Warriors Tid-Bits

Monta Ellis declined to talk to the media today. Don’t think it was because he was disappointed he didn’t make All-Star. He just doesn’t like talking to us. He’s answered questions once since checking himself out of the game Friday. So, in a week span, his only public comments came after the loss to the Hornets. How many face-of-the-franchise players can get away with that?

Anyway, no reaction from Ellis about not being chosen. Corey Maggette did fill in for him.

MAGGETTE: “It’s disappointing for me. Mr. Unbelievable has been doing everything for this team.”

Maggette also spoke about his late-game vent at coach Don Nelson on Tuesday.

As a recap, Maggette missed his first 15 shots. Several times, he thought he was fouled but didn’t get the call. Then, in the final seconds, he picked up a techncal foul. He had to be pulled away from arguing with Danny Crawford (who Maggette called a great official today). He then turned his frustration toward the bench. I heard him tell Nellie “say something” and “they’ve been doing it to me all game.” My presumption was that Maggette wanted Nellie to also go at the officials.

Maggette didn’t talk after the Sac game. He didn’t talk before the Hornets game. He was long gone by the time we got in the locker room after the Hornets game. So far, all we had on it was Nellie’s pre-game comments Wednesday.

NELSON: “He was just off a very tough game. So he was a little upset. He’ll get over it. He was having a tough night. Last thing we needed was a technical at that time, especially two technicals.”

Finally, at Thursday’s practice, we finally caught up with Maggette. And he finally answered questions about that heated situation at the end of Tuesday’s game.

MAGGETTE: “I don’t even remember that game.”

I laughed inside. Eventually, he kind of addressed it and put it to bed. It probably was already put to bed, but he tucked it in and kissed it on the forehead.

MAGGETTE: “The next game is the next game. A new day is a new day. It’s a blessing. The thing with Nellie, it’s over.”


Was watching Morrow shoot 3s on the side in practice. He was 273 for 355. That’s 76.9 percent. One crazy part. after a certain number of shots, the machines aims the balls in a different direction (it moves from one corner to the other. Morrow had gotten up over 300 shots. While the machine pointed towards the corner, he was bent over, hands on his knees, tired. His shirt drenched. The machine started shooting out balls again. Morrow stood up straight and knocked down seven more in a row.

Ever shoot when you are tired? Consecutively? Man, that ball is heavy. It is so hard. Anyway, I appreciated that.

He still won’t go tomorrow. His knee is still giving him problems. He wants to be there to play against Jax, he said, but he can’t rush it back. My guess is he will return at some point on the coming road trip, maybe at Houston on Tuesday.


Rookie guard Stephen Curry’s father does TV for the Bobcats. But Dell Curry promises not to cheer when his son does something good.

DELL (to Associated Press): “I’ll be as professional and unbiased as I can, but he is my son. We do a lot of Steph updates on our broadcasts because he’s from Charlotte. It’s definitely going to be odd.”

Marcus Thompson

  • jsl

    Sounds like Maggette and Monta are finally giving up on Nelson.

    And after that idiocy in the NO game of playing three tinies, with Maggette at the four, it’s not hard to see why. As always, SNSB is a dead losers game.

    Everyone seems to get this but the Fat Man — who no longer gets anything, except maybe another drink.

  • Marques8

    Sounds like they are giving up on Nelson? Where did you come up with that? The thing with Maggette sounds so minor though it would probably rate a series in TK’s book and what does Nelson have to do with Monta not talking? I really object to all the drinking references on Nellie. So what, the number of great coaches and managers who drank a lot is legend. Anyone remember Billy Martin? I just think it’s hitting below the belt unless you can show it has some direct effect on his coaching. And believe it or not, the Ws are well-coached and play hard, they are just talent short.

  • Mountain Jim

    This is the internet, where you can make crap up and treat it as fact. I don’t think Nelson is the right coach for this team, but no coach could make this team win and all the younger guys who could use development are hurt (other than Curry, who is going to play regardless) so it doesn’t much matter for now.

  • OliverStone

    355 3 point shots on a bad knee sounds a little self-absorbed!!!

    3pt contest over getting healthy to play = disappointing!!

  • deano

    Self-absorbed? I’d say competitive, and showing the signs of healing. Shooting 3’s invloves less lateral strain than cutting and playing defense. Morrow is doing what he can, working hard to become game-ready, and is keeping his shot sharp in the meanwhile. That’s good for the team.

  • Marcus, on any of those 355 shots did you notice him double-clutch in fear, and look to pass off?

    My take on Jackson’s return is posted, if anyone’s interested.

  • Gizzm

    Morrow isnt going to get invited to the 3pt contest anyway

    Curry ate up the Warriors quota of 1 by getting selected to the Rookie Challenge.

  • Jeremy

    I agree with Maggette that Nelson needs to be more vocal with the officials. The Warriors routinely get hacked on offense and called for touch fouls on defense while Nelly just stands there smiling in disbelief. I haven’t seen him get a T all season. I know the refereeing in the NBA is inconsistent for every team, but it’s as if Nelson does not even care that his team is getting screwed.

  • dengel1925

    I love Anthony Morrow. I love the Anthony Morrow story. He is my favorite Warrior. But it appears to me that he is afraid to shoot the ball. I hope that is a misperception, and if it is true, I hope that somebody is helping him with the problem.

  • OliverStone

    Deano guess you missed this part from Marucs…”His knee is still giving him problems”!!!

    Guess you don’t realize you use your legs when shooting!!!! (Unless you’re Andris shooting freethrows)

    Yea self-absorbed fits!!!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Our beloved Warriors suck. If we are prepping for an Ellison takeover (we can keep hoping and praying, folks) and the team is interested in cleaning house, here are the moves that should be made:

    Monta and Radmanovic to Boston for Ray Allen and Boston’s 1st rounder.

    Maggette to Dallas for Josh Howard.

    Biedrins, Claxton and Bell to Miami for Jermaine O’Neal.

    -Boston does it to get a young star in Monta.
    -Dallas does it to get more firepower and has coveted Maggette for quite some time.
    -Miami does is to get a good young center in Biedrins with still a bunch of money to throw at either Joe Johnson or LeBron this summer.

    Allen and O’Neal come off the books and so does Howard if we don’t pick up the team option, which gives us more salary cap space than any team in the league this summer for Ellison and a new GM to begin crafting a real team that still has Curry, Morrow, Azubuike, Randolph, Wright and Turiaf.

    The team this year would still be competetive and maybe even better with:

    PG – Curry/Watson
    SG – Allen/Morrow
    SF – Howard/George (Azubuike on IR)
    PF – O’Neal/Tolliver (Wright/Randolph on IR)
    C – Turiaf/Hunter

  • robert rowell

    #10 love the crack pipe dream trades that continually pop up on these boards. you should really spend your time over on GSoM, where they have at least 5 threads like that going a day.

    i’ll rag on myself here too. i can’t believe that i care enough to even bother commenting on this completely worthless squad. this season has surpassed even the most hardened fan’s worse case scenario. the GSW: where you pay NBA prices to see a D-League game.

    i see that martin is going to be released rather than have the W’s FO make a roster move to IMPROVE this completely jacked situation. martin won’t help this squad win, let’s be clear. but claxton, george, bell, etc, aren’t doing squat either. at least martin has the distinction of being healthy and able to RUN (george) up and down the court. *throws his hands up and says f-it*

  • MWLX

    Real nice that Morrow is practicing his 3-point shots. Is he practicing his defense and passing? Because if he doesn’t improve them, he’s not worth keeping.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @RobertRowell – The Ray Allen report was already out there and the Maggette thing had legs over the summer. Pay attention to what’s being reported by actual NBA insiders. Rather than bashing others, be proactive. What have you got to offer to help our team out? Release Bell, Claxton or George when they can be used as part of a deal or as simply money that comes off the books this summer? How does that help us in any way, shape or form? If you don’t have any suggestions on how to improve this sorry squad, then just read and the posts or shut the piehole.

  • jsl

    Marques8: So ya DON’T think Maggette — and Monta — have given up on Nelson? Maybe you missed the Bobcats game last night. (Well-coached? Players played hard? Hmmmm.)

    BTW, trying to defend the Fat Man’s obviously excessive drinking by comparing him to Billy Martin makes so little sense one would think, perhaps . . . well, you’re just proving my point. When was the last time an old drunk coached an NBA team to anything good?

    If you want “direct effect” — just look at what this drunk has done to the team the last few years with his idiotic rotations (even Fitz was on his case last night), SNSB, and that incredibly boring iso and two-man game — which is all he seems to know.

    And is it any surprise he’s so reviled by the players? Is there one guy on the team who would actually CHOOSE to play for this jerk? Why do so many wish to flee? Why do none wish to come here?

    The Nelson game is over. Somebody clue the Fat Man in.

  • Burke

    Some good one liners in your game recap, MT! What can you do but laugh at the state of the Warriors these days?

    I noticed Curry fake from the 3pt line and drive in and miss at least once. He’s getting so automatic from distance that I think it’s the wrong move not to put it up. Don’t want to turn into another Kapono. Same with Morrow.

    Feltbot, your recap is not up, as far as I can see.

  • dengel1925

    If you’re going to knock Nelson, you should begin with one of his most unbelievable moves: Trading Mitch Richmond for Billy . . . what was his name? . . . Owens, I think. I’ll never forgive him for that.

  • jscrilla


  • jscrilla

    What I meant was KOBY KARL!

  • fillmoe mike

    Man we stink right now hopefully we get the #1 pick and select john wall in the first round and quincy pondexter in the secound round…I would only trade andris @ this point in regards to our core of monta,curry,randolph..I think monta and curry can be a pretty good backcourt if we get a big frontline…also its time for nellie to go,he does not inspire this team @ all,with a team this young you need a coach to motivate them and also energize them,nellie does neither..

  • PJ

    An open letter to Tim Kawakami:

    Dear Tim,

    I hope you’ll have a chance to read this and respond. I’d be happy to provide you with the spread sheet. I sorted Ellis’ stats after 42 games based on the number of minutes he plays. His season average is about 43 minutes so I divided the stats in half considering games where he played 43 minutes or less and games where he played more than 43 minutes. Here’s what I found:

    AVERAGE MARGIN WHEN ELLIS PLAYS 43 minutes or less = 17.5 points
    Ellis minutes=864, Non Ellis Minutes=266 (about 5.54 games)

    AVERAGE MARGIN WHEN ELLIS PLAYS more than 43 minutes = 8.8 points
    Ellis minutes Non Ellis Minutes #games
    Ellis minutes=1210, Non Ellis Minutes=86 (about 1.79 games)

    I think you should consider revising the conclusions* you make using +/-. It is a valid measure of what is happening on the court but you need to consider a large number of games and the context of where the minutes are coming from.

    The substitution pattern Nelson has employed is that when a game gets out of hand, Ellis sits. Sorting the games by Ellis’ minutes shows the ratio of meaningful non-Ellis minutes versus blowout non-Ellis minutes is more than 3:1 (~86/266). So out of every 4 minutes that Ellis was off of the court, 3 of those minutes comes from games where the average margin of victory was 17.5 points whereas just 1 minute comes from games where the average margin of victory was 8.8 points. Is it really meaningful to look at +/- stats that are weighted substantially with blowouts? Probably not.

    “Ellis is -182 in the plus/minus, which is not a good number. He’s -4.4 per game. The Warriors are -3.4 per game on the season overall.”

  • Optimus

    We have to trade our top pick for a big man. Similar to the Elton Brand/ Tyson Chandler (#3 pick) draft day trade. Wall has all the hype, but I honestly think there will be a mutiny if we add another guard.