Curry Named to Rookie Challenge

He was a no-brainer. League made it official. Warriors rookie guard Stephen Curry was voted in by the assistant coaches as one of the nine rookies to play in the Rookie Challenge on Friday night of All-Star Weekend. He is the first Warrior to participate since Monta Ellis in 2007, when he wowed everyone with his arsenal of dunks. Curry is the first Warriors rookie to participate since Jason Richardson in 2002. Richardson won MVP.

Here is the rookie squad:

Omri Casspi, Sacramento
DeJuan Blair, San Antonio
Stephen Curry, Warriors
Tyreke Evans, Sacramento
Jonny Flynn, Minnesota
Taj Gibson, Chicago
James Harden, Oklahoma City
Brandon Jennings, Milwaukee
Jonas Jerebko, Detroit

The Sophomore team, which is 8-2 in the history of the rookie challenge, looks far more formidable with its size and experience:

Michael Beasley, Miami
Marc Gasol, Memphis
Danilo Gallinari, New York
Eric Gordon, Clippers
Brook Lopez, New Jersey
Kevin Love, Minnesota
O.J. Mayo, Memphis
Derrick Rose, Chicago
Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City

Marcus Thompson

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Kevin Love vs. DeJuan Blair is the most interesting matchup, or would be if this wasn’t just an exhibition game. The sophomore team definitely looks like it is going to win…

  • Jeremy

    I still cant figure out why Curry isnt getting more pub for ROY. Kid is a future star… hopefully he can use this game as a forum to show the rest of the league on a national stage he is better than Jennings, Evans, and Casspi

  • Mid Range Monta

    Curry is a stud! On a side note, the top 7 picks of the 2008 NBA draft are all on the sophomore team. That was a deep draft and some good scouting that year.

  • sartre

    I think in recent match-ups with Evans, Jennings, Lawson, and Flynn he has more than held his own. He is the best-rounded player of the five. I also think he isn’t being more strongly touted as ROY because he doesn’t have the physical presence and elite level athleticism that tends to most catch the eye. Whether he eventually wins or not (and I’m not saying he necessarily deserves to ahead of Evans) watching his offensive and defensive growth as a rookie is one of the few genuine pleasures derived from being a dubs fan this season.

  • A’s in 2010

    14.0 PPG
    4.5 APG
    4.0 RPG
    1.9 SPG

    incredible numbers for a rook!

  • Mike in Atl


    Can you respond to this? from realgm

    Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, confirmed speculation on Wednesday that he’s attempting to buy the Golden State Warriors.

    At a public event held at Oracle’s headquarters, Ellison responded to a plea from an audience member that he buy the Warriors by responding: “I’m trying, I’m trying.”

    “Unfortunately, you can’t have a hostile takeover of a basketball team,” Ellison said.

    And let us know what we can do to help…lol

  • eric

    Rookies are gonna get smashed. At least there’s a fair amount of PGs on the team to watch though. Really hoping that BJennings will have some fun in this competition.