Monta v. Thabo

So, the Oklahoma Thunder has a plan for guard Monta Ellis – Thabo Sefolosha.

Sefolosha has emerged as a defensive stopper for the Thunder. Because OKC has Durant and Westbrook and Green dominating the shots, Sefolosha can focus soley on defense. An athletic 6-foot-7, 215-pound swingman, he’s become pretty good on that end of the court.

He drew praise for his defense against Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and Brandon Roy, . Bryant had 26 on 11-for-23 FGs. Wade had 22 on 6-for-19 FGs with six turnovers. Brandon Roy had 16 on 5-for-17 FGs.

If someone can contain Ellis, that would be a huge blow to the Warriors offense, because so much of it is focused on Ellis making plays. But this could work to the Warriors’ advantage.

Teams had begun doubling Ellis to take the ball out of Ellis hands. That caused some problems for the Warriors because it forced someone else to create. The Warriors don’t have anyone who can create offense consistently. Denver did it well, often bringing an athletic big man over to trap Ellis. The Warriors did well when Vlad went off in the first quarter. After that, no one else was able to step up.

But if Sefolosha is feeling himself, and the Thunder trust him to leave him on an island against, Ellis, the Warriors might prefer that better. It’s hard to believe anyone can guard Ellis one-on-one.

Ellis is averaging 28.9 points, 5.6 assists and 5.4 turnovers since Jackson was traded to Charlotte.



Guard Anthony Morrow was not at practice on Sunday evening. The team said he would join the team in Oklahoma City on Sunday. But plans changed, and Morrow was expected to arrive in Oklahoma City in the afternoon today. As of 1 p.m. CST, Morrow was in Detroit waiting on a connecting flight.

If he arrives, he is expected to play though he did not practice Sunday.

Marcus Thompson

  • Should be an interesting matchup. Thabo probably can’t STOP him, but he can cause problems. This guy is All-Defensive Team material.

  • Greg

    I hope Sefolosha is isn’t “feeling himself” during the game. I don’t want to watch that!

  • Jeremy

    Won’t matter… the team can’t match up with Green/Durant and they’ll have a field day just like they did last year. Was at the heartbreaker Green dropped on the Warriors late last year. The Warriors have no one with the size, strength, and athletic ability to even pretend to matchup with either of those guys.

  • commish

    My comment is only somewhat related to your theme. Basically how is Monta not stopable towards the end of EVERY game because he is so spent. I just read this article in RealGm.com about how Toronto is developing a good chemistry based on its depth:


    Exactly who did we get for Marco? Also reading that NY might move Al since his value is pretty high now. Exactly who did we end up with for Al? This is just all so painful how absolutely stupid and incompetent our FO is along with Nelson’s whims of who he likes and doesn’t like.

  • 808SPacific

    Great game against the Thunder W’s!

    Christmas is the time to give not receive, so please, we will give you Mag’s! Give us three big stockings and we will fill it free with our owner, GM and Nellie!

  • earl monroe

    Out rebounded and Randolph sitting on the bench, is he hurt?
    Can this team really win with Watson playing 48 minutes?
    Are they featuring him for a trade?
    Smart is coaching just like Nelson, is this a good thing?

  • A’s in 2010

    Who starts 3 PGs together when that’s our only 3 guards available??? omg, we need a real coach.

  • earl monroe

    Smart out smarted himself…….. Watson shouldn’t get 48 minutes even in the D-league- this kind of coaching is not defensible (pun)

  • A’s in 2010

    A Green/Durant/Krstic frontline, most coaches would look at our roster and start AR/Vlad/Mikki(or Hunter). I know Monta did a repectable job on Durant but c’mon. You had Harden abusing our PGs, Green getting all the off boards he wants. Our ONLY big on the floor boxes out while we expect our tiny guards to get all the rebounds? Sheesh…