Can the Warriors Pull Off Another?

Once again, the Warriors are playing a top-level team. This team is completing a back-to-back set against the Warriors and coming off a loss.
The Warriors beat the Celtics under this scenario. Tonight they get the Lakers under the same scenario.
Two major differences: they are on the road, they too are completing a back-to-back. Certainly, coach Don Nelson wasn’t ready to predict another.

NELSON: “We got two wins. I don’t know if you’d call it turning it around, but we’re getting some of our players back. We’ve actually played pretty well for quite a long time. Not good enough to win games, but we’ve been playing pretty well.”

The Lakers will be without Ron Artest, who they hoped would return tonight from a concussion/head laceration. So that means Lamar Odom is in the starting lineup tonight. Here are the match-ups:

Curry vs. Fisher

Ellis vs. Bryant

Maggette vs. Odom

Randolph vs. Gasol

Biedrins vs. Bynum


Though coming off a back-to-back, and in need of bench help, Nelson said he expects Biedrins to still play limited minutes. Monday, he went with a winded Turiaf instead of bringing Biedrins back in.

NELLIE ON BIEDRINS: “He’s not ready to play a lot of minutes. He just can’t contribute much right now. I’ll start him though.”

You would think the Warriors need more from Biedrins tonight considering the size and skill of the Lakers front line. But Nelson suggested Turiaf will get the lion’s share of minutes again.

Turiaf gives the Warriors a good passer from the high post and a mid-range shooter. Both are key late in games.

NELLIE ON TURIAF: “He’s tired a lot. But he’s such a factor that I’ve had to play him too many minutes for just coming back.”


Guard Anthony Morrow has not stopped hearing about the dagger 3-pointer he passed up Monday. Nellie said he’s been on him “like a raggedy shirt” about him passing up a 3-pointer. After the game, Morrow issued a public apology on Twitter.

Safe bet he doesn’t pass the rock at all tonight?


Oh, yeah. I’m told the Warriors have no interest in McGrady. Not only is his injury history a problem, but McGrady is an expiring contract. The Warriors would have to give up something good to get him and it is unlikely McGrady would sign an extension with the Warriors.

If the Warriors did decide to rent a player, McGrady would not be him.

Marcus Thompson