Warriors Add Another D-Leaguer, Now Have 8 Players Available

Warriors coach Don Nelson told a funny after practice on Sunday.

NELLIE: “I came up with a new name for the team. The Golden State D-Leaguers.”

OK, maybe it wasn’t funny. But that was Nellie’s way of introducing Anthony Tolliver, his new power forward. The Warriors got another hardship exception from the league and they used it to sign Tolliver to a 10-day contract. For those keeping score, that is 5 former D-Leaguers on the roster: Kelenna Azubuike, C.J. Watson, Chris Hunter, Cartier Martin and now Tolliver.

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Game 36 (11-25): Cavaliers 117, Warriors 114

Looking at the replay, Monta Ellis got the rebound from Lebron’s missed J with 6.4 seconds left. He looked over to the bench and signaled timeout, but was told by coach Don Nelson to push the ball. Ellis got started up court with 5.4 seconds left, and he proceeded as if he were confused about what to do next. The rest, you know what happened.

The fact that Ellis wanted to call a timeout, and actually did kinda based on video replay, shows the miscommunication in the final minutes that may have cost the Warriors the game. With five seconds left, gotta believe they could’ve gotten a better shot than Stephen Curry’s 34-foot shot put.

NELSON: “We said in the huddle that we wanted to push the ball and I’ll inform the team tomorrow that I can always call the timeout. I can go to the referee. Coaches now can call a timeout. What they need to do is think in terms of getting the ball, pushing it up. I really like the open court with 6, 7 seconds left, even 5, better than the half court when you need a three. So we lost a couple seconds there that probably would’ve got a better shot.”

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Time Off Good For Anthony Randolph?

Most everyone is expecting second-year forward Anthony Randolph to be out for an extended period of time.

Coach Don Nelson said though it sounded like good news, that the CT scan on Randolph’s sprained left ankle showed no acute fracture, it didn’t make any difference. Whether a fracture or a bad sprain, Randolph is on the shelf for a while. At least a month, I’m thinking.

The consensus was that Randolph was beginning to come into his own (heard this before, huh?). But the silver lining?

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Cartier Gets Second Chance with Golden State

The help the Warriors needed arrived Sunday as Nellie got the small forward for which he’s been wishing. Cartier Martin is getting his shot with the Warriors. Oddly enough, it’s coming three months after it should’ve happened – at least in his mind.

MARTIN: “If I could do it again, I would’ve been here for training camp. I promise you that. But that’s an experience for me. I got a chance to go over there. It was a great life experience. But it wasn’t the best situation for me at the time. But, you know, we live and we learn.”

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Ellis’ All-Star Chances Take A Hit

I just saw this, but the fourth returns from the NBA All-Star balloting was announced Thursday. It doesn’t look good for Monta Ellis’ All-Star chances.

The fourth and final update saw that Houston Rockets guard Tracy McGrady, who has totaled 47 minutes of playing time this season, still in the starting lineup. Ellis really needs Phoenix PG Steve Nash to be named a starter to have a legitimate chance.

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Who’s the Better Scorer: Monta or Maggette?

Some of you may think I’m crazy for even posing the question. But I was just talking with a die-hard Warriors fan who posed this interesting question to me. There is no question who is the better player. But taking away age, contract situation, other abilities on the court and just going on pure ability to score. Who is better: Ellis or Maggette?

Does Ellis get the nod since he leads the team in scoring? Or does Maggette get the nod because he scores more efficiently?

Is it Ellis because he can score in more ways? Or is it Maggette because he’s so good at his specialized way of scoring?

Check out Maggette’s numbers lately, furnished by the Dubs:

* Maggette is one of six (6) players to average 18+ points and shoot at least 53% this season (Amare Stoudemire, Tim Duncan, Carlos Boozer, David Lee and Steve Nash). Maggette and Nash are the only perimeter players (Can we call Maggette a perimeter player since he primarily plays PF? LOL)

* Only seven players this year average at least 15.0 points and shoot at least 50% from field and 80% from the line: Maggette, Chris Paul, Zach Randolph, Steve Nash, Kevin Garnett, Paul Gasol and Carl Landry.