Bye, Bye, Mikki

Warriors have waived center Mikki Moore, who is out after surgery to repair bone spurs in his right heel. The simple reason: they cut Moore to keep Chris Hunter, the center they called up from the D-League. The explanation, though, gets convoluted, and it likely means no other player will be added.

Pretty much, the league made the Warriors to make a decision on Chris Hunter before contracts become guaranteed on Jan. 10.

Remember, Hunter was added as an injury exemption. The Warriors have to re-apply every two weeks to keep Hunter on the roster. But his contract was going to become guaranteed on Sunday. The league would not allow the Warriors to carry 16 guaranteed contracts.

Certainly, Warriors GM Larry Riley would loved to have kept Hunter as a non-guaranteed injury exception. That way, if the situation changes and the Warriors don’t need the exemption anymore, they wouldn’t have been on the hook to pay Hunter for the whole year. But the league wasn’t going for it. The max is 15 guaranteed contracts. No exceptions.

That left them with two options: Cut Chris Hunter or cut Mikki Moore.

The Warriors could have cut Hunter and signed him back on a 10-day contract, but that was too risky. He would have had to clear waivers for 48 hours before the Warriors could re-sign him to a 10-day. Another team (such as Portland) was likely to swoop him up. And if the Warriors lost Hunter and Ronny Turiaf or Andris Biedrins got hurt again, then you’re looking at Vlad Radmanovic as the starting center.

So the Warriors chose the other option – cut Mikki and eat the rest of the $1.3 million he had coming to him (which they were going to do anyway, since he’s probably not coming back this season). As a result, Hunter is here for the rest of season under a guaranteed contract. No more injury exemption.

Mikki gave the Warriors way more than they expected before succumbing to a painful foot injury, which he had surgery on Dec. 18 and was said to be out at least three months. He started 20 of his 23 appearances. He averaged 5.0 points, 3.0 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 17.7 minutes.  His midrange J and his locker room presence were his biggest attributes.

The Warriors likely won’t request another exception now. CORRECTION: Looked into it further (told you it was diluted) and the Warriors could request another injury pass from the league since they still fit the requirements (four guys out and not expected back for at least three weeks). They could then use the exception to sign a player, say Cartier Martin, to a 10-day contract. The rules allow teams to sign a player to a maximum of two 10-day contracts before they have to release him or sign him for the rest of the year. But that only buys the Warriors 20 days. (I guess they could keep signing a new guy to two 10-day contracts, but that would be a lot of work.)

Since the league won’t allow them to carry a non-guaranteed injury exception past Friday, they would have to cut another player in order to keep him for the rest of the season The problem with cutting someone else (namely Speedy Claxton, Devean George or Raja Bell) is they are more valuable as expiring contracts in a potential trade. The trade deadline is just over a month away. Claxton’s $5.2 million expiring contract and George’s $1.6 million expiring contract are perfect deal sweeteners, especially when combined. Ditto for Raja Bell. But the Warriors want to keep him anyway, so cutting him is definitely out. (It would’ve been nice if they had Mikki to throw in there, too. But they’d rather have Hunter, obviously, than an extra $1.3 million in expiring contracts to shop around.)

So, unless things get desperate and they need a guy just for a few weeks, adding a player is unlikely.

Marcus Thompson

  • Warriors 4 Life

    Why not cut Devean George instead? Why did we trade Marco for that bum. :[

  • drew

    i agree, cut george! i like moore

  • A’s in 2010

    It’s amazing they would rather keep Devean George than sign someone like Cartier Martin who could help. We know darn well they have no plans on using those expiring contracts, so why not just waive the useless players?

  • Ewok

    That’s the nature of the league, or shall i say the nature of the beast. You’ll never know who’s going to be axed.

    If i had a say, they should have done this on Devean (who has yet to play a solid game) George.

    Mikki Moore is a leader. I guess leadership no longer counts these days.

  • lobo

    anyone expect anything that made sense…please raise your hand….we gotta’ get tougher fatso said so they keep george….what a useless front office

  • Gnarlie

    Thank the basketball gods! Mikki sucked, and sucked play time away from Randolph, glad to see him go with no hopes of returning!

  • Alamedatechie

    George is still a usefull body they can use if they need be. Moore is out most likely the rest of the season. They can still feasably sign him back later on if somehow they are inching to the playoffs which is highly unlikely.

  • David Wood

    Serious, cut Devon George .Whats the deal? The first worst move of Larry rileys GS tenure was bellenelli for Devon. FAIL!

  • Twinkie defense

    Of course you cut Moore and not George – at least George can physically play, while Moore can’t – and also George’s expiring contract is twice the size of Moore’s (not to mention, the League pays half of Moore’s salary). Expiring contracts are what got the Lakers Pau Gasol… Warriors have ~$12 million in expiring contracts! So maybe there’s a good player out there somewhere that an over-the-tax team will send us for expirings.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    “Mikki gave the Warriors way more than they expected…”

    uh marcus are u kidding???? moore wuz HORRIBLE…. he cant play defence & cant rebound…. aside from amusement value of having around rasta mom pippy long stockings wut good wuz he????

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • Ohio Glory

    I wasn’t a fan of Mikki Moore at first, but watching him talk to the young warriors and watching them respond and listen was great. Give Props!!! to where they deserve to be. He gave this team something they didn’t have a voice. Who do we have now? I am still waiting to see Speed Claxton, he doesn’t even respect the fans enough to be dressed and sitting on the bench, who is this masked man, Atlanta was happy to get rid of him and now we seem stuck. Does anyone know what is supose to be wrong with him, besides missing. Mikki knows its a business. Hats off to you Mikki, Thank You for being a Warrior if only for a little while, we needed you and you were there.


  • juyemura

    They both suck. Just flip a coin. And be sure to give that coin back to Cohan when you’re done cuz he counts every penny.

    Reporting on this sorry franchise must be getting to you, Marcus. I feel for you. I don’t even know why I read about them anymore. Their moves should be reported in the Financial section of the papers instead of the Sports section because that’s what their motivation for every single move is.

    I’m gonna move away from the U.S. for 5 years and then come back in hopes that Cohan and Rowell have moved to Sri Lanka.

  • some guy

    poster 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6.

    you guys seriously think it made more sense to cut George over Moore?

    i’d say it makes sense to keep the guy who isn’t out for the season and has the bigger expiring contract.

    good thing you guys aren’t running the team. as bad as the front office is, you all are worse.

  • A’s in 2010

    Some Guy, that’s not what I wrote. I have no problem waiving Mikki and keeping Hunter.

    “It’s amazing they would rather keep Devean George than sign someone like Cartier Martin who could help. We know darn well they have no plans on using those expiring contracts, so why not just waive the useless players?”

    I have a problem with them keeping useless players like George and Speedy when they could be replaced by players(like Cartier Martin) who could help.

    And btw, if ANYONE thinks we would trade our expiring contracts for players under contract next year please go look at our payroll for 2010.


    We have $52M committed, not counting Morrow, Hunter, Watson, and our 2010 1st which is easily another $8M. And keep in mind we’d like to re-sign Raja Bell too. Now click “CapProjections”, the luxury tax is gonna be around $65M next year. Do the math, there is no way we trade our expiring contracts for longer deals. Just cut them loose and bring in some player(s) who can help.

  • Mikkifan12

    bye bye mikki, you went out there and played basketball. good for you man. you tried

  • Warriors B. Good

    The Warriors should try to trade Corey Maggette back to the Clippers for Marcus Camby. Why does this trade make sense for both teams?

    1. The Warriors have no identity and no direction. Maggette is the only player besides Monta and Biedrens who is signed for more than 2 years. To get his big contract off the books will aid us when we do figure out what our identity and direction are.

    2. Although Camby makes more than Maggette, his salary is up after the year. We will essentially just dump Maggette’s salary.

    3. The Clippers have Kaman at center and drafted Blake Griffin, who has at times looked studly. Camby is limiting Griffin’s minutes.

    Because Camby’s contract is a lot easier to move, because there’s only 1 year left, we could always move Camby later to a contender, maybe with some of these “valuable” expiring contracts.

  • Bill

    just a note for my own catharsis…..
    last night’s loss at Denver and the officiating mistakes at the end can be summed up in one word: travesty

    I wish Nelson had had the guts to not just spit out his gum or lozenge or Tums as he did but to spit in the face of those insulting refs…..it was ridiculous and the most ridiculous was putting one tenth of a second back on the clock knowing it was absurdly impossible…

    again when Randolph’s skills were needed he was on the bench and we rode a limping Turiaf…

    why is Biedrins getting 11 million a year for doing nothing? and his free throws? god, he had all summer and then his time injured to work on it….pathetic… and inexcusable, right down to the neglect shown by the coaching staff..

    let’s buy Nelson some good cigars and whiskey and pack him off into the sunset…and that does Not mean anointing Keith Smart as his successor…

    when will we ever find a winning mindset?

  • Bill

    uh WarriorsBGood….tell me something…when did Blake Griffin look “studly” was it recently? or was it as far back as summer league and college? he hasnt played yet, idiot

  • Jeremy

    hahah Camby is limiting Griffin’s minutes? clearly this guy must be a Clippers insider

    Here I thought he got hurt in the preseason. Great post

  • Hashim

    W’s should sign Gerald Green.