Warriors Done with D-League – For Now

The surprising move of the Warriors not signing swingman Coby Karl to a second 10-day contract is part of the Warriors deciding to go with what it has, ending the roster juggling that would have surely continued.

According to a couple team sources, the Warriors have no plans as of now to bring Karl back, or any other NBA Development League player. Forward Devean George is expected to play tonight, giving the Warriors eight players healthy tonight. Based on recent history, that is more than enough. Plus, guard Monta Ellis — who is out tonight so he can give his sprained left knee a full week of rest and be ready for the Lakers game on Tuesday — and forwards Corey Maggette and Vladimir Radmanovic are expected back after the All-Star break. So, for the forseeable future, the Warriors don’t need another player from the D-League, no matter how much Nelson likes Karl. Obviously, if another significant injury occurs, they still have the 10-day option, and can still use it on Karl once more. But now, it’s just excess.

So tonight they will run with eight (Karl or any D-Leaguer wouldn’t have made much a difference, anyway). After the break, they figure to be up to 10 or 11. Instead of the front office juggling roster spots and harrassing the league for injury exemptions, it will focus on the approaching trade deadline. Instead of the coaching staff focusing on re-teaching the Warriors’ system to a new player, its focus shifts completely to the young players who will should get a lot of time these last 30 or so games. Certainly, Anthony Morrow, C.J. Watson, or even Anthony Tolliver, don’t need a D-Leaguer eating up any minutes.

Marcus Thompson

  • earl monroe

    Do you think its time for Nellie to be relieved of his duties?

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    TK is getting everyone’s hopes up by talking about Ellison being a “shadow owner” for the team. I don’t think the decision to not Karl to another 10-day was a financial one…

    The rest of the season will likely be rough… but hopefully there are more occasions like the Mavs game where the team had >2:1 assist to turnover ratio rather than having <1:1, which has happened plenty of times…

  • Bleep

    With 10 or 11 players due soon after the all-star break, plus Raja Bell on the horizon, would it have been that big a deal to release George instead of Speedy? Even for a 13M player, it is hard to envision a scenario where the Warrior’s current expiring deals are enough, particularly when they seem so high on Bell.

    But maybe expiring deals are not all they are cracked up to be; I guess we will soon see what goes down at the trade deadline.

  • lavalovers

    Allright, the fans get to watch NBA players instead of D-leaguer’s…
    Marcus Give us some Trade Gossip what rumors are you hearing. I say- I remember back in the 80’s the Kings made a five for five player deal with I think the nets or jazz. I hope they do that, get these guys outta here!
    give us some gossip/rumors please, im sick of trying t get it from ESPN , they hate the dubs….

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Earl Monroe, Nellie’s time was over long ago. He is playing the next forty games or so to get the ATW coach and then he’s out.

    And Marcus, cutting into Morrow, CJ, and Tolliver’s minutes? Did you forget Nellie was willing to throw Curry’s minutes aside for almost nothing?

    And I doubt the trade will be favorable to us. It will probably be something along the lines of trading away Azubuike and Wright for basically nothing.

    Right now, the Warriors can’t do much. Hopefully Ellison buys the franchise soon. Very soon.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Lala, everyone hates the dubs…

  • squall

    I don’t see what Ellison buying this team does for this roster in the next two years. The Warriors look pretty tied up regardless of who the owner is.

    Riley hinted at a “fan favorite” to be sent away, I’m thinking it’s going to be Turiaf. His contract isn’t pocket book crunching. What team/fans wouldn’t love a solid chemistry guy, who doesn’t need/have to start, or need/have the ball in his hands. I can see him going to the Cavs enabling them to move Z to us or a third team.

  • Twinkie defense

    George is our Cal Cheaney, you can’t release him.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    squall, ellison is a very rich man, the 4th richest in the world. He talked to lebron when he came to Oracle, I’m guessing he wants to get lebron a big contract. Ellison isn’t a bullshit money guy, despite his wealth to the point that Cohan is at. Cohan literally wants to pocket everything he can and live above us. He is just ridiculously horrible as an owner

  • Burke

    WAD: Cavaliers can offer more to LeBron than anyone else, under league rules, no matter who owns what.

    Lebron to W’s: not going to happen. Get over it.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    karl duzzent have much of a game.
    tolliver = hustle guy & have a break out 2nite
    wonder what the correlation between mins played 4 top five mins guys 2 injury frequency.
    bet its positive, bet its strong

    **** ANY QUESTIONS ??????? ****

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    haha 4 all our fantasies about samurai larry buyin the team he’s suppost 2 be FAR OFF from cohan’s offer– like $90m w/ the cable guy sayin, “& thats my final offer.”
    & burkes law holds: aint no friggun way in the world lebaron james come 2 gsw…. more likely cheney move 2 berkeley

    ………………ANY QUESTIONS???????…………

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