Mikki Moore Succumbs to Bone Spurs – Finally

He held on as long as he could, but center Mikki Moore is now going to have surgery to repair bone spurs in his right heal. The Warriors are down three centers.

Could that mean Anthony Randolph is back in the starting lineup? Nelson said he would lean on Randolph more. Remember, the last time he played at home, Randolph set a career high against Dwight Howard.

We first reported this back on Dec. 1. Mikki told me the bone spur was causing him significant pain as it was digging into his Achilles tendon. He said that was the reason his dunks were getting blocked (like it did at Philadelphia) because he couldn’t jump without pain. He knew then it would take surgery to fix the problem, which has plagued him since last season. But Moore said he would deal with the pain and the limited mobility because he didn’t want to leave the injuy-depleted Warriors even more depleted.

MOORE SAID THEN: “I can’t do my guys like that.”

I wasn’t at shootaround. That honor went to my man Curtis Pashelka. Moore wasn’t at shootaround, either, but Pashelka learned that Moore was checked out back East yesterday and is now scheduled to have surgery this week, probably Friday. No word on why Moore is having the surgery now. He probably learned something during that evaluation, or maybe the pain was becoming to much to bear. Either way, the Warriors are now more depleted.

Since the top two centers, Andris Biedrins and Ronny Turiaf, are not back yet — Biedrins’ expected six-week recovery from Osteitis Pubis is up next week, but Nellie said at shootaround that Biedrins and Turiaf aren’t any closer — the loss of Moore likely means more minutes for Anthony Randolph and D-League call-up Chris Hunter. Nelli likes Hunter, especially at home, and he’s been playing Randolph at center primarily. One of those two should start tonight against San Antonio, with Vladimir Radmanovic at PF and Anthony Morrow at SF. That leaves the bench with just forward Corey Maggette, guard C.J. Watson and either Randolph or Hunter.Nellie didn’t say who would start at shootaround today, but he said Randolph should play more. Nelson added that Hunter had bone spurs, too, that weren’t getting better. But Hunter told Pashelka he felt fine.

Actually, now that I think about it, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Nellie started Ellis, Curry, Morrow and Watson with Radmanovic guarding Tim Duncan!

Moore stated 20 of the 23 games, but played limited minutes (17.7 per). He said once he got cold, it was hard for him to get going again because of his aching foot. Mikki gave them minutes, a little leadership and a steady midrange jumper. He went 20 of 28 on the road trip and is shooting 60 percent from the field.

Marcus Thompson

  • Jeremy

    I wouldnt expect anything else than another injury. Will they get another exemption to sign someone else?

  • Depressed W’s Fan

    Is it me, or did that last paragraph sound like a eulogy?

  • kookaburra

    There is a god!

  • Fierce South

    Just watch. If Nelson is forced to play Anthony Randolph extended minutes, and he racks up nice stats as a result, Nelson will take all the credit for Randolph’s performance.

    The truth is that, this season, Randolph has averaged 18.4 points and 10 rebounds in the games he’s played 30 or more minutes according to ESPN. Can’t the W’s see they need to let Randoph play through his mistakes? Why not let him develop? It’s not like they’re winning with Randolph on the bench.

    That said, tonight I won’t be surprised if Nelson starts Chris Hunter.

  • Fierce South

    Maybe at times we’ll also see a front line of Vladimir Radmanovic and Devean George tonight. Definitely a sure sign of the apocalypse.

  • Gizzm

    Can’t wait for RadVlad at the 5 and DGeorge at the 4

    Might as well chuck up 40 threes tonight.

  • Silva

    Definitely agree, playing Randolph is a win-win. He’s the best option big man now, he can increase his trade value and he can develop.
    Why does it have to take an injury to make a no-brainer decision.

  • ECJ

    The warrior are a joke. They blame their poor performance on injuries, but they knowingly traded for 3 players they knew had injury problems (George, Claxton, Bell) and who wouldn’t play for the team. They signed an old free-agent in Moore. Old guys get hurt a lot.

    The team is an embarrassment to the entire Bay Area. Why would any player ever want to come to Oakland? Guys get hurt because they’re overplayed, and they’re forced to play out of position.

    All to save money. And why? To sign a big-named free agent? Ya right! NOBODY worth a damn will make a career decision to come to Golden State. Just ask Gilbert Arenas or Elton Brand. They took significantly less money to play for other teams, who weren’t all that great either (Philly and Washington)

    The fact is, Cohen is just trying to lower his overhead by reducing financial commitments. This organization will NEVER produce anything more than what they’re producing now as long as he’s the owner.

    Fans: STOP BUYING TICKETS.. STOP BUYING MERCHANDISE. The ONLY way to support the Warriors right now is to turn your back on them; its like cutting off a family member who’s on drugs or something. If you want to see them get better, you have to force them to hit rock bottom. Continuing to involve yourself with them in their current state only prolongs the problem.

    Damn, I wish this bozo would sell the team to somebody who has some pride for the Bay Area. Someone who knows how to put winners around him.


  • 808SPacific

    ECJ: Took the words right from my mouth.

    Last night against the Spurs attendance looked 3/4 full if I’m not mistaken. Don’t know what the percentage of them are season ticket holders, but for those who are not season ticket holders, they must really like watching horrible basketball.

    I wouldn’t pay a dime to watch the W’s play right now!

  • The Sear

    I heard that tickets are down 23%, lets make that 50% by the end of the year, that is the only way we might ever get rid of Cohan..

    All you fans that go to games now, just think of yourselves as enablers to Cohan and maybe you will realize that you are part of the problem for the situation we are all in..The only way for this team to get better is to get rid of Cohan..The only way to get rid of Cohan is to NOT GO TO THE GAMES, DON’T BUY MERCHANDISE, DON’T SUPPORT THIS ATROCITY..

    Please help us get rid of the worst owner in pro sports, if you keep supporting him, you are dooming Warrior fans forever, think about it and BOYCOTT COHAN..

  • The Sear

    I am so sorry to see the drooling old goat back behind the bench..This team under him is just such a pathetic joke..No defense, no discipline, and no logical substitution process..Of course there is also the incessant mind games that he loves to play with the young players..

    Nelly please get sick and go away again..

  • Perry

    What can I say that already hasn’t been said 100 times over by myself or other bloggers?……

    Don Nelson is a cancer…..he’s an organizational infiltrator, he infiltrates organizations and spreads his influence over management and ownership. His fingerprints have been all over every single questionable personnel decision since Mullin.

    Larry Riley is a “straw” General Manager…..he’s Alan Glick, the “squeaky clean” front man for Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Robert De Niro) from Casino……..he’s nothing more than a facade……

    The Ownership group are business men first and foremost……I don’t want to be Anti-Semitic, but don’t believe for 1 second that a Jewish business man like Chris Cohan cares about anything more than his bottom line. As long as fans are “entertained” and keep buying tickets……..Cohan is winning.

    The players…….what can I say?

    We know what we have……..a bunch of unproven, cast-off role players that wouldn’t crack the starting 5 of a winning NBA squad…..

    I mean, Anthony Morrow probably wouldn’t crack the 12 man roster of 30% of NBA teams…..just because of his stigma of being undrafted and being a one-dimensional player.

    Ellis is a talented player, always has been, he finishes with both hands on both sides of the basket as well as Tony Parker. He’s got a pretty good mid-range game and when he wants to, he can be a pretty tough defender.

    But the proof is in the pudding, my friends……we have NOT won consistently with Monta Ellis…….

    I’d rather take a rain check and go with an older Chauncey Billups, than take my chances with Ellis throwin’ up 32 shots a game.

    We have no “difference makers”………none……that’s what it takes to become a consistent winning franchise.

    Every team you look at league wide has somebody, even the worst teams have somebody:

    Memphis – Gay
    Indiana – Granger
    New Jersey – Harris

    These names may not strike your ear like “Kobe Bryant” or “D-Wade”……but all in all, is there anyone out there that wouldn’t want Granger or Gay over Randolph…..or Devin Harris over Monta Ellis?

    My point is, ….that we continue to strike out with personnel decisions…….drafts, trades……. all go by and we still don’t improve.

    Remember when everyone was laughing at Dallas when they acquired a guy named Dirk Nowitzki from Milwaukee?……I remember ESPN laughing on air at that deal…..now look who’s laughing.

    We just don’t have the foresight, the management and the ownership to build a winning organization………

    On a completely different note:

    Who died and made Madison Square Garden the “Mecca” of basketball? Every time I hear someone call MSG the “Mecca” of basketball, it just makes me laugh…..I don’t care if Lebron says it or Jesus Christ says it…..it just makes me fucking cringe. Last time the Knicks even sniffed a Championship, people were still wearing bell-bottoms and sideburns and Nixon was in Office.

    The “Mecca” of basketball is the Staples Center in L.A……..

  • kobe24

    Boycott the Warriors until they get rid of Nellie, Rowell, Riley, and now Smart.

    For the life of me why do they worship Nellie like he won something important.
    This guy is a complete joke of a coach.

    I was asked by one of my friends to go to the game last night but I told him I was boycotting the team until they fire Nellie, he laughed and said that he had no choice because he bought a package deal from them, then I laughed and said you got SCREWED by Nellie again.

    BOYCOTT the Warriors until they fire Nellie and his dweebs…

  • Francois

    Quit crying you bunch of wussies, I’m personally sick of all the negative comments out there in Warrior land. Evidently you know more about basketball than Nellie (right)! If anyone could save this organization right now is Nellie, you don’t think a multi player trade is not in the works as we speak? The brand of basketball that is played under Nelson’s command is exciting to watch, I wish more teams played that way! I could not watch the Spurs on a daily basis regardless of their place on the leader board. We are lucky to have Don Nelson on the sidelines and I Appreciate this moment in history to watch a Hall of famer coach where he belongs…. In the Bay Area!

  • nba fan

    why is Nelson still in the NBA coaching?

  • Anti-Perry

    To Perry (#12)
    “I don’t want to be Anti-Semitic, but don’t believe for 1 second that a Jewish business man like Chris Cohan cares about anything more than his bottom line. ”

    If you don’t want to be Anti-Semitic, drop the rd Jewish from the sentence. The sentence will stand without the word Jewish. Adding this word makes it an anti-semetic decleration.

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