Game #31 (9-22): Lakers 124, Warriors 118

Nothing takes the attention from a relatively impressive showing by the Warriors like an Anthony Randolph watch.

Some will say it’s nitpicking, or going negative. But to each his own. I, personally, can’t help but notice that Randolph played 18 minutes (if you take away the final 40 seconds he played when the game was over). Only seven of those minutes came in the second half, none – save for those 40 seconds – came in the fourth quarter.

I especially couldn’t help but wonder “Where’s Randolph?” when Lamar Odom converts a crucial putback late. So why did Randolph only get 19 minutes, including garbage time work?

Only Anthony Morrow played fewer minutes. Didn’t get to ask Nelson after the game, but based on the past occurrences where a similar question has been asked, the answer is either match-ups, his mistakes (turnovers and poor shots) or foul trouble.

 Check out Randolph’s line Tuesday: 6 points on 3-for-5 shooting, six rebounds, five blocks, five assists, one turnover, one foul.

That leads me to believe it was match-ups. Since the Warriors really can’t match up with the Lakers in the size category, Nelson presumably wanted to create an advantage on offense by going with either Maggette, who can score on the drive, or Radmanovic, who stretches the floor with his outside shot. Randolph isn’t as good an option as either player based on those given purposes. But there is a purpose Randolph is better at than both: defense.

Randolph declined to comment. I think he was the first player dressed and out (he’s from Los Angeles, so he probably had people waiting for him). But he didn’t leave before having a talk with Turiaf. I have no idea about what. (But I wonder if Turiaf was giving advice about patience and sacrifice to a player frustrated about lack of minutes?)


Stephen Curry only played eight second-half minutes, all but but some 30 seconds in the third quarter. His long stint on the bench was a little bit more explainable.

Curry, despite having a team-high 13 points on 5-for-8 shooting at the half, doomed himself with turnovers. Careless turnovers.

In the third quarter, he tried a one-hand pass off the dribble — with his left hand – from toe top to the left wing. Odom picked it off easily. Later in the third, with 51.9 seconds left, he was trying to hand off a pass (I think, my view was blocked by the Laker girls). It looked like he tried to tap the pass and Jordan Farmar picked it off. Certainly, the turnover had Nellie throwing his hands up in there.

Then seconds later, Curry got the ball at the top, and just stood there while Farmar and Vujacic came over to trap him. It wound up being a jump ball with 12.3 seconds left (the Warriors won it as Curry tapped it to C.J. who tracked it down before falling out of bounds and saving it to Turiaf for a dunk).

Curry is the best passer on the team, and his shot seems to be coming around (he averaged 13.4 points in December and shot 40.4 percent from 3). But his solid play is sometimes outshined by his propensity to make an untimely, unnecessary turnover.


Morrow certainly looks back. He took only three 3-pointers, making one. But he looked aggressive and decisive. His other four baskets were off the dribble and shots he created.


Don’t look now, but Maggette is on a ridiculous tear. He had 25 Tuesday on 7-for-11 shooting. That is at least 20 in eight of his last nine. During that stretch, he’s averaging 23.2 points on 65.4 percent shooting. He’s attempted 85 free throws during that stretch, which suggests he’s pushed away from the jumper buffet (sign the boos worked?). He’s also averaging 5.8 rebounds.

If he keeps at this rate, another team might be willing to take on his contract, which has three years and just more than $30 million remaining after this season.

Marcus Thompson

  • ECJ

    I’ll say it AGAIN.. Maggette is a GOOD player! Yes, he’s injury prone, and yes, he’s a ball hog.. but, he gets to the line, plays decent D, plays hard, rebounds, and the man can score! Nobody wants to give him his due, but I like him on this team.

    As for Randolph; maybe Nellie is trying to hurry up and get his wins so he can retire. If so, good. Let him play Radmonovich over Randolph, get his record, and ride off into the sunset. Its such a waste, depriving Randolph of such important experience. Especially when the W’s are NOT a competitive team, now is a perfect time to give young players valuable playing time and experience. Randolph should be playing when the game is on the line. He should be learning how to come thru in clutch situations.

    But, as I’ve said; none of it matters until this team is sold. Boycott. Boycott. Until then, its “re-arranging deck chairs on the titanic”. This team will never amount to anything until they’re sold.


  • David

    Agree, Marcus. Sent you an email last night asking the same thing about Randolph.

    It’s just weird that Randolph starts and plays the entire first quarter some games, and plays well, then hardly sees the floor again.

    It’s like they are trying to play mental games with Randolph. If I were him, it would be very frustrating…and I’m not a super-talented 20 year old, so it must very extremely frustrating for him.

    I agree that this is a waste of amazing talent on a team that has no hope for post season unless they reel off 20 in a row.

  • kobe24

    Fire Nellie, Fire Nellie, enough said…


    ehhh, nellie and his match-ups…Let AR play through the rough spots b/c the is the only way one grows as a player. If you never face adversity, then when you come up against it you won’t know how to handle it. My take, the game is a lot closer at the end with AR in as opposed to mini blow out that happened within the last 2 minutes.

    But Nellie is always right and knows what he is doing, even if it is at the cost of developing a young player…What a joke…Ohh but in case anyone forgot, the Dubs got their Bigs back..PLAYOFFS here we come!!!

  • Sha Boogie

    I have no idea what Nellie is doing with Anthony Randolph. If you are not going to play him, trade him. Randolph puts up big numbers when he plays 30 minutes or more. Its not like the Warriors are a playoff team.

  • commish

    Marcus, you said it all. Even a less boozeup and bloated Nelson simply can’t try to actually win a game with Randolph playing a role. It is ridiculously short sighted. I would have left Maggette in; he was doing a fine job and subbed out Ronny for AR and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Wilson

    You who say the Warriors are losing a chance to develop Randolph are missing the point, which is, that Nelson is throwing away games by not using his most dynamic player, especially on nights when he is a game changer. Nellie: Worried about mistakes at crunch time? You mean like Rony’s and Radmanovic’s turnovers? You think that with Randolph in there, it might have gotten sloppy at the end? Thank God that didn’t happen.

  • Perry

    Anthony Randolph cannot guard the better forwards in this league….

    Young or old, the better 4s in this league eat Randolph for breakfast.

    The game against San Antonio, down the stretch, Duncan absolutely took Randolph to school with baseline spins and clever low block moves.

    Last night, Pau Gasol looked like he was playing against a high-school forward whenever Randolph was on him.

    That’s the problem right there.

    Stop beating around the bush with Anthony Randolph, you homers!

  • Ken

    How is it that Warrior fans and press are the only people who do not rate Radmanovic ?

    During the Christmas Laker-Cavs match, when the Lakers were down big, one ESPN analyst said that while the Lakers now have five starters who are tops in their positions, what they miss most is having bench players like quote “Radmanovic and Turiaf” unquote.

    Until Radmanovic joined, Ws had no offensive rebounding at all. It is now a normal site to see him tip the ball back into the hoop. He is one of the Ws best defenders. He had 10 rebounds against the Celtics, despite the fact that his normal position is Small Forward.

    I guess that the no one in the Bay Area watched the Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals 18 months ago, where Radmanovic started all seven games.

    Randolph will get lots of time only because Radmanovic has never been a 40 minute a game player. Between Randolph, Radmanovic, Morrow and Maggette, there are 96 minutes which can be split 24 minutes each (on average, of course), which seems ideal, rather than any big problem.

  • DW

    I’m not gonna rip Nelson this time around. The W’s have looked a lot better lately so we’ll see what happens. Those Curry passes were awful. He was right to pull him. I think Randolph could have prevented that late put back by Bynum to seal the game for the Lakers. Nelson has to put him in there for defense at the end no matter what Randolph did during the game to piss him off.

  • fillmoe mike

    Bottom line is nellie should have played randolph instead of vlad rad

  • Don’t know if anyone noticed, but Vlad Rad guarded Kobe for much of the third and fourth quarters. And did a far better job on him than Monta. That is the chief reason Randolph was on the bench.

    At the end of the game it was a choice between Anthony Morrow for offense and Anthony Randolph for defense. That’s not an obvious choice for me, how about you? Especially considering that Randolph had difficulty guarding both Gasol and Odom.

    In the first half, Randolph was yanked for failing to rebound (1 in 10 minutes). As Nellie told him, and Jim Barnett reported. He did much better in the second half, after being talked to. As Jim Barnett also reported.

    Sorry to step on your bread and butter Marcus :>

  • DNR

    AR should have told Nelly to shove it up his fat anus when asked to go in with 40 seconds left. This would have been the ultimate solution to the problem (at least for AR). He’d get fined, suspended a game or 2, and ultimately get traded of this god forsaken wasteland of a team with this idiot coach. That would have sucked for the fans, but at this point I only wish the best for AR.

    It’s a shame that some of my favorite players in the league (JR, Baron, Gilbert) are now former warriors. A trend thats sure to continue.

  • warriornab

    stop going to the games you idiots.

  • petaluman


    Thanks for the updates on the 2nd injury exception. With the active trading season getting underway, I’m curious about a couple of our MIA expiring contracts. Could you please ask the FO about:

    1) Claxton – any chance he’ll take a medical retirement or insurance settlement?

    2) George – I know he actually played a few minutes this year. The fact that we’re looking for a D-League SF suggests we’ve determined he’s unable to help us?

    I’m guessing we’ll be over the cap next year, and limited to the MLE for signing FAs. We have a roster with 30M of the 53M going to 3 players. In spite of the “every Warrior is available for trade” rumors, almost any major deal would have to involve one of them. I just don’t see that as being likely.

    Do you think it’s most probable that we pull off the big deal, dump expiring contract(s) for a useful player, or stand pat with the 10 players we’re already committed to next year?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Perry is right again with his analysis of Randolph’s inability to guard REAL power forwards.
    For all you haters from Marcus’ post yesterday calling me crazy for wanting to trade Monta and Randolph for Kevin Martin and Jason Thompson, just wait. You’ll see that Martin’s numbers will be very similar (probably higher in scoring, with fewer assists and turnovers) to Monta’s by year end.
    I guarantee Thompson’s numbers will be superior to Randolph’s as well as he will be a consistent 16 and 9 (capable of being a 22 and 13) man every night who is 6’11” and 250 lbs (a real power forward who can even play some center) and can defend the post man-to-man as opposed to just being a good weakside defender.

    This summer, our salary cap situation looks marginally better than it is now with the losses of George, Claxton, Watson, Bell, Morrow and Moore. If we can somehow move Maggette’s contract this summer (packaged with any of the aforementioned re-signed FAs), it will be a coup. Otherwise, we’re stuck with him and will hopefully draft a stud small forward who can contribute right away (Al-Farouq Aminu from Wake Forest would be ideal).

    We’re not going to be a good team this year and probably not in the future with this current team. I’d be much more excited about a team next year with:

    PG – Curry/veteran back-up PG (Steve Blake)
    SG – Martin/Azubuike
    SF – Aminu/Maggette
    PF – Thompson/Wright
    C – Biedrins/Turiaf

    I like Monta and appreciate what he’s done this year, but he is NOT a shooting guard in the NBA at his height and he and Curry are not a good backcourt tandem. Curry is and will be our starting PG for years to come and will develop into a great player.
    I like Randolph and so many things he brings to the team, but he is NOT a power forward in the NBA with his body type and lack of basketball IQ.

  • RodBrooks

    This was a great effort by a team that was coming off of bak 2 bak after beating the Celtics. I think we all expected them 2 get blown out. This reaffirms 2 me that this is actually a good team. Can u imagine if they had Azubuike and Wright coming off the bench. Very fun game 2 watch. Despite their injuroess this team refuses 2 make excuses. They play hard and I appreciate the effort every night

  • MWLX

    Hard to fathom the cries for more playing time for Randolph when his performance against the Lakers was so inconsistent.

  • jscrilla

    Here is a reason he didnt play…HE THREW THE BALL TO THE GUY FROM TWO AND A HALF MEN (12th row up). Did anybody watch him drive to the basket and try to finnish in the 1st quarter…it looked like me playing left handed…and I suck.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Feltbot, Kobe had 44 and 11 ass., 17 points in the 4th. Let’s hold off on annointing Vlad a Kobe stopper.
    I know what you are going to say – Kobe is going to get his. Of that the case, put a guard on him and have help ready, like they did for Vlad and put somebody who can protect the rim? Oh, Turiaf was in. I forgot about the rule that you can’t have extra shotblokers in.

    Jscrilla, that pass into the crowd was against Boston, not against the Lakers

    question for all the few of you who think Randolph should not have been playing: how dies Randolph grow more, sitting or getting it handed to him by the world champs? Perry, how will Randolph learn to defend 4s, by watching Maggette defend 4s?
    Oh, my bad, this season isn’t about developing young talent.

  • On your reasoning, Marcus, Nellie shouldn’t be yanking Curry for those brain-dead passing turnovers.


    I think most NBA coaches use the tried and true carrot and stick approach to playing time. And I think the best NBA coaches coach every game to win, and work their young players in under that understanding. How better to teach them to play WINNING team basketball, rather than selfish basketball?

  • earl monroe

    Let it out Marcus!!!!!!!! (happy new years by the way)
    As far as Nelson goes its not about developing young talent, its about getting the record.
    And this team seems more competitive to me anyway with Randolph on the court, it seems to me like Randolph really doesn’t care about being
    buddy buddy with the other team’s players, he just goes out and plays hard, once he figures it out, look out.

    The young guys are going to make mistakes. Curry is making mistakes no doubt about it, but he will figure it out.

    I doubt Randolph will ever be able to guard freak power forwards like Gasol and Duncan. Those guys are power forwards with center post footwork, I don’t see other like those two around, even Brand and Boozer don’t have post moves like those guys.
    If Randolph stays at this weight he is basically a 3, either way the kid is going to be great. There are teams just chomping at the bit for the warriors to give up on him, same with Curry

  • Swopa


    Your view of the Laker girls may have been an understandable distraction, but part of what limited Randolph’s minutes was getting pulled in the 2nd & 3rd quarters as a defensive liability.

    In the 2nd quarter, Gasol went right at AR twice for easy baskets, sandwiched around 2 missed FTs by Randolph. In the opening minutes of the 3rd quarter, the Lakers had four offensive rebounds, leading to 6 second-chance points — which makes your “Where’s Randolph?” remark above about a late Odom putback unintentionally humorous.

    Now, to be fair, Randolph came back in a couple of minutes later in the 3rd and played very well, so it’s a legitimate suggestion that he should have gotten a chance in the 4th quarter as well. (And Nellie’s 4th-quarter decisions have bugged me in a lot of recent game.) But a missed opportunity to play an extra 4-5 minutes isn’t going to cripple Randolph’s career.

    What COULD derail his career is the sense of entitlement that people like you, Kawakami, and Bucher seem determined to encourage in Randolph. To answer your question about growth, I’d point to Joe Smith, a skinny Warriors PF who got all the minutes he wanted in his first two seasons.

    Did all those minutes help Smith’s development? Obviously not, and in fact I think it permanently damaged him. First, he never improved his game because he never *had* to in order to earn playing time. Second, and perhaps more important, playing unlimited minutes against stronger PFs/Cs absolutely destroyed his will to battle inside — by his third season, he was a timid shell of his former self, and he never recovered enough to become more than a journeyman backup. Is that the future you want for Randolph? Letting him get manhandled on a nightly basis before he’s physically ready seems like a good way to guarantee it.

    Developing young talent is essential, but as the Joe Smith example shows, force-feeding them 35-40 minutes/game can be counterproductive on an individual level… and it can be just as bad for the team as a whole. Is the team somehow not supposed to notice that management has thrown in the towel on even trying to win with more than half the season remaining? Didn’t some W’s beat writer muse recently on the demoralizing effect of repeated losses… in fact, wasn’t that writer *you*, Marcus?

    How, for example, is Monta Ellis supposed to feel watching Randolph (and Curry, etc.) make unlimited numbers of mistakes in the name of growth? Sure, it’s great for you and Kawakami if he gets frustrated and demands a trade, because it gives you something to write about, but maybe not so much fun for the rest of us.

  • fillmoe mike

    I wouldn’t trade monta elis for kevin martin because monta ellis is younger and has a lot of room for improvement..if you look @ monta’s game u can see he can still improve in so many other areas to become a better player…he can still improve his jump shot and handles doing that will make him a better player…think future don’t think now when it comes to monta ellis and his skills….its scary but its true he will only get better with time.

  • Warriors B. Good

    Corey Maggette for Marcus Camby!

  • Marcus Thompson


    I distinctly remember Monta thinking he should’ve been playing as a rookie and second-year player. And he couldn’t dribble left.

    It is utterly ridiculous to say Randolph shouldn’t play because he got abused by Pau Gasol. He had 27 and 12. It wasn’t Randolph just getting abused. And the dude is an All-Star. Can Randolph only get guaranteed minutes when he can stop him? Morrow has been awful on D. Why is his minutes relatively secure? Who else on Warriors gets pulled for porous defense? Name someone over the last three years?

    What’s so funny is that it seems OK to some that Randolph is pulled for poor defense on the worst defensive team in the league? Shouldn’t he be put in for defense, like when te Lakers are pounding the glass down the stretch?

    My only point is and was that Randolph needs to play. If he’s not good enough to regular playing time on a 9-22 team, then trade him. Has anyone thought about this: what of the tough love, the playing time as a carrot approach, isn’t working? Wasn’t this the case last season? So why is the same tactic needed?

    A bit of amateur psychology: humiliation is probably what Randolph needs. He has confidence through the roof (a la Ellis) and he always has the crutch of coach isn’t playing me to lean on. He has the built in hindrance of minutes uncertainty that allows him to shift blame elsewhere. What he sees: he works hard, does some things well, gets yanked for the things he doesn’t. Maybe a body of work of unquestionable beatings is what he needs to humble him and get him to focus more on what coaches are saying. Or, like Ellis, he will prove he was right all along.

    Love the discussion, people.

    The Warriors need to figure out of this guy is the business or not. They can’t do that when Vlad is playing his minutes. Do you wait until he’s 24 to decide if he’s good? Just cross your fingers and hope he gets it?

    If Randolph is making bonehead mistakes, he need to sit – for a spell. You have never heard me say Curry shouldn’t.

  • kookaburra

    Great post Marcus. You articulated exactly how I feel about the situation. It has become clear that the carrot and stick strategy does not work well with Randolph. He played his best basketball last season when all the bigs were hurt and he knew he was going to get 30+ minutes.

  • earl monroe

    The point with Randolph and to a lesser degree Morrow and Curry is that all 3 of them should play, because “playing” like Eric Snow said is the only way these young guys will get enough experience to get the mistakes out of them, there is no replacement for experience.
    These kids will make mistakes but the team is losing playing the vets anyway, other than getting Nelson his record this team is going no where in fact the more the kids play the better they may be next year and the better draft pick they may get this year.

    In fact, I doubt any of the current vets where as good as Randolph and Curry in their first two years-someone check the stats for me please.

    If the young guys make mistakes continuously by all means sit them AND instruct them then put them back in, don’t yank them yell at them then sit them for
    3 quarters, I could understand sitting the young guys if we had a great veteran team going to the playoffs, but we know this is not the case, even if by some
    miracle the warriors make a run, its going to be fueled by Ellis, Curry and Randolph.

  • danikil

    I saw Joe Smith play and he was no AR.Anyone who compares the two is comparing apples and oranges and will most likely come to the wrong conclusion.Stop trying to protect Nellie from himself.He has never won a titleIt is idiotic to say that Nelson was right in his methods when the Dubs are the worst team in the west and Nellie has been their caoach for three years.

    Gasol and Odom are two very experienced and talented players and I thiunk it will be a couple of years before AR can consistently deal with them. But unlike Joe Smith, AR is really talented and has mucho attitude already. I would trade Nellie and keep AR. Oh yeah please trade Harp and Swopa for now that is atrade I could live with.

  • Terrific post,Swopa. I think you nailed it.

    “Who else on Warriors gets pulled for porous defense? Name someone over the last three years?”

    Brandan Wright. Remember him? Nellie said repeatedly that Wright’s primary responsibility was rebounding, and if Wright wasn’t going to provide it, he might as well go small with someone who can spread the floor.

    Remember? Randolph’s primary responsibility, unlike Morrow, is defense and rebounding. He is not an efficient offensive player yet. In fact, as his disastrous stint at PF against Phoenix demonstrated, he is a stick in the spokes of the Warriors offense when he is played at PF. Defense and rebounding.

    If he doesn’t rebound, which he wasn’t doing in the Lakers game, until Nellie reminded him, Nellie is completely justified in yanking him and looking elsewhere.

    The kid is 20 years old, and the Warriors have him locked up for years. It is ridiculous how impatient Marcus and the rest of the Warriors media are with regard to him. They should know better than the average fan.

    Take a look at Jermaine O’Neal’s playing time. He also came into the league right after high school. It took him 5 long years to grow up into an NBA player. And in his 5th year, when he finally got 32 minutes, he averaged 13 and 7. This is a player who ultimately became an MVP candidate. Remember?

    It takes big men a long time develop into good players. And it takes 18 year old big men a long time to grow into their bodies, so that they can stand the pounding of 30 minutes, 82 games.

    Randolph is a long, long way from doing either. As Swopa points out, the very worst thing about Randolph right now is his misguided sense of entitlement.

    Which is being aided and abetted by Marcus Thompson and Tim Kawakami.

  • petaluman


    AR is 6th on the team in total minutes, 5th in points, 1st in rebounds this year. Obviously, those stats are skewed some by injuries and roster changes, but they don’t sound like the numbers of a forgotten man.

    I know it’s hard not to play armchair coach – we all do it. We all want to see Randolph play more, because he’s one of our main hopes for the future, like POB and Diogu were before him.

    At this point, it’s quite reasonable to assume that Anthony will be a much better Warrior than they were. We can’t let him play just to avoid the pouts, though. At every level, all the way down to elementary school-age rec league, there are players who feel “disrespected”, and show it.

    In my experience, it’s often the teammates who try to do most of the damage control. You mentioned that AR spoke with Turiaf. I also heard Andris speak about Anthony’s emotions in a recent pre-game interview. His on-court game is not the only work in progress.

    In the long run, Randolph’s improved play will continue to earn him more playing time. If that doesn’t settle him down, then he just might not have the emotional control necessary to ever reach his potential.

  • kookaburra

    Feltbot…. In 22 minutes a game this year Randolph is averaging 11.6 points/6.6 boards. You are saying that if by year 5 he is getting 13 points/7 boards in 32 minutes, thats a success? Am I missing something?

    Oh, and did it ever occur to you that the people who cover the Warriors for a living might know a little bit more than you about basketball?

  • Burke

    This has been a very interesting discussion. I personally am swung this way and that as to Randolph’s playing time. One thing Nelson said in the LA postgame (or maybe Celtics) is that Randolph isn’t following the game plan. That’s one thing that is hard to determine as a fan: how can we see if Randolph is screwing up the defensive or offensive schemes? It might be that he is throwing everyone else off.

  • “It might be that he is throwing everyone else off.”

    Exactly. And the one thing you have never heard from either Marcus or Kawakami is that Randoph’s teammates are clamoring for him to get more time. If he were really helping them win, wouldn’t that be the case?

    In fact, everything we’ve heard reported on this front, whether in Monta’s comments, or Jack’s, or Bean’s or Turiaf’s, or even Curry’s, is just the opposite. The fact that the Warriors came into the season relying on Wright and Randolph at the four is what drove Jackson over the edge, and just about took Monta with him. Jackson construed it as “not caring about winning.” Isn’t that right, Marcus?

  • ECJ

    The point with Randolph is this:

    Does he need an attitude adjustment? Yes. Is he immature, and does this affect his play? Yes. Does he make lots of mistakes, and disrupt the Warriors’ chemistry at times? Yes.


    He’s a key to the team’s future. Sometimes, young guys learn by watching someone more experienced do their same job. Or they learn because a coach is able to get inside their head and motivate them. Or, they learn by taking their lumps.

    Randolph doesn’t have an experienced player to show him the ropes. We can rule that one out. He doesn’t have a coach in Nellie that can get inside his head or heart and motivate him. Nellie’s constant benching and punishment of AR demonstrate a lack of connection with Randolph.

    So Randolph, on this team, is going to have to learn by taking his lumps. By playing. Need an example? Look at Ellis.

    Monta has made several mistakes during his young career. But, he’s stepped up as a leader, and has shined now that he’s the man, and responsibility has been put on his shoulders. He’s risen to the occasion.

    Randolph will too. And if he doesn’t, then the Warriors need to know that, so they can move in another direction. But sitting him on the bench, while inferior players with no ties to the team’s future play the decisive moments in games makes no sense. Let him play. Let him learn how to step up in crucial game situations. Let him feel the responsibility he has to his team and to the organization as a leader, and as a go-to player. He’s one of the W’s best. He should be on the floor.


  • fillmoe mike

    This is an interesting discussion but I feel anthony randolph should be play @least 25-30 mins a game…he has to be developed by playing him…players are different some players can learning by watching the game or some can learn by trial and error,and also by being embarrassed…randolph seems to need to be embarrassed taken advantage of in order to become better…having nelson as the coach can be a good thing because he knows how good randolph can be and knows what he shud be doing in order to become an effective player

  • fillmoe mike

    If you look @ some of our teams in the past some of our rookies shud have been playing more,like monta ellis or gilbert arenas but that didn’t hurt their game @ all…I knew gilbert was going to be good tho but with monta ellis nobody even knew who he was….also anthony randolph reminds me of antawn jamison in the way he looks so raw and unorthodox on the court…do you guys remember how antawn would get abused and destroyed on defense??experience helped him a lot..if randolph plays more hell be more experienced and won’t be goin for all them damn pump fakes and stuff

  • Bill

    someone please tell Curry to stop throwing that ridiculous hook pass….other teams look for it and it gets intercepted at crucial times in the game….way back in my day in the dark ages in high school we had a player who insisted on throwing the hook pass and he constantly overthrew the guards and suffered back court violations and the wrath of our coach (who went on to be Steve Nash’s college coach, so I can’t be completely lost here)…it’s a silly, predictable, western union pass….stop it

  • A’s in 2010

    MT2, please call out Nellie for playing small against a team we’d actually have an advantage against down low. Our announcers are too gutless to even bring up this small-ball losing strategy. Oh we missed shots, oh we fouled too much, blah blah blah.

    This Portland loss was totally on Nellie, he played right into their hands. Yay we got our bigs back, but let’s play Morrow at PF, WTF. I hate playing these 4 guard line-ups. It’s one thing when your best players are guards(Baron, Monta, Jack, JRich) but doing it with this roster is an epic fail.

  • A’s in 2010

    CJ Watson went 0-8. How do you let him even go 0-5 without yanking him? 0 for 8! But he still played 33 mins. He was in there for the entire 4thQ too, wtf. I need a beer.