optimism at its best, but that is what they are saying now (remember, before it was four weeks or four to five months).

What does this mean?

It means they are holding out hope he returns. Or, they are keeping the market open.

Did some digging and it sounds like the Warriors aren’t just looking at Bell as an expiring contract. They want him on the team, and it’s going to take a good deal for Bell to be involved. They want a defender and a locker room guy in addition to someone who can play. They like Bell a lot. And even if he doesn’t play this year, Warriors insiders say they are looking at Bell for next season, too.

Marcus Thompson

  • Swopa

    Of course they want him back — he brings nearly all of Jax’s positives (defense, 3-point shooting, overall toughness/competitiveness) without being the drama queen Jax was.

    From the time of his trade demand, Jackson sent an absolutely poisonous message to Monta and the other W’s that the most important thing was to feel sorry for yourself and blame other people for the team’s woes.

    Just by playing in one game, Bell sent the exact opposite message — that no matter what legitimate individual excuses you might have, you pitch in for the sake of the team.

    You could almost see the light bulbs go on in everyone’s head (especially Monta’s) that the selfish, self-pitying Jax way wasn’t the way it had to be.

  • taffy

    Marcus, if they like Raja so much I wonder why they turned down the offer for Marco Belinelli and Kelenna Azubuike a few months ago.

    I wouldn’t mind him on the team.

  • Marues8

    Raja could play on my team any day of the week. And some good evidence is that one of the smartest players in the league wanted him as his running mate.

    The Warriors’ real problem right now is that they have no real point guard for him to play alongside. They have two in the making: one in Iversonian mold (9 turnovers last night) and the other in the Nash mold (but much further away from the ideal). They need a good steady veteran point guard to put in to steady the team at crucial times or a point forward to do the same.

    This team has a lof of potential down the line, but while they are getting there they need someone to steady the ship (in the Avery Johnson mold) to hold things together. The turnover rate in the back court is just not acceptable. If you are going to get outrebounded by 20, your backcourt must force substantially more steals than the turnovers it commits.

    Also, the Ws starting forwards are aces from the 3. With Monta going to the basket, they should be getting more 3s.

  • Greg

    The Warriors should do whatever they can to keep Raja for as long as they can. They are just lucky he even wants to be a part of this organization.

  • Greg

    Oh wait, he didn’t really have much say in the matter since he was traded. My bad. I should have said they’ll be lucky if he wants to stick around once his contract is up.

  • robert rowell

    zzzz, i mean, great. so what you’ve got an aging role player? this team needs STARTERS, besides monta, no one else on this team, hurt or not, is a legit NBA starter.

  • A’s in 2010

    As much as I would love to keep him, I doubt Raja signs here next summer. Too many contenders will battle for his services. A March return means about 20 games and then the playoffs for a contender. We should trade him with Maggs for a short contract.

  • Jeremy

    I’m all for resigning Raja since no major free agent has ever come to the Warriors….. ever. The biggest free agent pick ups they have had are Fisher and Maggette. Not exactly murderer’s row there, so essentially cap room is fairly useless unless the goal is to bring in role players.

    As someone mentioned, he brings everything positive about Jackson’s game without having to deal with the turnovers, arguing with refs instead of getting back on D, etc. Plus being an exceptional role player, he could be something other teams want in return in a deal.