Nelson to miss 5-game trip; Morrow out Saturday

Warriors coach Don Nelson, still feeling the effects of pneumonia, was advised not to go on the upcoming five-game road trip that begins Monday at Oklahoma City.

“The last thing you want is a setback,” Nelson said after practice Friday. “I have to take the advice from the guys who know more than I do.”

In addition, the Warriors will be without guard Anthony Morrow on Saturday night’s game against Orlando. Morrow will miss the game due to a death in his family. He will rejoin the team for practice on Sunday and won’t miss any games on the road trip.

Nelson, who will coach the Warriors game Saturday, was “strongly advised” by the team doctors and general manager Larry Riley to not make the trip. He coached Thursday night’s loss to Houston, his first game back since being diagnosed with pnuemonia – which kept him out of action for five games.

But Nelson reported dizziness, excessive warmth and perspiration Thursday night and Friday morning. Because of that, plus Nelson’s penchant for not always adhering to medical advice, Riley decided to have a long talk with Nelson about sitting out the trip.

Riley emphasized the urging was solely out of concern for Nelson’s health.

“It’s about his health and it’s about the fact this is a difficult trip,” Riley said, latter adding, “I want him back. I want him to take this time while we are on this trip. We come back sometime after the middle of December. By that period of time, I expect him to be fully recovered.”

Assistant coach Keith Smart will once again assume the role of acting head coach during the road trip.

Marcus Thompson

  • Wait, he was AT practice?! I thought he was told to stay away?!

  • commish

    I think Riley meant to say the health of the team and helping Nelson to get his meaningless record. Any coach who could lose the way he lost last night should be sidelined indefinitely. He continues to undermine the team when it matters with small ball and won’t rest his best player(s) so they can perform late in the game. It is as if he has learned absolutely nothing from every mistake he’s made over the last year. It is just disgusting we have to put up with this old fool and his iron grip on the team and assistants, not to mention Riley’s and Rowell’s scrotums.

  • robert rowell

    #2 for the record, smart hasn’t exactly rested monta either. he averaged 40 mins in all 5 games smart coached, (48, 44, 35, 42, 30)

    let’s face it. it doesn’t matter who is on the sidelines at this point. your mother could coach the team to similar results.

  • A’s in 2010

    I hope this is Riley seeing what us fans saw. Nellie lost us the Rocket game. Keep him away! Maggs at center killed us, that 3rd quarter group should have come back in the game at the 8 min mark of the 4th. Nellie has lost it.

  • Jeremy

    Morrow being out pretty much eliminates any chance of the Warriors winning… not that there was much of one to begin with.

  • Sarunas

    Maggs at center or anywhere seems to be a losing formula. If we could lose him and get our guys healthy and ultimately Raja back, I’d really be curious of how we could do. As a side note, we should really be 2-0 with Houston. Opening night was one thing, but this loss was the most defeating and disappointing i have seen in years, literally…

  • Marques8

    The Houston game? Get some perspective. Coaching isn’t the problem on this team. Not many coaches could have put a plan together to keep what’s left of this team competitive. Clue in. Smart wasn’t the guy who did it.

    What the writers don’t seem to be writing is that the combo of real players who are injured and players acquired to dump for salary purposes is killing this team. When you have this many real players go down, maybe you have to dump one of those imaginary guys like Claxton or George and get another real player.

  • earl monroe

    My perspective on this is the same as when the season began, this a rebuilding
    season, expect lots of mistakes by rookies, expect up and down games, we should see some improvement by the end of the year.

  • Marques8

    This is a response to your story on finishing games. In Dallas, as Nash and Nowitski developed, the team went through these same struggles and then in the turning point year, a team that had lost a lot more than it had won started to win games in the second half of the season. The Mavs finished .500 that year and were off. The question with Nellie seems to be whether he still has it. Well, I would say he does–the guys without character are gone already and players with great potential have replaced them. What kills me about Nellie criticism is that he’s always run down as some kind of low breed character. If that is true, why is it he puts teams together, with a couple of exceptions, made up of guys with strong character. All of his mulitiple year winning teams were like this count. Count em up.

  • pete blunt

    It was a joy watching the Dubs without Nellie coaching.Now if we can just rid ourselves of CM and Nellie I would pay to see the Dubs lose because I like basketball not small ball.
    In the second half against Houston Nelson did not play Rad or Hunter until it was too late. Rad and Hunter had provided rebounding and shot blocking until then. Once they were removed from the game by Nellie, Houstons point guard headed straight for the basket and did not stop until the game was over and we lost. Thanks Nellie for douing what you always do, prove that you are the boss even though your small ball is a complete and utter failure.

  • Thanks for this information. My sister has been wondering about this topic for a while.