Ellis’ All-Star Chances Take A Hit

I just saw this, but the fourth returns from the NBA All-Star balloting was announced Thursday. It doesn’t look good for Monta Ellis’ All-Star chances.

The fourth and final update saw that Houston Rockets guard Tracy McGrady, who has totaled 47 minutes of playing time this season, still in the starting lineup. Ellis really needs Phoenix PG Steve Nash to be named a starter to have a legitimate chance.

Unfortunately for Ellis, McGrady’s lead increased despite the news that he’s all but done as a Rocket. Houston publicly acknowledged seeking a trade for McGrady after allowing him to leave the team. Still, the votes for McGrady are obviously pouring in from China even though Yao Ming isn’t even on the ballot.

The league announced the third returns on December 31 and McGrady had the second-most votes among guards in the Western Conference, behind Kobe Bryant. McGrady was 1,005 votes ahead of Nash. The fourth returns came out Jan. 7 and Mcgrady’s lead has more than doubled. He is now 2,375 votes ahead of Nash.  

Both are more than a million votes behind Bryant. That seems kind of odd. Nash is widely beloved, and deservedly so. Considering he’s having a great season, you would think he would get more love from fans across America. But both Allen Iverson and Orlando’s Vince Carter have more votes though neither is having as great a year. In 2008, Nash finished with 1.17 million votes (last season, 677k). 

The league will give no more updates. The starters will be announced on Jan. 21. The reserves will be announced a week later.

If McGrady is a starter, then Nash will take up one of the 2 spots reserved for guards. Portland’s Brandon Roy is likely to geth the other reserve guard spot. It is likely the coaches will use one of their two wild card spots to select a third reserve guard. But Ellis would be competing with New Orleans’ Chris Paul and Utah’s Deron Williams, to name a couple.

If Nash is voted in as a starter, then that frees up another spot for Ellis, as McGrady doesn’t stand a shot at being added as a reserve. So Brandon Roy gets on reserve spot and, say, Chris Paul gets the other. Monta stands as good a chance as Deron Williams or Denver’s Chauncey Billups to get one of the wild card spots.

Of course, even if McGrady is voted in, he could decline to participate (the honorable thing to do) or the league can step in and rule him out, as an injured player or something. (Certainly, after this season, there needs to be a minimum games rule that disqualifies players who are voted on despite not playing.) Then Ellis stands a chance at getting added on as an alternate if he’s not selected as a reserve.

Marcus Thompson

  • kookaburra

    Marcus, would the NBA actually let that go down, having McGrady as a starter on the all-star team when he has barely played all year and clearly doesn’t deserve it?

  • Chris

    Actually from the NBA.com website, Schulmann writes, “He may be anyway. McGrady has stated that he would make an appearance at All-Star Weekend if the fans voted him in, but wouldn’t play out of respect for the other Western Conference guards who have earned a right to be there.”


  • wouldn’t that be ironic – McGrady gets a starting spot with 47 TOTAL minutes, while Ellis has played more than 47 minutes in 7 different games!

  • UR Kidding, Right?

    This is a joke. The NBA needs to set minimum minutes played. Who are these people voting for McGrady? He has not been a factor for several years!!!! Another black eye for the NBA. How are they going to explain McGrady on the All-Star telecast?

  • commish

    Given the Warriors luck or lack of thereof, Monta won’t have a chance, but I sure hope some fairness will prevail and we can once again have an All-Star. It has been way too long.

  • Jim

    McGrady has already announced he won’t play – out of respect to players that have played this season. He will show up, but not dress.

  • Mountain Jim

    Whether Monta gets aced out or someone else does, if McGrady plays in this game it would be a travesty. The all-star game is a joke as it is, but this is ridiculous.

  • Greg

    Well, if that is the case with McGrady giving up his spot, that is a classy move. It just blows my mind that McGrady even got voted in. What are these voters thinking! I mean, he shouldn’t even qualify. It’s time for the coaches and players to start voting for All-Star game rosters IMO. Your typical fan is just a fanatical goofball. I don’t really care if Monta plays in the All-Star game or not. The guy is an All-Star caliber player and that’s all that really matters.

  • HannibalX

    The All Star game is a kiss of death for the Warriors.
    1. Richmond/Traded for Billy Owens
    2. Hardaway/Gives up spot to AIDS infected Magic/then tears acl
    3. Spreewell/Chokes coach
    4. Cohan gets booed at hosted All Star game/the Cohan’s are seen fleeing journalists seeking comments
    5. Monta/….?

  • deano

    Fan voting for anything is an insult to the players. It diminishes the “All-Star” honor.

  • some guy

    Monta never had a chance with the coaches anyway (they emphasize winning).

    that’s why guys like Zach Randolph 20 & 11, Kaman 20 & 9, Gay, Tyreke, Jefferson, Love, or even Maggette (who averages more points per 36 minutes than Monta (23.5 vs 22.3 on 53% shooting vs 47% for Monta).

    CP3 & Deron might even get cut out as the coaches look to reward the Mavs (currently 2nd) or Nuggets (5th) or Spurs (4th) with additional all-stars.

    Houston’s Aaron Brooks might get an all-star nod b/c he leads the team in points (18.6) even though Landry has been by far their best player this year.

    Lakers 3 all-stars, Mavs at least 1, Suns 2, Spurs at least 1, Nuggets at least 1, Portland 1, if still in the playoff picture Houston 1, OKC at least 1.

    That’s 11 and the final spot will come down to CP3 or whether the coaches want to reward a guard on the Mavs, Spurs or Nuggets (whoever is in 2nd place at the time) for their success.

  • John Starks

    Of course Monta won’t get in because he plays for the Dubs. Does he deserve to be an All-Star? Of course. His numbers are crazy, but let’s not even talk about his playmaking. The year he gets traded to any other team, he’ll be a no-brainer for All-star consideration. The League and the Nation has zero love for the Golden State Warriors.

  • fillmoe mike

    That sucks that mcgrady would even show up..the rules need to be changed for a player vote or sumthing..I’m very confident if players had one vote for one player every western conference gaurd would say monta is definently an all star and a very hard person to gaurd…

  • earl monroe

    Who cares about the all star game? Its like watching the globetrotters maybe worst

  • Perry

    Fuck an All-Star nod……..give me 50 wins and a playoff berth any day of the week and you can keep your “All-Star” selection. I’d rather have 0 All-Stars and win a playoff series, then have 1 All-Star and lose 50 games.

    It’s a very simple process in the NBA, step by step progression to becoming a good NBA team:

    1st. Beat the teams you SHOULD beat
    2nd. Protect your home-court
    3rd. Get to .500
    4th. Win on the road
    5th. Get into the playoffs

    Step by step, ……the Golden State Warriors are still at square 1………still trying to beat the teams we SHOULD beat. We’re below .500 at home and on the road…….road wins are hard to come by and playoffs are a far, far notion.

    Just shows you how much work there still is yet to be done.

    Most Western Conference teams already have those 5 points covered………we’re still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind……..

  • earl monroe

    This is what I think.

    Gilbert is going to be available soon, we pick him up, play Curry, Ellis and Arenas together with Magette and Randolph- oops I am sounding like all the folks up in here that make wish lists and list new lineups with the letters PG SG PF SF an C next to players names.

    The Bay Area is the most tolerable place on earth, could there be a better place for Gilbert to rehab his rep?

  • earl monroe

    FREE Agent ZERO back in they Bay

  • Skyline Teacher

    Just a general comment: It would be cool if you would post commentary about EVERY game. Thanks.

  • Perry

    Gilbert Arenas and Anfernee Hardaway were our best guard draft picks of the last 20 years……..

    Here is my ranking of the last 20 years of Warrior guard drafting:

    1. Anfernee Hardaway
    2. Gilbert Arenas
    3. Monta Ellis
    4. Latrell Sprewell
    5. Jason Richardson
    6. Stephen Curry

    These are just DRAFTED guards….not guards acquired from free agency or through trades…….

    That being said, who do you think is our best Warrior guard combo of the past 20 years?:

    1. Hardaway/Richmond
    2. Hardaway/Sprewell
    3. Arenas/Richardson
    4. Davis/Richardson
    5. Curry/Ellis

  • Jeremy

    The biggest thing keeping Monta from being an All-Star is him playing at an All-Star level. He is busting his azz, doing a great job on D and scoring… but if you want to be an All-Star you need to win. Win ballgames and the All-Star bids will come.

    On the subject of winning ball games… everyone should boycott spending even $1 on the Warriors till Cohan sells. Otherwise we will continue to see players and management penalized for being successful.

  • Ken

    One of the questions submitted for the President’s Townhall in China – that the President declined to accept – was: “Why are the Houston Rockets not declared to be champions of the NBA?”.

    I guess this comes from living in a place where the government decides everything !

    Frankly, I am amazed that all five starting all-stars are not Houston Rockets, since we allow anyone in the world to vote as many times as they want.

  • B Nell


    How can you count Penny as the top Warrior guard and they guy didnt play one minute for the team? I hope you meant Tim Hardaway. Because thats absurd if you are saying Steph Curry is better than Tim.

  • Pete


    I think you meant Tim Hardaway.
    We did draft Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. But we traded him and 3 future first round picks for Chris Webber on draft day…

  • Joe

    this situation just proves that people in general are morons…The sad truth…

  • slamdunk

    Ellis has shown he can score, defend, and distribute well, but he won’t make the All-Star team because his team sucks. They are looking up at the Clipper, and Kings in the standings and are almost out of the playoff race already. Only way he gets in is if each team had to send a representative, and that’s not happening.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Earl Monroe is right on in wanting to acquire Arenas. He’s a difference maker and a big enough guard to play next to Ellis. Two problems exist right now:
    1) Will Washington void his contract? If so, he’ll have his pick of teams he wants to play for. I’m not sure he’d want to play for the Dubs.
    2) How long will his suspension be? Stern looks to be taking a hard line on Gil’s shenanigans.
    Those two things being taken into account, I say trade Biedrins, Curry and Claxton for Gilbert and JaVale McGee. Numbers work, we get one of the most dynamic offensive backcourts in the league and we get a back-up, young center to tandem with Turiaf.

  • earl monroe

    I was just playin’ in relation to bringing Gilbert back, just threw it out there for fun, if he was a free agent and cheap, yes by all means but trading for him will mean his contract will still be in play, not sure anyone will trade for Gilbert with his knee problem history and contract.
    But if he is a free agent zero then………..

  • Perry

    Read my post again……….I said the best drafted guards in the last 20 years…….whether they played a minute in a Warrior uniform or not.

    “B Nell”…….my list goes back 20 years…..Tim was drafted in 89……that’s why he’s not on my list…

    I’m not putting Steph higher than Tim……Tim’s not even on my list because he was drafted in 89.

    “Pete” …….I meant “Penny” all the way…….. my list says, “The last 20 years”……Tim was drafted in 89,

    I don’t care whether or not Penny played a game in a Warrior uniform or not……as far as sheer talent goes…..he was # 1 in drafed guards for the Warriors of the last 20 years.