Game #28 (7-21): Hornets 108, Warriors 102

The second returns on All-Star voting came out today. It featured good news for Monta Ellis’ chances at being added on as a reserve.

Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are the top two vote-getters among guards. Before it was Kobe and Tracy McGrady, which was bad news for Ellis. If Nash, who is some 5,000 votes ahead of McGrady, gets to start, that’s a reserve spot open for Ellis. If McGrady — who just recently made his season debut — is voted in, then Nash is a lock to get on as a reserve and that is one less spot for Ellis.

The coaches can pick four guards maximum. They must choose two guards, then they have two wild card spots they could select. But considering the depth at forward — Carmelo and Dirk are the top two thus far, which leaves Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol, Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, Trevor Ariza, Rudy Gay and Carlos Boozer vying for reserve spots — it is unlikely both wild card spots will go to guards. So, at best, Ellis would be vying for three reserve spots.

If Kobe and Nash start, Ellis certainly stacks up against any other options. He’s playing better, individually, than Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Brandon Roy. Of course, all those players are from teams that are substantially better than the Warriors.

Here is what amazes me, always, about All-Star voting for Warriors fans. As loyal and supportive as this area is for this franchise, Warriors fans simply don’t vote for Warriors players. Ellis, despite the career year he’s having, isn’t even top 11 in voting. Ginobili is 11th with 171,624 votes. Aaron Brooks and Jason Terry are sixth and seventh, respectively, and you know the only people voting for them are fans of their team.

Do Warriors fans just not vote, or do they vote for Kobe and Nash instead?


Nellie left Curry on Chris Paul down the stretch instead of putting Ellis, a better defender on Paul. The result was Paul nailed two clutch shots over Ellis, the latter icing the game. Nelson said after playing Ellis for 48 minutes and asking him to carry the load, having him defend Paul with the game on the line was too much to ask.

NELLIE: “The guy played 48 minutes. That’s asking quite a lot. I really thought we played (Paul) well. We got away from him two straight plays that really hurt us. But other than that, we played him pretty well I think. I thought Steph did a really good job on him.”

Curry had done a fairly good job on Paul, especially considering he’s struggled on D this season. Paul didn’t shoot the ball well and he wasn’t picking apart the Warriors defense by creating for others. For the most part, Curry stuck right with him. That free’d up Ellis to match up against Devin Brown, much less of a challenge defensively, which certainly helped Ellis’ incredible offensive efficiency on Wednesday (35 points on 25 shots).

Even on the last shot, Curry got a hand in his face, which is about all you can ask from him. Paul did hit a turnaround fade-away, which is a tough shot.

CURRY: “I had to respect his speed, so I backed off a little bit and felt like my length could disrupt the shot. He decided to do a turnaround, and, in that spot on the floor, that’s the shot you want him to take.”


Some Warriors fans aren’t too fond of Stephen Curry. But Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love doesn’t share their regard for the rookie guard. He told Dan Patrick that he wanted the T’wolves to draft Curry.

LOVE: “I will tell you why that (would have been) a good pick, too. We are toward the last spot in three-point percentage in the league, and he would have just been great in the triangle. He would have been dynamite coming off screens and shooting that three ball. I love his game.”

Minny shoots 28.9 percent from 3. Curry is at 38.9 percent.


A story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal on Wednesday referred to discussions between the Warriors and Grizzlies involving Monta Ellis. These discussions were a while ago, as the report said. Back when that stuff about Ellis’ agent meeting with the Warriors, I was told the Warriors were definitely listening in regards to Ellis. A lot has changed since then. Now, Ellis, I’m told, is about as untouchable as a player can be.


Randolph gets eight blocks, six in the first quarter. But Nellie harped on his offense. Randolph was 5-for-14.

NELLIE: “I thought his effort was good. I wish he could’ve made a few more shots, because he certainly had a lot of them. I don’t know why he was hesitant. … Certainly nothing that we tell him. It makes it more complicated situation than it is. It’s pretty simple. When you’re open, shoot. When you’re not, drive. But, anyway, he’s still 20 years old.”

Something’s been up with my man C.J. the last four games. He’s 10-for-30 from the field, and is missing shots he usually makes with ease. He is averaging 4.0 rebounds during that span.
I’ve heard the Warriors have an interest in David West, but I wouldn’t give up too much for him. He’s still a pretty good player, but his best days seem behind him. Wednesday, he had a tough time scoring over Randolph. West is down nearly 5 points off his average from last season and more than a rebound. He still has a midrange though and he at least commands attention inside, so I still think he’s a good fit.

Marcus Thompson

  • As untouchable as Jason Richardson.

  • Scotty

    Aaron Brooks being so high is easy to explain. Same reason as McGrady, he’s on Yao’s team. Monta has got no chance unless the Warriors go on some crazy winning streak leading up to the break, and that’s not in the cards.

  • DNR

    The problem with Monta as an all star is he’s playing on a terrible team. He’s certainly playing like an all star, but he’ll never get his just rewards until the team starts winning. Like Kobe said, the players know how good Ellis is, it’s the fans that are oblivious since nobody outside the bay area cares much for the warriors.

  • Happy Holidays Marcus!
    Monta Ellis is an exciting player who should be playing in the All-Star Game. This should help the W’s in trading him away.

    Curry’s going to be a player – when he disappoints, I forget that he’s only a first year player.

    Randolph is getting bigger and stronger. If only he develops some offensive game…

    West and Bosh are nice pieces, but definitely not franchise changers. West plays with Chris Paul and still the Hornets are mediocre. Same with Bosh – nice stat line but doesn’t take over any games.

    Boy that Stoudamire trade sure looks good right about now…

  • some guy

    the thing that’s “up” with CJ is that he’s regressing to the mean. it would be insane to think he could continue having a TS% (true shooting %) over 60%.

    Trevor Ariza sucks on offense. His TS% is at 47%. I think league average is somewhere around 54%. His WS (win shares) is 1.1 (and this is thanks to his defense, he’s -0.3 on offense). Carl Landry has been the Rocket’s best player (per 36 min he avgs 23 pts & 8 rebs). His TS% is 65.5% and his WS is at 3.6. Scola, Brooks, Lowry have also been better than Ariza. You can even say that Battier & Hayes have been better b/c at least they don’t miss tons of shots.

    If you want to see why teams win, you have to look at advanced stats.

  • A’s in 2010

    Monta plays 48 mins, its too much to ask him to guard Paul on that crucial possession, but no prob I’ll just still stick 47 min Curry on him.

    Nobody asked why Randolph was on the sidelines for that play?

  • Mo

    Monta won’t be an All-Star this year and ‘individually’ he isn’t playing better than CP3 (although CP has been hampered a bit by that ankle he’s still putting up better percentages than Ellis). Unless you consider scoring more (which is understandable since Monta is more of a scoring guard than Paul is) and averaging more steals. Individually, CP3 has better percentages in just about everything.

  • ddog

    Now that is a great question: why was Randolph on the sidelines? Dude had 8 blocks.

    When I saw Randolph on the bench, I knew at the very least New Orleans would get a comfortable shot because Randolph was the only available Warrior Big that could protect the Rim.

    I’d like to know how Randolph sitting, and Curry playing Paul at that juncture of the game sits with the Veterans- in particular, Monte Ellis.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Sac’s looking into trading Kevin Martin, so:

    Monta, Randolph, Speedy and Maggette to the Kings for Marting, Thompson, Nocioni and Kenny Thomas.

    We get a bona fide SG in Martin to pair with Curry instead of this tiny ball backcourt of Ellis/Curry.
    We rid ourselves of Maggette’s long-term contract, while taking on Nocioni one-year less contract for $4 mil less.
    We get a legit sized PF in Thompson who recently has been averaging 18 points and 9 boards. Randolph goes, which saddens me, but the consistency of Thompson in just his seond year is extremely impressive.
    We let Kenny Thomas’ contract come off our books this summer, ust as we would be doing with Speedy’s contract.

    Kings get an amazingly talented and well-balanced backcourt in Ellis/Evans.
    Kings get a proven scorer in Maggette and someone who can get to the line when needed.
    Kings get a young PF in Randolph whose game complements Spencer Hawes’ more than Thompson’s.
    Kings get Speedy’s expiring contract for Thomas’.

    PG – Curry/Watson
    SG – Martin/Morrow (Bell on IR)
    SF – Nocioni/George (Buike on IR)
    PF – Thompson/Radmanovic/Thomas (Wright on IR)
    C – Biedrins/Turiaf/Hunter (Moore on IR)

    PG – Evans/Udrih/Rodriguez
    SG – Ellis/Garcia/Greene
    SF – Casspi/Maggette/Udoka
    PF – Randolph/May
    C – Hawes/Brockman

  • earl monroe

    Can’t Nellie get it through his thick head? Not everyone is cut out to shoot, Randolph cannot shoot standstill 17 footers, quoting Monta “Can’t do it, just can’t) If Randolph is going to take that standstill shot he needs to follow his shot to the basket, old school way so at least he can get his own rebound. “When you are open, shoot, don’t complicate things”
    Things get complicated when people shoot shots they have no confidence in making and actually are not good at taking those shots. It complicates things when the team gets down by double digits and players have no conscience and continue to take shots and the lead then ballons to 20.
    That is what complicates things my friend Nellie.

  • Like Curry’s early-clock chucks with NO ONE there to rebound?

    Uh huh.

  • Gizzm

    I’m tired of following this weak ass front office, coaching staff, and selfish players.

    Monta Ellis’s only concern is whether he finishes in the top 5 in scoring. Maggette is his hero, so what would you expect?

  • earl monroe

    Hey Chris- breakdown Curry’s game for me.

  • fillmoe mike

    U guys are crazy to trade monta ellis….I mean his almost ungaurdable and the guy plays hard on defense!!!!I can’t understand why u wud trade an up and coming superstar…remember ellis is only in his 5th year he’s not even 25 yet…

  • kobe24

    F-U Nellie… you can’t BS your way out of this one.
    Take Riley your cronie and the little midget Rowell out the door with you.

    WTF is going with the way you throw your players under bus all the time.
    So nothing is your fault just like Al Davis did to a once proud franchise.
    Well now we all see what you guys really want.
    Just moved both franchise some where to Siberia.
    Let the Polar Bears enjoy your BS….

  • CSL Boy

    Nellie = Al Davis? Makes sense to me. More sense every game!

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