Nellie to Turn Randolph Loose

Warriors coach Don Nelson said he’s going to unleash Anthony Randolph.

Nelson has been waiting for Randolph to grow and get ready for what he has in store for Randolph. He said his stint at center has helped make him a better PF. And now that Biedrins and Turiaf are on their way back, he’s ready to open up a can of genius on Randolph – if Randolph can handle it.

NELLIE: “You ain’t seen nothing yet. He’s going to be a blessed guy if he can mentally prepare himself and handle what I’m going to give him. Because both he and Radmanovic has the ability as a big player to handle the ball and to make it difficult for the defense to match up with us.  As long as he grows and matures and understands what we’re doing — and it was a very good practice (Sunday) for him — the sky’s the limit on how I can use the guy and go to his strengths.”

Randolph said he’s been told he’s going to handle the ball more and initiate the offense. Until recently, the last 10 games or so I think, he was relegated to back-up center duties. But lately, thanks to injuries and his improved play, he’s been given more and more rope. Once told not to shoot because of his propensity for ill-advised jumpers, the staff seemed to have confidence in his ability to stick the midrange and pull the opposing center out of the key. They also have more confidence in him driving up the court, which used to be just shy of an automatic turnover.

NELLIE: “I’ve always expected a lot of him. I think he’s right on schedule. What I’ve been able to do with him as a back-up center and be creative that way has now opened the door for him to be a four and do the same things and have a better understanding. It’s very easy to do what I want him to do against fives. They don’t guard you, they don’t get into you. I think now he’s ready to be a four and do some of the same things, so we’ll see. But I’m excited about seeing how its going to work.

“I’d say over the last month I’ve been working with him. Certainly I thought his best games were when I did that. We did that Orlando. We did it in San Antonio. Those guys better know they’re blessed, because there is nothing more fun for a player to be in control of the ball and be able to make some plays. I think he has the ability to do that.”

Randolph was actually pretty lucid about his new situation and the prospect of more minutes and more responsibility. He normally doesn’t say much. But he was able to mix in some basketball philosophy while making sure people know Nellie hasn’t given him anything he hasn’t earned.

RANDOLPH: “It allows me to do a lot more with my game.  They told me they were going to allow me to have the ball in my hands a lot more, initiate the offense and make plays for my teammates. … I’m just playing basketball. Whether he’s telling me to go set pick and rolls or just handle the ball a lot more. … I’d say the only downside to that is me being out on the top of the floor with the ball a lot more is that I don’t have a chance to offensive rebound as much as I was able to in the past.  … I don’t think he gave (me this opportunity) just because he wanted to. I think that I kind of, over this season and last season, I’ve shown him little by little that I can handle the ball and make plays for my teammates.”

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    Translation: “Attention NBA: be sure to check out Anthony Randolph in the next few games. We are showcasing him for a trade with Corey Maggette, whom you already know. Operators are standing by to take your call. -Golden State Mgmt”

  • Twinkie defense

    Nellie’s sick of everyone telling him AR should play more so he’s gonna give them the Al Harrington treatment: “ok superstar, here’s the ball, let’s see what ya got.”

  • OliverStone

    If it sounds to good to be true, as the saying goes, then it probably isn’t. Hate to cast a sketical eye, but how does it go from a tumultuous relationship to turning over the keys to the franchise in the blink of an eye? “He’s going to be a blessed guy…” after being behind Mikki Moore & Chris Hunter on the depth chart as the 5th center.

    Hope I’m wrong, this just seems off the wall & a little desperate? Can you smell what the Ivory Tower has cooking

  • Cedric

    If I was Randolph and I saw how he handled the players that the Warriors have moved out just during the time he’s been there, I wouldn’t trust a word Nelson is saying. If his lips are moving, he might be lying.

  • petaluman


    Your article didn’t include any timeline for Turiaf’s return, although you suggested it was imminent:


    It will be good to start getting our centers back. Randolph’s move to the 5 spot coincided with losing our top 2 centers; it’s no surprise that their return will allow him to move back to the 4.

    BTW, there were some rumors that the Warriors would apply for another roster exemption when Mikki went under the knife. Can you please clarify?

  • Son of Ahmed

    This is the classic case of the Warriors using the media to get out its message, as warped and twisted as it is. There is no real purpose or direction left with the front office. They’re lost, like a satellite out of orbit and spinning out of control. The machinations of Nellie used to be shrewd and well calculated; now his manipulations amount to little more than destructive subterfuge that erodes the trust of players and accomplishes no fruitful end.

    The ongoing drama with AR illustrates the comprehensive and complete failure and dysfunction of this organization.

  • fillmoe mike

    Wuts with all the second guessing?randolph had to play the 5 because our starter and backup was hurt.also the man is only 20 years old.give him and ellis time to develop please….just trade maggette

  • Vic De Zen

    I don’t trust Nellie.

  • Marcus Thompson


    We talked to Andris, but not Turiaf. He left the court while we were talking to Biedrins, so I didn’t get to talk to him. Will do so today.

  • Mr B

    I think I believe #1 in that we are showcasing a potential Superstar and “big” in preparation for a trade.

    In return, we can get more of the Speedy Claxtons, Devean George and Adonaly Foyle types and garbage players of the league.

    I would label the Warrior Front Office as Stupid but that’s giving these guys too much credit.

  • kobe24

    Nellie is a DICK!!! Kick his drunk ass off the court.
    Nellie doesn’t deserve any money from the Warriors.

    AR please show him who is the boss… but you know when AR scores 20/10, Nellie will take all the credit and say it was all part his master plan.

    UFC should issue a match between the old fart Nellie vs. the young buck AR or Jax, Baron, Cwebb, Troy, Mike D., Mitch R, Timmy H, and most of all Mullie.
    Or better yet let’s have Nellie vs. Cuban.
    Mark will kick his ass right now.

    There is a lot of people who dislike Nellie and this is just to name a few.

  • Del

    Randolph does 2 things well. Rebound the ball and make bonehead plays.Having him initiate the offense is a tactical decision known as OPERATION TANK.

  • …scotch

    Marcus… Oh but this were all true!

    12/15 You write “No Warriors Untouchable” & “Warriors shopping Randolph” Now a fews days later you say they’re “Turning him loose”…

    Or how about Nellie saying “I don’t coach the players, I coach the assistant coaches”, Now he says “…the last month I’ve been working with him. Certainly I thought his best games were when I did that” (Even from his sick bed?)

    So which is it, Nellie & the Dubs want AR out or he’s going to be the “Bob Cousy of powerforwards”?

    Do you believe this stuff Marcus?

  • LOL. Fascinating that the most mundane theory — that Nellie demands a lot from a talented big man, and that a year of practice is the minimum amount to get a 19 year old ready to play in the NBA — is the theory that simply does not occur to any of the commentators.

    Do you think you might have had a role in that Marcus?

  • OliverStone

    Just curious Marcus, was this article based on a press release or did it come directly from Nellie’s mouth?

    The quotes are more Ridder/Rowell like than anything Nellie would say.

  • Wilson

    Well, I think Nellie means what he said. He’s always lusted after a point forward, and Randolph may be that guy. I’ve been impressed with his handles and ball security, especially compared with last year. He still has a lot to learn about when to try a pass and when not, but he has a lot of potential. Sounds to me like there’s a disconnect between Nellie and whoever is negotiating trades. I assumed that that was Riley and that Rowell was no longer involved, but I wonder if that’s really true. Not everything that comes out of Nellie’s mouth is a lie, just 40%.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I’ve got mixed feelings about Nellie — in particular his propensity for starting Maggette at power forward, his short leash with AR, and playing both Jax and Ellis for 48 minutes a game.

    However, I do think we need to give credit where credit is due in his development of young talent. He has had his share of blow-ups with players, but he has had many more high-profile successes. We all remember his open disdain for Crawford, Harrington, Dunleavy, Billy Owens, to some extent Jackson, and most of all Chris Webber. But let’s remember all of the troubled (i.e. Mullin) or unheralded players who blossomed into stars or major contributors on his watch:

    Tim Hardaway (#16 overall), Latrell Sprewell (#24 overall), Chris Mullin (alcoholism), walk-ons Avery Johnson and Mario Elie, Dirk Nowitzki (#7 overall but roundly criticized as a stupid pick), Steve Nash (mediocre before Dallas), Josh Howard (mid first round), Monta Ellis (second round), Baron Davis (his career was in the toilet when he came to the Ws), Andris Biedrins, Kelenna Azubuike, Anthony Morrow, Stephen Jackson (who is on both lists, LOL).

    My point is that Nellie is actually pretty good at recognizing talented guys and helping them fulfill their potential at the NBA level. And with the exception of Webber, the guys on his “conflict list” are under-achievers in one way or another. So let’s try to trust him with Randolph — even though his erratic decisions this year and last have given us reason for doubt. And the fact that he’s always been good at developing wings but not particularly bigs — let’s hope AR can keep developing those facing-the-basket skills.

  • Gopher

    Another Nellie smoke screen. One mistake and Randolph is back in the dog house. If he does well, he’s traded

  • Silverstreak

    It’s definitely a showcase for the likes of Utah, Toronto and New Orleans. They want to know what kind of commodity Randolph is.
    IMO, this is a step forward towards a looming trade.

  • Marues8

    With the guards they have, they have needed a forward who could initiate the offense all season. The guys who can do that are at a premium. Go with what you got.

  • Dump Scooter

    Nellie really turned Randolph loose. He had 33 points and 18 rebounds today.

  • Nelson is a complete jerk. Randolph has been treated like dirt for most of the time by the lousy bully. Why on earth can anyone think Belly is a good coach. Everybody know Randolph is one of the better players on the team.

  • Petaluman the plant: how’s Cartier Martin?

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    nellie is nutzoid
    pure & simple
    1 week amfeny be hangin by a string, gettin eff bombs rain on him by wackonellie
    next week he is the saviour

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • earl monroe

    Why come out and talk like this? just play the kid and lets see what he has. Is it necessary to put all this pressure on a 20 year old?

    Talking about unleashing?


  • earl monroe

    Instead of unleashing Randolph how about unleashing Curry?
    Forget all this point forward nonsense and put the ball in Curry’s hands and let him make the decisions, a good shooter a willing passer, all this talk about “everybody is a point guard on this team” is nonsense, that would be fine and dandy if everyone was equally good at making decisions and was willing to move the ball, since that is not the case……….a big clue about the makeup of some of these players is, can they make free throws when it counts, Maggette and Ellis both seem to miss a lot of shots at the end of games and during stretches where the team is making runs. (not to mention taking tough ill conceived shots)

  • lobo

    what stupid talk!!

  • earl monroe

    Management should turn Nellie loose

  • Chris Hunter has now fouled out of as many career NBA games as Anthony Randolph.

    Cartier Martin on the way in, Anthony Randolph on the way out.

  • Hey Negative Nebobs:

    Nellie knows what he is doing! Now that he has his 5s Randolph can play a more natural 4. Randolph will be here longer than you will be writing on this blog!

    Go Dubs! Go Nellie! System works when you have health!

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