Nobody On Warriors Untouchable

Did some digging after YahooSports! Ruined my flight back home after a 10-day, five-game road trip with news about the Warriors shopping Randolph (C’mon, Woj!). According to a team source, and a few sources from other teams, Randolph is on the block.

Just a few weeks ago — when all the drama about Monta Ellis’ agent meeting with the team to potentially discuss a trade — I was told by a trusted team source that Randolph, along with rookie guard Stephen Curry and second-year shooting guard Anthony Morrow, were all untouchable. Now, I’m told by a Warriors insider that no one is untouchable. Everyone is on the market.

Even Randolph, the potential-laden second-year man the Warriors touted as the centerpiece of their young core.

Even Curry, the prized No. 7 pick who the Warriors coveted so much they reportedly passed on Amare Stoudemire

Even Ellis, who perhaps could become the Warriors first All-Star since 1997.

I will say this with certainty – Randolph would welcome a trade. He would be none short of happy. I’ve heard that from several people close to him.

Why the change in plan?

 Several factors. The primary one, I think, is that the team is underperforming, especially Randolph. Certainly, his attitude and lack of attention to detail has worn thin. It was expected that with Nellie out of the picture for five games, Smart — who has been working with Randolph one-on-one since he came into the league — would play Randolph. The fact that Smart didn’t, instead started Vladimir Radmanovic over Randolph and even played Chris Hunter ahead of Randolph on occasion, suggests Randolph is running out of allies in the organization.

From Randolph’s perspective, how could he flourish when he is so handcuffed? Certainly, from the outside looking in, he is held to a different standard than the other players. His mistakes get him yanked, and others’ don’t. His poor shots reduce his minutes, while others get to chuck away unimpeded. When he doesn’t rebound, it’s problem. But the Warriors are the worst-rebounding team in the league, so clearly he isn’t the only one not rebounding.

Randolph lately had been trying to tone down his game, and the results show in his lack of turnovers, which assuredly he thought would get him more time (when I asked him about it, he just gave me a look and dished out the company line).

Perhaps GM Larry Riley sees the impasse and concluded that it would be best for everyone to if they found him a new home, especially if he can help them get the difference maker they covet. And they still have Brandan Wright in tow, who is ahead of Randolph in the eyes of some on the Warriors’ staff.

One Eastern Conference executive told me Randolph isn’t the hot commodity he once was. He’s closer to a big payday but not closer to maxing out the potential he’s known for having. His attitude and effort cause concerns, too.

There was no question Curry was untouchable. Nelson and Riley said it publicly. But Curry’s struggles in the first month-plus and the rise of Ellis no doubt made Riley realize he can indeed live without Curry. I’m told they still want Curry and really like him as a player and person. But if he can help them get somebody they want, they are now willing to do it.

I still think they don’t want to trade Morrow. He doesn’t appear to have the upside Randolph has, but they love his work ethic, his attitude and his special gift.


There is also this: putting everybody on the table could mean Riley has been striking out. Three of his key pawns are hurt (Biedrins, Wright, Azubuike), two out for the year. If he is going to lure an Amare Stoudemire, a David West, a Chris Bosh, a Caron Butler or whoever, he probably learned it’s going to take more.

But why Ellis in the mix?

His trade value will likely never be higher. You almost have to see what he gets you, right?

But an Ellis trade is risky. His current play is only showing you need multiple stars. Why consider giving up the one sure one you have? Seems they did that already. (Imagine Baron and Monta together now)

To be sure, though, when you’re 7-17, the smart thing to do is to investigate every possible move.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ryan

    WTF- Why the face?

  • 1-7 in the last 8 games. Panic much, Warriors? Better planning and league/player relations would avoid these annual forays into Epic Suck.

  • OliverStone

    Why is it the Wariors are never dealing from a position of strength? Harrington-Crawford-Jackson- now Randolph – next! Devalue your asset first then seek a trade, great strategy.

  • Beau

    Why is Ellis on the table? Because you can’t build a championship team around 6’3″ combo guards who can’t go left. He’s a good player, without a doubt. Best player on a championship team, hell no! It’s the Jamison thing all over again. Scoring 25 points a game on a team that might (MIGHT!) win 25 games is not evidence of superstar, build your team around him, level. In fact, it proves just the opposite. He’d be a great 2nd option to a Lebron, Kobe, etc, etc. He still doesn’t really make his teammates better. Packaging him and Biendrins makes the most sense financially and for the future. You get something you can place with Curry and Randolph. Curry, eventually, will be the type of player that makes everyone better, and Randloph is such a physical freak with an intriguing skill set matched only by a few others his size, you can’t get rid of him yet.

    Can’t trade Randolph or Curry unless it’s for a franchise changer, and Bosh, Butler, West, and even Stoudemire are not franchise changers.

  • jsl

    I get it: Trade ALL our young core, and play with Maggette, Rado, Watson, and George. Yeah! That’d be fun.

    Or, let’s re-up the Fat Man and Smart — since they’re just SO great not only at teaching, game coaching, but in their deft handling of rotations. (Always nice to wait till the game’s lost — now, early in Q2 — before putting AR in; that’s why Nelson’s a Hall of Fame coach. Hey, and why is Monta only playing 48 minutes a game?)

    Gee, why does it feel like 1995 all over again? Oh, I know, because we have the world’s dumbest, most classless and clueless owner — the inimitable Chris Cohan. Oh, lucky us!

  • I love the 2 comment above, they are exactly spot on.

    Our franchise (The Warriors) has horrible front office/player/management relations.

    I am no stickler, but We got Rid of St. Jean, brought in Mullin (he made moves and brought in great draft picks) We started to have a great upside, things were looking better.

    But…then we let Baron Davis go…and he clearly was our STAR, and very special player. Since then, we’ve devalued everyone, and brought nothing back in return.

    JRICH for…who? (B.Wright)
    Baron for…who? (Nothing)
    Crawford for…who?
    Belinelli for…(George?!)
    Jackson for…Who?

    We’re a farm league NBA team.

    Nelli refused to play a convention 2 bigman rotation THAT WILL HELP us rebound and play DEF better, and the organization refuses to actually go after bigmen in general!

    WE HAD PLENTY OF TALENTED GUARDS in the past several years!!! We had plenty of TALENT in the past several years, We can no longer blame the players for lack luster performances when the people in charge consistently show they will turn their back on a PERSON!

    Or ownership & management show no will or desire to build a better team, they don’t respect the fans by the product they put on the court, and the prices that they charge for the product we receive as fans is simply highway robbery. We need to DEMAND more.

    I’m sick of it, and it aggravates me as a fan to even have to read nothing but negativity all the time about the Warriors, and all signs point to the top, then filter down to the players.

    Have some respect for the fans and stop ripping us off! Show some loyalty to people who have contributed to the organizations bright side!

    Tim Hardaway retired a heat!? Mullin fired by the Warriors(of course there are plenty more), Let’s be serious, most of our greatest players happily wipe their hands clean of the Warriors when it’s all said and done.

    The Warriors as an organization owe the fans a lot more considering the support and investment we’ve made to them financially! We need to demand it.

  • OliverStone

    22% decline in revenue with a bullet (in the wrong direction)!!! (or depending how you look at it, the right direction?)

  • Tony

    So at the beginning of the summer, we were told by Bobby Rowell himself that the playoffs were the goal and that Stephen Jackson was being paid “considerably less” than reported. The Jackson turd reached flaming paper bag status and we were told that the youth, yes definitely this group of young players, would be the key to getting back to the promised land. Now just a few months later and everyone is on the block? I’m tired of being insulted. F these guys.

  • Bleep

    JSL, I’m sure they’d trade Maggette if they could. That his name is not even mentioned is more evidence that Riley is striking out interesting other teams. Alas, players on bad teams are always seen as less desirable than players on good teams. The warriors need another team feeling the pressure to get something done, no matter who they dangle.

  • J Canseco

    Woe is us.

  • Rirruto

    The problem is the coach. Why is Nellie the only untouchable coach after Phil Jackson? Nellie’s “plan” is the joke of the league. No one wants to come here. No one wants to stay here (except Maggette). The Warriors are hopeless until they get a coach who employs something more traditional.

  • warriornab

    Randolph and Ellis for Chris paul….man if new orleans would do that i’d jump on that asap! sigh

  • Latrell Sprewell

    Blow this mother up! I’m sick and tired of this dysfunctional team, Nelson’s small ball tactics, Rowell’s stupidity, and Cohan’s reign.

  • Mr B

    Randolph – Lots of upside but poor attitude. Seem uncoachable in that he does not follow instructions. Give him an “A” for effort but “D” on execution and thought process. He is young though.

    Curry – This guy is a puzzle. Great pedigree, college background and experience, has all the potential to be a Chris paul or better. But he is sometimes careless with the ball, butterfingers at times but mostly careless and sloppy in passing. He had great shooting percentage in college but dismal with the Warriors. Again maybe attributed to youth and need for more seasoning. Basketball is in this guy and should walk onto the court with confidence if not cocky.

    Warriors – too early for a fire sale but clearly need some veteran and talent to help Ellis and current roster.

  • warriornab

    actually randolph, ellis, and maggette for chris paul and okafor works…but new orleans wont budge or would they?

  • J Canseco

    Why on earth would Chris Paul want to come here?

  • Optimus

    There are just too many injuries to overcome. Time to tank and hope for a difference maker via the draft.

    Im with Riley: unless your name is Kobe, Lebron or Dwight Howard then you are touchable. Every player in the NBA could be had for the right price. I would say maybe 5 players in the league are untouchable, let alone the Warriors.

  • 10 healthy bodies last night.

  • Health every season, huh?
    Maybe it’s time to restaff the medical and conditioning staff then.

  • Fierce South

    Warrior players must be ecstatic.

  • Warriors saving at least $10 million in insurance on Claxton/Azubuike/Bell and cash for George in the Belinelli trade.

    They’re fine even if gate proceeds aren’t.

    Houston is missing McGrady and Yao and…

  • markdash

    Let’s face it, guys. Nobody on the Warriors is good enough to be considered “untouchable,” especially when you consider the Warriors’ record.

    If they were actively shopping these players, desperately trying to make a trade, that would be another story. But I doubt that’s the case; the Warriors are just keeping their options open, as they should.

  • Fierce South

    The Warriors front office only worries about maximizing their revenue-to-win ratio.

    So they constantly fail to make the playoffs and alienate key players and the fanbase. They could care less, as long as they’re profitable.

    Winning playoff games, competing for championships, and having a viable long range plan is outside of their lexicon.

  • commish

    When I was on the fence about renewing, I guess hope led me to re-up for half the season. But this has been, relatively speaking of course, an unmitigated disaster. Every trade has been generated by Nelson’s dislikes after he devalues the player(s) in question. Then Riley attempts to clean up the mess. The trades are bitterly personal and or aimed at saving Cohan money. Sadly for we fans, even if we don’t renew, can’t really hurt Cohan’s bottom line due to some of the trades and the money he gets from the NBA. Basically we have no leverage and just have to accept our fate. I wish it were different, but just the notion of trading Randolph, and Ellis before him until he blew up his stats, is just Nelson’s payback and Cohan’s greed. So, from that dreadful and depressing perpective, what real difference will it make. Of course Randolph wants out; who the hell wouldn’t. I’d like to get out of my tickets too if I could. But Cohen, Rowell and Nelson has destroyed their value just as they’ve destroyed the value of the team and franchise. Rowell laughed when he heard what Forbes had valued the Dubs at ($350M). But my guess is the value will continue to drop. So while Cohan pads his bottom line year in and year out, the overall value of the team drops. So somewhere down the line everything he’s done will come to roost if indeed he sells the team. At least I hope there will be that kind of karma he must pay for the “horrors” he has inflicted on us.

  • robert rowell

    CC i’ll finish your sentence… and they’re winning. hmmm… a mystery, i mean with all the geniuses we have running this sad sack franchise…

  • some guy

    Monta Ellis is a star like Antawn, Hughes, Abdur-Rahim, Al Jefferson and Kevin Martin are or were “stars”. He’s putting up #’s on a bad team inefficiently while basically reducing his teammates to standing around and taking a shot once every 6 minutes.

    Baron Davis sucks now. has lost a step. which means the sad truth is that no matter what they did, the dubs were going to suck. and barring a Lebron or Shaq can’t miss lottery luck, no matter what they do in the future, they’ll suck.

  • Phil

    Who could blame Jackson for wanting to get away from this horrible franchise? Looks like the other players want to leave as well. especially Steph Curry…

  • Zeke

    How is Randolph underperforming? His PER is a shade under 19 and they’re better with him on the court. This is all Nellie.

  • warriornab


  • warriornab


  • Twinkie defense

    Chris Paul and filler for Monta and AR4 – get it done!

  • I paid forthe NBA Package?

    Randolph is Garnett on any other team. Like we have anything better to do that run him 48mins. He goes 10/7 in 25mins already. But yeah, Vlad is a real difference maker.

  • I paid forthe NBA Package?

    Get rid of Randolph and whatever is left of this franchise is gone. The owners need to get together and remove Cohen.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Been saying for awhile now that no Warrior is untouchable, as we have very few players who would be part of what I consider a real team.

    Formula for a winning team (players only):
    PG – Must be at least 6 feet and 185 pounds, have at least three years in the league, assist to turnover ratio of 3:1, can create off the dribble, defend the position and can shoot the open outside shot.
    SG – Must be at least 6’5″ and 200 lbs, can handle the rock well enough to take presure off the PG, can average 20 pts, 4 rebs and 4 assts/night, can defend quick wings.
    SF – Must be at least 6’7″ and 220 lbs, isn’t a ballhandling liability, has good court vision, can light it up for 20 a night, while averaging at least 6 pulls a game and can defend bigger, longer wings.
    PF – Must be at least 6’9″ and 240 lbs, can run the pick and roll, can shoot out to 15 feet while averaging 15 points and 9 boards/game, isn’t afarid to get dirty down low, knows how to double team and is a good weak-side shot blocker.
    C – Must be at least 6’11” and 250 lbs, can kick the ball out to a perimeter player when needed from the block, can score with a variety of post moves, is a strong side shot blocker/changer and can put up a solid double double every night.

    Back-up PG must be able to run team smoothly and have a go-to shot, while defending adequately.
    Back-up SG must be a lights-out outside shooter.
    Back-up SF can be many things, but is either a defensive stopper or an all-around utility man(jack of all trades, master of none).
    Back-up PF should be the scrappy, relentless hustler who provides energy, rebounds and loves to mix it up.
    Back-up C should be a big body who can shoot a bit from the outside and can make free throws after drawing contact.

    Only Morrow as a backup SG, Rony Turiaf as a back-up PF and Chris Hunter as a backup C qualify for this formula. That tells me everyone else could/should be traded.

    Blow this team up now! We are kidding ourselves to think this team, or anything reselmbling this team, is building itself as a contender in the future.

  • Ken

    “He’s still underrated,” Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant(notes) said about Monta Ellis. “I know how good he is and all his peers know how good he is. But he’s not wind-milling and dunking over people, so he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.”

  • mike fountila

    why trade monta is my question???i would rather trade curry and morrow for chris paul…i bet new orleans would love that!!!!i say with monta and chris paul you will have the back court of the future!!!

    you guys are trippin if you think monta eliis is the reason we suck….he is he reason were competetive on some nights….

  • Gizzm

    Biedrins, AR, Maggette, Curry
    for Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon please.

  • A’s in 2010

    This is what happens when you have a young roster and a couple of dinosaurs running the team. Nellie is 1000 years old, the geezer could drop dead at any moment. They don’t care about the future. Randolph needs a front office with some patience. This sucks.

  • The Toronto rumors of last year are back. It’s going to happen now. The gambling fools portend clearly.

  • MavsFannodrama

    why, it’s looking desperate in warrior town…
    why, i believe things are looking mighty wrong
    why, the slogan we believe needs not, to be applied here
    why, marcus buddy, i believe the warriors are becoming the princesses soon buddy

  • It’s happened.
    The Mavs fans have recovered.

    That’ll do her.

  • lobo

    kids with talent do not belong in this cesspool coached by fatso. yeah, they are paid well, but will never reach their level of potential and for that i have some feeling for them we deserve george, turiaf, etc types…here for a check, broken down, some faker’s etc. fatso wants the older guys as HE knows they are here for a check and won’t give him a hard time

  • earl monroe

    This is just reflective of a coaching staff that is unable to deal with rebuilding and teaching young talent.
    If they treat Randolph with some consistency they might have something. Do they realize how young this guy is?
    Why would you break up the young guys now? to get to 35 wins this year? And can you really get some players
    that will make a difference right now? And even if by some miracle they make the playoffs, what would be the

    The issue right now is a team without discipline, they are not require to move the ball, there is really no system on offense or defense, the young players often are just standing around looking puzzled.

    The guy who is a luxury right now is Morrow, unless his feet and handle improve, he is a great shooter on a team unable to find him. Like a gun without bullets.

    The fans want to see Randolph play, they want to see Curry run the offense, they want to see Morrow getting the ball, they want the team sharing the ball, none of this will happen with this coaching staff. In order for any of the young core to grow up they have to play together, its all the trying to mix vets with rookies that is making this situation untenable.

    The set play calling is horrific and often badly timed, how many times have Nelson and Smart called isolation plays for Maggette on the wing just to have a bad shot taken or a last second pass made by him?

    The coaches see what they think is a mismatch, but in reality its often not, because the decision making by Magette, and Jackson before him has usually been flawed, and led to bad shots or bad passes.

    This team is losing just as much because of the veterans as the rookies.

    Trading Randolph is a solution? How about coaching him and teaching him and counseling him? If the coaches cannot get thru to
    him, they are as much the problem as the solution.

    Rowell and Cohan, if you have any guts get rid of Riley and Nelson before they decimate this franchise even more, clean house,
    Cohan, while you are at it get rid of Rowell now.

    The only person who can take control of this is Cohan, unlikely though.

  • al d

    PLEASE don’t trade Curry. He’s our best player right now! Don’t trade Randolph either, he’s killing guys, all he needs is time and a competent center, coach.

    Ellis takes way too many bad shots and won’t pass. Trade him, Please. The Warriors need to stop playing this Nellie small ball and get some legitimate low post players, we’re living and dying with jumpers. Big teams just wear us out.

  • clutchcargo

    If the Warriors want to get better they will get rid of Don Nelson and everyone above him instead of continually getting rid of the players that might make this team good with solid management.
    You could easily create an All-Star team of ex-Warriors and this has been true for over a decade now.

  • kobe24

    The Warriors Org. must be all blind to let a Nellie, Rowell and the rest of so called staff make any decisions at all. The blindman leading another blind man to cross a busy street.

    This franchise should just move.
    Enough is enough and I thought Stering’s Clippers were bad.
    These guys are worst.

    I hope they lose all of their games from now on.
    I don’t want Nellie to get that record.

    GO Lakers!!!!

  • Jeremy

    Why again did Chris Mullin get ousted? These guys are shmucks…

    Oh and F the lakers.

  • Wilson

    A suggestion to Cohan:

    Know how you could energize the fans? Fire up the ticket buying public? Give hope to the players? Ratchet up the value of the franchise?

    Fire Rowell. Fire Nelson and Smart. Bring in a good young coach.

    Seriously. This ain’t working, dude. Trading players is not the answer. It’s your only hope.

  • kobe24

    Who are we watching again??? I thought we always watch the players and not the coaches…

    Why is it always with a Nellie team that we always have some sort of issue.
    Why are we watching this fat, drunkass, no good lying SOB, thinking he is a basketball god still…
    His fatass needs to retire and dissappear or something like that.

    Fire Nelson, Riley, Smart NOW and then fire Rowell.
    Cohan sell the team to Mullie’s group afterwards.
    You guys suck bad and that’s no joke!!!!

  • 808SPacific

    What a freaking joke this Warrior Organization is.
    If anyobdy should go, it should be Nellie, Smart, and Rowell.

    For some of the guys on this blog: What are you guys smoking? Pass some to me! You really think guys like Bosh and Amare want to play for Nellie?

    It was made public a few weeks ago on ESPN that the agents for the majority of stars like Bosh etc…Told those guys NOT to play for Golden State.

    Wasn’t is before the season Amare came out and said he DID NOT want to play for Golden State?? Shit! The guy is not that stupid. Rumors were Bosh somehow playing with D-Wade.

    Christ sakes it not the players on the W’s, it the freaking coaching. This small ball shit sucks!!!!!!!!!
    Especially when you can’t score the damn ball!

    Funny how you hear about Nellie chasing Lenny’s record for wins, and not much about how Nellie is chasing the record for LOSSES as well.

    Like us poor Raider fans dealing with Al, we gotta deal with Nellie.

    This truly sucks!!!!

  • warriorfan

    When Don cut Jason Richardson that was the beginning of the end. Who do we have any more that’s any good? Its been a fire sale since the minute we traded J Rich. Mitch Richmond for Billy Owens all over again. I hate you Nelson!

  • warriornab

    stop playing for the future…hell who cares about the future we’ll all be dead anyway! blow this whole thing up…get a superstar and a byron scot

  • lobo

    randolph’s agent says randolph is open to a trade………PLEASE list your favorite understatement here…anyone ever hear of anyone who was not thrilled about getting the h-ll out of here…..

  • Warriors B. Good

    Corey Maggette for Marcus Camby!