Your Mid-term Grades

So, the media (Rusty and I), have submitted our grades. Let’s see yours. Feel free to explain your grades. Please

Monta Ellis –

Corey Maggette –

Andris Biedrins –

Stephen Curry –

Anthony Randolph –

Ronny Turiaf –

Anthony Morrow –

C.J. Watson –

Devean George –

Chris Hunter –

UDPATE: My Baaaad! I was wondering why no one was grading Nellie and the front office. Then I realized I left them off the list. Thanks Rigged!)

Don Nelson –

Larry Riley –

I am assuming Kelenna Azubuike, Raja Bell, Brandan Wright, Speedy Claxton get an Incomplete since they haven’t played or have played very little. I didn’t include the 10-day contract players either.

Marcus Thompson

  • Mike

    Monta Ellis – A+. He is one of the top guards in the NBA this year and deserves to be on the All star team

    Corey Maggette – B+. He has come back this year and is re-establishing himself at the free throw line.

    Andris Biedrins – D. Was injured for almost the entire first half of the season but when he plays it sure makes a differance.

    Stephen Curry – A. He is my faviorate guy to watch play and he keeps getting better and better as the year goes on.

    Anthony Randolph – B-. He was just getting good until his season came to an end.

    Ronny Turiaf – F. Has only played a handfull of games and has been in effective.

    Anthony Morrow – D+. He started off good but when his family member died it was like he couldnt play anymore.

    C.J. Watson – F. Completely worthless this season. I use to like to watch him play but he is just terrible this year I dont think he will be back next season.

    Devean George – D. Has knee surgery prior to the season so he cant play that much but he has been playing more lately now that they need him.

    Chris Hunter – D+. He gets in to much foul trouble and takes to many crazy shots. But he is healthy.

  • ALsMouthGuard

    Monta Ellis – A- He is playing at a top level on a bottom team. What more can you ask from a guy that plays all 48 minutes for the past couple weeks?

    Corey Maggette – B+ He is playing great on the offensive end. He is driving more and hitting his jump shot. His only problem is his defense, which is nonexistent.

    Andris Biedrins – D+ Good rebound and help defender, but is absolutely horrible on the offensive end. Biedrins should thank his agent for getting him that contract.

    Stephen Curry – C+ He is a rookie, so most of his mistakes are pretty much expected. Needs to cut down on his lazy passes and getting stupid fouls. He is on a bad team doing his best right now.

    Anthony Randolph – C You can tell that Don Nelson really screwed with his head. He seemed scared in the beginning of the season and it showed.

    Ronny Turiaf – Incomplete

    Anthony Morrow – C- I really hoped he would have came back this season with at least a respectable defensive game. Your shot is there, WORK ON STAYING IN FRONT OF YOUR MAN!

    C.J. Watson – C- His confidence is at an all time low and he can’t hit anything.

    Devean George – Incomplete.

    Chris Hunter –

  • SpnSprt

    Monta Ellis – A
    His d got better and though people talk about him taking too many shots, with injuries we don’t have too many other people to take them.

    Corey Maggette – A-
    Maggette is having a career year, getting to the line at a rate that would frustrate any non-warriors fan. He’s rebounding and playing decent defense. He still takes too many foot on the line long 2 pointers but this is pretty much the most you can ask out of him, especially compared to his nonexistent D and rebounding last year.

    Andris Biedrins – C
    He’s been out too long, and had a slow start. He’s playing pretty well right now but the horrible f/t% is inexcusable.

    Stephen Curry – B+
    Pretty great rookie campaign so far. You don’t often see rookies start at the point and do so well. His defense is improving and though he get’s too flashy for his own good with some passes he finds the hot hand and runs the break well. I think he’s gonna grow into a superior point, not NashMVP level but among the top, lets say 8, of the league when he grows a little older.

    Anthony Randolph – B-
    Flashes of brilliance and occasionally excellent rebounding and defense but still a lot of bad decisions and long jumpers. Take it to the rack young fella’!

    Ronny Turiaf – B
    Also injured for too much of the year but when he’s back, despite struggling with his conditioning he’s a defensive force in the post.

    Anthony Morrow – B
    Clutch sometimes, ok defense sometimes. He’s starting to find ways to create his own shot but his defense really needs to be drilled down. More than anyone on the team, when he takes the 3, the crowd gets quiet and actually expect him to swish it in.

    C.J. Watson – B+
    When he’s down to play scrappy D and lucks out on a lot of the gambles he’s very useful. But when his shot isn’t falling, he disappears on offense.

    Devean George – B
    You shouldn’t expect more from a guy who’s been done for a while. Plus he did a good job on Carmelo the other night.

    Chris Hunter – B-
    A standard, relatively unskilled big man with near nba standard athleticism. He scores because defenses don’t respect him and has shown moments of being a decent rebounder. You can’t expect much but he got his contract so it’s time to find some consistency or Martin’s gonna get his spot

  • Perry

    Monta Ellis – B – Obviously a prolific scorer, can get to the basket and finish with both hands on both sides of the basket, has added the 3 pointer to his arsenal, has become more disciplined on the defensive end, but still has not mastered the ability to make his teammates better consistently and to help his team win games. I like Monta’s game, but I don’t think he’s a difference maker.

    Corey Maggette – A – Corey is a pro’s pro. He keeps himself in great shape, works hard and is a great example for young players. The fact that he accepts his role without complaints and sets a tone for the veteran and younger players is key. Whether he’s starting or playing 6th man, he doesn’t complain. He’s always been a scorer, always been able to get to the line, but his offensive efficiency, his leadership and his willingness to accept his role gets him this good grade.

    Andris Biedrins – C – I love Andris, always have. He’s still young and can still improve. But I was expecting a bigger step this season. At the beginning of last season, Andris was a top 5 rebounder and had some good scoring games. I was expecting Andris to become a consistent 9-11 rpg guy this season, but injuries have slowed him down. Lately, he’s been playing better, we’ll see what happens. But all in all, I haven’t seen a big improvement in his offensive abilities in the low block. No low post moves, not as many pick and rolls and no 12 footer to stretch the defense. Andris has not improved as much as I thought he would.

    Stephen Curry – A – From a Division II or III school (not sure), Davidson, to playing 48 mpg while guarding the likes of Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, Derrick Rose and Derron Williams……hard to fault Curry in any way. I think the scoring will eventually come around as well and he will end up becoming a 20ppg, 6-9 apg NBA PG. Foul trouble, errant passes and missed assignments are all part of the maturation process. He’s a much smarter young player than say for instance, Anthony Randolph. And that’s why Stephen Curry starts and plays big minutes while Anthony Randolph cannot find his way out of a telephone booth on many occasions.

    Anthony Randolph – C – Anyone who has read any of my posts knows that I am not a big fan of Anthony Randolph. He’s athletic and can sometimes be exciting, but 90% of the time, he’s just a liability. His bad decision making has shown me why guys like Brook Lopez were taken ahead of him. When I look at Anthony’s draft class: D. Rose, B. Lopez, etc…….Randolph is way behind in development. Most of the guys from his draft class have already established themselves as consistent rotation players and difference makers, even Courtney Lee who was drafted in the same draft class as Randolph is a better player in my book, he started for Orlando in the Finals last season.

    Ronny Turiaf – D – The most he’s done for this team this season is cheer in street clothes on the sidelines. Look, nobody expects much out of Turiaf offensively, but at least be able to get yourself open from time to time and make some easy baskets. He’s a defensive-minded, energetic role player and that’s about it.

    Anthony Morrow – C – Not much added to Anthony’s game in the offseason I see. Still struggles mightily when putting the ball on the floor. Has added a pull up off the dribble but is not a consistent enough offensive player to warrant a higher grade. Anthony Morrow is a 1 dimensional player, a 3 point specialist, that’s all he is.

    C.J. Watson – A – C.J. has never complained about his lack of PT. Instead, when his number is called, all he does is produce and take and make big shots. I like him in the 4th quarter with that small guard trio of Curry, Ellis and Watson.

    Devean George – C – Average, nothing special, he’s not even a rotation player…..

    Chris Hunter – A – How can you argue? D-Leaguer gets the call, comes up and plays his heart out. He’s not an offensive juggernaut but he puts himself in position to score easy baskets.

    All that being said…….exciting games and scoring 110 ppg can only take you so far.

    I want some wins, God Damn it!

    Wins……..not moral victories or close calls.

    Looking forward to seeing B. Wright next year. I have a feeling we’re going to see a big improvement there and something that will quickly make us forget about Anthony Randolph.

  • Twinkie defense

    Monta Ellis – A

    Corey Maggette – A

    Andris Biedrins – C

    Stephen Curry – B

    Anthony Randolph – C

    Ronny Turiaf – INC

    Anthony Morrow – D

    C.J. Watson – C

    Devean George – INC

    Chris Hunter – C

  • Aperacer

    Monta A
    Cory A
    Goose D for Disability
    Curry B
    AR C-
    Ronny C (attitude lifted him from a D)
    Morrow C-
    CJ C
    D George D
    Hunter C

  • kshaq

    Monta Ellis – B

    Corey Maggette – B

    Andris Biedrins – D

    Stephen Curry – C+

    Anthony Randolph – C+

    Ronny Turiaf – C-

    Anthony Morrow – D

    C.J. Watson – B+

    Devean George – Who?

    Chris Hunter – Whatever

  • Gizzm

    Monta Ellis B+

    Corey Maggette B+

    Andris Biedrins D-

    Stephen Curry B- he gave himself this grade so who I am to argue.

    Anthony Randolph C-

    Ronny Turiaf F

    Anthony Morrow C+

    C.J. Watson C

    Devean George C-

    Chris Hunter C-

  • Ellis A
    Maggette B+
    Biedrins C-
    Curry B
    Anthony Randolph C
    Ronny Turiaf C
    Anthony Morrow C
    C.J. Watson C+
    Devean George C-
    Chris Hunter C-

  • sportsblood96

    Monta Ellis – B
    (Was given a team destroyed by injury and showed as the 1st and mostly 2nd option rolled into one he can get you 26 a night. I believe a consistent 22 on a good team. He does turn the ball over a lot, but he has always done that and with the increase in minutes and responsibility his to/assist ratio isn’t what you hope for. He works well with Curry though.)
    Corey Maggette – A-
    (Corey is giving you exactly what you should be from a guy making around $10 million a year. He gets in the lane, draws fouls, shoots a high ft percentage, and gets you 20 while only taking 12 shots. Love that he is shooting 54% from the field. A- because he is doing it on a terrible team and he does like to throw up ill advised 3-pointers when he gets in a groove. Love that he is grabbing 6 rebounds per game though.)
    Andris Biedrins – C-
    (Dre just isn’t what everyone wants him to be. He won’t get you 20 points a night, but he will grab you 10-13 rebounds and tip in enough shots to make his position count. He does play very good defense and blocks a lot of shots, and once he starts getting the benefit from the refs I think we could see a defensive snake just blossom in front of our eyes. He hasn’t been very trusting of himself since coming back from injury and I would rather see him in a trade package rather than a good youngster with potential.)
    Stephen Curry – B-
    (Steph was terrible when the season started and I really was worried about his jump shot working in the NBA. However, he has really come on the past months and shown consistently what you will see for the next 10 years. I give him a B- only because he is a bit spiratic during crunch times and turns the ball over a lot. But he takes good shots for the most part and can really be a great point one day. I love that he hasn’t dropped 55 on anyone, but gets his 15 with little effort.)
    Anthony Randolph – C
    (I’m an Anthony Randolph fan. I love everything he does when it’s positive and must pinch myself and remember HE’S 20 YEARS OLD. I hate/love his dribbling ability at 6’11 a man shouldn’t be able to handle the ball like that, but don’t try and draw out veteran western conference powerforwards and dazzle them from 15 ft. They are giving you that shot because you can’t hit it at a high percentage. I want to see him get his fg% over 50%, and he shoots incredible FTs, but he needs to know his place and develop a low block move or two that he can rely on and then step out and shoot the 10ft jumper. He’s going to be good somewhere, I just hope it’s here.)
    Ronny Turiaf – B
    (Ronny is amazing. He is the beat of the team even when he is wearing a suit. He doesn’t score a whole lot, but with his rebounding, hustle, and defensive presence I would want him on my team anytime. The Celtic game sticks out in my mind where he manhandled big baby and willed the dead warriors back to a victory against a veteran team. I can only think of his smile and determination when I give him a grade.)
    Anthony Morrow – B-
    (Morrow has worked on his ball handling, he drives to the hoop on occasion now and is a good rebounder for his size. What he lacks in confidence he makes up for in skill and once he has the guts to take a heavily contested shot late in the game or shuts down a defender completely I won’t move him up grade wise. But I love the ability that he has, and the strides that he has made.)
    C.J. Watson – B
    (Ballsy is how I define CJ. Took a 1 yr rather than a 3, and was the subject of trades all summer but has been the steady point that we’ve needed down the stretch when Steph gets nutty. CJ has that midrange corner down, and is speedy and knows the offense really well. He plays “spirited” defense and really can turn 10 minutes in 12 points faster and more unnoticed than anyone else on the team. It just feels as though the game speeds up when he steps in to handle the ball and I think at his age and showing this year that he will get a nice raise from a team looking for a really solid(not great but good) shooting point. I like CJ a lot, and I hope he keeps developing his game this season.)
    Devean George – D
    (I miss Marco. Devean is dead weight sitting on our bench. The only reason he is a D and not an F is because we can wipe him off the books next season.)
    Chris Hunter – C-
    (I really have liked him since his callup from the D-league, but I wish he was more aggressive. He commits a lot of fouls and doesn’t really rebound that well for a man of his size and girth. He doesn’t have a low post move, but I think he could develop one with more attention and a few more minutes. I like that he is a big body who will take 4 fouls off of someone who we need to give more minutes to.)

  • Ken

    Amazing how people get graded down for being injured. You are a tough lot !

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Monta Ellis – B
    He’s playing good on one end of the court and sporadic on the other. He plays way too much, and I feel like if he asked for rest Nellie would give it to him. He could be a bit more judicious with his shots, but overall you can’t really complain too much about his numbers.

    Corey Maggette – B
    The first half of the season was really painful to watch. Since then, he’s been on a tear even if it isn’t exactly exciting to watch. At least Nellie finally realized he needs to play SF exclusively.

    Andris Biedrins – C-
    So much time lost to injury, this could probably be incomplete. He hasn’t really improved anywhere, while earning the minus by getting worse at freethrows.

    Stephen Curry – B
    Biggest surprise on the team frankly. The kid is a rookie and he’s playing better than expected. The expected turnovers are there, but everything else is better than I thought it would be, especially with all the talk about how weak this draft class was. He could get a higher grade if he would be more aggressive.

    Anthony Randolph – D
    I’ve been really disappointed with Randolph this season, so much so that I’m hoping for a resurgence from Wright coming into next season so we can finally have a quality starting PF. I feel like his shot selection hasn’t improved at all, though this year the refs bailed him out a lot on some of his bad shots.

    Ronny Turiaf – B
    I realize that this could be incomplete too, but this is probably the only injured guy on the team that seemingly shows up to every game to watch his teammates. When he’s on the floor, he’s extremely unselfish and you can tell everyone loves to play with him. He’s the glue holding this poorly constructed team together.

    Anthony Morrow – C
    Like Biedrins, Morrow hasn’t really shown much improvement this season. While he has learned to drive a bit more, he’s lost a bit of his touch from distance. The defense hasn’t noticeably improved either and his rebounding seems a bit down too.

    C.J. Watson – C-
    This has been a very up and down year for CJ. Sometimes he’s good, sometimes he isn’t. He hasn’t really taken to the spot minutes role too well, since he looked better last year with consistent minutes.

    Devean George – C
    Hasn’t been asked to do much and has done pretty much what I expected.

    Chris Hunter – D
    A few good games, lots of invisible games. Compared to the other D-League guys… even when they struggle on offense they’re still noticeable through all their hustle. Hunter on the other hand just seems to take up space most of the time.

    In my opinion, when a team is this bad, nobody deserves an A.

  • colonel

    Monta Ellis – A : Team MVP so far. Great effort and a lot of gutty performances. Trying to mature, lead by example.

    Corey Maggette – A- : Possibly the best season of his career so far. I can’t give him a straight A because I think a veteran with his experience should be better on defense.

    Andris Biedrins – D : Is it the injuries or what? No improvement from last year, possibly got worse.

    Stephen Curry – C+ : Good potential. Not sure about the attitude, could be a me-first player. He seems to be making the best of the situation.

    Anthony Randolph – C+ : Has grown but reminds us growth is not linear.

    Ronny Turiaf – C- : Health issues dominate.

    Anthony Morrow – C- : Opponents have learned AM’s limitations

    C.J. Watson – C : Didn’t expect much.

    Devean George – D : Tradeable asset.

    Chris Hunter – D : Has looked good in flashes but overmatched most of the time against good competition

  • flaninerfan

    How about;

    Chris Cohan – F. Does he really exist or possibly an avatar?

    Robert Rowell – F. Cohan’s flunky.

    Larry Riley – F. Nellies flunky.

    Don Nelson – D-. Retire already.

  • rigged


    Why you did not include grading the Head Coach? And how about the Warriors GM on his trades and acquisitions?

  • rigged

    But any way, here’s how I see it:

    Monta Ellis – A+ What else can you from him?

    Corey Maggette – A for his ability to morp into one of the Warriors main cog.

    Andris Biedrins -inc. His still hurting

    Stephen Curry – A I can’t give give him an A+ unless he’s the ROY.

    Anthony Randolph – B for his all around game but..

    Ronny Turiaf – C a back up is a back up.

    Anthony Morrow – D needs to improve on all department

    C.J. Watson – F

    Devean George – inc.

    Chris Hunter – D for Development.

  • You graded Don Nelson in your article, Marcus. Why did you leave him off this list?

  • jscrilla

    Monta Ellis A He can’t do any better than this. Slashing and the mere emergence of a 3pt shot is worthy of an A.

    Corey Maggette B He can give you 30 but other guys will thus get 12 and his Isolations are anything but exciting. All said he is undoubtedly the Warriors 2nd best player right now.

    Andris Biedrins B- He is coming back from nagging injury but has his FTs ever been worse?

    Stephen Curry A- He’s a stud, no doubt about that. The guy can hit a three quicker than many vets with a fast release. His turnovers are obviously high, but he’s a rook and will grow out of it. He’d OBVIOUSLY be rookie of the year on any other team but the career killing warriors, making his recent success even more of a feat.

    Anthony Randolph C+ The guy is obiously a physical specimen but he is nowhere near Chris Bosh (probably the worst comparison in the NBA) kinda like saying Hasheem Thabeet is Hakim Olujuwan just because they’re both from Africa. He’s constantly worked over by other bigs, seems like he’d rather be getting a root canal than playing for the dubs, and has a sloppy post game and a Byron Houston-esque jumper. Room for improvement.

    Ronny Turiaf C He can be a game changer but International summer ball is killing his career. If only he knew that. Good backup PF on any team…starting center on the Dubs. And we wonder why we suck?

    Anthony Morrow C Has potential to be a three pt threat but plays ZERO defense. He passed up a three at the worst possible time (dude thats your ONLY job), and is probably enroute to get the Least Improved Player award.

    C.J. Watson B Smartest guy on the Warriors, by only sighing a 1 year deal so he isnt stuck in Cohan world. He will be a great backup PG in this league and will probably land with a contender next year where he will thrive. But his long shooting droughts are what kills his playing time. Just dribble and pass please.

    Devean George D- He cant even hit a three…time to think about using that Communications Degree.

    Chris Hunter C- Had 2 good games and about 8 bad ones. Tolliver has more potential and has more engergy. Nontheless a C- in the NBA is like a A- in the NBADL

  • WarriorFaithful

    Monta Ellis – A-. Monta is playing the best basketball of his life, but he is taking so many shots to score the amount he does. I realize he is the number one scoring option and does have a heavy workload, but that doesn’t mean he should put up any and every shot. He needs better shot selection. His passing has gotten better this year, but he needs to realize that he cannot do it all. If the Warriors were above .500, he would be an All-Star. By the way, Monta needs to learn not to foul at the worst times in games.

    Corey Maggette – B. I have been one of the biggest complainers after we basically sent Baron Davis away for Corey. Baron Davis is one of my favorite players in the NBA and would have been a huge help to the Warriors starting lineup this year. Corey has stepped it up this year and he is one of the best at getting to the foul line. I am surprised at his efficiency over the past 20-ish games, but I nonetheless still miss Baron Davis a lot.

    Andris Biedrins – C. Really, he has not played enough to assess. I give him the C because he does have a few decent post moves. He inhales rebounds, but that is mostly because no one else on the Warriors is doing that. Andris needs to learn how to dribble the ball better and develop somewhat of a mid-range shot for him to be a bigger threat.

    Stephen Curry – B+. I love Stephen Curry because I see so much potential in this guy. He does make some careless passes during the clutch times in games, but he is a Rookie. His only weapon is not his shot, because I do see Stephen create beautifully for other Warriors during the course of games. He is developing into a great guard and as long as he keeps working on himself and hitting the gym this should continue. He is getting a lot of minutes this year and he needs to use that to his advantage to gain experience for the coming years.

    Anthony Randolph – B-. Just like many others, I thought that this would be his year. A breakout year for Anthony Randolph was just what the Warriors needed. Unfortunately, he did not get much playing time, so it was hard to gauge how good of a player he was becoming. When he started to get more playing time, he seemed to be a decent offensive threat and a great shot-blocker. I feel like I see him pump-fake much too often and defenders figure that out quickly. He settles for outside shots when his inside game seems to be much more effective. I just don’t know about him anymore.

    Ronny Turiaf – B. Ronny is a great backup Center because he works hard on every possession. He shows great determination and heart. The Warriors need a legitimate big man, and sadly Ronny cannot fill that void. He is a great shot-blocker and can rebound well.

    Anthony Morrow – B-. He is very inconsistent. When his shots are not going in, he gets very afraid and starts passing up good looks, and taking shots when he is being defended well. We have seen how well he CAN play, but he needs that confidence to play well enough. I do like how he has started to pump fake and drive once he establishes his shot with defenders.

    C.J. Watson – B. C.J. is a good backup point guard and I love having him on the Warriors. He can give the starters some time on the bench and I don’t mind him being on the court during those crunch minutes.

    Devean George – D. No. Why do we have him on our team. Is he a good guy to add in a trade? Maybe. Is he a good guy to put on the court? No. I’m sorry, but he should not get any playing time and I feel the only reason he is getting some playing time is because our entire team is injured. When your entire bench consists of D-Leaguer’s, what else is there to do…sigh.

    Chris Hunter – C-. For being as big as he is, he does not play as well as he should. Please learn some post moves Hunter, because when you get the ball and instantly put it up, defenders figure it out. Chris Hunter needs to be ready for the pass when it comes his way and needs to start building up more skills than catching the ball and throwing it up. I guess I am being too hard on him because what else should I expect from a D-League center thrown into Nellie-Ball.


  • johnfree

    Monta Ellis – A

    Corey Maggette – A – he converted me from hater to fan!

    Andris Biedrins – C – trending upward last coupla games

    Stephen Curry – B+ – Adam’s post today sez it all

    Anthony Randolph – C – not getting smarter as quick as I would like

    Ronny Turiaf – B – he gives us what he gives us. unfortunately he doesn’t give us the other things

    Anthony Morrow – B+ – not developing other aspects as quick as I would like

    C.J. Watson – A- – soooo much better as 3d guard

    Devean George – incomplete

    Chris Hunter – B- – the more he plays, the more we see his limitations

    Grades are curved on their potential. E.g. AR can be SOOO much more than he is so far if he gets smarter. AM on the other hand may be close to his ceiling – he may never be a great ball handler and will not get any bigger or taller.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Rigged, Feltbot

    I just dropped the ball on that. I thought I copied it, but I guess I didn’t. Those are the grades I want to see most!

  • Don Nelson: A-

    Developing Monta Ellis into a superstar point guard, in the Tony Parker/Manu Ginobili mold.

    Developing Stephen Curry into a star point guard,in the Steve Nash mold.

    Turning Corey Maggette from a journey-man with a reputation as a selfish gunner, into a team basketball player with the highest efficiency the league has ever seen from a wing player.

    Dealt with the Stephen Jackson fiasco with a minimum of disruption.

    Integrated a ridiculous number of new players.

    Put a competitive team on the floor every single night, with a skeleton roster. And by competitive, I mean competitive against the best teams in the league.

    One of the most remarkable coaching performances of his career, in the face of absolute disaster. I give him a “-” simply to leave room for when the Warriors begin winning.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Don Nelson – B
    Let’s face it, this team isn’t very good. Nellie has done a decent job keeping them playing hard, but there have been a handful of instances where I would question his game management.

    Larry Riley – C+
    He hasn’t done much other than some sideways moves. Jax for Bell, Radman was out of necessity. The D-League guys he’s found have been ok. I’ll reserve complete judgment for later, since Hunter has shown that it is possible to play great when you’re looking to get signed, then not so great afterward.

  • Clyde Lee

    Monta Ellis – A+, No explanation necessary…it’s obvious.

    Corey Maggette – A-. Finally understands his role and plays team basketball. Gets a minus because he still makes the occasional dumb foul or tries to force things and turns the ball over

    Andris Biedrins – C+ and climbing Would’ve been a D a few weeks ago (though his FTs get an F- for obvious reasons). Makes too many dumb fouls (and usually gets them in bunches to compound the problem).

    Stephen Curry – A. Better than advertised and getting better every game. Doesn’t play like a rookie and if Nellie’s letting a rook play so many minutes, he HAS to be be good.

    Anthony Randolph – B-. Played better at the end of last season than he had this year (until he got hurt). Still a young pup, though, so he’ll be an A before long.

    Ronny Turiaf – B-. Hasn’t reach the same level he was at last year either. But he’s been hurt, too. Needs to take his shot once in a while to keep the D honest

    Anthony Morrow – C. Before he got injured he seemed more tentative and less confident as he did last year. Another young-un, so don’t give up on him. He could light it up in the 2nd half and finish with a high B or low A.

    C.J. Watson – B. Earlier in the season was a sold A. His shot stopped dropping after he came back from an injury. But he’ll regain it. When he’s on, he can break the other team’s back.

    Devean George – C. Hasn’t played much, though had a good game vs Denver. Not a large enough sample size to go above a ‘C’ — plus I can still ‘see’ him in a Laker uni.

    Chris Hunter – C. Has provided good energy. Not a great player, but shows flashes of promise. Certainly better than Patrick O’Bryant ever was, so a bargain pickup.


    Cartier Martin – B. Great energy, good D, goes to the boards and his shot is starting to fall. He looks like a legit NBA player. Great pickup.

    Anthony Tolliver – B. Great energy, too. He looks like a keeper. Strong, active, and from what I hear from his D-League days, once he gets comfortable, he should be a legit offensive threat. Maybe he’s the PF we’ve been waiting for.

    Don Nelson – C. A lot of negativity early in the season surrounding Nellie and if looks could tell the story, he seemed to be saying ‘get me outta here.’ Seems a little more his old self of late. Not sure that the good vibe and exciting play of late is really due to Nellie. I’m hoping he rided off into the Maui sunset come April.

    Larry Riley – B+. Excellent D-League pickups, got rid of Jack (which in turn has enabled Curry & others to blossom), and has created an exciting product. Not championship caliber, but who really knows just how good this roster could be if everyone stayed healthy and played together for a few months in a row.

  • OliverStone

    Nellie A-, right

    Only took him 1 & a half seasons to realize Maggettes a THREE & that’s where he’s able to be productive!

  • alwaysafan

    Monta Ellis – A+ This guy is an all star, an all start athlete and flat out amazing

    Corey Maggette – B+ Steven Jackson leaving was the best thing to happen to Corey. One of our few true scorers

    Andris Biedrins – D Trade him ASAP his stock is going down everywhere and he has lost the will to win. Learn to play offense.

    Stephen Curry – B – Great rookie, has those “oops” moments but plays hard.

    Anthony Randolph – INC

    Ronny Turiaf – B(minus) – Great voice of motivation, but should be a back-up.

    Anthony Morrow -B – I like this kid, too bad he is hurt

    C.J. Watson – INC

    Devean George – A(minus) He is a true professional and plays with no knees!

    Chris Hunter – B(minus) — He started off with a bang but might be a flash in the pan. I give the guy huge credit for playing hard night in and night out.

    Don Nelson – D – He barely gets off the bench. I would take Byron Scott anyday.

    Larry Riley – C – He would get an F considering whatever training regimen he is using isn’t helping the players stay healthy. But he found some diamond’s in the D-League.

  • Warriornab

    Monta A- what can you say the dude has been awesome although i think curry needs to run the team

    Maggette B+ has been playing great as of late still needs to play better defense and i still think we should trade him while his stock is high

    Curry B this kid is only going to get better i have to admit i didnt really like the pick but he has won me over hopefully they let him run the point and watch him flourish

    Randolph C this dude has talent but i still think we should trade his ass in a package to get bosh or al jefferson

    Turiaf B i love this dude he brings so much energy to the team hopefully we can keep him he needs to be on this team

    Morrow B i still think he shouldnt be starting but a vital off the bench kinda like a weapon in crucial points of games because he can stroke

    Watson B i really like watson he doesnt complain and the kid has a J another great bench scorer

    Don Nelson/Rowell/Riley/Cohan- are all buffoons who dont know what the hell they are doing and until they are ALL gone this team aint going no where no matter whos on the team because theyll just find a way to screw it up.

  • Warriornab

    forgot to put the grade for nelson/riley/rowell/cohan these idiots all deserve F’s its kinda funny how nelson knows how to build a team and then ruin a few years later, Riley: who are the warriors fooling we know this fool is just a puppet lol…Cohan: dude please sell the team to Ellison before you get killed out there…and Rowell: has this guy ever picked up a basketball in his life? lol…how is he able to make basketball decisons? lol unbelievable…but your days are numbered buddy because as soon as cohan sells your out of a job lol

  • Oregonguy

    Nelson A-

    Riley B-

    Cohen/Rowell Incomplete. Their only job is to sell the team.

  • IMissBaron

    Monta Ellis – Monta is showing me that there maybe life after Baron A-

    Corey Maggette – I still hate that we traded Baron for Turiaf and Magette, but in a season full of injuries, Magette is giving us his all A

    Andris Biedrins – Since he has been hurt and he is still a shadow of his former self, I’m giving him a D-
    If he improves his freethrows, I’ll give him a better grade…

    Stephen Curry – B I had higher expectations for Curry it was a B+/A- until last nights 2 assist game as the lead guard…BARF…

    Anthony Randolph – C Randolph was building some steam, but the injury doesnt help. Since he has been up and down all season, a C is the best i can give him.

    Ronny Turiaf – D Not playing enough to help the team

    Anthony Morrow – Went from an A to a D…I dont know what happened to Morrow, just when he was Money from the arc, he all of a sudden lost it and then refused to take a 3…the game before he got hurt finally showed his A game, but for most of the season it was a D to me…

    C.J. Watson – We should have taken the 1st rounder from Orlando…F…CJ makes me cringe when he pulls up for a shot…

    Devean George – Seriously? F— Expiring Contract Bah…

    Chris Hunter – Punt him

    Don Nelson – I’m sorry I love Nellie, but I’m giving him a D too…Portland has got injuries and they are still contenders…

    Larry Riley – F unless the expiring contracts bring us something, it is an F

    Ownership – PLEASE SELL!!!! I would give a grade lower than F

    Brandan Wright – F hurt again, we gave up J rich for this guy…I mean with J rich in the lineup at least the W’s make the playoffs two seasons in a row before the team gets blown up…

  • johnfree

    and you also omitted Bad Vlad!

    … for whom I would give an A- for effort but a D+ for effectiveness. He’s a much more complete player than I thought, but geez, if he can’t make open shots, what’s his point?

    Nelson B+
    as has been observed so many times, Nellie seems to create situations where he is the underdog.
    His best role is as coach of gutty overachievers, so this is a Dream Season for him!

    Riley C+
    Like Obama, he has done a pretty good job of dealing with the bag of sh-t he was handed coming in.
    However, I don’t see the vision for where he wants to take the team (which sadly, seems more and more to be Obama’s problem also). of course, as GM you don’t hold a press conference to describe your vision, you get on the phone and DO it!

  • eric

    Monta Ellis – A. Consistent scorer and a real threat on offense. He’s taken on a monumental load that few players are able to shoulder.

    Corey Maggette – A. Has changed himself from a player who used to bomb long jumpshots into a steady freethrow guy. I would say he’s worth the 10 mill we’re paying him.

    Andris Biedrins – C. Has been hurt a lot so it’s hard to judge him. Aside from that one spectacular game from the Bulls, has been playing kind of sissy-like.

    Stephen Curry – B+. His shot is really starting to come around but he needs to avoid those nasty TOs and fouls.

    Anthony Randolph – B. Shows flashes of brilliance but I really hate it when he gets the ball, looks lost for 3 sec, passes the ball, and goes to the other corner w/o doing anything significant.

    Ronny Turiaf – B. As a backup C, he’s everything you want. Rebounds decently and plays pretty solid D. Needs to avoid those pumpfake fouls though.

    Anthony Morrow – C+. Plays bad D and hasn’t really been able to adjust that well to teams that know he can shoot the long ball.

    C.J. Watson – B-. He’s an on/off player. When on, he can shoot well and is a monster at stealing the ball to make up for his small defensive size.

    Devean George – Won’t rate him since he rarely plays.

    Chris Hunter – C. For a D leaguer, he plays like one.

    Don Nelson – C+. Crafty at matching teams up with his, but really needs to teach the team some schemes and late game techniques.

    Larry Riley – C. Would have been nice to get some more value out of SJAX (Cleveland deal). But doesn’t seem to have a clear vision of where the team should go with all the expiring contracts he has on the team.

  • rigged

    Here’s my grade for Don Nelson: F-for two consecutive season of FAILURE and the lack of consistency in his dealings with his players.

    Larry Riley? — F-ired. Tell what this guy have done for the team.

  • jweezy

    Monta Ellis – A-/B+, He’d be an A+ guy if he’d make winning plays. Lately, before the ankle injury, he’s been passing well too. But, for your star player, I think wins and winning type plays(instead of some bonehead decisions or key turnovers) should be put into the grade

    Corey Maggette – A, He is darn efficient. He knows what he is good at.

    Andris Biedrins – C+, He is getting into shape, but still lacks any real skills. If he played like he did in the Chicago game though, blocking and rebounding, hes def a A player.

    Stephen Curry – B+, Hes improving and showing that he is a clutch player. He makes smart plays and errors, hes a rookie, but he shows that he is capable of making winning plays.

    Anthony Randolph – C, He just doesn’t have any skills and has not developed. Could be a product of Nelson’s destruction.

    Ronny Turiaf – C, Has not contributed and has been injured.

    Anthony Morrow – C, His shooting is off and he often passes up on shots. Brought in for shooting, if he is not doing that, he is not really contributing.

    C.J. Watson – B-, 2010 has been horrible for him. He was doing so well, picking off passes and hitting jumpers.

    Devean George – A, He’s been good at sitting on the bench. He just comes in whenever called on and does whatever garbage they need him to do.

    Chris Hunter – C, He has no idea on how to finish like a big man. Its really too bad, he is a nice big guy.

  • UR Kidding, Right?

    Some tough graders on Don Nelson. Nellie did NOT create much of the roster mess. I would not give him an “A” like feltbot but he deserves a C or so. Come on, you have to admit the team has played pretty well after losing much of its top players.

    As far as Bellinelli, don’t look now but he is shooting around 40% for Toronto and not doing a whole lot else in 19 mpg. He is a journeyman.

  • Warriornab

    No hes right Nelson deserves an F his team is 13-29 and was horrible last year drove away too many dam players away (lost count)and is ruining this franchise again (theres a surprise)and dont give me the injury crap..every team has injuries you have to adjust…see portland…he deserves an F.

  • DNR

    Monta Ellis – (A) Can’t really ask much more of the guy, except to maybe shoot less. Still, the closest we’ve got to an all star.

    Corey Maggette – (B+) Scoring machine, quietly does what asked, but maybe needs to be a bit more vocal as a leader and a vet.

    Andris Biedrins – (D) Disappointing.

    Stephen Curry – (B+) Started slow but has gained momentum as he’s learned the speed of the NBA game. Living proof that if you give young players consistent minutes and room to make mistakes, they will progress and get better.

    Anthony Randolph – (B) See comments about Curry above.

    Ronny Turiaf – (C) Just hasn’t matched his game from last year. Still love his enthusiasm, but he’s young and should be improving still. Otherwise, he’s showing himself to be a career bench player.

    Anthony Morrow – (C-) I really was hoping Morrow would have a breakout year after his summer league, but it hasn’t happened. Maybe he’s reached his potential, but after seeing that monster dunk I hope he’ll continue to round out his game beyond shooting. He needs to become a much better defender, ball handler, and learn to take the ball to the hoop better. Otherwise, he’s very one dimensional.

    C.J. Watson – (D) Misses 5 games for a cut finger, while guys like Steve Nash miss 15 minutes while getting stitched up in the locker room for a cut eye. Soft is an understatement.

    Devean George – (C) I almost didn’t grade him but he hasn’t played horribly and I had low expectations to begin with.

    Chris Hunter – (C-) I like him better than Mikki Moore as resident big stiff. He’s willing to throw his beef around and enforce the paint. One of the few willing to go there.

    Cartier Martin – (C) Not bad for a D Leaguer. Reminds me of a poor mans Andre Iguodala.

    Anthony Tolliver – (B+) I like this guy. Good energy. Hustles, rebounds, defends, and can shoot.

    Don Nelson – (F) Players are giving the effort, coach calls it in nightly.

    Larry Riley – (D-) I can’t fully blame him for the mess, but he’s culpable.

  • Mr Mully

    Monta Ellis – B+

    Corey Maggette – C

    Andris Biedrins – B-

    Stephen Curry – B

    Anthony Randolph – Inc

    Ronny Turiaf – Inc

    Anthony Morrow – C-

    C.J. Watson – D

    Devean George – Inc

    Chris Hunter – F (for foul)

    Don Nelson – C (as much as I dislike Nellie not much you can do with this roster)

    Riley/Rowell/Cohan – FFFFFFFFFF

    Like Samuraiii said no one deserves an A on this bad a team.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    Monta Ellis A-
    Corey Maggette C+
    Andris Biedrins D
    Stephen Curry B
    Amfeny Randolph C+
    Ronny Turiaf – B-
    Amfeny Morrow C+
    C.J. Watson C+
    Devean George F
    Chris Hunter D
    Mikki Moore F-

    ANY QUESTIONS ???????

  • Cranky Teacher

    Seems odd for everybody to give just a B to a rookie who is starting at the point and in the running for ROY.

  • Warriors 4 Life