Anthony Randolph is Back

Randolph is with the team now, meaning he could play tonight. It’s up to Keith Smart, who could give Randolph a night off considering the emotional roller coaster he’s been on. But Randolph might want to play, and Smart will need the minutes out of him.

Randolph came straight to New Jersey and stayed here while the team was in New York, according to a team official.

Marcus Thompson

  • DW

    There’s just not enough bodies to worry about his emotional state. He has to play. Besides he’s not a boy anymore he’s a man, do your job no matter what the family situation is.

  • me8

    you mean anthony morrow?

  • Sarunas

    Randolph or Morrow? Sounds like the other Anthony. What did I miss about Randolph? Is he any more emotional than on every other day?

  • Sarunas

    PS- unrelated, but why can’t we start Hunter and send Busta Rhymes to the bench? Mikki seems like nice enough a guy, but he is just so useless out there…
    Hunter has been a beast…
    Heaven forbid our big is big. Magette at Center is my favorite move up our sleeve!

  • 808SPacific

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks Mikki is useless, even though he is a nice guy I admit.

    He had some dunks last night which was nice for him, but anyone know what’s up with the the “Three fingers” on each hand pointing to each other is?????
    Is he trying to flash the amount of dunks he is trying to get???

  • warriornab

    i think u got ur anthonys mixed up MT lol…anthony morrow wasnt playing because of the funeral he had to attend and plus he missed the flight to OKC so he missed that game also