Live chat with Stephen Curry today at 1:30 p.m.!

Just another reminder to join us today (Thursday, Dec. 10) for a live chat with Warriors rookie Stephen Curry at 1:30 p.m. PST, sponsored by Cal men’s and women’s basketball.

The chat, orginally set for 12:30, had to be pushed back to 1:30 when the Warriors’ practice time in Chicago was changed.

This chat sponsored by Cal men’s and women’s basketball:

Jon Becker

  • Jeremy

    Hey MTII I missed the chat but reading through it I noticed you said both that the Warriors need to make a trade and that you think they need to move Maggette.

    How do you think Monta will react to another big deal? Do you think he would again be upset if they moved Maggette or even Beidrins too?

    So far he has proven to be a pretty emotional guy, and, as you mentioned, he did not take it well when Baron, Jackson, Barnes, and Big Al moved on. IMO, it shows management’s commitment to building a team around him, but it also means some of his friends may be casualties.

    My idea:

    Toronto gets: Andris Biedrins, Tyrus Thomas, Brandon Wright, Speedy Claxton, Chi 1st round pick in ’10

    Chicago gets: Chris Bosh, Corey Maggette, Patrick O’Bryant, Ronny Turiaf

    GSW gets: Luol Deng, Brad Miller, Kirk Hinrich, Antoine Wright

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Just read over the transcript. Curry has a good sense of humor.

    Also, that six handicap… ouch. I thought I was good at golf, but Steph is a few strokes better than me :(.

  • 808SPacific

    If Nellie did ever step down, PLEASE do not let Keith Dumb take over. What a Nellie clone he is.

    Mags: 6 for 18 shooting.
    Morrow: 4 for 17 shooting.
    Curry, shit forgot his awesome shooting stats.
    What the use keeping Morrow in when he is that cold? He certainly is not a defensive specialist, and neither is Mags. But Smart dummy continues to leave them in the game.

    AR shoots two air balls, and Dummy yanks him the rest of the game. AR got a better chance to block shots and rebound more than the other two.

    Bulls announcers even wondering why Smart continued with small line up. Quoting, “Why is Smart continuing with this small lineup when the W’s are shooting so poorly? You have no chance of getting an offensive rebound with that lineup”.

    Even greater new for us W fans.
    ESPN NBA, Aldrige quoted: With the upcoming free agency this Summer, agents representing the majority of the players are saying DO NOT play for Golden State.
    Not to many people surprise I guess.

  • Jeremy

    I only caught the first quarter on TV last night… but I still can’t understand why Randolph only gets 19 min in a game like that where he is such a perfect matchup against the Bulls. Just from looking at the box score, Vlad and Morrow shot horribly, and Moore turned the over a bunch while Randolph had a well rounded line and shot 50%. How is there not another 10 minutes for him every game with only 8 healthy bodies and 3 of them playing so poorly? Just boggles the mind… this kid is never going to get better like this.

    He’s committed himself and his time to the Warriors and to getting better, why can’t the Warriors make the same commitment back? This is just another one of the many reasons why the Warriors will never sign a major free agent…

  • pathetic team

    This organization continues on its downward spiral. All the talent is gone from three years ago and continue to trade good players for mediocre to non-NBA caliber types.

    This is plain highway robbery by the Warrior ownership and front office. There are loyal fans and season ticket holders who continue to recieve poor product. There is continued instability and in-fighting from Management to the rank and file.

    Next to be traded will be Monta Ellis for a tier 2 or 3 player. The Warriors consistently do not have a plan and strategy. It seems to be a cost cutting endeavor often trading good players for expiring contracts that result in dead ends and not signing decent players for the savings.

    I am glad I sold all my tickets.

    Pathetic team!!

  • manhattanproj


    couldn’t make the chat on thurs. but there is a question that i want to ask curry.

    why has he struggled to score so much in the nba? he was such a prolific scorer in college, and that was one of his big plus coming out as well as his jump shot. then you look at a guy like tyreke evans who was half the player that curry is in college, but scoring at will in the nba, without even a jump shot.

    lack of athleticism has something to do with it. but he’s not making the shots that i’ve seen him make in college. for someone who is highly touted as a jump shooter coming out, he seems to have his scouting report flipped with brandon jennings.

    his passing surprises me somewhat, in a good way. but the fact that he isn’t scoring is hurting the team somewhat and is the biggest disappointment of his through the 1st 1/4 of the season.

  • tim

    I have a 1993 D Curry Charollte “6th man” jersey. signed by all team. interested?