Watson Out vs. Denver

Warriors guard C.J. Watson will miss tonight’s game with flu-like symptoms and possible appendicitis, a team spokesman said. Watson has played an average of roughly 35 minutes a game the last four contests and has scored 20 or more in four his last five games. So, once again, the Warriors are down to eight players. Looks like Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis will both play more than 45 minutes each, especially if the game is close. – Curtis Pashelka

Marcus Thompson

  • LilBallerx8

    Watson has Swine flu.

    He’s an amazing kid

  • Hook Mitchell

    He had swine flu earlier this season right?

  • Big loss. CJ could give Denver problems on the defensive end and really guards bigger backcourt players well with his tenacity. Spark off the bench is gone.

  • deano

    The Warriors miss CJ when he’s out, and he will be permanently gone this summer. #2 on the Warriors’ off-season shopping list should be a veteran point guard to back-up Curry. #1 should be a strong defender/rebounder at shooting guard. We have to hope that a return to health by Wright, Randolph and Biedrins will strenghten the frontcourt.

  • robert rowell

    jeezus. this guy did have swine flu earlier this season.

    @http: “spark off the bench” yeah, for the other team. cj doesn’t play a single lick of defense. he makes monta and curry look like lock down defenders.

    chalk up the losses, it’s a great time out!

  • Whack-A-Dub

    I agree with Rowell, Watson doesn’t play defense…remember Jennings’ 55? Watson was on him for at least 30 of them.
    But when Monta and Magette are both out, the Warriors actually play D. Yesterday the first possesion after Monta was out they got the shot clock down to one and blocked it out of bounds. What a statement…about Nellie. Shows you what kind of a clueless coach Nellie is…hope he’s gone soon.

  • He’s undersized but he creates turnovers, moves the ball up the court well, and just picks at whoever he’s on. If you don’t think the Warriors aren’t lifted when he gets in off the bench then clearly you don’t watch the games and you just look at, well I’m not sure what you are looking at. This kid is having a terrific season for a backup shooting guard, and took a huge gamble turning down a three year deal for less money on a one year so he can prove to the other 31 teams in the league that he can play. The Warriors know how valuable he is because they offered him three years on the original contract but clearly being able to pass, shoot from anywhere on the floor, and defend(in his own way) is overrated. Good thing he’s sick. This massive win streak has been such a great ride since he has been out. I hope he keeps getting swine flu so we can keep on winning.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Baysports, lol.

    I’m not saying Watson is bad as a player, he’s definitely valuable…I just wish the management would change so we could get rid of monta and magette, the two “most valuable players” on our roster. I say Ellison buys the franchise,gets rid of our big contracts (i.e, Ellis, Magette, Biedrins) and trade them for a draft pick or two, draft this year and don’t miss. Resign Morrow and Watson. Get two or three good picks in the draft, build the team around Curry. Re-sign Raja Bell. Sign some decent off-season names. HIRE a defensive-oriented coach. YES, it’s hard to adjust just like that, but look at Oklahoma City, after only two years with a star player, they are winning games with defense-some of the best defense in the league. If nobody is looking at the energetic defense that is there without Monta and Magette on the floor, they are blind. Get Byron Scott, most likely,who knows how to work with Curry-Morrow (as he has worked with the Paul-Stojakavic tandem before), and he has a versatile PF in Randolph, and good set of swingmen in Azubuike and Watson, and perhaps a couple or three draft picks will leave us with a tandem of two young bigs to go with Turiaf. If we have three picks, our high pick should be Cousins or better, if we have two high picks, go for Cousins first. the point is, if we can hit on some good picks, (a la Cousins/Patterson/Lawal or Turner/Cousins/Lawal or Turner/Cousins/Patterson)we can rebuild the team very quickly.It’s all a matter of if everyone resigns and Ellison takes over.

  • Hook Mitchell

    Sometimes CJ is the only One playing defense.

    Bad on ball defense. But plays passing lanes very well. Instinctive.

    Undervalued here on warriors. Would be great on a contender.

  • Whack
    I love your Byron Scott pick for coach. I would also take a Van Gundy or even Avery Johnson to come in and work with these young players. If you could get Raja Bell to re-sign that takes care of your perimeter defender, plus I think you will have to get rid of magette, ellis, and beidrins, keep Turiaf like you said but I think you have to package up Randolph or Wright with Beidrins in order to get any value in return. I would keep our draft pick but would take a veteran big man or a young proven player over another project. Curry is the key and can make good players so much better. I think if you assemble a little talent around him you could really have something. I would like to see the warriors take a run at Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, Ryan Anderson, Rudy Gay, Brandon Bass, or David Lee. Fire sale this summer could be a good thing, because it can’t be as bad as it is now.

  • Whack-A-Dub


    I think Wright. Wright has a lot of length…buthe is unproven and has nowhere near the work ethic of Randolph or Wright. The guy is injury prone and honestly, with Randolph upside, it’s going to be overbalanced. This management is blind, almost skipping up an oppurtunity to rebuild in a year. While Sacramento is 2-guardless, they would want Monta, and Minnesota with three first-round picks would be generous to give one or two away for Magette/Andris. I say we throw in Wright with Monta to Sac. And yes, no projects. We want a proven leader (i.e,Turner not Johnson, Cousins not Aminu, Lawal not
    Patterson[although they may end up just as good as one another]) I think we just have to get the management to draft without missing. I doubt we get Love. Even with hi stellar outlet passes and rebounding…we’ve tried too much to get players that only do one thing for the team and at the same time hog the minutes…
    (i.e, Magette, draw fouls and attack the paint, but a volume shooter that misses layups, plays a sloppy floor game)I’m done with them going for “specialists” that really don’t put any effort into the game. However, Morrow is gold. I can’t believe Mullin found him. Hopefully in a few years, we get the net guy like that (Glenn Rice Jr., Gtech) I don’t think getting Gay or Lee is necessary, Gay may be committed net year to the playoff-berth Grizzlies, and Bass is not much of a finisher or shotblocker. I’d go for Ryan Anderson…but at this point we just need a group of guys that play all-around basketball well together. Morrow and Curry play excellent together… since their chemistry is so good, and Morrow and Randolph play well together. We already have a big three there. All we need now is a couple of good rookies to come in (from winning teams) and grow with the team. We may be going with an extra-young look, but it will definitely be worth it. Honestly, I can’t believe Nellie buys into the hype that Monta and Maggette’s volue shooting realy contributes to the team…and time and time again the excuse for losing is that “we just didn’t shoot well”, and were unable to come back from a nineteen point defacit and win a game that was perfectly winnable if we didn’t waste those 40-50 shots on bad looks and missed layups and 10-20 possessions on “excusable” turnovers by the “team leader”. The only thing Monta is the leader in is turnovers per game (4.2). And as for Magette, 2.6apg and 2.6 turovers a game, isn’t that a bit much for a 10 year veteran? I hope you’re right. I hope Ellison buys us fast…at least before the playoffs so that he will be ready at the front office to wipe out the Cohan’s clowns and be ready to get at least three picks for the upcoming draft, as the 2011 draft is probably full of flops.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    On top of that, I think you’re right. I think Ellison will have enough cash to commit to this team that he can use on bringing in some good coaches to help the newer players, and definitely a defensively-oriented guy. Definitel that, and I think that if we bring in some decent athletic trainers to get Randolph and Curry(Curry may actually grow to 6-5). Other than that, bring in some more defensively-oriented guys, i.e, Van Gundy to establish a defensive mentality…(yeah I know you just said that)

    And one other thing, Nellie needs to realise that if teams struggle over time the way we are struggling through many seasons, it’s because of bad chemistry, not bad players, although Magette-Ellis-Biedrins are just horrible.

    Nellie keeps looking at our team like a championship-calibur team, a la Cleveland or Orlando, that can use role players sparingly and one player can make a difference…can you imagine how horrible LA would be if Ariza, last year had to play 40 minutes a game and shoot as much as possible, or how bad Orlando would be if they didn’t have Howard and Turkgolu was taking all the shots? Nellie and Riley are just being dumb, they need to leave…

  • Town-Love

    I think Avery Johnson would be nice as a Warrior Coach. He is a former Warrior and Nelly disciple. He got a bar rep after the Warriors We Believe. That wasnt his fault Nelly just knew the roster up and down. The year before he was in the Championships

    I know its early to talk draft, but Demarcus Cousins would be perfect as a Warrior. He rebouds, has a low block game, can dribble and pass in trasition.