Game #26 (7-19): Wizards 118, Warriors 109

Two summers ago, the Warriors threw the farm at Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas after Baron Davis opted out of his contract. More than $100 million. But he turned it down, and Warriors fans breathed a sigh of relief as they realized they dodged a bullet.

Arenas played two games the following season. And since he’s been back this season, he’s hardly looked like Agent Zero the Warriors were hoping to land as the fall-back plan for Baron’s departure.

But Friday, Arenas reminded Warriors fans up close just how good he can be.

I was just happy that somebody else wanted me. It was so, like, they didn’t even think about the knee, so here you go. I was like, well, should I go back to Oakland.

[talked to your dad?] He was like, it’s flattering, but you and Abe Pollin, you guys are like a family.

Actually, it was about an hour, until I got the call from Mr. Pollin and then it was from when I finished packing and I got to airport and Mr. Pollin called me. I said, ‘Alright Mr. P. No problem.’ 


Arenas is averaging 29.2 points in his career against the Warriors, a nine-game span. The only team he averages more against was 29.3 points against the Wizards, in three meetings when he was with the Warriors. He averages 29.1 against the Lakers, a state bolstered by his 60-point effort a while back.

Arenas also had 13 assists. He still doesn’t look as explosive, but he had enough to one-up Ellis, the Warriors frontline star. Gilbert had 45 on 25 shots because he got to the free throw line 16 times.  He had 14 in the fourth quarter, when Ellis was matched up against him.

Gilbert had nice things to say about Ellis afterward.

ARENAS: “I think he is the face of the team. He should be an All-Star this year. His play is exciting and I think he can continue to carry this team like he has.”

When he walked off the court and through the tunnel after the game, he held up a sign for the camera. It said “This is Gilbert’s Arena.” Of course, the sponsor on the flyer was ContraCostaTimes.com. LOL


Curry had 27 points and 8 rebounds — both career-highs. Most of it was the product of a hot start. In the fourth quarter, Curry didn’t look as fluid as he had the whole game. He was 1-for-4, all threes, with 3 points, an assist and a turnover (almost had two) and three rebounds. He wasn’t bad down the stretch, but he was a rookie.

Not sure you can get down on him about his finish, though. He gave the Warriors something they needed badly, especially with Morrow still struggling — a second option. Ellis didn’t have to expend much energy scoring against two and three defenders early, which left him some spring late. Ellis had 10 points in the fourth and nearly matched Arenas blow-for-blow.

ELLIS: “He started the game off pretty aggressive. Down the stretch, he can do a little better. I know he’s young. All of us went through it. It’s something you’ve got to build from and learn from. Other than that, he played great.” 


Morrow was 2-for-8 from the field, one of his threes coming in garbage time. I think that qualifies as a slump.


Vlad played just 16 minutes, totaling 4 points and 3 rebounds. Randolph had 36 minutes. Has Randolph supplanted Radmanovic in the rotation?

ARENAS ON THE WARRIORS’ OFFER: “I was just happy that somebody else wanted me. It was so, like, they didn’t even think about the knee. ‘So here you go.’ I was like, ‘Well, should I go back to Oakland?’ … (My dad) was like, ‘It’s flattering, but you and Abe Pollin, you guys are like a family.’ Actually, it was about an hour until I got the call from Mr. Pollin … ‘Alright Mr. P. No problem.’ “


Marcus Thompson

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Arenas really torched our backcourt tonight, even in his current slow form. This pretty much shows that while Ellis has put forth good efforts on defense against bigger players, we’re still vulnerable to talented guards walking right past our perimeter defense. CJ Watson is still a fairly bad defender too, despite his quick hands. Curry did a decent job on defense tonight. Both Curry and Ellis really need to cut down on the turnovers though… We shouldn’t have so many turnovers when we’re playing way smaller than all these other teams.

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North

    gilbert is still gibert, & 33rpm or 45

    BUT…. lets remeber he & the wizzers did this against the warriors the non-defence, mostly no muscle team

    with the “beef” the warriors put on court last night it look like a buncha pee wee hermans out there against real men…. esp against haywood

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • Perry

    Gilbert’s still a great player……

    Without question, he’s lost a step but has obviously made great adjustments to his game, using his wirey strength and reputation as a perimeter threat….to create for himself off the dribble further away from the basket and to penetrate when he can, attacking the front of the rim.

    Beautiful display by Gilbert last night…

    Caron played a good game as well…..he might well be one of the best 2nd or 3rd options in the NBA…….along with guys like, Lamar Odom, Antawn Jamison……..maybe guys like Jeff Green, maybe Stephen Jackson…..great complimentary offensive threats.

    Washington has more talent, plain and simple….the Warriors can’t compete with veteran, All-Star type players…….

    Ellis proved a reliable 4th quarter option, ….starting to develop that 4th quarter ‘killer’ mentality like Kevin Martin, Brandon Roy, Paul Pierce…..

    Curry can shoot the ball…….we all know that….he will be ok in this league……..he will definitely have some poor shooting nights here and there, where he shoots in the low 40’s or high 30’s…the turnovers are a problem and something that needs to be rectified.

    Steinmetz said that he thinks Curry will have a ‘good’ career……developing into a smart player that can help good teams win. He said he doesn’t think he will be a great, Star player.

    I’m not saying he’ll be an All-Star or anything……but I have to disagree with Steinmetz……I think games like last night show why he will develop into a 20-22 ppg, 6-8 apg guy, 1-2 spg (steals) guy.

    Turnovers are a big problem with our back-court and a big reason why we lose these kinds of games……

    But all in all, can’t ask for much more from Curry, Ellis, Maggette and Randolph offensively……..the problem is that we just don’t have the ‘guns’…….

    Golden State cannot compete with smart, professional players that know how to close out and win games……guys like Tim Duncan, like Tony Parker, Chauncey Billups, Gilbert Arenas, Brandon Roy….those smart, professional players who know how to win games.

  • earl monroe

    Talking about finishing- Ellis misses 2 free throws, Watson misses one, Ellis turns it over, Curry turns it over, Magette takes bad shot……..(Ellis needs to reflect)
    Now I would definitely not put any of this on Curry, this team needs ball movement, especially at the end of the game, Ellis has not proven he can finish in crunch time, in fact he has a tendency to take bad shots at the end of the game just because he feels he is the man, if he was the man he would give the ball up.
    Curry played the most minutes of anyone, so its understandable that the 3’s in the fourth would not drop, from what I could see he hardly touched the ball in the last 4 minutes.

    Rookie or not, I would still take my chances with the ball in Curry’s hands rather than Ellis, Ellis is a freak and has gifts but lacks basketball IQ, and that hurts you at the end of games, Curry on the other hand will get better and at least looks to make the plays that may lead to wins.

    If Ellis leads the league in turnovers, its a big issue, even if he averages 24 a game because turnovers are demoralizing, Curry is a rookie, if he is still making the same type of turnovers next year or the year after, then I say its an issue.

    Nelson is just reaping what he has sown from his offensive philosophy, selfish does as selfish is, teach these guys to go for theirs and look at what is happening, no way should Randolph be encouraged to take so many shots from the circle, after he makes a pass from that area move him thru then bring him back up, don’t have him stand there, this is not putting him in a position to win. He might be better catching and shooting rather than shooting from a stand still position, has he thought of this?

  • earl monroe

    10 points for Ellis in the fourth most in the first 6 minutes of the quarter, then what happened in crunch time? Missed free throws, turnovers, lack of passing skill.
    enough said.

  • lufty455

    Way to go Old Fart(Nellie) starting Chris Hunter over AR… Did that give you pleasure in trying to piss off the young kid?

    Man, I can’t really stand the way this drunken old fart just plays the team and the media like he is the next great thing.

    I feel one of these days the whole team might just walk out on him… oops maybe after Christmas.
    The team will need to pay for their wives/family and gfs Christmas gifts first!!! lol

    Let’s see the Kings seem to be putting together a good team now and they have a good coach who has one a title before.

    The Clippers have improved a bit.

    2 years ago we were playoff bound.
    Nellie got pissed off because Baron and the team got all the credit and he was left in the dark.
    So let Baron walk because Nellie’s ego is saying that we only need one hero here and that’s him.

    To top it all off Mullie got credit too… that made him even more mad and senile.
    Nellie and Kanya West was seen celebrating the lost in some Hollywood party with a bottle of Hennessy afterwards…lol

    Don’t be fooled by this ego maniac old fart that he will take you to the promise land.
    If he hasn’t one the big one as a coach by now.
    That means his coaching ability sucks and won’t ever win a title!!!!

  • I don’t care what Steinmetz or MTII(Curry=Andre Miller) say.

    Curry is going to be a star in this league. He is a Steve Nash type point guard, and he is far ahead right now of where Nash was in his 3rd NBA season.

    8 rbs, 3 steals last night on top of that offensive performance? Crazy. Kid oozes basketball IQ.

    He’s well on his way to getting his assist/TO ratio over 2. He’s going to average around 2 steals a game.

    An incredible rookie player, and the steal of the draft.

  • Poor feltbot, commissioned by the team to lie.
    Curry’s AST/TO ratio is actually spiralling further and further toward sub-1.

    Here comes the 7 month anniversary of Riddergate- Happy Holidays, Flukxter Dude!

  • fillmoe mike

    first off id like to say thank you marcus for this blog, i love the inside coverage you give us of the warriors……

    these are the facts, first off were a injured young team, they played hard but what do you expect to happen against three proven all stars????For that reason we should all be patient and wait for our entire team gets healthy including raja bell, b wright,buike, ronny and andris..
    Monta clearly should b an all star this year, but whats really scary is the fact that we may be trying to trade him, when clearly he’s the leader of this team.Monta ellis has alot of room to grow, he’s yet to reach his peak as a player as seen by his t.opg avg.
    we should get him a side kick instead of trying to trade him…


    Sorry Felt but you have to can the curry = steve nash stuff. Curry is gonna be good but I don’t think he is gonna be great. Obviously still a lot of things that he needs to work on in particular being more careful with the ball and not making the lazy passes.

    It also has nothing to do w/ you felt, I just want Curry to be Curry and not have the Nash comparison hoisted on him right now b/c with the way the team is going it seems more like a marketing ploy than fact in order to keep the uninformed interested in their horribly deficient and put together team. It just comes off as a sleazy car salesman trying to sell you a lemon and hoping you dont check under the hood.

    Also if Curry does have Nash’s career trajectory, he won’t be with the warriors long enough to realize it and will most likely be doing nasheque things with another team. But hey at least the Warriors will be in rebuild mode by that time promising uber change and young untested raw talent, “the youngest in the league some would say”, and spouting about how they just need time to grow together in order to start winning.

    Ohhhhhh that future sounds soooo familiar..

  • Jeremy

    Curry reminds me much more of Sam Cassell or even Tony Parker with a better jump shot than Andre Miller or Steve Nash.

    If you can’t beat the Wizards in Oakland, who can yah beat?

    Major move time. Trade for Caron Butler or David West or both. Move Beidrins to the Wizards and Corey Maggette and Anthony Randolph to the Hornets and bring both guys in.

    Curry, Ellis, Butler, West, Turiaf with Morrow, Radmanovic, Hunter, Watson is your lineup.

    I’m sure it would never happen… but the money works, and both players are rumored to be available for Anthony Randolph. Would the team that doesnt get Randolph be open to taking Beidrins back in return? Is the Warriors FO smart enough to trade Beidrins for one of those guys if the opportunity presented itself? I highly doubt the answer is yes to both of those… but a guy can dream.

    Oh and fire Don Nelson from his coaching position, move him to the FO, and bring in Byron Scott or Avery Johnson to coach the team.