Who do you keep: Tolliver, Hunter or Karl?

Today is the last day of forward Anthony Tolliver’s second 10-day contract. Tomorrow, the Warriors have to decide whether they want to sign him for the rest of the season.

A week ago, I would’ve said the Warriors would keep Tolliver and cut center Chris Hunter. They would have to eat the rest of Hunter’s contract as he’s guaranteed for the season, and that would be an usually bold admission of a mistake by the team. But Tolliver was looking much more productive than Hunter, who can hardly get into the game. But Tollliver has tapered off, and his shot still hasn’t gone down consistently — a must for a power forward-type in Nelson’s system. Throw in the success of swingman Coby Karl, and it might add up to Tolliver being let go.

Coach Don Nelson is in love with Karl, who can pass and has rebounded fairly well. Of course, he could taper off as did Hunter and Tolliver, as D-Leaguers do. But he may have done enough to make the Warriors more interested in keeping him than Tolliver. The one feasible move the Warriors have is to cut Hunter (which they may not even want to do since it is eating money). The rest involves the trading valuable assets. Since the trade deadine is so close, I seriously doubt they waste an expiring contract to keep a D-Leaguer.

There is a window though that may allow the Warriors to keep Tolliver and Hunter. Say they waive Hunter and keep Tolliver. That leaves them with no spot for Karl, should they decide they want to keep him for the rest of the season. However, Karl’s second 10-day contract expires after the trade deadline. The Warriors will either have capitalized off their expiring contracts, or they’re going to let them come off the cap anyway. Of course, if Cartier Martin is still available, they may want to pick him up.

Who should the Warriors keep: Hunter, Tolliver or Karl?

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    C’mon Marcus, you have to at least tell us your opinion also!

    I don’t see Tolliver having any upside, though he does fill a need. But this season is a waste and they should tank, so they should just keep a player that could help out next year since our big men (Wright and Randolph) are back. Keep Coby Karl.

  • DW

    “Who should the Warriors keep: Hunter, Tolliver or Karl?”

    That’s such a depressing question. It’s like asking how bad do you want to suck. I guess I’d suck with Karl out of the 3.

  • NC

    Wow! – you know where the season has gone when the burning question is which D-Leag guy you keep. I actually liked Tolliver but for some reason his shots will not fall (his form looks okay so it is perplexing). I don’t care if Hunter is guaranteed – cut him and keep Tolliver. Put a respectable product on the floor. But out of the three Karl is the best of the bunch.

  • mm

    keep karl. obviously tolliver is a high turnover player and karl knows how to play as well as tolliver does and knows that we have enough offense anyway and is willing to make the extra pass. i don’t see the point of keeping tolliver over karl, when karl knows how to play and tolliver is limited to a mid-range jumpshot, some defensive boards, and maybe a layup or two, when karl is a scrappy offensive rebounder and a willing passer. nellie love karl for a reason.

    also, to start a different topic, anthony morrow is not in the 3-point shootout, but billups is?? so is stephen curry?? wtf is wrong with stern?

  • robert rowell

    #2 you got it bout right

    m2 the real question you might want to ask is this: do the warriors management want the team to get any better? if no, then continue on with your silly discussion about which useless d-leaguer we should keep. if the answer is yes, then why do all signs point to no? we have expiring contracts, we’re carrying three/four broken bodies on the roster, we have 13 (!!!) wins. isn’t that enough of a reason for the FO to show the fans they CARE and DO something?

  • mm

    rowell i agree, it sucks that we even have to decide about this crap, WHY ISNT NELLIE GONE? HE BETTER BE GONE AFTER HE PASSES whoever the hell is the all-time winningest coach, well hire byron scott, get ellison as the owner and have him put out 30 extra mil so we can get bosh in the offseason, and well draft favors or wall, screw the d-leaguers, morrow is coming back anyway

  • mm

    someone please tell me why stern is enough of an asshole to know we havent had an all-star all decade, know morrow wants in on the 3point shootout, instead for publicity, put pressure on curry, the rookie to be in the 3point shootout? what the hell is wrong with him?

  • DJ

    I’m confused, I thought the NBA had granted the Warriors hardship exemptions because they have so many people out for the year.

    In any case, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t cut Raja Bell first. They still have him on the 15-man roster, his contract is expiring, and he’s out for the year. His expiring contract is possibly a useful trade piece, but after the trading deadline it’s pointless to keep him.

  • Twinkie defense

    I can’t imagine the Warriors adding another guaranteed contract. In fact with Raja coming back soon aren’t they going to lose an exemption?

    So since Tolliver’s second 10day is up, I would assume he’s gone – unless the Warriors make a lopsided trade, freeing up another spot.

  • How about NEITHER!!! Riley talks a big game, but continually sends D-leagers to us. Get us a REAL NBA PLAYER!!!

  • mm

    warriors should sign cartier martin for the rest of the season, trade away azubuike, wright, and monta for ray allen, since thats the only thing riley hasnt done wrong yet

  • Steve

    Get George Karl to work us a sweet deal, J.R. Smith straight up for Radmanovic, in exchange for signing his son to a contract and giving him meaningful minutes for the rest of the year.

  • Andrew R.

    Hey Steve #6 — I like your idea. Crazier things have happened. But in any case, I agree with #3 also: the Warriors need to get some more guys who can compete at the NBA level. Heck, even Stephen Jackson notices that the Warriors are not committed to winning.

    And Monta can’t keep playing 48 minutes a night — he will get hurt.

    If Cohan/Rowell weren’t such money-grubbing losers, there are a lot of assets to be had on the cheap — like David West or Caron Butler — perhaps even Al Jefferson, if we were willing to give up a lot of talent. But unfortunately Rowell/Cohan seem to think putting out this broken down roster will be enough to bring people out for a “great time.” We need to stop buying tickets until they show they are serious about winning — or sell to Larry Ellison.

  • Andrew R.

    And BTW, I’m no big Tim Kawakami fan, but he had an interesting post today, claiming that back in 2008, Rowell vetoed a deal that would have allowed the Ws to get Mike Miller for the $9 million trade exception from J-Rich deal because it would have cost too much money: http://blogs.mercurynews.com/kawakami/2010/02/05/two-years-ago-chris-webber-exposedcaused-the-warriors-insanity-again/

    Unbelievable! Can you imagine how good a team with Baron, Jackson, Miller, Harrington, Biedrins, Pietrus, Barnes, and Brandan Wright would have been?

    But unfortunately we’re doomed to root for an organization that doesn’t care about its fans.

  • Marcus Thompson


    My opinion mirrors imissbaron. I wouldn’t eat money for a D-League call-up. I wouldn’t have even cut Mikki to keep Chris Hunter. I value expirings more than 12th men on the bench. But that’s just me. If the concern is losing a guy you like for the future, that’s not too big of a concern to me. At best, you get a Buike or a C.J. Watson. Both are good, but they are standard NBA players. They can be replaced. If they are the main moves you are making, you’re in trouble.

  • James

    There’s one way we can change the ownership of the Warriors:


    If ticket sales plummet, Cohan will have to sell at a price Ellison would pay. Though I’d hate for the actual players to think we don’t support them.

    Look at what management has done to us (fans)… we’re talking about D-LEAGUER’S!!! This is just sad.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Cut Tolliver and pick up former Warrior Richard Hendrix from the DLeague.

    Is there any reason Maggette for Josh Howard is not being discussed? Our team sucks and will continue to do so this year, so get Howard for the rest of the year and don’t pick up the team option this summer if we want for salary cap space. Or pick up his option for one more year if we like him or want to use him as a trade chip. The dude was great for Nellie before and droppped 19 the other night, so he still has game. The Mavs would get the scoring wing they’re looking for (KevMart, Caron Butler, Mike Miller in rumors lately)next to Dirk. It’s a no-brainer.

    Really want to clear space? Send Monta and Radmanovic to Boston for Ray Allen.

    Our team is going nowhere and there is no vision. We should model ourselves after the Grizz and Thunder, draft well (ha, like that’s a given with our Dubs) and build up with a young core consisting of Curry, Morrow, Buike, Wright, Randolph, Turiaf, Biedrins and a high pick this year.

  • Bleep

    Blech! #11, trade away Monta for an expiring? So we can overpay on some free agent who has the dubs somewhere very far down the list of preferable options? Go with a “core” who are mostly injured for the rest of the year? I don’t see the logic in that.

    My eyes bugged out when I read Tolliver has the only consecutive double-double this year for the W’s. But he certainly has cooled off lately. And he sure missed his share of big shots over the course of his stay.

    At least Hunter is a big practice body. In hindsight, it might not have been a good idea to sign him, but now that we have, I don’t see who else they can buy out. Better keep the expiring as bargaining chips.

  • Larry Riley

    I like the idea of magette for howard, since howard is going to be a free agent anyway. We don’t need magette and he is a good addition to the mavs. Maybe if we totally destroy the season we will get john wall as the 1st pick or favors as the second, if wall then trade monta away and go for Bosh. If favors, get bosh as a PF and monta will continue as the 2, unless we want to be smart and trade wright, monta and moore (who’s condition i still don’t know about)for caron butler.
    Steph Curry
    Caron Butler/Morrow/Buike
    Biedrins/Turiaf (Turiaf is a natural PF so we would actually end up better with Cole Aldrich)
    Either way, we don’t need d-leaguers but up to this point I like Coby Karl

  • Whack-a-Dub

    Why is Riley being so favorable to Nelson? I mean, why even let him become the all-time winningest coach?

    Nellie should be cleaning his desk out right now.

    I get the injuries, but how many D-leaguer’s do we need?

    I thought one sample of Ice cream was enough

  • ALsMouthGuard

    Andrew R.
    Yeah Tim has posted that before. This organization is such a joke. It’s not like they don’t spend money (not a lot, but they do), they just make horrible decisions. Sometimes I just wonder why someone (Rowell) would purposely make a team bad. It really makes no sense to me.

  • earl monroe

    Does it really matter who they keep? Nelson needs to stop with the mismatch infatuation, as well as the “we are going to spread the floor with our 6’9 guys and have them shoot 3 pointers.” Coach Nelson is in “love” with anyone that may make him look like a genius.
    Players like Karl, Hunter and Tolliver get cut by other teams for a reason, all of a sudden they are NBA players and its Nelson system that makes them good?

    DN: Riles, I really like this kid, he passes good and can play the point, like his rebounding too, why was he cut by the other teams?

    Riley: Don, he has shortcomings.

    DN: We can make him into a player, he is the perfect point forward I’ve been looking for, we can turn this thing around

    Riley: what about Tolliver, and I thought you wanted Curry to have the ball in his hands more? Karl is just going to take that away

    DN: Tolliver looks like a D leaguer to me

    Riley: I thought you liked him?

    DN: Gee well I do, I mean a little bit, no honestly he was just the d-league flavor of the month for me

    Riley: Oh Don, I can’t keep getting you these d-leaguers and you keep saying you love them and then they are useless-like Cartier

    DN: I promise no more of this d-league stuff- just let me keep Karl okay?

  • petaluman

    1. We’d all like to see the Warriors obtain some proven talent through trading. Of course, this takes a willing trade partner. Unfortunately, our 2 largest expiring contracts are for injured players (Claxton & Bell). Also, any trade we make should be for the future, not just this season.

    2. Without trading, there is no other talent available except D-Leaguers this time of the season. That’s reality, folks.

    3. I wouldn’t mind keeping Tolliver, as all our PFs are out for the year. My guess is that we let him go, though. As with Cartier, he’s not worth using a roster spot for while we’re at the end of the trading season.

    Marcus, still hoping you can give us an update on Raja Bell. Whether we want to keep him or trade him, his return to the court would be a big help.

  • Earl Monroe,

    I think it has become obvious that Nellie is way past his time. I don’t think Karl is any better than the other d-leaguers. Nellie sounds like a kid that plays with a toy for a week and then decides he doesn’t like it and it just sits there until you have to throw it out. The Dubs would do better if they actually had a legit PF-one that was considered legit by every coach in the League and actually made them match up with us, but Karl is going to ruin Curry’s future and Nellie is ruining the chemistry of what may turn out to be a solid squad in a couple of years (if Riley can make another good move in the Draft)

  • jason

    Who cares. 6 in one had, half dozen in the other.

  • lobo

    what a sad bunch….for those of you who continue to post…why waste your time…everyone who posts says the same thing which i agree with by the way…do you all think you are going to make a difference…how pathetic..as one observer wrote how desperate talking about what minor league player they are going to keep…just stop throwing your money at these losers…you will be happier giving it to the red cross for the poor hatains or give it to the federation of the blind….stop lining the pockets of this clown car

  • DUbfan

    The question should be, why is Devon George still on the team? And getting all those minutes.

  • robert rowell

    #25 a sad bunch indeed…but i can’t really judge…I’m posting here too…so i don’t really have much authority…telling other people to stop wasting their…time

  • earl monroe

    #24 True, they need a power forward-but a true power forward does not fit in Nelsons system-so there is the rub, the Warriors also need a big guard there again is a rub-in order to do that you have to move Ellis or Curry-do you move Ellis? he may a superstar in the making-or do you move Curry the quintessential guard they have been looking for for years?
    Its going to be an interesting two weeks, you think they have the guts to move Ellis?

  • Whack-a-Dub

    Maybe we put Karl, hunter, and tolliver all of the minutes for the rest of the season and tell everyone else to take the rest of the season off, that way next year we get favors or wall. probably favors because new jersey is getting wall.

  • Whack-a-Dub

    DUBfan george plays solid defense and is a “veteran”, Nellie sees it as a non-turnover by a d-leaguer is better than a bad offensive possesion or shot for george.