Morrow Passing Up a 3?

So, Anthony Morrow promises he wasn’t scared. He said he passed up that dagger shot, that 3 from the corner that would’ve sealed the win in style, because his “basketball instincts took over.”

Recap: Warriors had the ball up 101-98 inside of the 30 seconds. Ellis had dribbled the shot clock down to kill time. A few passes later, Morrow found himself with the ball in the corner. He had a look, but passed it up to let the defender fly by. He stepped back into the 3, but didn’t take it. Instead, he passed it to Corey Maggette, who flung it up just before the shot clock expired. The Celtics got the rebound and called the timeout with 6.9 seconds remaining.

Nellie was livid, screaming at Morrow as he walked to the bench. What was he saying?

MORROW: “He said, ‘You’ve got to shoot that.” In so many words.'”

NELLIE: “The first time I’ve ever seen Morrow turn down a three. Perfect pass. Perfect timing with five seconds to go on the 24-second shot clock. What was he thinking? Was he thinking he was in there for defensive purposes? That’s the game-winner there? I just couldn’t believe it. But, anyway, he’s a young player and I don’t think he would do that again.”

Morrow said he would shoot that 10 times out of 10 from now on. He said he wasn’t looking at the shot clock. He saw Rasheed Wallace charging at him, so he made the extra pass. He said he wasn’t trying to kill Maggette’s percentages instead of his own.

Maggette chimed into our interview with Morrow and, with a laugh, offered  his own theory about why Morrow passed up the shot.

MAGGETTE: “I’m the better shooter, that’s why he passed it. That’s all.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Squall

    Stephen Jackson’s trigger finger obviously didn’t rub off on Morrow. SHOOT THE BALL MORROW.

  • Oregonguy

    In their recent slump having Morrow be invisible has been huge. Tonight he hit 2 3-pointers, the margin of victory. Welcome back Anthony!

  • Fierce South

    Considering the idiots who run the front office, I wouldn’t be surprised if the W’s sign Morrow to a multiyear contract in the offseason.

  • 808SPacific

    Great last two wins for the W’s. It’s obvious that having our two big guys back helps out a lot.

    I just hope that the W’s can continue the success, and put to rest some of the FEW guys bloggin about some of these crazy trade scenarios. Especially the one of dumping Monta, Randolph, and a few others for Kevin Martin and a few of the Sac guys.

    I still like the dumping of our front office though.

  • kobe24

    Morrow, you’ll be fine.
    Just needs to gain some confidence in his shot.

    As for Nellie, not bad for old fart.
    I still say take the money and run Nellie.
    Let a younger coach do the coaching now.

    As for the rest of the Warriors, build upon this win but not against my Lakers…

  • Perry

    We shot much better consistently from 1st quarter to 4th quarter in the Phoenix win…..

    Having the 2 big guys back basically helped us hold pat in the rebounding department against Perkins/Garnett/Davis…..Andris did his best, but looked uncomfortable and out of ‘game’ shape……his presence was helpful though…

    Uncharacteristic turnovers for Boston….they looked completely discombobulated on the offensive end during most of the key possessions in the 2nd half.

    I’m sure Doc Rivers tore them a new one in the locker room and on the sidelines….they executed very poorly.

    Tough road trip for the Celtics, losses to the Clippers and now Golden State…….

    I expect a Warrior loss tonight against the Lakers. The Lakers offense is more efficient than the Celtics offense. Not to mention, the Laker defense is the best in the league this season.

    On another note, let me ask you guys a question:

    Which front line would you rather have?:

    Artest, Gasol, Bynum w/ Odom off the bench?


    Pierce (when healthy), Garnett and Perkins with Rasheed Wallace off the bench?

    I basically say that Gasol/Bynum and Perkins/Garnett are pretty much the same.

    You got a long, athletic 4 with exceptional talent in Gasol and Garnett and you pair that with a young Center like Bynum and Perkins.

    I like Bynum’s offensive game much more than Perkins’, but I say that with rebounding and defense factored in, it’s pretty much a wash.

    Lamar Odom and Paul Pierce are the winners in the comparison…..Pierce would eat Artest alive offensively and Odom’s skill and length provides more of a dynamic than Rasheed’s stand still 3s.

    I take the Laker front line.

    We will have our hands full tonight……

  • Aperacer

    The intangibles!

    Maggettes/Monta war dance!
    CJ is the invisable man, at least to Rondo!
    Ronny, magnetic energy lifts the who team!
    Oracle is rockin’ again!

  • Brian Marchiano

    I am playing Streak for the Cash on ESPN. Does anyone know who on the Warriors will be guarding Kobe tonight?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Houston and McGrady have finally agreed to part ways, so the Dubs need to get involved now.

    On January 16 (when Raja’s eligible to be traded), send Maggette, Turiaf, Claxton and Bell for McGrady. Sure we lose Turiaf, which hurts, but we shed ourselves of Maggette’s nasty contract while getting an inspired TMac for the duration of this year. We can elect to re-sign him this summer or sign and trade him.

    @808SPacific: Monta and Randolph to Sac for Kevin Martin and Jason Thompson, not just a “few of the Sac guys”. Martin and Monta are equally great scorers, with Martin having more length and a more traditional size for the 2 guard spot. Thompson has legit 4 size, something I’m not sure Randolph will ever have (bulk/strength-wise). I’d rather go for someone who is already consistently defending the post and putting up 17 pts and 9 rebs every night than having Randolph’s potential (which is tantalizing, but scary).

    After these two trades, the Warriors have:

    PG – Curry/Watson
    SG – Martin/Morrow (Buike next year)
    SF – McGrady/George/(Cartier Martin – if signed)
    PF – Thompson/Radmanovic (Wright next year)
    C – Biedrins/Hunter

    This summer:
    1) Draft a back-up center
    2) Re-sign Watson and Morrow
    3) Either re-sign McGrady or ideally get Joe Johnson

  • danikil

    Only an idiot would trade Ellis for Martin.And to even consider McGrady means you have been asleep for about two years.Thank goodness you don’t own the Dubs,you are as bad as Rowell.Please no more suggestions let me enjoy reading this blog!!

  • Aperacer

    Harp’s Dubs-that’s absulutely obsurd, watcha been smokin? Maggette! Turiaf! Monta!

  • eric

    McGrady is a real tempting offer (especially with this hot FA list coming up) but it’s very difficult to pull off a deal without involving a 3rd team because of his fat 23 mill contract.

    Even piling our expiring contracts like speedy, maggette, and george isn’t enough. Bell has a weird clause in it which is like he can’t be traded in combination with others.

  • Wilson

    Harp’s Duds, that is the goofiest post I’ve seen in months, and that’s saying a lot. For your sake, I hope it was a poorly done tongue-in-cheek effort in creative writing.

  • Mr B

    Morrow seem like he has a bit of Pietrus in him (rocks for brains). I hope he can shake it off eventually.

    Curry is just plain careless with the ball – somenthing he needs to work on in the offseason. Curry has good instincts, good bball IQ but just needs NBA seasoning.