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Tuesday, Nellie said he was starting Chris Hunter to get the Warriors ready for the big lineup they will play when centers Andris Biedrins and Ronny Turiaf return.

Well, that plan is out the window for now.

Small ball is back tonight in New Orleans. Three guards on the perimeter, two small forwards in the front court. Here’s the lineup tonight (the player they are guarding in parenthesis).

PG Stephen Curry (Chris Paul)

SG Monta Ellis (Devin Brown)

SF C.J. Watson (Peja Stojakovic)

PF Corey Maggette (David West)

C Vladimir Radmanovic Anthony Randolph (Emeka Okafor) … the starting lineups handed out were wrong

Nellie said he felt like the size of New Orleans wasn’t as intimidating, so he could “get away with” not having to play a big center.


Nellie kind of went at Morrow in his pre-game talk.

NELLIE: “He hasn’t made his share of open shots when we do get it to him, that’s for sure. Problem is he hasn’t made up the difference on defense. If he’s not scoring and he’s not guarding, and he’s small at his position at 3, there’s a big problem there. If he’s making his shots and he’s a factor offensively, you can kind of put up with a little of the other stuff. He was very poor defensively last several games. He’s got to guard his guy better. He’s just got to do a better job.”

“I don’t think its ever effort with him, maybe technique or maybe he just doesn’t have the ability to guard like you’d want. So far, he hasn’t been a good perimeter defender and he hasn’t been a good post-up defender. It’s very hard to play him at 3 if he’s not either one of those.”


He went at Vlad, too:

NELLIE: “Now he’s reluctant to shoot at all. That’s not good. If you’re in a slump, I understand being conservative. He’s trying to do some other things, and I can respect that. But we can’t have one player just be a total zero on offense. We can’t score enough. … But if he can find a way to just get nine or 10 points a game, it would really help us.”

Why is he starting over Randolph again?


Ellis gets a night off defensively, kind of. Instead of having to guard Chris Paul, he’s guarding Devin Brown. Nellie said he wants to keep Ellis on shooting guards as much as he can. Plus he’s giving Curry the trial by fire lesson of defending his position in the NBA. Tonight, Curry gets Chris Paul. Saturday he gets Steve Nash. Sunday he gets Rajon Rondo.

CURRY: “That’s what this league is all about, right?”

Marcus Thompson

  • petaluman


    Thanks for the updates on Turiaf and the possible 2nd injury exception.


    Cartier looked OK in SL, and let’s face it, anyone over 6’4 adds to our team size. However, with Wright out for the year, Moore out for 3 months, and Ronny’s return unknown, I’d still like to see us give another big a chance to stick. Have you heard any other names mentioned as call-up possibilities?

  • Jared Cowley coming through in the clutch with the team’s big moves!

  • some guy

    the reason why vlad was seeing time ahead of AR is simple if you’ve played bball at a high enough level to play under a real coach.

    coaches care about how you follow the game plan, whether you’re where you’re supposed to be, do you follow your assignments and whatnot. veterans understand defensive principles better than young players. when to chuck, where to front, where their help is located, when they are allowed to leak. that’s why a rookie like Curry plays while other rookies do not.

    i’d love to see AR play more, but remember Bynum only played 21.9 minutes per game in his 2nd year and it would have been much less had Kwame Brown not gotten injured. And this was back when the Fakers were a 40 win team.

    btw, Monta actually seems to do better vs. SGs instead of PGs. He doesn’t get abused in the post vs SGs, but most PGs initiate through pick & roll and (though i know it must’ve happened at some point) i can’t remember ever seeing Monta fight through a screen. i only remember Arenas & Jennings pretty much torched him as he trailed them every time.

  • A’s in 2010

    If we add another player then small forward is a bigger need. Please tell me I’m not the only one who cringes watching CJ guard small forwards out there. And besides, we don’t need another big that Nellie won’t play. You got Chris Hunter who put up big time stats in the DLeague and he just racks up DNPs.

  • Wilson

    Another loss chalked up to second chance points. Randolph had 8 blocks, but unfortunately most of those were rebounded by New Orleans. How much would it have hurt to play Randolph beside Hunter for a little while, just to see? Nelson just seems to be more interested in having the team play his unique brand of genius small ball than he is in doing the intelligent thing. Nothing new. Very depressing.

  • Mountain Jim

    LOL at Nellie wondering why his two guard has trouble guarding threes.

  • kobe24

    Nellie sucks and should be fired! Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Justafan

    28-54 boycott

  • fillmoe mike

    we need to be patient and hope monta does not ask to be traded, because against most teams he simply can not be guarded.Randolph needs more playing time..thats the only way he will get better….

    i actually see this team as montas and randolphs team in the future with steph playing similar to mo williams just a better passer….

  • earl monroe

    Wilson- playing Hunter or Vlad next to Randolph makes too much sense-Nelson doesn’t do anything that may be construed any where near
    conventional- he is too smart for that, god forbid that he could not get a small on a big mismatch on the offensive end.
    I particularly enjoy watching the mismatches that Maggette gets on bigger players, then takes advantage of the mismatch by settling for a
    17 foot fadeaway, then misses it off the front rim. Or the mismatch that Randolph gets at the free throw line and shoots a standstill fadeaway shot when a fadeaway is not necessary, too much common sense to have this kid not fade away or float his body left and instead teach him to
    shoot going towards the basket and following his shot? Imagine all the offensive rebounds Randolph could get this way?

    Nahhh too conventional-the Warriors coaching staff doesn’t think they can win with these young guys by going conventional.