Monta Ellis Out For Tuesday’s Game at Lakers

The Warriors will be without Ellis for the second consecutive game thanks to his sprained left knee, opening the door for rookie guard Stephen Curry to get more experience as the undisputed floor general.

Ellis was not with the team in Los Angeles for the annual post-All-Star break evening practice. While the Warriors prepare to take on the Lakers — who will have Kobe Bryant (sprained left ankle) and Andrew Bynum (injured right hip), according to the LA Times — Ellis will be in Birmingham, Ala. getting checked out by Dr. James Andrews. He is the same doctor who repaired Ellis’ left ACL when he tore it in high school.

The Warriors are still sounding like it’s no big deal, though seven days of rest wasn’t enough to get him ready to play. There certainly is no need to rush Ellis back, considering the season is over anyway. But something is not right enough for Ellis to fly to Alabama and be evaluated. Ellis said he was scared when he first sustained the injury because it was the same knee with the surgically repaired ACL. But maybe he’s just being extra precautious.

RILEY: “I’m not overly concerned. There is nothing in the preliminary diagnosis that leads you to believe it’s anything serious. Plus he’s resilient.”

Are the Warriors keeping out Ellis because they are shopping him? Maybe to the Celtics, as is still being floated out there? Not at all. Unless I am being completely misled by multiple sources who have yet to lie to me, Ellis is not going anywhere. If the Warriors were to consider it, it certainly would not be for Ray Allen, I was assured.

What Ellis’ injury does is give Curry another chance to run the show. He got a triple-double — 36 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds — the last game Ellis missed. But this time, it won’t be against a bad Clippers squad completing a back-to-back set while staring down a five-day All-Star break vacation. This time, it’s against the best team in the Western Conference, if not the NBA, which will be looking to shift into playoff mode now that the break is over. There has been lots of talk lately (including from me) that Curry getting the ball in his hands more and moving Ellis off the ball. Many (including me) think the best chance of the Ellis-Curry backcourt working is having Ellis be a true SG and Ellis being a true PG.

Questions exist about whether Ellis can play such a role (though he did with Baron Davis, and averagde 20 points on 53 percent shooting). Perhaps more questions exist about whether Curry is ready for such a role. Certainly, the Lakers will be a stiff test.

CURRY: “My goal is to manage the game. I know that sounds vague, but I need to manage the game. Knowing when to push it, when to look for my shot, who to get the ball to and when. I would like to get double-digit assists and keep my turnovers down.”


Also, forward Corey Maggette is expected to play tonight, at least he was until he aggravated his dislocated left ring finger at the end of practice. 

Maggette was the last in a tip-drill that concluded practice, and he dunked it home. But that proved to be a mistake. He immediately went to the seats on the baseline and took a seat, shielding his face as he grimaced in pain. Maggette said his finger popped out of socket again. He was treated by head athletic trainer Tom Abdenour. After several minutes, he wound up walking out of practice feeling good enough to joke with teammates Anthony Morrow and C.J. Watson, who were trying to talk Maggette out of his per diem.

Maggette, who injured dislocated his finger against Oklahoma City on Feb. 6 and missed the next two games, practiced without the splint he was wearing. But his ring finger was taped to his pinky.

He is still expected to play Tuesday.

Marcus Thompson

  • ALsMouthGuard

    Curry :hat :hat

  • LostHawkGSW

    “Ellis be a true SG and Ellis being a true PG.”

    Change the second Ellis to Curry!

  • Jeff Roth

    Maggette to the Cavs for Big Z—Breaking news(it’s only a rumor) and obviously another cost cutting move but ownership and management, but we can all agree that Maggette is a TERRIBLE, AWFUL, HUGE CONTRACT9not his fault, (another great ROWELL & COHAN SIGNATURE FEAR MOVE) BALLHOG and just a plain loser that has never won and never will win on this team.

    Please get rid of this cancer that Maggette is…please let Curry develop without TWO AWFUL BALLHOGS in Maggette and ellis.

    P.S. what is everyone going to think if Curry tears it up again without Ellis against the best team in the league, the Lakers???


  • Eeqmcsq

    Typo found:
    “the best chance of the Ellis-Curry backcourt working is having Ellis be a true SG and Ellis being a true PG”

  • typos

    learn to proofread

  • A’s in 2010

    Maggette/VladRad for BigZ/J.Moon would be ideal.

    I’d give Larry Riley mad props if he could pull that off.

  • rigged

    Maggette for Z is sufficient enough to satisfy the trade requirements, imo.

    But most of all, I’m dead sure this trade is very enticing to Rowells primary objective: get rid of his mistakes.

    But again, who knows what this Cohans Circus will be offering for the entertainment of their loyal fans?

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Yes! we have a chance to win…oh wait is Magette playing? Yes! he’s gone too we have a chance to win!

    But obviously this is a test, can Curry run the offense and run the Lakers into the ground? They want to see whether it was the Clippers or Curry that made that triple double.

    And where’s the logic that listing Magette injured will make him a trade gem? Not many other teams have GMs as stupid as Riley, but I credit Riley for doing this to help the team win.

    Marcus, get ready to post: Get well soon Monta, just don’t come back.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @A’s in 2010: I love packaging Vlad and Maggette for Big Z and Moon.
    If we could also pull off that trade with the Celts (Monta and Biedrins for Ray Allen and Kendrick Perkins), we’d be flush with money this summer.
    Our only money allocated would be:
    Curry – $2.914 mil
    Morrow – $1.029 mil
    Azubuike – $3.364 mil
    Moon – $2.97 mil
    Randolph – $1.966 mil
    Wright – $3.398 mil
    Perkins – $4.39 mil
    Turiaf – $4
    for a grand total of (roughly): $24 mil
    Draft Evan Turner of OSU
    Then we’d have major money to throw at people (David Lee and Rudy Gay would be nice $9-11 mil/year young guys) or just build with those pieces in place(which aren’t bad at all).

  • RobW

    Hope the Maggette rumors to Cleveland are true. He gets injured just looking into a mirror.

  • Gizzm

    keepers: curry, morrow, randolph, turiaf, wright, buike

    trade for value: biedrins, ellis

    throw away the trash: Vlad, Maggette

  • deano

    Gizzm: I like your lists, but I’d add Tolliver as a keeper. Even if AR and BW were healthy, AT currently might be a better power forward.

  • Fierce South

    Deano, I think keeping Tolliver is fine, as long as they only offer him a minimum 1 year contract and don’t give him more minutes than AR next season. That said, the W’s will still be a terrible team until they have new ownership.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Harp’s…1mil for morrow? that’s exactly what will make him leave to a playoff team, give morrow 2mil and cut Wright’s contract. the guy sucks. And yes, draft Turner. And if we have 9-11 mil to kill and still have cohan, I say Rudy Gay. Chances are if memphis makes a big playoff run he may sign a big extension with them. If they suck for the rest of the year, he’s in the bag. And harps, if we sign Turner and Gay, thats 30 mil, so are you saying we keep it below the cap space for a big name?

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Fierce, the minimum is a 2-year. If they sign him for a year he has to go back into the d-league for some time and then they sign, but the minimum for a free agent is two years.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Whack – the $1 mil for Morrow is what’s currently listed as his next year’s salary. I agree that we would/should pay him more. I’m thinking $12 mil over 4 years.
    Turner will be on the rookie scale (about $4.5 mil his first year) and I think Gay will fetch somehwere in the $8-11 mil/year range, depending on what the market bears.
    If we re-sign Morrow for $3 mil per year, draft and sign Turner, sign Gay to a $10 mil/year contract, re-sign Tolliver to a 2 year minimum contract, we’ll still be at only around $42 million. That’s enough room to sign one more $10 mil range stud, i.e. David Lee.
    We should try to package Randolph or Wright for a back-up veteran PG (Earl Watson?) and future first rounder after all that.
    PG – Curry/Earl Watson
    SG – Turner/Morrow
    SF – Gay/Azubuike
    PF – Lee/Wright or Randolph/Tolliver
    C – Perkins/Turiaf

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Harp’s- our salary cap right now is at 65 mil. If we do that, we could sign Bosh or James for 23 mil a year for 4-7 years. Of course, they would probably want 3-4, but if the salary cap does not contract that much thats enough space for a huge name.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Also, I think Morrow is actually a good 3. I’m not saying this because I want him to be tortured-but look at the rebounds. He will probably fish us a double double again tonight. That, and his lateral quickness is too slow to guard 2’s, and if the 3 man is big, and he beats him to the rim, that’s an eaier shot because of fewer big bodies.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    It would work well if we were to stay under the luxury tax limit, but if Ellison buys the W’s, he could buy out every player in the league he likes, he wouldnt mind a 20mil a year tax.

  • jsl

    Here’s a thought, Deano. AT — should he learn to drive — might actually be a much better three than a four.

    He’s fast. He can hit the outside shot. He knows D. He can board. ASnd at the three, he can out-bang almost anyone (save LBJ).

    Why not?

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Because, JSL, he’s a d-leaguer. And he’s big. We want him at the four. We don’t want him to be a three.

  • johnfree

    god I hate Derek Fisher (4 minutes left in the game)

  • Whack-A-Dub

    I was actually impressed with Curry in this game, if they came way with the win or at least sent it to overtime,it would have been a triple double, but not only that, if he wasn’t fatigued from ASW, he would’ve been on fire. He shot 5-21 and still ended up with a double-double and 8 assists. If he had come out with the win, that would show the mark of a true veteran. Add in three threes, (1-10/4-10) and if he actually got to the line once, that would be a 20+ game, not to mention the warriors would come out with the win. And Cory Magette really sucks. The “reliable post option” shot 4-13 and had 4 assists…and 6 turnovers. Why Don? Why are you still alive? And before you go down under, why don’t you cut players that suck and look for reliable guys? And why in the hell is it so hard to find a big that get 10-15+ boards a night?? Curry had 10 boards, to lead the warriors. And we had our asses handed to ourselves on he glass… again. I hope the Cavs take Magette for the 7-6 shooter Ilgauskas and Jamario Moon, it will be the biggest steal this franchise has ever had under Cohan, even if Ilgauskas is expiring…of course, Moon would just be another salary Cohan doesn’t want to pay, and now Ellison doesn’t want to buy us because Cohan’s fat ass wont sell for under 400mil. He’s screwing us over. At least Ellison is a hometown hero in trying to buy another franchise and bring it here.

  • jsl

    WAD: Tolliver’s not THAT big. And who do you like better at the three? Certainly not Maggette. And Morrow can’t defend any three in the league.

    No, I really think Tolliver makes more sense there — and would even like to see him guard Tyreke some tonight. Which we could do if he’s at the three.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Jsl, Morrow excels at defending threes. And Curry would be better guarding Tyreke, as he knows to give him loads of space to shoot, although Tolliver is actually a decent defender. But putting Karl on Durant was inexcusably stupid. Karl can’t guard Durant, not that close and not someone that ineperienced. I’m pretty sure we’ll put Curry on Evans. Because they may put thompson on Tolliver…and our defense falls apart. Why is magette still on the roster? a ten year veteran goes 5-13fg and commits more turnovers than he has assists almost every night? Yes he can pound defenses in, but look at the looks we get anyway, Morrow, Curry, Tolliver’s chipper, Watson, Turiaf etc. obviously not all on the floor at once, but Curry runs the offense much better than Magette or Ellis does bringing the ball up the court. Obviously, I think Morrow is better at the three, because he can use his quickness to the rim, and use his dribble more efficiently, the three is just not a perimeter defender most of the time… If we put Morrow at the three yesterday, Imagine Odom trying to guard the perimeter, it would have been a complete mismatch. We can put Magette at the four, Watson at the 2 and Curry at the 1. So say Farmar was on curry, Vujacic on Watson, Odom on Morrow. CJ has a quickness advantage on Vujacic, if Morrow can beat Odom, that gets rid of a shotblocker, and if they are all on the perimeter, curry can just feed Magette on the wing to keep taking Gasol, who by the way, in case you don’t know, is extremely soft. If Odom would have been there to help, Magette does a simple kickout depending on the wing. If Morrow is on the opposite wing, he kicks it out and we swing it to Morrow. If Magette is posting up on the low post, he can drive and kick it to Curry in the corner. you get it to him in the post, clear out, swing it, CJ sets a screen at the high post, Morrow comes off the screen, flashes at the basket, and thats an option, if not he pops out to the corner and Magette just takes Gasol. Otherwise, CJ stays at the high post, Morrow comes off the screen and curls it and gets the ball at the high post, he can iso on Odom and just go past him, because he is quicker, and then turiaf can set a baseline screen for Curry to cut baseline and get the ball from Morrow, or we can have Turiaf and Magette set two staggered screens, one on the baseline, the other at the high post on the weak side. Cj, who is at the top of the circle, can use both the screens to get a shot. Or, have Magette wait until Curry or Cj comes off of his screen, then have him curl the screen at the high post with turiaf. Have morrow clear out to the opposite corner and Curry on the other corner. Then have CJ cut to the basket. It would actually be much better with Tolliver as he can hit the short jumper better than Magette and shoots better from three, but I still think Morrow is useful at the three, not only for the scoring and boards, but it’s no different from putting Boris Diaw at the forward spot. Why doe charlotte do it? So they can run their offense through a point forward.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    ta-da big surprise, morrow a the 3 and we win by 32. believe me now?

  • robert rowell

    #23 against a god awful depleted SAC team. wow. you called it! morrow == the TRUTH.

    i like morrow just as much as the next fan but you guys are hanging your hats and guys that are at best rotation players (Tolliver, morrow, cj, kaz, etc) those guys aren’t going to cut it, they HAVEN’T been cutting it in case you’ve been paying attention this season. there’s a ton wrong with this team, but i’ll stick to what’s on the floor — no talent. we have guys that do things pretty well, capable of a big game here or there, but NO ONE besides the one player you guys want to see shipped out — monta — brings a predictable greatness to EVERY game. let’s get better pieces and keep the good players (curry, monta, ‘dolph). that’s actually how you get better in the NBA. you don’t covet/acquire role players that would barely break into deep rotation on good squads.

  • Hook Mitchell

    I’d traded monta for Kevin Martin straight up.

    Or gotten involved in the multi team trade sending monta to NY knicks.

    As long as we can land Kevin Martin.

    Let curry run PG. Martin at SG. Maggette/morrow/buke at SF

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Robert, while that is true. Look at how many games Morrow has started at the 3. two, one blowout against the clippers, one blowout against the kings. Yeah, I know they both suck. But why the hell did we sign Magette? He’s the opposite of our offense. What’s the two things he does offensively? One-get fouled on a drive (get to the line and slow the pace down). Two-makes us play a set offense and have him post up and be a volume shooter from there. And Morrow gets the 5-10 boards Magette doesn’t anyway.
    The point is Morrow and Randolph can play the same position, the SF. Curry is staying at the 1. The pace of the game yesterday slowed down horribly once CJ started to run the offense. Monta is considered “unstoppable”. Well for one, he is a horrible passer out of the double team, averages 5:4 turnover ratio, and loves to run the offense, AKA shoot. Magette is a worthless volume shooter, Monta is Mr.turnover, and Karl was just a joke. Why do we have these players. Monta is completely undersized and just wants to leave. I say we bundle Magette and Monta and trade it to some team with i high pick, sacramento doesn’t have kevin martin, they could use Monta for their lottery pick. (offseason). As for magette. i don’t know. Just waive him.

  • Kobe24

    Fire management ASAP… just combine the Clippers, Kings and Dubs together and you come up with a good team…
    WTF is happening to CA b-ball???
    This is what happens when you let stupid people run the show.
    Ellison please buy this team now.
    Nellie/Riley/Rowell/Cohan will ruin this team first before they sell it to Ellison.

  • Kobe24

    Exception is the Lakers of course… Thats why they are the champs and a class act organization.

  • Whack-A-Dub




  • Whack-A-Dub

    I hope Nellie learns his own damn team and starts morrow at the 3 tonight. It’s really the only way we win with mr.turnover heroically returning

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Cohan is selling…for 400 mil…and the franchise is worth 312mil.

  • 808S.Pacific

    Keep: Buike,Wright,Morrow,Randolph,and Curry.

    Trade: Monta to Sac for their #1 pick. Give em Mag’s if they want.
    Deal A.B., Turiaff or Mags. Can we get Varajeo s/p?
    Turiaff: I like him when he’s healthy, damn if your gonna get hurt then get hurt. Tweaks his dam ankle every other week.

    Draft: Cousins.
    Draft: Wesley Johnson (From Sac).

    Next year:
    Curry, Johnson, Buike, Wright, A.R., Cousins, Varajeo, Morrow. Still short some players but, something like that.

    Dump: Cohan, Riley and Nellie.
    Get: Ellison!!!

  • Whack-A-Dub

    808S good idea, considering sac doesn’t even have an SG at this point. Turiaf was out with a sinus infection this time.


    if sac has a high pick, GET TURNER…you would be fired as a GM if you don’t get that guy. He’s insane and could be the perfect point forward, just like Curry he comes from a school with him and a bunch of role players…

    meaning he makes his teammates better, and would be the perfect compliment to Curry.
    But if Sac has a higher pick than us, get Turner with them, since we will most likely go #3. It all depends on who is available. If turner, go for turner, if cousins, go for him, if whiteside, maybe go for him.

    It depends, I hope we can give Monta and Magette to sac for their pick, as they need a 2 and we don’t have many.

    And yes ellison BUY us NOW

  • Trivia – the Lakers maintain the record for the longest consecutive winning streak in US professional team sports. It’s also an NBA record. What is that number? (33)