Warriors Add Another D-Leaguer, Now Have 8 Players Available

Warriors coach Don Nelson told a funny after practice on Sunday.

NELLIE: “I came up with a new name for the team. The Golden State D-Leaguers.”

OK, maybe it wasn’t funny. But that was Nellie’s way of introducing Anthony Tolliver, his new power forward. The Warriors got another hardship exception from the league and they used it to sign Tolliver to a 10-day contract. For those keeping score, that is 5 former D-Leaguers on the roster: Kelenna Azubuike, C.J. Watson, Chris Hunter, Cartier Martin and now Tolliver.

NELLIE: “We’ve probably used it more than anybody. Look at our roster. It’s full of D-League guys. I think actually you can get a better player in the D-League than you can in the second round in the draft right now. Those guys have more experience. They’ve been playing at a professional level. So you can save a year of development there.”

Tolliver is 6-9, 240-pounder. He played 14 games with the Idaho Stampede. His numbers are good: 21.4 points, 11.4 rebounds. 2.5 assists in 35 minutes. He was called up earlier this season by Portland (Dec. 17-29) and played in two games before being released. He played 19 games with the San Antonio Spurs last season.

GM Larry Riley chose Tolliver over the more expected choice: Rob Kurz. Kurz played with the Warriors all last season, at both power forward and center. But the Warriors went with someone who was more athletic and thrives in an uptempo game. Nellie said he likes the fact that Tolliver shoots the 3. Nellie always wants a big man who can spread the floor.

Tolliver is going to play, no doubt, as the Warriors are down to 7 players (OOPS! 8 pLAYERS. HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT MAGGETTE)  who are healthy and available heading into Monday’s game. They could end up with eight players by tip-off, if somehow Ronny Turiaf (sprained right ankle) can go or something changes dramatically for Vladimir Radmanovic (sore right Achilles) who is doubtful.

But certainly, guard Anthony Morrow is out. I’m told he sprained his right MCL. That injury can keep a player out up to a month, but the Warriors are saying he could be back as early as next Friday’s game vs. New Jersey.  C.J. Watson is out with a cut on his right hand, between his index and middle finger. He said a Dwyane Wade finger nail did the trick. He can’t catch, dribble, shake hands or anything with his right hand, which received five stitches.  He was filling out ticket requests on Friday with his left hand. He’ll likely miss at least two more games.

The Warriors have zero reserve guards. None. Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry will start. The next closest thing to a guard is Cartier Martin, who may start himself at SF. That leaves a bench of forward Devean George, center Chris Hunter and Tolliver. Considering Curry’s propensity for foul trouble, that could be trouble for the Warriors.

How much do the Warriors miss Marco Belinelli right now?

Marcus Thompson

  • Eeqmcsq

    If Turiaf or Radman has to dress for Monday’s game, does that mean that Tolliver won’t be available until after Monday’s game?

  • ALsMouthGuard

    I still like Marco over Morrow. Morrow can’t guard anybody and they have him guarding small forwards. Marco did pretty well for himself last year and he can actually dribble the ball and pass.

  • PhillyJ

    What about Richard Hendrix?? the man can play.

  • Greg

    “How much do the Warriors miss Marco Belinelli right now?”

    Not very much in comparison to Antawn Jamison, Jason Richardson or Baron Davis.

  • Greg

    Pretty soon other NBA teams might start loaning us their players just so they can get some run.

  • How much do the Warriors miss Marco Belinelli right now?


    How much have the Raptors missed him the last two games?


    If the Warriors are missing someone right now, it’s Stephen Jackson, who was ridiculed on these pages. One of the best players in the league, according to Larry Brown. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/01/16/SPG61BIJEK.DTL

  • A’s in 2010

    you mean 8 available, right?

    PG S.Curry
    SG M.Ellis
    SF C.Martin | D.George
    PF C.Maggette | A.Tolliver
    C A.Biedrins | C.Hunter

    Ronny would make it 9. I’m surprised they didn’t pick up a guard with CJ and Morrow out 2 weeks.

  • Marques8

    Why does the world go on spinning?

    Skeeter Davis

    Marco Bellineli? I think they probably miss Baron, Jackson and even Harrington more.

  • Marques8

    Let’s see what they do with the expiring contracts before we get teary about Marco. This team was never going to win a lot of games, with or without injuries or Marco. Give them some credit though. They mostly play very hard.

  • Marques8

    Feltbot: Jackson looks great in Brown’s system and Marco looks great on Toronto’s bench.

  • Mountain Jim

    Yeah, the W’s were just tearing up the league back when they had Jackson, weren’t they?

  • Talking Animal

    Is it any wonder that with Nelson throwing everyone under the bus, that people are going to seriously get hurt. With that said, I have a new slogan for Nelson. “I coached great, but boy did they play bad. Anything else? Thank you.”

  • jscrilla

    Stephen Jackson’s turnovers at then worst possible times cost them the playoffs in 07-08…period. AND if he wasnt such a bonehead at the club he could have been a bit of a factor in the beginning of the season which the warriors never recovered from. He’s poison…the best day of the season was the day this guy’s club killing contract was jettisoned. For that alone I call this season a success.

  • Greg

    Getting rid of Jackson was probably the best thing we have done all season. He obviously was not the answer for us. It has also allowed Monta to fully emerge and become more of a leader. Plus, I’d rather sacrifice this season to get a quality draft pick than be stuck in mediocrity with Jackson on the team.

  • Iokua Kahuwai

    Bellinelli?! Jackson?

    Oh, can I play?: The Dubs miss Mully, Wilt, Barry, Thurmond, Free, Hardaway, Richmond, etc.

    Can we pick up an owner/pres/coach from the D League?

    Hala no ka la – the day indeed passes.

    Not only is it allright to fail, failure may be a necessary componant of the learning process.

  • Iokua Kahuwai

    Can I get a Larry Smith please.

  • earl monroe

    Jackson’s true colors will show up in Charlotte soon enough-no need to fret.

  • Gizzm

    Jackson is the type of player everyone loves when a team is going good, but everyone can’t stand when a team is floundering.

    That being said, VladRad is horrible and they should have got more for Stackjack

  • Mack-Mullin

    It’s a rough season. But it’s great to see/watch monta curry develope.
    Even morrow has improved his offensive game dramtcally.
    Not content to be a spot up shooter/3pt specialist.
    I hope/pray Nelson gets the all time wins record so the off season won’t be in limbo

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