Raja Out 3 Months At Least

The team  announced Raja Bell is out at least three months after successful surgery to repair ligament damage in his left wrist.

The next six weeks, Bell’s wrist will be immobilized. If everything is clear at that point, he will begin rehabilitation. The Warriors are thinking that based on Bell’s history and work ethic, he could be back in in March. That is optimism at its best, but that is what they are saying now (remember, before it was four weeks or four to five months).

What does this mean?

It means they are holding out hope he returns. Or, they are keeping the market open.

Did some digging and it sounds like the Warriors aren’t just looking at Bell as an expiring contract. They want him on the team, and it’s going to take a good deal for Bell to be involved. They want a defender and a locker room guy in addition to someone who can play. They like Bell a lot. And even if he doesn’t play this year, Warriors insiders say they are looking at Bell for next season, too.

Marcus Thompson