Warriors Adding Another D-Leaguer

It’s looking like Warriors coach Don Nelson will get to use his “Golden State D-Leaguers” like again.
The Warriors got another exemption from the league and plan on using it to add Reggie Williams of the D-League. The move hasn’t happened yet and wouldn’t until Tuesday, so the Warriors can maximize his 10-day contract.
Williams, 23, would be the 16th player on the roster. So, in order to keep him past 20 days (the Warriors could sign him to a second 10-day contract after the first expires), they would have to cut someone. That would almost assuredly be forward Devean George, should it get that far.
Williams is averaging 26.4 on 57.6 percent shooting. He also shoots 41 percent from 3 and 82.4 percent from the free throw line. In 40 minutes of action, averages 5.5 rebounds and 3.2 assists.
Nelson has said on several occasions that he needs a small forward, and that was before starter Corey Maggette went down with a hamstring injury. Guard Anthony Morrow has been starting at SF, which Nelson desnt like.
The Warriors have had SFs Cartier Martin and Coby Karl from th D-League.

Marcus Thompson

  • petaluman

    Reggie seems a bit under-sized for an NBA SF. I think Cartier was a better fit, but understand that we can’t sign him on any more 10 day deals. So, it’s cheap tryouts time.

    Williams has been a very efficient scorer in the D-League, but his D will most likely be an issue. Devean George is no world-beater, but we won’t waive him for RW.

  • theoptimusdime

    Marcus, what are your thoughts? Have you seen him play?

    IMO He looks promising. How does a player that led the NCAA twice in scoring not get drafted in at least the 2nd round? He could be another Buike.

    Anything is better than George right now.

  • This is getting ridiculous. If only we had made some trades for players who can get on the floor. Nah, winning isn’t really that big of a deal.

  • jsl

    The kid can score; let’s see if he can play D. That’l;l answer all questions re whether he sticks or — like many — is here only for a cuppa coffee.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    I relly doubt if any of these d-leaguers can play…Tolliver was a rare fnd and even he has many weaknesses, yet still regarded a d-league all-star. I’m tired of the W’s adding player after player and cutting valuable veteran chips…seriously, how can we even be this dumb. Hopefully, this d-leaguer may actually help us suceed via Curry leading the team and making his teammates better. Hopefully Monta “tito” Ellis does not join them in time and decides to stay at home and give Magette a moped ride.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    he’s 6-6 210, small height-wise, but I think he can bang with other SFs, hopefully he is not another Magette…
    but the 57 fg% is pretty impressive

  • nabeil

    just let em keep losing hopefully we can get John Wall or Evan turner

  • mary

    PahLeezze Cut Devean George and his horrible game out of here. D. George is The Worst Player currently getting substantial minutes in NBA. Before that it was MIkki Moore.
    @Whack You doubt D-Leaguers can play? CJ, Azubuike and Tollover are not enough proof?

  • earl monroe

    Isn’t it amazing how many basketball players are named Reggie Williams? it seems like every few years a Reggie Williams’ comes along and its usually an undersized forward that can shoot

  • OliverStone

    Williams 6’3.25″ w/o shoes, seems to have 2 guard size.

    He fits the Nellie outscore ’em forget the D formula.

    Look for Curry’s assists to go up with this guy?

  • TownLove

    Im with Nabeil we need to tank the rest of the season and draft Cousins. That probably would be the plan if it wasnt for Nelly’s record.

  • Hook Mitchell

    They just looking to fill a roster spot.

    Hoping to find another diamond in the rough like buke n CJ.

    I really liked Cartier Martin ever since college but understood why we let him go.

    I’d rather have Cartier over tolliver. I’m just not impressed by him.
    Inconsistent jumpshot. But a hustle player. I wouldn’t resign him

  • KNC

    To those 17,000+ people that plans to attend the game, your money will be better spent elsewhere. Just imagine you give those game money to local schools. We won’t have to give layoff notices to teachers!!!

    Watch the games on TV…it’s just as fun!


  • Kobe24

    If you notice everyone that dislikes Nellie gets injured… humm is that a new trend???
    Needs to start all over next year without Nellie for sure.

  • robert rowell

    oh wonderful. “but can he play D? but can he shoot?”

    you guys crack me up. forty loses before march 1st 5 count ’em 5 d-league call ups and not a single player not named curry or ellis that could even PLAY on another NBA roster. but yes, mt2, tell us if he can shoot.


  • dan

    just wondering…does this mean the W’s will pick either Even Turner of OH state or Wesley Johnson of Syracue….very possible. You can turn around a bad team very quickly bt drafting/getting good smalls.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Mary-It’s spelled Tolliver, and yes, I hope they’re just getting this guy to get Curry’s assists up.

    And Dan, screw Wes Johnson, we need Evan Turner.

    kobe24, what the hell are you doing here? this isn’t an LA bandwagon.

    Robert, while it’s true that they wouldn’t get time on any other team…we need these guys.

    And whoever asked “can he shoot”.
    Yes he shoots nearly .040% better than tolliver at 41%, not another Morrow but… he scores well.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    And as for the “keep losing hope for the #2 pick”

    As long as Monta and Magette are out, Curry is going to make this team play well.

  • sartre

    I think the team generally plays better with Curry running it. But with Goose gone, even though Nellie gives him limited minutes, what was already one of the poorest rebounding teams ever seen in the NBA is now going to be worse. This will hurt the team.

  • rigged

    ‘I can make a $60k D Leaguer to a $4million player’ — Don Nelson.


  • danikil49

    The team does seem to play better without Monte,(apparently even better when he is not suited up) Could this be because Curry deferrs to Monte when he is in the arena. Anyway I am glad Monte and Maggetteare not playing. I like watching the Dubs when Curry has full control.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Danikil, i’m so tired of W’s fans that still spell his name, “monte” he’s not Montee, it’s mon-tay, short for montana. And of course the team is better with Curry, Curry is a leader and better than Monta in almost every way, Monta is just a Tito Jackson.

  • he didnt get drafted because he played in the realtively unknown big south conference and because people thought his scoring average was inflated due to vmi’s extrermely uptempo style of play that has led the ncaa in scoring for four consecutive years, but does not feature much defense.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    And we’re 3-1 with curry running the team, turiaf fumbled curry’s game winning pass. I’d bet you a buck for every point we were down with monta running the team…

  • haastheman

    The warriors make it hard to be a fan. Is there no alternative to signing these D league bums? I mean one, ok, two, if that’s what you have to do, but six. I’d rather dust someone out of retirement, at least they would know how to play the game on this level. You can’t have this many D leaguers when you have one of the youngest teams in the league, it just doesn’t fit. It’s disrespectful to the fans to put something like this on the court night in and night out.
    And this many injuries is not a coincidence. These young players must not be getting good advice on how to take care of their bodies. It’s no suprise that the one guy who can stay healthy is a rookie second generation player. His pops probably taught him how to take care of his body, the same way the warrior trainers should be teaching the guys we have. If you’re 6’11 and you weigh under 230, you’re going to be injured. I hope we don’t draft another 20 year old 6’10 200lb center.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Haas, lol @ 6-10 200lbs. We’re getting turner in the draft…he will probably fit in perfectly.

    And in case you haven’t noticed, Reggie Williams is actually not a bad player-he shoots a high %, can pass very well, not just make an extra pass, has a great feel for the game, we’re not going to keep him, but we can make quite a gem out of him if we were forced to-

    isn’t randolph supposed to be back soon?
    And most of these guys got injured via ankle or landing wrong. they’re just playing so hard because WE DONT HAVE REBOUNDING BIGS.

    But Curry leading 3 d-leaguers, a former d-leaguer, morrow, george, and turiaf to a near win just shows his resiliency and leadership.

  • Hook Mitchell

    Reggie Williams is the best D league player we called up.

    Instnctive with good basketball IQ. Natural scorer.

    Might be too small at SF and not quick enough at SG.
    But the guy is a player for sure.

    It’s hard to blame training staff for buke and AR landing wrong.
    They were just playing the game.

    As for Brandon wright, he is just soft/injury prone.
    Get rid of him

  • Jeremy

    Another game, another loss. Monta would’ve been pretty helpful tonight, especially since breathing on Wade is a foul. Lemme guess though, this post will be followed with 10 posts about how much better this team plays without Monta despite him being on a major factor when they’ve beaten good teams. No Detroit, LAC, and the Kings don’t count as good teams.

    They need Monta to win, they also need the offense to run through Curry like it did with Baron. Monta should play off the ball like CJ does and that’s on Nelson.

  • The Sear

    Its too bad that basketball doesn’t have a minor league like soccer..The Warriors would just move down to the D league and dominate..

    The Warriors need to get rid of everyone in there franchise, from the strength and conditioning coach(no one can stay healthy on this mess, someone isn’t doing there job to keep these players in shape and healthy) to coach, to GM, to owner..This franchise is a laughable joke and so are the 17,000 enablers who support this atrocity..

  • danikil49

    MONTA,MONTA,MONTA,MONTA. There whack-a-dub, are you happy. The point is that Curry seems to not be in control whenever Monta is in the area. Yes, that probably is a coaching thing.But the problem with this TEAM is a coaching thing.Look out when Nelson says that he loves a player,remember SJ, BD and MONTA!

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Jeremy and Sear, you’re both right.
    This organization is crap and nobody wants to support it.
    Jeremy, monta would have lost us that game. Have you noticed that with a playoff-calibur team like the heat, we would have gotten blown out by 19 if monta played? Have you noticed that the Warriors pretty much win every game without Monta volume shooting? Monta is useful as an off-the ball player, but if he keeps dominating the ball and trying to have a triple double while Curry does his work, this team is going to suck. I guarentee that if monta or magette played vs the clippers, they would have shot 25+ shots and we would have been blown out by even more than we were blwon out by in the beginning of the season. Undeniably, curry makes his teammates better and the team is better off without the monta we know as a “leader” and better with an off-the-ball player, like Ray Allen.

  • haastheman

    The game last night being close just shows how little the rest of the league thinks about, and prepares, for the warriors. I heard a rumor the League is thinking about demoting the warriors to the pac-10, most of the players should still be in college anyway.

    As for Williams being pretty good. You should be pretty good in the d-league. D-league success does not equal NBA success. Don’t get me wrong, Bukie is a player, Watson is solid too, But Tolliver, Williams, and Hunter are marginal at best.

  • Jeremy

    Lol Whack-a-dub at Miami being a “playoff caliber team”. That team is rancid and their win over the Warriors put them a game below .500. The fact that they are still in a playoff chase only speaks to how ridiculous it is that so many teams make the playoffs… but that’s a different topic.

    What about when Monta played and they beat Portland, @ Dallas, Pheonix, Boston, and Atlanta?

    Why is the answer to the Warriors’ problems to trade Monta for worse players? This is what happens every time with the Warriors everyone’s answer, including the FO, is to deal that player because the team will be better if they can just get rid of player X.

    This team will suck till it gets any kind of a presence down low. If Nelson runs the offense through Curry while Monta plays off the ball like he did every other season of his career, he can be just as effective as he previously was. But without any kind of offense coming from down low, the team can’t compete.

    IF they trade Monta, it had better be for a PF who can score with his back to the basket.

  • haastheman

    A PF who can score with his back to the basket, what’s that?

  • danikil49

    I would not trade Monta. But I would like to see him stay off the ball a little more. I don’t think his ego will go for that so I say fire the coach and get someone in here who is not brainlocked on small ball.

  • Jeremy

    I would trade Monta for Al Jefferson… but I’d much rather send Beidrins in a sign and trade for Luis Scola or Carlos Boozer.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Danikil, exactly. And Jeremy, no sh*t we’ll suck till we have a post presence, is that really that much of a revelation for you?

    But the way you are talking about a Monta-less team is like talking about Notre Dame without Luke Harongody.
    The main difference is:

    The fighting Irish have Luke as their only go-to-guy. Without him they have no choice but to blow out teams.

    But without Monta’s 4 turnovers a game and tremedously bad shots and volume shooting, i’m pretty sure we play much better, not because of the sole absence of mistakes, but Curry. The guy is a leader and a winner.
    He led a team to pretty good position to get into the final four against a Kansas team that won the championship in a blowout. Curry is used to making players around him better. Curry helps develop an almost perfect chemistry. Monta does not. Monta takes shots while people gaze in awe as it usually hits the rim and Monta scowls. Monta turns the ball over and pouts and turns around like it’s someone else’s fault. Monta misses free throws. Curry rarely ever does. Monta reaches on defense, and sags off even wen everyone else is trying to bring a hint of defensive intesity. Curry plays solid on-the-ball defense, and cuts off passing lanes for steals instead of reaching.

    Curry is just a better player. And that’s the type of player that fits in with the W’s-leaders, not tito jacksons.

    If we trade Monta for a draft pick, and draft Turner along with a big, you will see that they can gel almost immediately and the team would be so much better.
    But Magette is unquestionably a horrible player.

  • Jeremy

    Whack a dub I thought without Monta the Warriors would win? They’re now 3-5 without him in the lineup now, and were blown out by a real playoff team, just like they were @ Phoenix too. Face it, Monta is not the problem the lack of a post presence, overall talent, and any kind continuity on the floor are the problems. Apparently not a revelation to you about post presence, but I have never seen you mention it. The team is just not good enough with or without Monta to win consistently against good teams.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Curry’s game and think he needs to continue to be a larger part of the offense especially in the half court. But the team needs better players, not to just get rid of Monta. If Monta is traded, it needs to be in a package for a better player.

  • Perry

    This team isn’t good enough to consistently win against bad teams…….let alone the ‘good’ teams, unfortunately.

    Ain’t no guarantee, even with a full roster, that we can walk into Minnesota or Indiana on a tough back-to-back, on the road,…….and walk away with a win.

    The big deal 48 win season in 07-08…that every Warrior fan jerks off over…….at least that year, when we walked into Memphis or New Jersey, we knew we had a good chance of walking away with the victory; namely because we knew that we had a player that we could ‘somewhat’ count on to deliver for himself or for his teammates in the 4th quarter (Baron Davis).

    Davis is not the same player any more……but 07-08 was a fantastic year for him, an All-Star caliber year…..that was the year B. Roy got the last Guard spot over Davis for the All-Star nod.

    You don’t have that confident, winning feeling with Monta Ellis, in my book…..

    Yes he’s among the top 2’s in the league, scoring wise, ……Jim and Bob keep harping on that during the telecasts and putting him in the same category as D-Wade…..but come on, Fitz and Barnett……..can you honestly say that D-Wade and Monta Ellis are even on the same planet?…..

    I would take D-Wade any day of the week, on any team, in any country, in any league, in any game and in every situation over Monta Ellis, hands down.

    Stephen Curry is without question my favorite Warrior and the best thing to happen to the Golden State Warriors in 2009-2010…..I love his game, he plays like me…..never gets hurt, plays the whole game, makes his teammates better, love the floaters in the lane, always looking to facilitate the offense and is very efficient all across the board (FGP%; FT%; 3ptFG%, etc..).

    We need to build this organization around Stephen Curry…if Ellis is on board and wants to defer to Curry at times…..then all the better because Monta is still one of the best finishers at the basket, on both sides of the basket, left or right.

    I only compare Ellis’ ability to get in the paint with 3 other similar penetrating Guards……Tony Parker, Steve Nash and Aaron Brooks….looks like Ty Lawson may end up being one of those Guards that scores a lot in the paint because of his ability to get to the basket too, maybe Russell Westbrook, Darren Collison, Rajon Rondo….guys like that.

    The only thing about Monta Ellis is that he still does not trust his teammates enough. He never defers to the younger players, even if it is necessary. Even on a 2 on 1, little chance, that Ellis will defer to a streaking Curry, Randolph or Morrow. Ellis only defers to Maggette, Biedrins, Watson and when healthy, Radmanovic…….Ellis only defers to the veteran players, that’s it.

    You can’t build a Championship team around players like that.

    The Shaq-less Lakers struggled with a selfish Kobe Bryant for a few years until # 24 got HIS act together, trusted his teammates and won an NBA Championship. They struggled with Kobe’s selfishness, even WITH O’Neal……you have to trust your teammates if you want to become a Championship caliber team.

    It’s tough, because in my book, the loss of Azubuike and B. Wright are tremendous losses……I think, those 2, would have the most impact of all the injured Warriors, had they been healthy.

    Imagine a healthy Azubuike, spelling Monta Ellis, getting 20 mpg and scoring 16 ppg…….imagine B. Wright, staying healthy, getting PT, gaining confidence, scoring in the low block, staying down on tough low post players on defense and blocking shots off the weak side….it would lengthen our roster and rotation so much.

    Tough to get a gauge on this team overall…….but the best thing about this season, hands down, has been the drafting of Stephen Curry and the opportunity he’s been given to develop in his rookie season……even better than Monta scoring 35 points a night. Curry has been playing at a Chris Paul level, in my book, over the last few weeks……

    Can’t ask for much more from the young rookie……starting, every night, against guys like Steve Nash, Derron Williams, Jason Kidd, Tony Parker, Chauncey Billups, Chris Paul, Andre Miller, Russell Westbrook and less freguently against guys like Rajon Rondo, Jameer Nelson, Devin Harris and B. Jennings……..and playing the whole game………put that in your pipe and smoke it…….. most players couldn’t last 10 minutes against those guys.

    If only Don Nelson was so generous with PT with all of his younger players…….imagine if he was that way with Belinelli, Randolph and Wright…..instead of suffocating their development.

    Don Nelson is a major contributing factor to this disaster……he’s the straw that stirs the drink………and he will destroy this organization, single-handedly…… just like he did in his first tenure as Coach of the Golden State Warriors, back in the mid 90’s.

  • Jeremy

    Perry it’s not a question of is Monta better than DWade, he’s not. It’s a question of how do the Warriors get better and most fans just want Monta gone. If he is added to the list of players gone for virtually nothing from the only two good teams since ’94 that would make Baron, Ellis, Jackson, Barnes, JRich, Pietrus, and Harrington all gone for salary relief or left via free agency.

    There is no trust with Monta and his teammates because none of them play much together. Everyone is always hurt, so no continuity and chemistry can be built, just another lost season of if-only’s.

    My main problem is that everyone wants to ditch Monta b/c the Warriors won a couple home games against terrible teams when he didnt play. That proves nothing to me except that those terrible teams can’t beat a bad team on the road. You don’t build a winner by selling off your best players for salary relief when there’s a new fan favorite… look at the Hawks for instance. They created a team by continuing to acquire talent, not by dealing Josh Smith as soon as they had some tough times.

    Let the team grow together and supplement the backcourt by adding more talent around them. At the very least deal Monta for a scoring PF not a worse version of himself (OJ Mayo) and a horrid version of Biedrins (Thabeet). I’d have no problem seeing him dealt for Al Jefferson or even Monta/Beidrins for Jefferson/Gomes/Sessions and draft Evan Turner. Beidrins or Maggette in a sign and trade for Boozer or Scola. Plenty of options that don’t include getting rid of Monta for the first offer that comes along.

  • danikil49

    The Dubs will not become a playoff team by dumping Monta, but I will enjoy watching them more. That whole Jackson, Ellis,Harrington, Nelson thing was wearing me out.Ellis and Nelson are the last vestiges of a negative team persona. If we can just get Nelson to do the right thing and leave I can live with Ellis.

    I will take my chances with Curry, Morrow,Turiaf, Buke, Randolph, Bell, Wright and a healthy Biedrens getting us to a respectable level so we can move off this dime.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Jeremy, seriously, how long are you going to stick with “those road teams” couldn’t beat us because they suck? Remember the rout earlier this by the clippers at home, basically playing around with us in a 28 point loss?

    And Jeremy, as much as we’d love to make that trade, Minnesota isn’t actually going to take that, at least I don’t think. But obviously we need Evan Turner. But we need Monta gone, not because he is a bad player or it hurts to see your fan-favorite screwup stop screwing us up, but because he is not a leader. He’s a tito, just like Kobe, and where would we get Gasol, Bynum and Odom? Well, we have the Odom, but still-
    This team can be like KJ’s suns. We just need a heavy PF that runs, along with Turner, Morrow/Buike, Bell at SG, and we obviously need a C, but with Curry running the show with above average role players and his instant charisma, I think his chance to lead us to being a contender makes the last 3 years with Monta look like a joke.

    By the way, we lost to Miami and Orlando for two reasons:
    1}CJ isn’t kicking his “could-be” drives out to Curry to get him going, and once Curry gets going the other team is screwed.
    2}They’re just not shooting it, shooting in our system is contagious, well not shooting it, but the ball going in. If you can get Curry going off the ball before everything else (see his triple-double game) we actually have a shot at winning any matchup. But the thing about it is this: Curry is playing his rookie year with a horrible Nellie lineup. If he plays on a regular lineup, and space right, we can become a playoff-calibur team easily

  • Jeremy

    The point is don’t trade Monta for garbage like Mayo and Thabeet. He is not the cancer you, and many others, make him out to be especially considering how good he’s been in the past. Playing off the ball he’s one of the premier SGs in basketball… you don’t deal that just to get rid of him. You’re right that Minn may not want that deal, the point is if you can’t deal him for a player of similar caliber or better (like Jefferson) DONT deal him.

    I think it’s funny you make excuses for Curry’s poor shooting nights the way you do. Every time he does something positive it’s his doing, but if he does something poor it’s someone else’s fault. They lost to Miami and Orlando because they are far more talented. The Warriors would have more talent if Monta were playing.

    Curry is not a superstar yet. He’s on his way to being a Nash type player, Ellis can play with him, and HAS played well with him like the Atlanta game. If Monta can play with Baron, why not Curry?

    Bottom line this team needs to stop giving away talent for pennies on the dollar like they’ve done with Webber, Jamison, Baron, Jackson, JRich, Crawford, Barnes, etc and most of all their fans need to stop clamoring for them to do so. How did they get good for those two years? Traded Dale Davis and Speedy Claxton for Baron Davis and Dunleavy/Murphy for Jackson and Harrington.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Mayo and Thabeet, no way. At least trade him for multiple future draft picks. But that’s the thing-playing off the ball he’s good-but leadership wise he’s a Tito Jackson.

    Curry’s shooting is some of the best you will ever see, if the guy concentrates, I believe he can shoot a Mike Miller % (50+).

    And let me answer the Baron-Monta question for you.
    When Baron played with Monta, Baron would take shots he could not make. Jackson would volume shoot 3s and make them. Curry is not Baron. He proved that on 2/10/10. And in case yo havenu’t noticed, in the Atlanta game, Monta only played the last few possesions after Curry brought the team back. And I agree, a couple respectable trades can make us a great team, but we need Nellie gone. Curry needs to play with bigger players, and he needs to play with better players. And needs to stop being critcized for playing fast-paced, high scoring games, especially when guys like Evans average 4 more shots a game in a slower system.

  • Tdubb

    Ok with only a month left in the season, we as Warrior fans are again ready to look towards next season. I was listening to Charles Barkley talking about sissy ball played by the Phoenix prior to them going to a traditional lineup. They have improved with Lopez and Amare at his natural position. Nellie ball is sissy ball!

    A coach needs to put players in a position of strength. Why would Morrow play SF or Maggette PF? Look at this roster.

    Guards:Ellis, Curry, Watson, Morrow, Azibuke, Bell, Williams.

    Forwards: Randolph, Maggette, Wright, Radmonavich,Tolliver, George.

    Center: Turiaf, Bendris, Hunter.

    That’s one body over the roster limit now. So, if Monta wants out, as I’ve been hearing, make that move this summer. I say Igudola(Sixers) or Gay (Memphis) both have been dangled out there. And give up Bendrins or Wright

    Then draft a PF/C type, defend and rebound! Play traditional basketball. There is talent on that roster, it’s coaching! Give the team to Curry,it’s obvious the team moves better for him. And Tolliver can play, Hunter can play, they make a great bench with Watson, Azibuke, Morrow, Wright, Bell and maybe Williams. Plus a draft pick.

    2010-11 Starting 5

    Lastly a coach who plays traditional hoops, Not sissy ball!

  • Jeremy

    WAD your logic on Baron/Jackson makes no sense. Monta could play with those guys because they jacked up ill-advised shots, but can’t play with Curry because Curry doesn’t do those things? That should be why he can play better with Curry than with those guys!

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Jeremy, Curry and MEllis can’t play together. REporters are saying it. It’s a rumor that they want Curry to keep and Ellis to throw away. It’s not “me and my dumbass friends”. It’s the whole media. Everyone expects Ellis to be gone.

    keeping tolliver and hunter is insane. Keeping magette is even worse. And Bell is going to start. We need guys that can lockdown. And we’ll get those guys.

  • Jeremy

    Just because reporters say it doesn’t make it right. They are wrong, Monta does not need to go, he needs to be put in the best position to maximize his talents, i.e. play off the ball in a similar style to Rip Hamilton/Reggie Miller.

    I dont know why you put quotes around me and my dumbass friends… I never said that.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Lol, Jeremy, that’s going to take multiple shooting stars to make monta into rip/reggie or ray allen. Especially when he is unwilling to play defense. He is 2nd in the league in stl per game not because he plays the passing lanes well, but because he REACHES ON EVERY POSSESSION. And why even consider Monta an off-the-ball guy when e have RAJA BELL right here? A great defender and a great off-the-ball shooter. And in case you haven’t noticed, Monta’s off-the-ball movement is not that good. Allen is good at it, Rip is great at it, Reggie as phenomenal at it. I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking but it isn’t going to work.

    >Sign Raja Bell
    >Draft a guy that can create for himself and score
    i.e, E.Turner.
    >Get rid of Nellie, sign a ne addition to the ESPN halftime report crew (Scott, Van Gundy, etc.)

    Great shooters are born, not made. Curry is a great shooter. Monta is a poor shooter. 30% from 3 for an scorer, much less for an off the ball player, is just horrible.

    Developing Morrow into a type of guy that can come off screens and shoot is more realistic. but Bell would be the best.

  • dan

    Turiaf sux because he can NOT rebound. Relying on Turiaf for 30mins is suicidal. Biedrins needs to take some roids or HGH this summer…seriously… because the whole league is doing it. Look at Howard of Orlando, the guy has no offensive game whatsoever but his physical presense makes a big difference for Orlando.

    You want a quick turnaround ? Get a SF who can pass the ball and do other things besides turning the ball over. The W’s will be 40+ wins team if they can get a SF and SG this summer.

    Morrow is NOT a starter in the NBA. I repeat Morrow is a scrub.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Dan, lol. That’s why Turiaf is a PF. He doesn’t rebound.

    And i agree, a guy like Turner could turn us around. But Morrow is not a scrub, he’s very valuable

  • Whack-A-Dub

    On a side note: Cohan is a genius. Yes, as an owner he is undedicated but he knows how to fill the stands up. Fitz announced that they would not telecast the warriors blazers game on thursday because it is nationally televised-but TNT isn’t a cable channel-a lot more people have ESPN than TNT. So, TNT games aren’t being being telecasted by CSNBA. ESPN games are. This is forcing people without TNT to go to go see the game-live. And ESPN games are being telecasted on CSNBA without notice of it being on ESPN.
    Hats off to Cohan-he just wants Stern to think he’s doing a “great job”…

  • evangore

    Cohan a genius? Absolutely! He’s unequaled in his ownership decisions. What other owner(in any kind of business) not only retains an employee(coach,manager, cook,ect.)who year after year fails so miserably? And on top of that, keeps rewarding said emloyee with multi-million dollar salaries? Who does that, but someone so far ahead of us he must be a genius!

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