Vlad Rad Gets It

Check out this quote from Vladimir Radmanovic. Most agree Warriors fans went hard on him, booing him during his 0-for-8 shooting performance. Guard Monta Ellis said he doesn’t like it. Even my man Matt Steinmetz, who is hard core, said it was harsh. But here’s what Vlad said. It is, indeed, refreshing:

“As harsh as it is, I can’t really blame them. As the new guy who came here, people have expectations of me. So far, I haven’t showed anything. I understand how they feel but at the same time, as a player, you expect support. Booing’s not going to do anything. I understand how they feel. I feel the same way. If I could boo I would do the same, the same thing they did last night. But it’s not going to help. We have great fans. (Despite) our record right now, they’re still coming and supporting us and we have to appreciate it.”

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2010

    “Warriors are scouring the D-League for another player, their second-hardship exception” -gswscribe

    Cartier Martin is back in the D-League and very available. He could give us what we’re missing without Buike.


  • Fierce South

    You know the Warriors season is over when we’re talking about a (second) D-League call-up.

    Cartier Martin is a possibility. Nelson can’t have enough guards and swing players.

    Another candidate is swingman Michael (Mike) Harris of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. He’s the second leading scorer in the D-League.

    According to the NBA’s website, he’s supposed to be the top call up candidate. He’s 6’6, 235 lbs, shooting 56% on FG including 45% on 3 Pointers. Sounds kind of similar to Azubuike. He had a cup of coffee with Houston during the 07-08 season but didn’t play many minutes.

    “Harris is the franchise player for the Vipers, who have won six straight games. The 6-6 forward is averaging 26.0 points on .595 shooting and 7.0 rebounds, and has to be considered the top GATORADE Call-Up Prospect in the league right now.”

    “Harris can get to the rim and score pretty easily against NBA D-League defenses, but he is also capable of a big game from the perimeter as he knocked down five three-pointers in a game last week.”

  • warriornab

    the key thing, to me, from what vlad said isnt the fact that he’s playing like crap its what he said in the end that i cant explain. “Despite our record,their still coming and supporting us”. Why you idiot fans of ours? stop going to games and boycott if we keep going to all the f*cking games all the dam time cohan will hold on to the team as long as he is making money. If you think you are a die hard warrior fan for going to all the home games…you are not a die hard… you my friend are an idiot.

  • I disagree with Vlad Rad’s comment that “so far [he] hasn’t shown anything.” I’ve seen a player who has surprised the Warriors (and me) with his defensive and rebounding effort, and his playmaking ability.

    He’s in a bad shooting slump, but those don’t last. Any fan who boos that is an idiot.

  • Marques8

    I hope he pulls it together. Given the effort he is putting in on the boards particularly and his skill set as a shooter, he’s a perfect fit. The man has made a living shooting the ball. Please ball go in the hole for Vlade again.

  • jscrilla

    #4 if you’re in attendance to boo/cheer/support a horrible product than you’re an idiot. People cannot simultaneously buy tix and ask for changes. Boycott Cohan until he SELLS!

  • petaluman

    Vlad is right. I’m sure the players are used to getting booed on the road, but expect some support at home.

  • Optimus

    Ive been pleasantly suprised by Vlad. Despite his recent woes he has showed that he is very capable of stroking the rock. Also I like the fact that he hasnt complained about recently having to play Center in Nellie’s system.

  • Greg

    Yeah, I like the booing in the case where the coaches don’t yank a player for repeatedly making stupid decisions, i.e. Maggette on occasion. In Vlad’s case, taking wide open shots whenever he can should not be frowned on by the fans. The guy is a shooter. He needs to shoot the rock to get out of his slump. Now if he has missed say three in a row and or is cold as a witches tit, then it is time to become a facilitator. It makes me wonder if our coaching staff ever teaches that concept.

  • Greg

    Or maybe I should say it makes me wonder if our coaching staff enforces the becoming a facilitator concept. They can teach until they are blue in the face, right. That doesn’t mean anyone will take action.

  • john

    You’re right Fierce, the season is over when the Warriors are thinking about another “D” league callup. But, the season was over at the opening tip off in November. This is a bad team with one legitimate superstar. The fans need to keep booing the product, not necessarily the players, and stop buying tickets. Warrior fans are stuck in a kind of Kubler Ross(5 stages of grief) environment; hope, disappointment, anger, acceptance, boredom. Every year it’s the same old same old. They never learn that until the owner leaves and the roster gets legitimate stars to support Monta, plus some in the paint defense, it’s always going to be “wait till next year”. Out of the last 15 years how many winning seasons have they had? In the last 15 years, how many other bad teams(Portland and Atlanta come to mind) have turned it around and become winners? In the past 15 years how many good teams can lose key players(Houston, Utah, San Antonio are three) during key parts of the season, and still make the playoffs? Give up Warrior fans and start enjoying the good things in life instead of investing your hope and dreams in a perpetually doomed franchise. There should be a sign at all entrances to Oracle saying, “abandon hope all who enter here”, except for the visiting team of course.

  • kobe24

    F-U Nellie!!!! you need to get another coaching job else where.
    Leave the Warriors alone.
    Haven’t you seen we suffered long enough!!!

    Please also take your entire coaching staff as well as your punk ass VP/Rowell and your butt buddy Riley out the door.
    You guys are stinking up the place.

    Man we didn’t come to see you old farts coach b-ball.
    We came to see the players play….

  • earl monroe

    Kobe24- Not exactly how I would have worded it-but its a heartfelt sentiment you have there, and many of us agree.

  • DW

    Corey Magette should had said the same thing after the fans booed him instead of crying like a baby in the paper.

  • robert rowell

    if you don’t want to be booed, make some freaking shots.

    if you’re even still attending games, and not passed out drunk by the 2nd, why the hell wouldn’t you boo? this team is terrible. they suck. they are a direct reflection of the people in charge. you want us to cheer for suck?!?

  • Mur

    #15, spot on my man.

    These guys are getting paid millions.

  • Wilson

    “if you don’t want to be booed, make some freaking shots.”

    Comment by a moron. What good does booing do? You think he’s trying to miss shots?

    Vlad comes across as a pretty good player defensively and rebounding. If his shot ever comes around, he will be a valuable addition. Great attitude. Great comment. An adult.

    The only way booing makes any sense is if a player continually tries shots where he has a very low likelihood of success. Like Maggette. There’s a situation where the booing may have actually gotten across to him that fans don’t like him taking three point shots because he’s so bad at it. He’s actually playing much smarter now. But Vlad is an intelligent player and believe me dies a little every shot he clunks. I hope his shot cmes around, but regardless I like the guy.

  • warriornab

    Dude that was beautiful…now if only we can get this through hard headed ass warrior fans….they just keep getting screwed over and over with no vaseline