Time Off Good For Anthony Randolph?

Most everyone is expecting second-year forward Anthony Randolph to be out for an extended period of time.

Coach Don Nelson said though it sounded like good news, that the CT scan on Randolph’s sprained left ankle showed no acute fracture, it didn’t make any difference. Whether a fracture or a bad sprain, Randolph is on the shelf for a while. At least a month, I’m thinking.

The consensus was that Randolph was beginning to come into his own (heard this before, huh?). But the silver lining?

TURIAF: “I think now is the time for him to sit down and watch film and to get better even though he’s not playing the game of basketball. I think that may be the one thing he was somewhat lacking … just watching the game by himself with no coaches around him. And he’s going to have plenty of time to do that now.”

The opportunity to sit and watch the game could/should help Randolph’s cerebral game, which most will agree is his biggest shortcoming. I think he should take the Turiaf approach and, if possible given his injury, sit on the bench every game he is out, not in the training room watching it on TV. Go on the road trips, too. He needs to be a student preparing for Finals over the next few weeks or so.

Ask a lot of questions. Watch PFs on other teams. Watch the game so intently he can point out stuff to his playing teammates. He is certainly going to have some study time.

NELSON: “He’s got a lot of swelling and he’s in a lot of pain, so it will be a while before we get him back.”

Marcus Thompson

  • King of BONGO

    Here’s to quick healing and a quick return for Randolph! I think Turiaf is right on! Anthony can benefit from putting a few more wrinkles in his cerebral cortex and in his game – observing the best in the NBA on tape.

  • Aperacer

    MT2 and Ronny are right..and Ronny knows about down time. With Randolph’s injury, the question is surgery or not. Was the injury to soft tissue, ligaments, tendens, etc. Hope it’s just a sprain.

  • Eeqmcsq

    Absolutely agree, MT2. His athleticism can only take him so far. Now he needs to develop the brain and intellectual side.

  • TJ

    Is there a chance dubs can take a chance on a guy like Sean Williams. He was just waived by Nets. I know he has some attitude problems, but could he be a good fit…?

  • TZillion

    I hope he actually does use the time off well. This league’s seen alot of players who instead get out of shape and forget their work ethic and humility.

  • RodBrooks

    Well atleast he will be back in time 4 the playoff.

  • I just hope he listens to Turiaf’s advise… Most kids in their 20’s in college likes to slack off…

  • some guy

    fyi. usually by watch film, players are talking about past games which you watch to correct mistakes such as misreads, assignment mistakes & what not. usually you have a film session the next practice after games with the coaching staff where they go over stuff on a general schematic level, but it’s always good to put in the time individually to pick apart your own game.

    at least that’s what watching film meant in college.

    not a good sign that AR isn’t a student of the game – though not surprising based on the way he plays. btw, didn’t monta mention something like this as well? let’s hope this time he listens.

  • Elwood Blues

    The injury described on the broadcast was worse – multiple torn ligaments and an avulsion fracture. Not good.

  • earl monroe

    It really depends on the individual, some players just need to play, interesting theory though, could help him and also make him appreciate the game more once he comes back, he sure has the talent so maybe its a blessing in disguise.

  • fillmoe mike

    I think the time off can help his game but randolph is goin to be a star once he understands that the game is more mental than physical anyway

  • Jeremy

    There goes any hope of the Warriors making a trade. Tank the season for John Wall and play Wall, Monta, and Curry together!

  • Mack-Mullin

    Hard to judge AR. Been playing the 3-4-5.
    Inconsistant minutes at various positions equal inconsistant play.
    We all see his talents/skill set. But we also see how he is underachieving.
    It’s always better to be playing instead of watching.
    But let’s hope he gains some insight while observing

    will he have an epiphany?

  • jano

    my guess is he probably won’t do it. This sounds like a case of the Jamarcus syndrome.

  • Perry

    I think when we get a chance to see B. Wright’s growth and AR’s growth side by side hopefully next season…we will see that B. Wright has a better chance of becoming a good NBA player that can play in this league a long time, if he avoids injuries. I think B. Wright will be the better NBA player.

    I think B. Wright is a more disciplined player on both ends of the court than A. Randolph. Offensively, he’s more patient with his game, a better low post scorer and doesn’t force jump shots 18 feet away from the basket, if he knows he can’t make it.

    Also, defensively, B. Wright is a better weak side shot blocker and stays “down” on bigger players in the block better.

    Can’t wait to see B. Wright back and hope he stays healthy.

  • The Sear

    I just wish we had coaches that could teach these talents young players how to win in the NBA and that it starts with defense..

    I think the coaches need to take some of the blame for the lack of progress with AR in his second year..

    I can’t wait until this coaching regime is gone and hopefully we will get a head coach who understands that to really be successful long term in the NBA it starts with defense, not some gimmicking fast break small ball where you score alot and give up more..Entertaining but you have zero chance ever to be taken seriously..

    Hey Warriors front office, here’s a concept for you, try to actually win, not just be entertaining..

    Nelly get your 12 wins and go back to Maui, your stunting these young players growth teaching them bad habits and playing mind games..