Move Over Monta?

An interesting debate arose out of Steph Curry’s historic performance against the disgusting Los Angeles Clippers. You know the numbers by now: 36 point, 13 assists, rebounds.

Curry is the first Warriors rookie to post a triple-double since Chris Webber in 1993. He was the first NBA rookie to post at least 30/10/10 since Kevin Johnson in 1988. He was only the sixth rookie ever to post at least 35/10/10 – the other five being Jason Kidd, Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Oscar Roberton and Elgin Baylor.

The Warriors scored 132 points, tied a season-high with 36 assists, set a season-high with 62 percent shooting, including a season-high 13 3-pointers (7 by Curry, 3 each by the Anthonys – Morrow and Tolliver). Of course, all of these numbers are against a woeful Clippers team, and many of them came when they game was out of hand. Still, it is hard to notice the Warriors’ offense just look more productive and efficient without star guard Monta Ellis.

For the record, I DO NOT believe the Warriors are better without Ellis. I DO NOT believe the stats that show the Warriors are more efficient offensively without Ellis, considering the Warriors have hardly been without Ellis and the statistics don’t account for the opposing defense’s ability or effort. NBA players, and teams game plans, ramp up for big challenges against noteworthy players. Conversely, players relax when all they have to do is contain third, fourth and fifth-best players.

But what is undeniable, the Warriors are inconsistently efficient when Ellis is there, and not as potent offensively as they like to claim. And when he’s not, the ball movement is better, there are more open looks and the pace is faster.

What seems to be apparent is that the Warriors’ offense needs to transition from Ellis being the facilitator to Curry being the facilitator.

RONNY TURIAF (after the game on the offensive performance): “Just a bunch of guys trying to play for each other. It was an amazing experience. … That’s what you call a team effort. It was cool. It was fun.”

No one said it Wednesday — in fact, they went out of their way to not say it — but the offense runs better without Ellis or Maggette than it does. But I don’t think that’s the fault of Ellis and Maggette. I think this is about philosophy and rotation.

Ellis is the most-talented scorer on the team. Maggette is right behind him. The Warriors’ offense is built around those two. But the manner in which they use them is to give them the ball, have them create, and have other guys move around them to create alternative options.

Whether it’s Ellis or Maggette, the Warriors are primarily isolations, pick-and-rolls and post-ups. The problem with going through them, having them create the plays, is their strength is in creating offense for themselves, not for others. They usually pass only after their opportunity for a shot has been thwarted. In Ellis’ case, that takes some pretty stern defense, because he can get his shot off and convert well in traffic.

The whole process just promotes standing around, it promotes stagnation. What’s more, it increases the degree of difficulty.

What you saw Monday, with the ball in Curry’s hands, is the ball being passed up the floor, instead of Ellis or Maggette coasting, trying to set up a quick burst by their defender. What you saw is the hockey assist, where one pass was made not to get the assist, but to cause the defense to react, which opens up another pass (Keith Smart is always preaching about how the more times you move the ball, the higher the percentages go up for the offense). You saw other guys getting touches early and often, developing a rhythm and confidence.

How many times have you seen Morrow or Watson go minutes without touching the ball, so when they get it they jack it up knowing its not coming back? Wednesday, Morrow was able to develop a rhythm, Watson got into the distributing end and took only smart shots (he was 5-for-6). Turiaf got a lot of touches.

This doesn’t happen often enough when the Warriors are relying on Ellis and Maggette to go one-on-one or one-on-two 75 percent of the time. Check out this Q&A with Curry. You gotta read between his answers, but you get the sense he knows what’s best, but he will never disrespect his vets.

How different is your role when they’re out?

CURRY: “I have the ball in my hands a lot more. That allows me to make more plays for myself and for my teammates.”

“What got lost in my performance was Tolliver with 29 and C.J. and Anthony Morrow playing well. Even Ronny. He was a distributor as much as I was, getting the ball to the open man, dumping it down and finding the guys on the perimeter.”

Does a game like this show you maybe what this team needs to do more of when Ellis and Maggette are back?

CURRY: “I mean, yeah. They play their style. And you’ve got to cater to that. But as a team, you can always move the ball, you can always find the open guy. That’s just good basketball.”

“I think when we come back on Tuesday, we’ll watch film on how we played this game and try to mimic that against the Lakers.”

The stats are that you are way better offensively when Monta’ s not playing. Any reason you can think of for that?

CURRY: “I’m not sure. I mean, he averages… he gets his numbers up. The ball’s in his hands a lot, so he needs that to be productive.”

“So I don’t know, when he’s out, everybody has to pitch in. There’s just that feeling. Even though we had 7 players, everybody’s got to work together. It’s just that thing, where everybody keys in Monta a lot because they know how great of a player he is. So when he’s out, everybody has a chance to make plays.”

You talked about catering to Ellis and Maggette’s style. But do they need to maybe cater a little bit to what you guys did tonight?

CURRY: “No. I mean, that’s why they’re the players that they are. They’re All-Stars in my book. For us, we have to work around them. They’re going to get their touches, get their shots, and we have to figure out how to be productive around them.”

“They’re not going to be selfish ballhogs trying to jack up shots all that stuff. Corey likes to push in transition, get to the basket, sometimes it looks like it’s a crowded spot, but he gets to the foul line 15 times a game. So you can’t hate on that. With Monta, he’s averaging 26 and almost 6 assists. So obviously he’s working. We just have to figure out how to play defensively more than offensively when they’re on the floor. I think offensively we’re right there. We just can’t stop anybody. That’s not on them, that’s just on the team of defenders. Something was different tonight, though.”

The difference was, well, one, the Clippers were awful. But also, they were a multi-pronged attack. The Warriors can’t afford to be two dimensional. Now, that doesn’t mean Ellis is any less of a factor. I think its a mistake to think it means Curry running the show means Ellis takes a back seat. All it means is the Warriors have to be more creative and versatile with how they get Ellis opportunities. I think versatility will save him in the long run.

Having Baron run the show didn’t hurt Monta in 2007-08, when Ellis averaged 20.2 points on 53 percent shooting. Having Billups run the show didn’t stop Richard Hamilton from shining during the Pistons recent glory years. The Blazers are versatile in how they get the rock to Roy.

In addition to pick-and-roll, Ellis should be posting up. He should be coming off screens. He should get isos from various spots, instead of just bringing the ball up the court. There should be plays that are designed to get Ellis easy looks where he doesn’t have to work so hard (kind of like the lob off the inbounds they hardly do any more). LeBron, Carmelo, Durant and Wade all average more points in fewer shots than Ellis. Roy, Granger and Joe Johnson aren’t too far behind with significantly fewer shots per game. Clearly, there is a more efficient way.

Ellis knows he is unstoppable scoring. He knows he can get by anyone. He knows he can finish from multiple angles and despite defenders. He will always be his first option. The Warriors need someone handling the ball who has a broader view of the game. Someone who knows when to call his own number, when to find the hot man, when to go at a guy who has foul trouble, when to get a guy going who hasn’t been involved. Someone who is comfortable giving the ball up early, who won’t kill breaks while they saunter up court (drives me crazy!).

Certainly, Curry will have his struggles. He still gets too cavalier with the rock at the wrong times for my liking. But he’s the best the Warriors have as a floor general. He should not be a glorified spot-up shooter. Nellie sounds like he agrees, if you read between the lines, anyway.

Monta and Maggette are obviously good scorers, but can you explain how your team scores so efficiently tonight with them out?

NELSON: “Well, you know, since we don’t really have a post-up game without Maggette, we have to move the ball more. And that’s a factor. And we don’t have a go-to guy, so there is more ball movement. But there were a lot of openings, too. It really helps to have Morrow on the floor because they don’t leave him and that really opens up the middle for our rolls. They were coming off of our 4-man and tonight our 4 made jump shots. So they were between a rock and a hard place on how to guard our screen-and-roll. And then Curry is a terrific assist man. He can find creases and areas where he can make the pass and we had the screen-and-roll game really going tonight.”

How do you duplicate that kind of performance by Curry when Monta’s back on the floor?

NELSON: “(Laughs) Well, I don’t know. He’s the point guard and actually I’ve been looking for a point-forward for how many years now. Even when we had Karl the idea was to get both those guys moving off of screens and being more as a shooter.

Point guard, when you initiate a play you don’t get it back oftentimes, unless you’re running the screen-and-roll. Tonight we kind of did that with C.J. He can a lot of the offense and opened up some shots for Curry.”

Could you see a time even in the near-future where Curry is more of an offensive focus for you than Monta?

NELSON: “Well, Monta’s an offensive genius, like scorers, so that’s what he does.”

But does he bog you down sometimes?

NELSON: “You can be the judge of that. I think they’ve done a pretty good job of playing together this year. Doing a good job together. It’s worked a lot better than most people thought it would. When we don’t have Monta, which isn’t often, then Curry gets to handle the ball that much more.”

Marcus Thompson

  • http://www.ispithotfire.com Michael

    I completely agree Marcus. I think Monta can figure it out, but that’s where Nelson has coach the team. Once Curry is the true primary ball handler for the team, the W’s will alright.

  • Eeqmcsq

    I think the plan will be for Curry to become “the floor general” and for Monta to be a primary scorer. Curry certainly has shown that he has the understanding for running the offense, or at least that he has the capacity for learning how to run it. That should take the pressure off of Monta from having to think about the right play and the right setup, so he can simply focus on scoring or driving and kicking.

  • Marques8

    I haven’t seen a team give up like that since the days of George McGinnis in Denver. It sure doesn’t make you miss Baron.

  • gnossos

    I see Nelson trying hard not to say anything that will rankle Monta. It’s obvious to fans, and they’ve been saying it all season, that moving the ball around until someone has a good shot is more fun to watch, and more likely to result in wins, than isolating Monta while everybody else stands around watching him do his thing. The fact that Nelson can envision a point forward who will pass but still tolerates the usual Warrior slop while he waits for his savior is a turnoff. Stop being a maverick, play more like other good teams do and give Curry the ball. Monta adapts or moves on.

  • A’s in 2010

    I know this much. It is absolutely unnecesary for Monta to have to play 45 mpg, or shoot the ball 25 times. I’m sick of hearing people say Monta has no good teammates, blah blah blah. Just play the right way. Ellis is young. I believe he still can be assimilated. C’mon Monta, share the ball like the rest of the team, resistance is futile! lol

    I don’t feel the same for Maggette though. He’s a 30 yr old vet. He is what he is. He’s gonna score and put up pretty stats but he’s a ball stopper and the rest of the team suffers because they can’t find a rhythm. We gotta move Maggs and get rid of VladRad while they’re at it, go young.

  • earl monroe

    Nelson will never go away from point guard by committee, its obvious that with the ball in Curry’s hands it puts pressure on the other team, having Curry play off the ball and come off screens is a waste of his court vision talents, this team needs leadership at the point, someone who thinks pass first and believes enough in himself that when the ball rotates back he will get a good look.
    Get the ball in his hands and let him move it forward or drive and create assists or shoot himself.

    If Ellis and Magette want to win they will rotate the ball before they get themselves in trouble or will actually look for Curry early.
    If not they can play the same style they have been playing.

    Nelson controls this. If he cannot see it, its time to go.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Curry needs to become the go-to guy and Curry needs more of these games where he can simply shoot the hell out of the other team. Magette is a “post option”, but so is biedrins, Turiaf, and if we get Cousins next year he can develop into a good post option. If you look at why we won, it’s because Curry and Morrow were the main two shooters, with CJ and Tolliver just being a compliment. Take Morrow and Curry, make them the two main scorers and have magette, ellis, and CJ COMPLIMENT that, do not that Magette, Ellis, and CJ your go-to guys, they aren’t nearly as good of shooters.. I hope nellie realises hes found his SG/SF in Morrow. And that Cousins next year will be his “perfect point forward”. I don’t like Nellie’s obsession with “his perfect system”. Especially when Turiaf is supposed to be a PF?

  • dw

    It was 1 game !!!

  • Scotty

    Seriously, it was just 1 game. What did the team shoot from the field in that game against Sacramento without Monta, 32% or something?

    That being said I agree with a lot of what Marcus is saying. All you hear anymore is that Monta has to have the ball in his hands a lot. That’s not true, he was super productive with Baron like Marcus points out. He is capable of moving extremely well off the ball. They need more of that from him, and people need to deliver the ball on time and in the right spot.

    I wish they would run that lob to him off the inbounds again. I swear that play worked every time 2 years ago and it always resulted in a highlight reel dunk.

  • Bleep

    Who agrees with me that Turiaf is outplaying Biedrins at the center position?

    A few less rebounds, but more playmaking, hustle, and team D. He just seems more confident out there. I think Nellie sees the same thing; Turiaf has been playing more than Biedrins since they both got back.

  • WarriorD

    How was he the first rookie to post a 30/10/10 since KJ…but joins Kidd with a 35/10/10 his rookie season?
    wouldn’t Kidd’s 35/10/10 be the last 30/10/10? Everyone’s throwing those stats out, I am missing something right? Why are we bothering with KJ’s rookie season triple double if J-Kidd was the most recent?

    Anyways the game was great, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I only hope that the 3′s he’s been practicing helps him out this weekend. It would be nice to see a Warrior holding up a trophy on all star weekend again.

  • Jeremy

    WarriorD I was wondering the same thing… Guess he’s the first since Kidd in ’95/’96.

  • http://baysportsblood.wordpress.com AdamBunnell

    I love how everybody walked on eggshells to not hurt Monta’s feelings there. If you watched at the end of the game last night when Curry was mobbed for his triple double it was true, genuine joy from his teammates. Seems like every person on that roster is in love with this kid on and off the court behavior. Monta kept it real before the season started and told everyone him and Curry couldn’t be in the backcourt together. Maybe someone should have stepped up and said something a little less PC. Monta hasn’t really had anyone to pull him in when he goes 7-22 from the field or takes 26 shots to get 26 points. I think Curry needs to be given the chance(like Monta was) to be the center on the team.

  • purvisshort

    Marcus – not anything about Baron that I read. He was really bad – out played by Curry. Any thoughts on our “old” point guard?

  • petaluman

    More passing doesn’t just mean the PG passes the ball. It means the other players on the court are also committed to passing. If even 1 player doesn’t, the ball will stop with them. Having 2 players like that, especially if 1 usually brings the ball up, results in a stagnant offense.

    Unfortunately, most guys get to the NBA always having been the go-to guy, and their instinct is to try to take over the game when their team is struggling. I think both Monta and Corey realize intellectually that at this level, you have to trust your teammates to succeed. They just haven’t figured out how to play that way.

  • Jeremy

    Curry was great, but it was the Clips. Let’s see what happens vs a good team. They’re at the lakers and home to the Jazz next week if Monta is still out. That will provide much more insight into how effective a Curry/Watson/Morrow backcourt is compared to having Monta in there. Turiaf has been as good offensively these last two games as I have ever seen him.

    I still think the team is significantly better with Monta in there, I just think Curry needs to be the primary ball handler in the half court. Their transition game is fine, but in the half court those ISOs are garbage. Give me Curry, Monta, Morrow, Tolliver, and Turiaf and the ball will move just fine. Maggette has to go or just be the 6th man to give Monta a breather.

    If the Warriors become serious about moving Monta, believing that the Curry is better w/o him, Monta and Beidrins to the Twolves for Jefferson, Brewer, and Sessions makes a lot of sense for both teams.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    I agree, definitely Petaluman. Monta is better as the 2nd best on the team anway, i.e. playing under Baron, Jax and Jrich. Monta has always been the other guy. Hopefully when Cousins comes in next year, He will learn to shoot a better % and Nellie (or Byron Scott) will learn to pull Monta out when he takes 20 shots and the warriors are down 19. Hopefully Ellison takes over by then. And congrats to Anthony Tolliver. If we suck this much next year we should just sign everyone in the d-league for the rest of the year to see who plays “well when the pressure ifs off”. Hopefully Nellie will start Morrow. Why the hell didn’t Nellie start Morrow and bring Crawford off the bench. Get rid of Magette too. I hope Riley is completely unaware of who the fan favorites are and trades Magette away and we get a Caron Butler or Al Jefferson, or something. I don’t know. Please Riley, put Magette on the market.

  • http://www.woerriors.com DNR

    Here’s something to consider in the discussion over Monta vs. Curry as the primary ballhandler both bringing it up and in the halfcourt sets. Could Monta have gotten 39 points out of Anthony Tolliver the way Curry did? I doubt it. There’s not enough touches to make that happen with Monta. The Warriors need someone who will think distribute first, and that’s neither Monta or Maggette. I’m fine with Monta being the number one option…coming out of Curry’s hands.

  • http://www.woerriors.com DNR

    I meant Tolliver’s 29. Damn uneditable blog posts.

  • deano

    Good point, A’s. Nellie can encourage the ball sharing we saw last night by playing Ellis and Maggette less. There’s really no other way to do it. As long as Ellis and Maggette play 40-48 minutes a night, the rest of the team will not have enough time to develop the habit of moving and passing as they did last night. Ellis and Maggette have to see how the offense works without them, and then, hopefully, adjust their games to fit in when they are on the court.

    Last night’s game is furher evidence that Curry is the cornerstone for the future of this franchise, not Ellis. Ellis’ trade value may never be higher, ditto for Maggette. This does not mean that another team is going to make GSW a great trade offer; but, hopefully, Riley saw what we saw last night.

  • jaz0ne

    “Having Baron run the show didn’t hurt Monta in 2007-08, when Ellis averaged 20.2 points on 53 percent shooting.”

    It’s because Ellis doesn’t trust Curry and to some extent resents Curry being on the floor. You can see the body language when he doesn’t get a pass from Curry or the fact that he barely even looks to pass his way.

  • derek

    i like the Billups/Hamilton analogy because it exposes a lot of what it would require for Curry/Monta to be the similar, sensical, effective tandem. a lot of people would have you believe that you have to love one or the other, and that if you love one then the other must be disparaged. i think their skills can overlap, but not under the constant threat of debilitating jealousy.

    Hamilton never seemed consumed with the fear that Billups might in many circles get more credit for the success of their partnership. he did what he did best, getting open, scoring efficiently in the flow of the game, and relished the team successes that that brought (and amazingly still became an all-star). if Monta doesn’t dominate the ball and get all of his shots “on his own” then how will he manage to monopolize the praise? how thrilled is Monta willing to be if Curry runs the show, everyone gets involved, the points get passed around 3-4 different ways, and the team plays real, watchable, competitive basketball? that’s the measure of leadership. not how many exciting baskets you can score for the audience you’ve made of your teammates.

    you can make a great case that Monta would have had a sizable triple double of his own last night against a bad Clippers team on the back end of a back to back (and this isn’t the first time someone’s played a bad team on the back end of a back to back, before any of you are dismissive of everything that occurred last night). can you make a similarly strong case that Monta would have gotten his triple double in the flow of the game the way that Curry did, such that Morrow, Tolliver, Watson, and Turiaf all simultaneously made the contributions (and had the fun) that they did?

    not all of this is “game plan.” it’s largely mentality. there are things that happened last night that you see with your eyes and you don’t need a stat sheet to confirm for you. like Marcus’ reference to hockey, basketball doesn’t track the pass that created the pass that became the assist. the opponent was ripe for the final result, no doubt, but the manner in which it happened is still an indicator of greater possibilities.

  • derek

    and sorry, i will never allow myself to write that much again.

  • mark

    You neglected the fact that moving the ball got over 20 points from the center position – mostly dunks. People lament the production of Andris, but forget he was on the receiving end of pick & rolls from BD for his 10 pt average and league leading fg%. Moving the ball led to more balanced scoring.

  • http://feltbot.com/ feltbot

    I think you guys are missing something. Curry scored most of his threes playing OFF the ball.

    I love Curry with the ball in his hands. I love Monta with the ball in his hands. But both of them are also great scorers playing OFF the ball.

    That is why Nellie looks for other players to run the point and initiate offense, the way CJ did last night on occasion.

    It’s a process. Monta is not a fully developed player, neither is Curry. No one knew how good they could be this season, and they are both far better than they were to start the season.

    I don’t see it as either/or. One to the exclusion of the other. This backcourt reminds me of the two-point guard backcourt of Clyde Frazier and Earl the Pearl Monroe. They weren’t too bad together. And of the two-point guard backcourt of Steve Nash and Nick van Exel,that nearly won a championship for Nellie in 2003.

    We’ve had half a season of two elctrifying players who are 24 and 21. I am eager to see if they can gel.

  • AirplaneRider

    To the people who argue that well it was just the Clippers, how’d we do the last time we played the Clippers when Monta was healthy? Oh that’s right, we lost by 28 points.

    And what’s this noise about Monta being a facilitator? That’s the whole problem. He’s not a facilitator already. Just a ball hog who scores a lot.

    If you don’t believe the Warriors are better without Monta, then you must be eating popcorn or something while he turns the ball over relentlessly or tries and fails repeatedly to stay in front of anyone on defense.

  • MWLX

    A lot of interesting analysis, Marcus, but based entirely on one game in which the Ws got hot, due largely to the Clips mail-it-in defense. Also a game in which Morrow, Biedrins and Turiaff finally seemed to be fully healthy after injuries.

    Let’s not get carried away with some phony Monta controversy. This simply indicates the strong ‘pieces’ the Warriors have on their roster. When Azubuike, Wright and Anthony ‘Nightclub” Randolph return next year, perhaps with Bell or a strong draft pick, it should be good.

  • pdxraider

    Nelson’s playing his typical head games with Biedrins. Just another small example of why he sucks as a coach and needs to go.

    Ellis is NOT a point guard, never has been, never will. Make Curry the starting point. Trade Maggette for anything, he sucks even though he’s playing the best of his career, trade him while you can. Ellis is an undersized shooting guard. Trade him if we can get alot for him, if not, tell him to get used to being an off guard or suck it.

  • Bleep

    Anthony ‘Nightclub” Randolph

  • earl monroe

    #9 since neither Biedrins or Turiaf are great at this point, it comes down to what the two produce cumulatively.
    Its the combined play from the center spot that will provide positive results.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Feltbot, that’s because Curry, unlike Ellis and Baron Davis, doesn’t have a bullshit..i mean in rhythm pullup 3. yes, he scores off the ball more because he knows how to get open and has a pass-first mentality

  • Whack-A-Dub

    This would be hilarious if Curry got another triple double with monta around. monta would just walk off the floor and Turiaf, Tolliver, and Morrow would still be jumping around him.

  • some guy

    #10 & #11

    Kevin Johnson was the last to at least get 30, 10 & 10 in regulation.

    Jason Kidd’s at least 35, 10, 10 was in a 2OT game.

    So they probably forgot the qualifier of “in regulation”.

  • JustPuked

    Great, just what this team needs. Another movement to dump a highly productive player (Monta) in favor of a younger, more popular option (Curry), ensuring yet another quality player leaves the team for peanuts.

  • dengel1925

    Who is this Cousins that people are talking about?

  • Whack-A-Dub

    JustPuked, Curry is better than Jkidd as a rookie.
    in fact, 35+, 10+, 10 is also Jerry West, Big O, Michael Jordan, etc. Monta is a second round draft pick and is not nearly as efficient. He averages 4 TO’s a game. Monta is probably not going to be traded. Magette is. Ellis is not a good scorer if he takes 39 shots and has 36 points. Ellis’ role on this team is bad. Curry is the 7th rookie or so in NBA history to do what he did, and Curry makes the team better. When did Tolliver have 29 with Monta in?(credits to DNR).


    Stephen Curry(40%)
    Monta Ellis(20%)
    Anthony Morrow(20%)
    DeMarcus Cousins(10%)
    Andris Biedrins(10%)

  • Bleep

    You guys are going way over the deep end. Monta is a good player, and fun to watch. Nellie has been on him to pass more for two years, now, but obviously it doesn’t come naturally. Curry is a rook; why should Monta respect him right away? They can develop more chemistry with nudges from the coaching staff. By all means, limit Monta’s touches a bit, run more plays for him off the ball, but it can work. Somebody would have mutinied had they given the reigns to Curry right off the bat. It’ll be a progression as Curry proves over time that he can part of a good, winning team. One game does not a season make.

  • warafan

    It’s not move over Monte but move in Monte Join the team and play basketball (team of 5 players playing together at the same time)…..

    It was a great game / hot shooting and great coaching..

  • warafan

    great team defense…..

    P.S.: stop shooting the coach in the back (some of the fan and the bay area media)… If you can find a better the coach pls post it….

  • lavalovers

    where is CC with his Curry bashing lol loser. stay off the bogs dude

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Bleep, look at every game Curry has 20+points and the Warriors lose
    Dallas-monta to’s led to 8 steals for westbrook and a near quadruple double
    Sacramento-Magette shoots 3-22
    Washington-Gilbert Arenas gets plenty of shots up and scores 45 from Monta turnovers.

    Here is what Monta’s new role is, after they trade Magette away for basically nothing.
    Monta has the same rules as Randolph. Two Dribbles, and a shot. not a pass back, just throw up a three, or two dribbles to the basket and take a shot. or two-dribble pull-up. when he stops turning the ball over, give him three dribbles. We will win alot more going from there.

  • Bleep

    W’s need more good players, not less.

    Monta is still learning the ropes on how to be most effective as the top dog. Sure, he turns the ball over too much, but lately has been getting 8 or so assists a game as well. He’s no black hole. He is obviously trying to do too much right now. Once he relaxes a bit, and gets his opportunities within the flow of the game, the W’s will look a lot better.

    Also, with 38 minutes a game rather than 48, maybe we’ll see him more energetic on defense, like he was a the start of the season.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Bleep: Maybe, but for now, why is he even the top dog? Hope Ellison buys and lands Bosh or Lebron, it would help this team unbeliveably (it would help any team unbelievably but..)
    We need a veteran leader that can actually make a difference on the court and in the locker room. NOT Chris Webber. Not devean george. Someone that can lead.

  • jsl

    Felty @23: Oh, Curry and Monta CAN gel together. And I kinda like the Clyde-Pearl analog.

    But it can’t/won’t happen until we usher the Fat Man outta here — since he now knows only one way to coach: SNSB or stupid iso crap on offense, and no D whatsoever. (He’s stupidly stubborn that way.)

    A real coach (Thibodeaux?) could get these two — and the rest of the team — to play together. We just have to wait Nelson (and Cohan-Rowell) out. It’ll happen. Probably by this Summer. And if it’s Ellison, Nelson will be gone by sundown.

    And the Fat Man can — as always — take the money and run while his team lies in shambles. No matter now, since we’ve got some real talent here. All we need is some leadership.

    And while Ellison’s one of the world’s biggest schmucks, he’s bright and a winner — something Cohan-Rowell-Nelson-Riley aren’t, and never will be. We can live with that.

  • Whack-A-Dub


    Thats a good way to put it. The way I see it, Ellison needs to buy the W’s as fast as he can to prevent Cohan from doing something completely retarded. Ellison is a winner and Oracle has always been the underdog under Microsoft. He will make the Warriors a dynasty. He wants Lebron or Bosh. He will get rid of Magette and hire Byron Scott and make the Warriors play defense.

  • http://feltbot.com/ feltbot

    Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

  • robert rowell

    #34 JP, you got it, friend.

    man one game you guys need to push up off that d!ck. this is a bad team with a bad FO and a bad coach. there’s nothing to be excited about until we start winning, consistently. smoke on this: the W’s would need to win 20 (!!!) in a row to reach .500. we’re at the all star break. that’s bad, folks. real, real bad.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Robert Rowell, there are some things that showed me a considerable difference in what I see normally and what I saw wednesday.
    One-Obviously, Curry was getting touches.
    Two-the ball didn’t go to Magette first. Magette usually starts off missing a jumper or Monta first. It started out Curry getting fouled. Usually it goes to Magette, then Monta, Then Magette, then Monta, then a Curry 3, then Cj watson, then magette. Watson, Magette, and Monta aren’t good shooters. They don’t rebound. They don’t pass. They just shoot, and Morrow comes off the bench, putting up significant numbers. This game morrow started and gave them 28 and 10.
    Fourth- Curry made his teammates better. when did Tolliver have fun playing with Monta as the main guy, turning te ball over 10 times. how do you have so man To’s per game? Ellis had 5apg and 4 TOpg. Curry blew out a team by 30 where Monta would have choked.

  • Bleep

    Maggette for Diaw: who blinks first?

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Bleep, that’ll be a miracle